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They were both 21 when it happened. Jay and Jorge were best friends, always standing by each other. Everyone at their school thought they were pretty cool. And pretty hot, too...

One weekend they went to a house party that some of their friends were throwing. Just a lot of young guys and girls partying on their own. Some drank a lot, but Jay and Jorge weren't into getting drunk any more. They'd had enough of that, so they just hung around, nursing their beers, cruising the rooms for girls.

Both Jay and Jorge were quite experienced. They would usually score at every party they went to, and eagerly tell each other about it afterwards. Unlike some guys, most of what they said was true. Most of it...

Jay had told Jorge that he could manage four times in a row, which was not exactly untrue--he had done so many times at home, when he was playing with himself on a day off--but he had never done it four times with an actual girl. Jorge had told Jay that he packed a nine inch monster, but his cock was "only" seven inches long. It was its thickness that the girls liked, not the length. But all in all, their lies were pretty harmless.

On this party they met Lisa, one of the major sluts of the school. Rumor had it that she had been fooling around with the entire football team, but rumors like that are never true. She did have a very healthy appetite for sex, and she had been done by Jay and Jorge numerous times. Both boys knew about it, and they thought it pretty hot to know who had been inside her just hours before, as it was on some occasions. They had even told her so.

Lisa wanted the night to be special. Rumors aside, she could count the boys that she hadn't had sex with at that party, but not the boys that she had had sex with. She just loved the look on a young boy's face when he was shooting his sticky stuff all over her hot pussy lips. Of course, she loved having them inside her, too. When she saw the good looking Jay, she thought of his rippled stomach and his hard, throbbing penis, wanting to feel them close. Then she saw his equally attractive friend Jorge, who had just as taught a stomach and just as hard and throbbing a cock. She had an idea.

With her most inviting smile, she went over to Jorge and whispered in his ear. "Why don't you and I go upstairs for a while? An hour or so..." She laughed with anticipation when he nodded eagerly. "Just wait for me in the bedroom a little while, honey." Jorge went upstairs, not suspecting anything. Lisa would sometimes want to bring a drink, and that's what Jorge thought she was doing.

Lisa didn't have to look for Jay. He came over just as Jorge was leaving, and he put his arm around Alyssa's waist. Pulling her towards him, Jay asked in his deepest, darkest voice if she wanted to go upstairs with him. Lisa smiled and kissed him on the lips, their tongues meeting for a brief moment. She turned and led the way up the stairs, holding Jay's hand.

The party was getting louder by the minute, so they knew that they wouldn't be discovered if they locked the door. Lisa opened the door and motioned for Jay to get in. That gesture made Jay wonder a little, since he usually was the one to open the door for her. But it was nothing compared to the puzzled look on Jorge's sweet face when he saw them both enter. Lisa spoke before either friend had a chance to open his mouth. "All right, this is my idea: I know that you're best friends and you know that I've been fucking both of you. I just wanna do it in a more open way. What do you say?" Jorge and Jay looked at each other, hesitating. "Uh...yeah, but...uh... What the heck. Gladly!"

"I thought you would say that." Lisa smiled and brought Jay over to the bed where Jorge was sitting. She put her caressing arms around each boy's neck and pulled their mouths to her cheeks. They kissed her. Then Jorge moved across her chin and kissed her soft lips. Jay continued kissing her cheek, moving in the other direction. He kissed her temple, her ear, her neck... He moved further down, gently stroking her cleavage with the back of his hand.

Lisa took her blouse off, and the boys took off their sweaters. Jay and Jorge did look a lot at each other in the showers and in the locker room, so the sight of the other's body was not new to either of them. But still, there was something new about the situation that to their surprise caused a stirring in the groin when they looked at each other's hard bodies.

Getting close to Lisa again, Jorge and Jay touched her now naked skin with their own nakedness. Accidentally, the boys brushed against each other. They froze for a second, not knowing how to react, but then continued making love to Lisa. The next time that their naked, muscular shoulders met, they rubbed slowly up and down.

Lisa's soft skin was hot to touch, and Jay and Jorge caressed her breasts, seeking the erect nipples and finding them. They took one each in their mouths and licked the sweet skin of Lisa's warm chest. As they licked at her nipples, their cheeks and ears met and they didn't pull back. They just enjoyed their girl.

At the same time, she was caressing Jorge's swelling manhood through his jeans with her left hand and Jay's with her right hand. The boys moved down her belly, easing her out of her jeans as gently as they could, lifting her on their strong arms and pulling them off her. She wore thin, white cotton underneath. Jay and Jorge could smell her moisture. They quickly got her completely naked.

Jorge licked Lisa's left thigh and ass cheek, and Jay licked her right calf. Then they put her legs over their backs and moved in on her warm folds. Jay's left hand and Jorge's right held her soft behind up from the bed as their other hands caressed the creases of her sex, fondling the valleys and ridges. Lisa was extatic. She spread her legs and invited them to give her a tongue bath.

Jorge started from below, and Jay from above, licking their way across Lisa's hot, juicy cunt. When they met over her beckoning hole, their tongues touched. That made the boys pull back and start over again. Jay sucked on Lisa's clitoris, making her moan. She moaned even louder when he licked around it. Then he went towards Jorge again. The second time, they lingered a bit longer where they met, actually feeling their lips touching. Their tongues fought for her warm opening. Lisa could feel the boys kissing both each other and her sensitive pussy lips.

