tagBDSMTahlia's Journey Ch. 03

Tahlia's Journey Ch. 03


Tahlia entered the Tavern. Her eyes searched the vast room until she spotted Master Falcon near the fireplaces. With a quick step, she made her way through the crowd. He was in conversation with a man Tahlia did not recognize. She knelt quietly at Master Falcon's feet and observed the stranger. He had light brown hair and was considerably taller than Master Falcon. The leather he wore emphasized his broad build.

Tahlia noted the hardness to his face and the almost cruelness she saw there. Strapped to his belt was a long bamboo cane. She kept her glances to a minimum, knowing she was to be still until her services were required.

The earlier workday entered her mind. It had been endless. All she had wanted was to be in Master Falcon's presence. She thought of him constantly. They had many sessions together, but still, she couldn't get enough. He had strapped her breasts and pussy, paddled her, done inspections and watched while she masturbated. Through it all, he still had not taken her.

They had discussed her submission and what his demands of a slave would be. Although eager to perform and suffer for him, Tahlia felt the burning need for him to take her. To fuck her. To possess her very soul. At night, when her desires were great, she would have given anything to play with herself and find relief. She could not do that now. The rule set. Orgasm could only be achieved in his presence.

Tahlia's mind drifted back to the present. She tired of the men's lengthy conversation. Eager for Master Falcon's attention, she shifted in her position. His glance was immediate and his words sharp. "Remain still, girl."

Tahlia knew she had erred, and feeling chastised, bowed her head low. Her dark eyes filled with tears. Lost in her own remorse, she did not notice the stranger's departure or that Master Falcon's words had shifted to her. His voice became low and stern. "Tahlia, if you can not give your full attention, find somewhere else to be."

"Oh. I am sorry, sir. I will pay attention."


The single word was a dismissal. Tears stung Tahlia's eyes as she rose. She quickly turned and started across the room, making her way to an inhabited spot along the side wall. The fact that she had displeased him hit Tahlia hard, but it was the knifelike feeling in her heart that caused most of her pain. The tears came non-stop. She had disappointed him. That knowledge pained her more than any spanking ever could have.

Only when Wendy joined her on the couch did Tahlia pull herself from her private misery. She wiped her eyes and gave her friend a weak smile.

"What's wrong, Tal?" Wendy's voice was motherly soft.

In a low, almost inaudible voice, Tahlia whispered, "I have displeased him, Wen. He sent me away. I don't know what to do."

"Who, Tahlia?"

"Master Falcon." Just saying his name brought new tears to Tahlia's eyes. The lump in her throat felt enormous.

"Oh. Um, it will be okay, Tal."

Alarmed by the hesitation in Wendy's voice, Tahlia glanced to where Master Falcon sat. At his feet was a very pretty blonde who Tahlia had seen in the Tavern before. She watched wordlessly as the slave girl rose and walked to the bar. Aware he was being watched, Master Falcon looked up and found Tahlia.

He had been thinking of Tahlia. The dark-haired beauty had a real desire to please, and he understood her need to find herself. He had considered offering her a collar of training but wanted to be sure she fully understood what it meant. She would be his slave, and thus, his property. To serve him and fulfill his needs with no questions, hesitation or denial. To be his was to be his woman, his slave, his slut and his toy. Her only objective would be to please him.

He would, in turn, guide her in her journey. Protect her while pushing all her limits. Be the one to take her to the very edge before gently pushing her over, and catch her safely on the other side. He had discussed this with her and she was anxious to serve him. But it was not something he would take or demand of her. Instead, he would wait for her to offer the gift of her submission. Not in the ways she had during their sessions, but in a total giving of herself to him. Mind, body, heart and soul. That was the way it had to be.

Frozen in his gaze, Tahlia could not look away. She became oblivious to the tears falling from her eyes. The tightness in her chest consumed her. The spell was broken when the pretty blonde returned. Unable to control her grief, Tahlia scrambled from the club.

Once outside, Tahlia leaned against the wall of the building and tried to catch her breath. The tightness in her chest became intense. Overcome with emotion, she slid down the wall and cried.

