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Tacitus Salutem

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Tacitus Salutem
The background for this story is the Batavian Revolt in the year 69, as mentioned by Tacitus. It was rumored that the Batavian leader, Claudius Civilis had a personal reason as well as the anger of his people to stand up to the Romans. A7inchPhildo helped with the Latin and HawaiiBill took care of the editing.

Noviomagus, Dies Mercurii xv Martius LXIX

Dear Tacitus,

I know it has been a while since I wrote to you nephew, but I warned you I would be travelling to the northern border. The chance to have a close look at our barbarian subjects is exciting and I have been here for some time in a place called Noviomagus. It is the home of the famous 10th Legion and I must say it is very impressive to see the camp with its 5,000 soldiers nestled in the curve of a wide river. The climate is awful. It is cold and damp and it rains nearly every day. The only decent thing is the beer the natives are brewing.

The tribes around here seem rather friendly, although Vitellius has been erecting a lot of towers along the big river that forms the border. The natives call it the Rhine. It is broad and, in springtime, very swift and turbulent, but the tribe near here consists of fierce warriors who are very good swimmers. I have seen them cross the river with their horses and it was a splendid sight. Vitellius says they are loyal allies, those Batavi, and their own city Oppidum Batavorum is very near.

They are not like the Friesians and the Caninefati, the tribes that prompted Vitellius to erect his towers. The leader of the Batavi is a man named Claudius Civilis. Rumor has it he is the second son of their old king, who died in one of the early skirmishes. Whatever the case, I heard this Claudius is a loyal follower of Vitellius and quite willing to let his people benefit from our knowledge.

It will not surprise you to hear I have been benefiting quite nicely from this allegiance to learn more about the barbarians themselves and their heathen practices. I was able to befriend one of the centurions of those Batavi. Not that they call their officers that. I think his rank in his own language is "hoofdman" or something like that. My friend is called Brant, which means 'firebrand.'

They are rather tall, most of them, with fair hair and light eyes and they are excellent swimmers, as I said before I think. Even their children and females are at ease near the river. Their names are very odd and to try and pronounce them gives you a sore throat. You'll have to wait until we meet again to know how they sound.

Since last midwinter gathering I doubt they will visit the river in the same carefree manner however. I think Vitellius made a terrible mistake in seizing a number of youngsters for his brothel. My "hoofdman" was very angry. He refused to speak to me about it, as he knows it was nothing to do with me, but I can tell something is wrong.

I used to be welcome in their settlement and the people were quite willing to talk to me, yes I learned to speak their Jovi-cursed language a bit. But not so any more. All I get these days is angry looks and lots of muttering behind my back from the natives and Brant is very reserved towards me.

It will not amaze you, nephew, to hear their hostility will not deter me in finding out more about their heathen practices. In a few days time they are going to celebrate spring equinox. I found out a lot already and one of their goddesses is called Freya. She is their goddess of love and fertility, and said to be the most beautiful and friendly of the goddesses. For them she is the patron goddess of crops and birth, the symbol of sensuality and they call upon her in matters of love. They believe she loves music, spring and flowers, and is particularly fond of the elves (fairies).

I was not able to learn what the festivities will entail, but it was agreed some time ago that I was welcome to watch them. After that stupid action of Vitellius however, they said the deal was off. I had promised them some knowledge about medicinal plants in return. You can understand how I sighed at their stupidity. It will not hamper my plans of course. I will merely have to be inconspicuous. Don't laugh, I can do that very well, even though you always say I am too big to be a spy. To these Batavi I am of normal height you see. And my dark hair will help to conceal myself in the darkness.

Yes, that is all I know right now. The celebration of life in honor of this Freya will take place on the evening of the spring equinox. Given the nature of this goddess I can guess what kind of revelry I'm going to see. I think it's best if I delay giving this letter to a runner until I can tell you what it was like. I'll write to you in a few days time.

Luckily there will be opportunity enough to send my letters back to you in Rome. After word reached us that Nero killed himself Vitellius decided to go back. He is convinced he is the right choice to become the new imperator. We heard a rumor that Vespasianus has the same idea. Whatever the outcome, Vitellius left and therefore a lot of traffic will be going back and forth between here and Rome.

His strengthening his legions was another reason for the grumblings among the Batavi of late. They didn't take too kindly to his "recruiting" so many of their young men during the last couple of months. Especially not since he took them with him to Rome. They have no idea where that is, they only know it's far away and as warriors they realize most of their sons will never come back.

Leontis Thrasius

Noviomagus, Dies Mercurii xxii Martius LXIX

Dear nephew,

I am not sure how much time is left for me to finish this letter. A lot of things have happened and I will try to tell you all before I have to go. In a few hours time I will be on my way to Xanten, the encampment further up the river Rhine and from there I will try to journey further south till I can safely cross the Alps and come home again.

