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Taboo Submission

byRichard Crawford©

I have a surprise for you tonight, Sue," Andrew murmured to her as she entered the bedroom. Sue shucked off her blazer and gave him her best wide glittering smile, knowing that the warmth of her smile at once melted his heart and set his desire aflame. "Oh, yeah? What surprise is that, darling?" she said, turning, allowing Andrew to admire her lithe shape. Sue stood 5' 7" and at 34 she maintained a body a decade younger. Giving the world two children had not affected her lovely medium-sized breasts or her flat tummy; they every male eye. Sue felt the urge to pull her long mane of brunette hair up over her head, but she decided that tonight was Andrew's show; he must only resist her smile.

"Yeah. Now turn around. Face away from me, Sue." Andrew's voice was hoarse, excited. He had planned something

As Sue turned, Andrew took her wrists in one hand and she felt the cold grip of metal as a click announced her bondage. She flashed him another red lipsticked smile over her shoulder, "Ooooooo...baby!' she giggled. Andrew promised himself that he would break this sexy woman's composure before morning as he led her to the bed, pushing her back onto it with enough roughness to hint at his possible intentions. Immediately he grabbed one slim ankle and strapped it to the bed, then quickly securing the other one. Only then did he reach into his shirt and remove the chain holding the key to the handcuffs. As he reached behind her and undid the cuffs, the proximity of her body and scent of her perfume distracted him, but did not halt him from implementing his plan.

She rubbed her wrists, then glanced up to see him reaching for her hand with another strap. Composed and sweet as honey, Sue lowered her eyes, then slowly looked into his and smiled one last time. "Lover, don't tie my hands..." she whispered, trying to control him with her seductive tone.

"Don't you like losing control? Even a sexy stripper like you has to have moments of submission, Sue." Sue had performed her first strip for him just last week.

"But Andrew," Sue cooed, giving him a hot stare, "I want my hands free to hold your ass while I suck your cock..."

Before his concentration could falter, Andrew grabbed her hand and secured it to the third bed post as Sue screamed a loud but ineffective "no." She knew she could trust him, but she played along, fighting bravely with her last free hand. Andrew easily captured it with his two strong climber's hands. Even through her blur of rising fear and desire, Sue admired the quickness and strength in his body. She felt the grip of the unknown, then the warmth of knowing that this unknown had been born in the mind of her perfect lover--it would be incredible. Sue knew that she could do nothing to control events about to occur, so she just relaxed and prepared her mind to enjoy whatever surprise Andrew offered.

Andrew walked--almost strutted--to the closet door and Sue wondered if it was his turn to dress for her and strip. She imagined him removing his shirt and shaking his long curls loose to his shoulders Imagine her shock when the door opened and out walked a man! He was young, perhaps a college student, and attractive. He smiled awkwardly and waited beside Andrew. His long jet black hair was pulled back into a full ponytail and his dark eyes blazed for just a moment at the tied form of the older woman. Sue created her dazzling smile and "Danny" bit his lip gently.

"So you like my friend, Sue? I see it in your eyes good. Sue darling? Have you ever had two at once? If you are good, we might even untie you, " he chuckled with a glance at Danny.

Sue felt her body writhe subconsciously, unable to move more than a few inches. Her pussy was growing wet and her nipples tingled against her silk blouse. Her bindings were secure.

Andrew approached with yet another strip of fabric and Sue wondered what he could possibly tie next, but then her world went dark under the soft velvet blindfold. She immediately missed Andrew's blue eyes and expressive mouth and she yearned to see the two men in the room with her. She felt a touch--mmmmm, whose touch--and a single finger slid down her bound wrist to her throat, a lightly drawn line of fire, then the hand removed her clothes. Andrew--it must be Andrew--unbuttoned, unzipped, and even ripped until Sue was naked before both him and his friend. Sue could almost feel the heat of their eyes upon her vulnerable nude body. Did she want escape or did she want more ?

She was panting so hard she never heard the door latch click, much less thought about the implications of that sound.

They didn't waste time, but immediately moved their hands over her body. Sue felt owned by Andrew as he smoothed his soft strong hands down her flanks and over her thighs. She willingly submitted to the knowing touch of her lover of two years. He squeezed her warm thighs firmly, allowing his fingers to dig in slightly and move toward her knee. This same man, was it Andrew?, kissed her throat--hard. Mmmmm yes, this was he, all hot for her and feeling dominant tonight!

Another pair of hands approached her in a different manner, gentler, less confident, but comforting in a way, and empathic. The younger man was intimidated by her and therefore touched more hesitantly than Andrew, who usually only pretended to be shy. Andrew's dom streak was showing through, but this younger man, Danny, now paused at her stomach until Sue urged him on with a moan and a movement of her waist. Granted permission, the gentle hands caressed higher, finding her breasts, sensitive and aching to be touched.

At first Sue had felt out of control and it frightened her, but now, although she still felt out of control, it drove her lust to new heights. Two men played her, the strong and the weak, the older and the younger...and she could barely move. Struggling to escape became struggling to get more, and she knew that the moans she heard were her own. Four hands played her, four hands teased, four eyes watched her, but she could not watch or respond, except for the growing volume of her moans and the little "pleases" that escaped her wet lips.

Then the petting stopped and for a moment all hands released her. Sue churned inside, listened...heard nothing. Finally the touch came: a warm wet mouth sucked each nipple. One so rough, so hungry; the other very gentle and exploring. Just as each nipple grew exhausted from its lover's touch, they switched sides and her breasts found the pleasure the other had felt. Sue felt them climb over her, though they limited the contact, and wished that she could see...