"Stand up, girl." Master Falcon's voice invaded her despair.

Weak and wooden, she managed to rise before him. Her head was bowed low, still unable to face him.

"Go home, Tahlia."

She found the strength to look into his eyes. The words flew from her mouth in desperation. "No, I can't. I'm so sorry that I disappointed you, sir, but..."

"But what, girl?" The voice that cut her off was soft and gentle.

With all the conviction she felt, Tahlia answered, "I adore you, sir. I need you. I have never needed anyone like I do you. I want to give you everything. To please you is to find my own happiness. My life is yours. Please accept it, sir."

Master Falcon took Tahlia's ravaged face in his hands and kissed her. The kiss was filled with all the passion they felt for each other. He broke from her and looked deep into her eyes. "Do you mean that, Tahlia?"

"Yes, sir. I have never wanted anything more."

"Good. We will begin your training."

With her hand in his, he led her to his car. They were both quiet and lost in their own thoughts on the drive to his home.

As they entered his house, Master Falcon directed Tahlia into the den. He stopped at the doorway and spoke. "Take off your skirt and panties, then lay yourself across my chair. I will return soon."

Tahlia's hands shook while she removed the short skirt and her lace panties. She laid her body across the arm of the chair in nervous anticipation. Her ass was in perfect position for one of his spankings. Tahlia fretted inwardly, wondering at the nights events.

Master Falcon entered the room carrying a wide leather belt. He doubled it over and began to talk. "Tahlia, this will hurt. You will cry. You may even scream, but you will not resist." His hand rested in the curve of her back while he raised the belt.

The first blow made Tahlia jump. Tears stung her eyes and soon she was sobbing. The force and frequency of the strapping increased. She cried out in agony while the belt continued to cut into her tender flesh. The leather found every part of her upturned ass. Bright red welts decorated her cheeks. She cried. She screamed. She also submitted to her fate. Her will to suffer for him outweighed her pain.

Satisfied and pleased with her submission, Master Falcon stopped, then yanked her from the chair. "Strip totally."

Tahlia removed her blouse and bra and let them fall to the floor. Her legs felt weak as she stood naked before him. He watched her face intently while her tears still rolled from her eyes.

"Kneel, girl." His voice was not harsh, but it carried a serious tone. Tahlia breathed in deeply, trying to settle herself as she listened to him. "Your training is an important aspect in becoming mine. You will belong to me, to do with as I please. Your only goals will be to serve and satisfy my needs. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," Tahlia answered in a hushed tone.

"I know you will please me, girl, but I shall push your every limit. I will guide you through your journey, always keeping you safe, but molding you to be all that I desire." Picking up a silver necklace, Master Falcon turned to Tahlia. "You will wear this always, for it denotes my possession of you. When you have completed your training, and if you still so desire, you will then wear my collar."

Tahlia's emotions hit overload. She absorbed his words and the intensity behind them. Fresh tears fell when he clasped the chain around her neck. She gently lifted it and fingered the simple heart-shaped pendant it held. It was inscribed with the initials [i]MF[/i].

Tahlia could not contain herself. The words rushed from her mouth. "Oh, thank you, sir. It's so beautiful. I shall make you proud."

"Yes, girl. I'm sure of it. From now on, you will address me as Master. Understand?"

"Yes, Master," Tahlia answered with pride.

"I don't have rules, Tahlia. I only expect you to know your place. I am your priority and I demand to be treated as such. You will be available to me as I wish or need.

"Yes, Master. I understand."

"Good. Now I shall take what is mine." Master Falcon unzipped his pants and grabbed the still kneeling Tahlia. He thrust his rigid cock deep into her mouth. His thickness filled her. She opened her mouth wide to accommodate him. With her head pinned between his large hands, he savagely raped her mouth. A final thrust to the back of her throat released his cum into her slave mouth. Tahlia gulped and drank his pearly offering.

"Come, slave. We shall continue upstairs."

Her heart swelled in the complete happiness she felt in giving herself to him. She knew with certainty that this was right. It was perfect. As she followed him, a small smile played on her lips in the knowledge that she belonged to him.

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