Last night I went to the Batavi settlement. I knew the celebration of spring equinox would be held in the forest, but not where. They have sacred places with ancient oak groves and I would never have found such a place on my own. I concealed myself behind their temple and followed the high priestess of Freya.

Brant had pointed her out to me once, after he saw me ogling a tall blond woman with a very lush figure. It seems the woman speaking for Freya is not the property of one man, but serves all as a vessel for the goddess. I know, it shocked me too. They call their whores priestesses. Yes, they are truly barbarians.

Well, I followed this priestess into the forest and when she reached an open space with a very ancient oak tree in the middle I was able to conceal myself in the bushes. The priestess was in the company of quite a few girls. I think they were of an age to cross into womanhood. They spent quite some time praying, I guess. The priestess was muttering softly to the tree at least. They made garlands of spring flowers and sang while doing that. I tell you, they looked like daughters of the gods with their blond hair and generous curves.

When the sun dipped below the trees the girls sipped from some kind of concoction and when the people of the settlement joined them the girls formed a circle around the big tree. Nothing special so far, you will say. Well, not exactly nephew. You see, the girls were only wearing their flower garlands by now and I had some trouble to keep quiet. My own tree wanted to be part of the festivities too.

The priestess was in the middle near the tree, around her, the females formed a circle with their faces outward and the outer circle was made up of males, facing the young women. I think the men who took part in this celebration were the unmated warriors but I can't be sure. There's no chance to ask them now.

The females started to sing and dance and their swaying was mesmerizing not only the warriors, but your poor uncle as well. I had to clutch the nearest tree to keep from rushing in. They looked so gorgeous; their young ripe bodies with smooth skin, firm thighs and proud breasts all for the taking. Alas, not mine.

The circle of girls moved with the sun, the warriors moved the other way around. Did I mention the warriors shed their clothes as well? I couldn't grasp what the girls were singing but after what seemed like a repetitive part the warrior's circle would get tighter, advancing upon the girls a bit until the next round. Finally they were able to touch each other and they started to form couples. After singing and dancing for what seemed like hours, their movement stopped and the priestess started to speak. Unfortunately I could not hear what she said but it seemed like some sort of ritual as the women answered her and the warriors as well.

What happened then was truly amazing. The priestess disrobed as well, ah what a body she revealed, magnificent. That, however, was not all, she started caressing her own flesh and when she climaxed her juices fed a clump of pale pink flowers near the base of the ancient tree.

Obviously, that was the sign for all to engage in a giant feast of deflowering and fornication. I suspect the girls were given some sort of potion, as most of them were more than willing to let the warriors spread their legs. There was some initial whimpering but that was soon lost in the moaning and sighing from all those present.

As I watched my own flesh got hot and strained and I think I may have been temporarily possessed by the spirit of this Freya. You see, when the priestess left the clearing, leaving the young folks to their pleasures, I followed her and...

I'll write to you later.

Leontis Thrasius

Xanten, Dies Veneris vii Aprilis LXIX


Thank the gods I was able to make my way safely to this encampment. It's not as big as the previous one, but it's a comfortable distance away. I am ashamed to admit it, but I made a mess of things. On the other hand, how was I to know the priestess was the sister of that Claudius Civilis? Yes, you read that right; she is a barbarian princess. Can you believe that? A princess who is acting as a whore? Well, maybe not completely but close enough to confuse me. Oh, well, I'd better start where I left of.

I followed the priestess when she left the clearing. She had picked up her garment and ceremonial belt and when she was some distance away she stopped to put her dress back on. I choose that moment to sneak up on her. Imagine, Tacitus, a ripe curved body in front of you, her arms in the air and her sight blocked by her dress. What would you do?

Exactly. I came up behind her and cupped her firm breasts. I tell you, I can still feel the soft skin, and the warm firm flesh topped with ripe pink berries. Of course she tried to wriggle her way out of my arms, but I merely wrapped the dress around her arms and head so she couldn't see. I think it was fortunate for me that I could not understand all she said. The tone of her voice was more than enough. She was yelling and kicking, but I managed to get her on her back and I used strips from her dress to bind her arms and legs. After that I freed her head.

I can still remember the thrill of it all. The warm night air, the sounds of the forest, the scent of her body and the feel of my throbbing flesh. For a while I was even content to just sit and watch her strain against her bonds, savoring the feelings of anticipation, enjoying the sight of her spread eagled body squirming to get free.

Did I tell you what she looked like? She was a tall woman ... well, not for those barbarians, but she was of the same height as me. Long blond hair and eyes the color of a summer sky, a vibrant blue that held a fiery spark. And her body, ahhh, her body. All soft and warm curves, not skinny like that horrible Livia your mother tried to pair me with.

