tagBDSMTahlia's Journey Ch. 02

Tahlia's Journey Ch. 02


The package arrived late Wednesday afternoon. Tahlia’s hands shook as she held it. It had been sent by Master Falcon. The note attached stated she was to wear what was enclosed for their session that night. She opened the box and looked inside. It overwhelmed Tahlia to see the bright red fabric. He had remembered her favorite color.

Tahlia lifted it from the box. Her fingers slid over the softness of the silky fabric before holding it in front of her. It was a sheer-like slip with spaghetti straps, of a length that would fall mid-thigh. Also in the box were four solid metal rings, each lined with soft leather. A locking device was attached to each.

She set the slip and cuffs down and nestled back into the couch. Her mind wandered to their last meeting at the Tavern. His hands on her body. Tahlia’s every sense intensified while she thought of him. Who was this man who provoked such powerful reactions from her mind and body? A smile played on her lips as she glanced to the clock. It was nearing six. He had given her the address and she was to be there sharply at eight. The time had come to start preparing for the night ahead.

In her room, the scent of lavender allowed her mind to drift to the events to unfold. Would he touch her again? Spank her? She brushed her dark hair until it fell in natural waves around her face and across her shoulders. Her make-up, she kept simple. Black eyeliner and mascara drew out her eyes and a beige colored blush highlighted her naturally high cheekbones. Deep red lipstick coated her lips to match the slip.

Tahlia relished in knowing she was primping for him. Master Falcon. She ran his name over in her mind, not quite daring to speak it aloud. How did he make her feel the way he did? All she knew was that she adored him. She trusted him. She wanted him. And in many ways, she needed him.

Standing in a red pair of panties, Tahlia inspected herself in the mirror before putting on the red slip. Each cuff was then locked around her wrists and ankles. She slipped into a pair of strappy sandals and added a long coat over the slip, tying it in front. This was it. With a deep breath, she headed out the door.

As she arrived at Master Falcon’s home, Tahlia could barely recall the drive over. All her thoughts had been focused on him and what would happen that night. At five minutes to eight, she stood nervously on his front step. She knocked on the door with a trembling hand.

Master Falcon greeted her. He was wearing a white shirt, which had been left unbuttoned to expose his chest, denim jeans and the same black boots. The sight of him stole Tahlia’s breath. She blushed slightly as she followed him inside.

“Hand me your coat. Leave your shoes at the door.”

Tahlia felt his eyes watching her. She slipped off her sandals and watched as he put her coat away. He stepped forward, and reaching behind her, gripped her ass and pulled her close. “Don’t be nervous. What you feel is real. I can help you with your struggle to find the woman you are meant to be. You’ll be safe in my hands. I care for you and I only ask that you obey.”

Tahlia looked deep into his piercing eyes and a sense of peace fell over her. He understood her need and confusion. The smile he gave melted Tahlia’s heart. She would do anything he asked.

He released his grip on her and walked into the adjoining room. Tahlia followed quietly behind. The room was warm and inviting. The rug felt luxurious under her bare feet. It was forest green in color and complimented the light maple woodwork found throughout the room. He stopped in front of a large-backed chair. On both sides were matching end tables, both beautifully sculpted from the same maple wood.

Tahlia stopped behind him. He turned to face her. Deft hands spun her away from him before he ordered her to bend over. Tahlia watched while he attached her wrists to the ankle cuffs of the same side. Her slip was pulled up to rest on her back. His large hands slipped her panties half way down her thighs. Tahlia blushed profusely by this quick display of herself. Her sudden exposure had both surprised and excited her.

Master Falcon gripped her hair. He picked up the rectangular shaped paddle from the chair’s side table. “Count, girl.” The first whack was delivered to her ass. The pain from the wooden paddle made her jump from its intensity.

Tahlia counted off fifteen swings of the heavy paddle before he was through. Relief washed over her when she realized he was done. Tears streamed from her eyes. She had accepted his assault out of sheer will. Her entire backside was deep crimson. Quiet cries could be heard while Master Falcon released her wrists from her ankles. He removed her panties and then sat back in his chair. Tahlia quickly knelt at his feet.

“Lay back in front of me, girl. Lift your slip and spread your legs wide. Although it was painful on her tender and beaten bottom, Tahlia did as she was told. “Play with your pussy, girl. Give me a show.”

There was no gentleness in his voice. Tahlia’s face flushed red at the directness of his words. She tried to overlook her embarrassment and reached to touch the petal pink lips of her pussy. Her fingers stroked through her wet juices before finding her clit. Master Falcon’s eyes drifted from her face to her clean-shaven pussy while she performed for him. Her humiliation of being watched, of feeling so wanton in her sluttish actions, fueled her sexual desires. She rubbed the throbbing button of her clit faster. The start of her building orgasm began.

“Stop, girl!”

Shocked from her pleasure, Tahlia looked at Master Falcon in puzzlement. He offered her no explanation, but to remain where she was and lay her hands at her side. He rose from his chair and fixed himself a drink. When he returned, he bent and gave her swollen clit a flick with his finger before sitting back in his chair. “Continue, girl.”

Tahlia brought her hand back to her puffy lips. They were smooth to her touch and her fingers slid over her slippery wetness with ease. Gently, she circled her clit. She was overwhelmed with the knowledge that she was being used for his amusement as a sex toy. She continued to massage her wet sex. Her musky aroma filled the air. When her body started to quiver with her excitement, Master Falcon ordered her to stop. Tahlia could not control the soft groan that escaped her lips.

With a smirk, Master Falcon again rose from his chair and left the room. It was a few minutes before he returned. He gazed at the half naked woman before him. “Again, girl, and this time, come for me.”

Once more, Tahlia’s hand found her pussy. Her fingers circled her protruding clit, focusing on her needed release. Lost in her own pleasure and oblivious to his watching, orgasm overtook her body. She pulled on her swollen button, which left her moaning and writhing in ecstasy. Her eyes remained closed while her breathing settled to a normal rate. Conscious that he was still watching her, Tahlia opened her eyes and looked shyly to him.

“Good girl,” he said.

He helped Tahlia to her feet and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She fell into him, needing to feel him. He held her for a moment, then slowly guided her to the front door and helped her with her coat. “Tonight was wonderful. Be happy. I am very pleased with you.” He walked her to her car and, with one last chaste kiss, sent Tahlia on her way.

On her couch at home, Tahlia’s mind replayed the nights activities. She still wore the red slip but the panties had been forgotten at Master Falcon’s home. Her hand lazily drifted to her nether region. Why hadn’t he fucked her? She had laid practically naked in front of him. Masturbated while he watched. Come in glorious waves of ecstasy, and still, he had only watched.

Was this what she could expect from him? That he would torment her with her own lust but not give her what she truly desired? Tahlia’s eyes watered with her confusion. She lost interest in rubbing herself, her need no longer present. He was not there to see. Tahlia knew that no matter how many times she could bring herself to climax, the need would not be satisfied. Only Master Falcon could fill that aching emptiness she felt inside.

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