Each mouth rode down her tummy on its tongue...oh, god, did they meet briefly at her navel? She imagined the two men kissing had it happened? Then they went lower and Andrew--the firmer touch--paused as the light intoxicating mouth of Danny found her pussy, undeniably wet. This new mouth had Sue tied in knots it was not hungry, but cool and calculating. And every calculation matched her needs the light teasing flicks, the deep warm penetrations of that tongue such an incredibly smooth mouth...she twisted and fought the ties on her limbs, loving the sensation of being tied. Perhaps her young lover was not so very inexperienced after all god, his tongue knew its way around a woman! Once that warm mouth paused and Sue found herself pleading for more, thrusting her hips. She was rewarded with a broad swipe of tongue over her entire pussy, followed by delicious oral fucking until she grew dizzy. Never had she been so thoroughly lost in sensation. Suddenly she wondered where Andrew had gone

At the moment this thought crossed her mind, her lovers traded places, but it was Andrew's cock not his mouth that went to her hot mound. Amazed at the smooth transition, Sue again wondered if their flesh met as they traded places.

The head of Andrew's penis met her and entered snugly, filling her without straining, and gliding inside so effortlessly. A nice fit, with the head just enough larger than the shaft inside her to excite her as he pulled almost out. Andrew loved the feeling of each inch sinking into this sexy, bound woman, and it took restraint to resist this image and control himself, but he needed a few more minutes.

Sue wondered this time about Danny, longing to hold his sweet head in her hands, straining at her soft ties, almost able to feel the long dark hair mmmm, here he comes...

Sue heard his breathing as Danny's face approached her own, then she felt Andrew slide back in...damn, had his cock grown? He panted almost as loudly as Sue herself.

Something something was out of place to Sue. It was not Andrew's penis or quickening pace. No, she ground her hips into his and relished the familiar hot feeling of their stomachs meeting. It was Danny. His cologne? His sweet breath? As Andrew accelerated his hips, a distant part of Sue's mind began to place it. As Danny reached to kiss her, it fell into place, but Andrew stroked her clit and her one gasp was her undoing. Sue knew what was next, but was unable to stop it from happening.

A tender contralto voice whispered, "It's Dani with an "i", Sue..." O h...the closing of the door...the little click! Danny left and Dani...female Dani, who had kissed Sue's...oh my god! Before Sue's mind could clear she felt her lips meet Dani's. Again Andrew's cock and finger pushed her sexual buttons as Sue drifted in a sea of female perfume and gentle oh-so-seductive kisses. She tasted her own flavor on the other woman's lips and opened her mouth for more, recalling with fear and lust what this mouth had so recently done to her. Andrew thrust firmly, reminding Sue of her heterosexuality, making this first real kiss with a woman easier to accept. Dani's cool willingness drew her on; never did Dani push, but she offered seductively ...and Sue accepted gratefully. She felt the other woman's smile as she slipped her tongue inside the soft warm mouth and wondered if Dani had seduced a woman before. The thought gripped Sue's stomach and she kissed Dani even more avidly, matching the rhythm of the man on top of her.

Before any of them could come, Andrew and Dani rolled off the bound woman and untied her, rolling her onto her stomach. At last the blindfold slipped off and Sue found herself squinting at the bed underneath her as Andrew lifted her ass and slid his cock back inside her hungry cunt. As he claimed her, the image of Dani came into focus. Sue lifted her head and for the first time surveyed a woman from a sensual perspective. A man would certainly find Dani attractive, and Sue enjoyed the contrast with her own appearance. So blonde...from her hair to her delicate skin...maybe 22, maybe a little older, with pale pink lipstick just barely smeared after licking Sue's pussy and mouth. Sue finally spoke, squeezing her eyes closed, though, to make it possible.

"I like the way you kiss, Dani"

"Would you like it again?" Dani asked, lying on her back, offering herself to Sue.

And so it was that Sue crawled forward, an inch at a time so that Andrew's cock could continue its magic, until she lay over Dani. As if in a dream, Sue saw herself match their bodies up until Dani was directly under her. Dani lay calmly, not helping, arms folded under her head, forcing Sue to accept the action she was about to take as her own. Andrew took a more active role, reaching around her waist and between her soft thighs to tease Sue's clit.

At last Sue sank into this younger blonde, kissing her fully and feeling Dani's knowing smile again under her mouth. Dani wrapped her arms around Sue and opened herself to her, no longer cool, finally whimpering with a delight that drove Sue to press down, to feel her breasts kiss the slightly larger ones of her first female lover.

Sue felt everything at once at that moment: her aching wrists and ankles, the heat her entire body radiated, the sweet new feel of same-sex kissing, the thrilling familiar feel of being fucked hard from behind...and for the next moment she stopped all motion and just felt, just felt! She let her body heat build...lost track of who was about to come and who was touching who and just FELT...until the familiar burning began, the trembling, the pure lust. Then she felt Andrew's teeth close on the side of her neck and his demand, "Come for us!" At the same time Dani's tongue traced her lips and s she whispered teasingly, "Come for me, Sue..."

Ooooooooo...how rich! How wild and sweet! Such a mind-tearing orgasm...the rippling waves of male and female launched through her, carrying the other two along. Their voices ranged from loud curses of one barely able to endure the pleasure, to soft whimpers of one past the point of caring about anything but that moment. Three bodies entwined, loving the simple feel of moist excited skin-to-skin contact, and the colors of the rainbow flew across the insides of their eyelids as they forgot who was kissing who and simply kissed to enjoy the wet, intimate contact with a lover. Slowly, each found their way back to earth and Sue found Andrew in the dim light. "Thank you for a lovely surprise," Sue smiled as she kissed him softly on the lips, wondering if he saw her hand resting on Dani's inner thigh.

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