And her skin was fair, almost white next to my olive colored limbs, and silky to the touch. That should have warned me of course. No commoner will ever have skin that soft and smooth. I learned from the prefect here at Xanten that it is quite common for these heathens to have their princesses become high priestess to one god or another. But it seems only those serving Freya give their body freely to all men.

I also found out I was right about much of the ceremony. The meeting I witnessed was indeed a rite of passage for the young women, aided by unmated warriors. I was told that this was some kind of pre-marriage ritual. If the woman conceived the couple would be considered blessed by the goddess and therefore meant for each other. Really neat, don't you think? First make sure she can produce offspring before you decide to take a girl for your wife.

Well, this priestess didn't squirm very long before she started talking. By my looks she had concluded I was a Roman infidel and she tried to educate me. She told me it was wrong to take her body against her will because that would be defiling the vessel for the spirit of the goddess. Can you believe it? She even offered me the use of her body if I would be kind enough to untie her.

You know I am not much of a fighter and I was not planning to untie a barbarian woman my size. How stupid did she think I was? But I figured if it had to be willing use, I could make her want me anyway. Writing to you makes my flesh grow hard again and I will have to make an effort to keep my hands away from my shaft until I have finished my account.

Her skin was soft and when I touched her breasts they were warm and firm and the pink tips darkened almost immediately, growing into long hard peaks, begging me to lick and suck them. That is what I did of course. Avoiding her face, but softly stroking her neck, kissing and licking her breasts for ages.

I find myself grinning broadly when I remember the way she reacted to my touch. Before long she started to squirm in quite a different way. She liked my treatment and begged me to untie her hands. I didn't of course. Instead I kissed her on the mouth and plunged my tongue deep inside. To my pleasure she responded with bucking her hips up and her eyes grew wide when she felt my erection.

I may not be an exceptionally big man in the eyes of those barbarians, but you know me. I am well equipped to pleasure the ladies and she knew it. I swear she even licked her lips when I stopped kissing her. Sitting on my knees between her spread legs it was easy for me to fondle her breasts and at the same time explore the blond curls covering her womanhood.

What will stay with me for a long time is her scent. She smelled of wood and flowers and honey, and I swear to you she tasted of honey too. It tasted so good I lapped at her folds for a long time, entering her body with my tongue till she screamed and begged me to take her.

Needless to say I wasted no time in entering her. Boy, I tell you, that woman was so hot and wet, she had no trouble accepting me at all. I slid in to the hilt easily. The way her inner muscles gripped me told me she really had done a lot of fucking. This was no shy girl, but a lusty woman who wanted to be used all right.

I am proud to say I made her cum twice before I shot my load inside her. All the while kissing her and fondling her breasts and ignoring her pleas to free her hands. The way she moved her hips was all the cooperation I needed and that is what I told her as I was hammering away. Ahh, the feeling of her tight hot sheath gliding up and down my shaft, my balls slapping against that round ass.

After I was done, and she lay exhausted and satiated, I might add, I did a mean trick. I know I shouldn't have, but I licked and stroked her little love button till she was almost crying for release again and she was willing to say anything so long as I would let her climax. So I had her say I was fit to fuck her goddess, telling me I was a divine lover.

She was so desperate she did just that, and when I entered her body with my fingers, she almost passed out with the pleasure I gave her. Too bad I could not have more fun with her, but at that point I heard voices approaching. And by the sound of it, they were warriors. Probably those who did not take part in the ritual. I thought it was a good time to take my leave.

Unfortunately, I had no time to do something about that gorgeous priestess so I left her behind, still tied and spread wide while I made my way into the woods. Apparently the warriors that found her were shocked beyond belief that someone had had the nerve to tie her down and use her on the eve of spring equinox. I didn't know of course, but it seems she should have stayed away from men, that's why she left in the first place. Something to do with the purity of the newborn year.

Whatever the case, I was hardly back when that Civilis came barging into the camp, crying murder for the defilement of his sister. Honestly, I don't know what he made such a fuss about. She had been sleeping with hundreds of men already. It's not as if I had speared one of their virgins!

Well, I got away before anybody found out it had been me. I tell you boy, if you ever have the chance to lay with a priestess of Freya, do it. I will have to go and find myself a woman now. Telling you has made me all hard and horny again. And stroking my own flesh is not my first choice. There are plenty of willing women about here, although not as gorgeous as that priestess. You know, I never learned her name.

One thing, Tacitus, make sure your mother, my sister, will not read this letter. She'll only start pushing that horrible Livia into my face again. How about you by the way? Been having fun with the slaves? I bet you are holding your own orgies by now.

Take care and give my regards to your mother.

Leontis Thrasius

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