Knowing that they all soon would want more, Alyssa moved back from her two beaux and motioned for them to take off their jeans. Jay and Jorge immediately did. Their hardons showed through the thin fabric of their boxer shorts, both with a distinct wet spot where the slit of the head was in contact with the fabric.

"Man, you really hard!" Jay said. "Yeah, you too!" Jorge replied. Lisa watched the two friends admire the other's hardness and size. "Why dontcha take it all off. I don't wanna be naked all alone..." She didn't have to say it twice--as a matter of fact, she probably wouldn't have had to say it at all.

Standing naked and erect in front of each other, Jay and Jorge were a bit embarassed. They had after all been practically kissing just a moment ago, and now they were about to fuck. Not each other, but still. It didn't take long for those final second thoughts to vanish. Lisa wanted to taste them before they entered her, so she sat up and pulled them towards each other, using their stiff dicks as handles. "Whoa!" they yelped, but then they felt her velvety warm mouth envelop their hardness and that was all it took.

Lisa moved her tongue expertly around the two cocks in her mouth, licking at the heads and slits. Jay and Jorge were now completely obliviuos of their homophobic fear of touching another naked man. The boys slowly humped Alyssa's mouth in unison. Jay felt his friend's shaft and head sliding against his own, just as much as they both felt Lisa's hot wetness.

Grabbing their hard cocks by the shaft, Lisa pulled away from her double blow job and instead moved the heads along the sides of her tongue. Then she brought them together across the tip of her tongue, where she could see it too. Jay and Jorge sighed with pleasure when their slits met. They both hoped that the other would think it was because of what Lisa was doing with her tongue.

Still holding on to the two firm erections, Alyssa made her suggestion. "I know you want to fuck me, and I want you to fuck me. But I wanna do it a bit more exotic." "Have you ever been fucked by two guys, then?" Jorge asked. "Yeah, you have... I remember Pete and Brad talking about it a couple of weeks ago." Jay smiled at her and licked his lips. "Don't believe everything you hear," Lisa said, smiling. Then she added: "But that story was true..."

She was stroking the boys, still kneeling in front of them. "I sucked Brad and Pete fucked me. Then they switched." She could feel the cocks getting harder as she spoke, and she saw the boy's balls rising in their fuzzy sacks. "Now I want you to take me at the same time." Jay reacted: "What? You mean one of us is gonna have to go anal on you?!" Lisa looked at him. "No way! My ass is mine. No, I want you in my pussy. Both of you." Jorge's cock got even harder, and Lisa had to slow down on her strokes. "Oh man! Oh MAN!" He smiled at her, glowing, sweat dripping down from his brow, hitting his engorged shaft.

"You just sit down on the bed, and I'll do you real good, sweetie..." Lisa said to Jorge. He sat down, and she got up. Turning her back to him, Lisa straddled Jorge's cock and allowed him to enter her burning pussy. She put her feet on his knees and reached out to Jay, who was still standing there, looking on, leaky cock in hand. "This is the tricky part," she said.

"No sweat," Jay said. He stood between her legs, feeling Jorge's hairy thighs against his knees. He slowly bent his knees and limboed in under his friend's legs, their thighs touching all the time. With his throbbing cock in his right hand, Jay nudged it against Lisa's clit before he slid his big head past her tight opening. She screamed, and the boys stopped, not wanting to cause her pain. "No, I'm okay, it just felt so damn good!" Jay pushed further in, feeling the head of his hot cock sliding against Jorge's shaft and Lisa's cunt.

After resting a second when they both were as deep inside Alyssa as they could get, with no more than half an inch to spare, Jay and Jorge started fucking her. First, they were out of sync, but their pace got better and better and soon they were entering at the same time and going out the moment after that. Lisa was shuddering with bliss, rubbing against the two hot, hard bodies. It wasn't long before she was experiencing the feeling of her body almost on fire, as two long orgasms shook her. Going for a third, she kept riding her studboys.

The only way for a man to fuck a man's cock is when they are sharing the same space. This is what happened next. Getting out of pace with each other, Jay and Jorge forgot all about the girl who was enjoying their motions and their muscular bodies and started humping each other inside Lisa's hot, slippery cunt. When Jay went in, Jorge went out. When Jorge went in, Jay went out. All they could feel was their cocks touching.

The two friends hugged Lisa tight as they continued to fuck her. They felt each other's arms. They moved their hands across the other one's body. Jorge grabbed Jay's thrusting ass to get closer to him. Jay put his head to the right of Lisa's, putting his chin on her left shoulder. Then he bent down toward Jorge's face as he pushed his balls against Jorge's.

Jorge lifted his face toward Jay's, and finally their lips met. As they opened their mouths and let their tongues wrestle in the cavity which was their lip-locked mouths, their hot, sizzling cum shot out through their long, thick meat. It blended inside Lisa as she was rocked by her third and most forcefull orgasm. It ran down along the boy's still rather hard manhoods, coating the skin of their shafts, sticking to the hairy skin on their balls as they mashed against each other.

Lisa turned her head and joined her favourite boys in their passionate kiss. They lay resting together for almost an hour, the boys slowly disengaging from Lisa but still touching and kissing. This relationship was going to last a long time and evolve into many forms of wonderful sexual experimentation

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