tagSci-Fi & FantasyTail(s) From the Other Side

Tail(s) From the Other Side

byJon Smiff©

Authors note : This is not my usual kind of story. But for the earth contest, I thought I would try something a little far out. Kind of throw my imagination into the wind and see what came back. Hope you guys like it!! Remember to vote now, this is for a competition!!


I was going to kill myself. I won’t go into specifics, that’s not the point of immortalizing these events, but I had been through a really rough patch. Two close family deaths, a bad run at work, some illegal chickens coming home to roost and some horrendous financial decisions (call options on the NASDAQ for god’s sake!) had pushed me as far as I could go.

It was February the 29th. A nice evening. The moon was full, the air crisp and fresh. The smell of nature was strong in the air and as I walked into the darkness of the forest I fully intended to never again see the light. As I moved further into the forest I was struck by how light the darkness actually was. I guess the full moon must have been strong enough to penetrate the skeletal trees, the silver shimmer giving everything an ethereal glow. I was strangely at peace with myself. The decision had been made, notes had been left, I almost grinned I had even cancelled my newspaper subscription. Reliable to the last, that’s me!!

Now that I was well and truly into the forest it suddenly struck me that I had no plan how to actually do the deed. I guess I had been shying away from the actual act of suicide, eternal damnation and all that, and so had held myself back from taking any pills or any weapons. Now that I was walking into the forest my initial plan of walking as far as I could before being overcome by the elements was looking decidedly difficult, especially as the temperature in the forest was more like ten degrees centigrade than anything particularly dangerous. Like I said, a nice evening to die. Only how??

I stopped as I rounded a bend and sat down on a mound to consider my options. I had always been a pain-pussy and my first idea of climbing the largest tree I could find and then jumping off seemed likely to involve a considerable amount of my greatest foe. To scupper my second idea I was certain the nearest drownable river was even further than the mild elements would sustain me. Feeling slightly deflated I leaned back on my hands. I couldn’t even fucking kill myself!! As I leaned back I felt a squish underneath my hands. I lifted them up in disgust and rubbed them clean on my top, the irony of cleaning my soon to be dead hands not escaping me. I looked down to see the cause of my discomfort and smiled widely.

Mushrooms. More than likely poisonous!! I could eat shit loads of poisonous mushrooms and then die. I grinned as the simplicity of the idea hit me, took a fistful of the fungi and stuffed them into my mouth. I looked at another one of them curiously while I was chewing. It had a thick white stalk, was about three inches long and had a tapered brown head, I grinned as I considered the fact that it looked a bit like a bell-end.

I ate as many as I could find. I considered the fact that maybe they weren’t poisonous so I had better stack my odds and just eat everything I could lay my hands on. Which was a lot. I must have eaten those things solidly for about twenty minutes. I didn’t stop until they had all gone. I lay back on the bare mound and watched the moon through the leafless branches of the winter trees. I smiled to myself as I felt the deeper darkness reach up from inside me, the smile staying on my face as I finally lost contact with my surroundings and slipped away from the world.


The first thing I saw as I woke up was intermittent moonlight. The moon seemed brighter than I remembered it. I squinted my eyes and moved my head to one side, under the cover of the shadows. Looking up I saw that the wind had picked up and was blowing through the tree tops, the leaves rustling in the luminescence. I rolled over onto my side groggily, shaking my head as if to clear it. It was a weird feeling, I seemed to be unable to think, yet the thoughts I did have were amazingly clear. I let my head fall under its weight, grinning into the soft grass. I rolled back over and looked up at the trees swaying in the breeze. I had time to notice that the strong wind, whipping the branches and the thick sheaves of leaves into a frenzy, seemed not to affect me lying on the floor before I found myself walking down the path. I turned my head blearily but couldn’t see the mound behind me; I must have left it and have been walking for some time.

I heard a river rushing close by, a fast, wide, hard river. It occurred to me that such a river must have a waterfall and I crashed through the undergrowth, suddenly certain I must see the waterfall. The dense trees and bushes seemed to open for me. I glanced with amazement as a row of thorns reared up at my passage as I left the safety of the path, the barbs brushing past my eyes with inches to spare. I turned my head as I was running to see the same branch flick menacingly across the trail I had left, and then watched with amazement as the scrub sprung back into place and closed the trail I had made. I realized I was still running flat out through the tangle and turned to see a clearing opening. I slowed down and moved into the silver light of the moon.

The waterfall in front of me was magnificent. The water cascading down from a huge height, hundreds of meters, crashing and tumbling over rocks, rainbows showing in the soft moonlight, the colors alien and foreign, I reached out to touch one and found I had wondered across the clearing and was standing by the rock pool. I looked down at my feet and saw the water gently lapping at my bare toes. Before I had time to wonder what had happened to my shoes I noticed the pool was not very big. Perhaps three meters across, roughly circular and yet this huge waterfall and the masses of water were disappearing into it with barely a ripple. My active mind had time to point out that there were no hills or cliffs for hundreds of miles to produce such a waterfall when the next sight quelled all resistance and I grinned stupidly as I felt my mind crumble into the experience.

A girl was moving through the water towards me. She was quite tall, with long blonde hair, wet from the waterfall. Her body was flawless, her breasts proud and firm, tightened by the water’s fresh kiss. Her stomach was flat, her hips rounded and sliding into her long legs with hardly a crease. Her face was gorgeous, the light from the moon played across her features as she smiled at me. I saw pleasure on her full lips and a gleam in her wide eyes, a lustful gleam, with an air of expectation and possibly warning.

I watched her silently as she came close to me. The water was about waist deep, and she walked right to the edge of the pool, looking up at me, her eyes opaque, eerily reflecting the silver of the moonlight. Her eyes locked onto mine as she lifted her hand. My mind registered a dull surprise at the realization that I was naked, but this was quickly crushed by my lust, my eyes widening as her hand closed on my already erect penis and slid her mouth around it. I breathed in deeply, my spinning head seeming to bulge as her tongue ran roughly over the sensitive head of my bell. She was looking deep into my eyes as she leaned forward onto my cock, taking its length into her mouth, wanking slightly with her hand as she coaxed my full size into her hot mouth. She lifted her free hand and placed it onto my balls, kneading them as she wanked my cock faster and faster into her face. She sucked hard before pulling her head back and running her tongue along the under side of my cock. Leaning in slightly to pull my balls into her mouth, first one then the other as she strongly stroked my cock. She leaned back again and I saw the lust in her eyes, their color silver it seemed, and not just reflected from the moon. She rubbed my cock along her face before working her mouth hungrily to the tip and then jerking her head backwards and forwards quickly, her hand twisting on my cock, leaving trails of saliva as she face fucked my cock and sucked it hard and good. I felt my balls begin to retract, my orgasm begin to build and I closed my eyes, feeling my body swell as the force of my orgasm began to build.

Suddenly the pressure lessened and I opened my eyes and looked down. My cock was fully erect, the head shiny and swollen, standing hard and strong, pointing at the waterfall. I rubbed my eyes and looked again the girl wasn’t there, she had simply disappeared. I turned unsteadily, the blood rushing through my veins, my cock as hard as ever and the slow ache in my balls from pent up release beginning to flood through my body. I headed into the clearing and took two soft steps forward. Away from me, across the other side of the glen I saw a writhing mass on the floor. I moved myself towards it, and saw the forms slowly beginning to take shape. My eyes widened as I made out the mane of blond hair, my girl. She was on her knees, leaning forward, her head between the legs of another girl. As my eye traveled along the second girl’s body I noticed that parts of her body blended into the silver darkness. What I could see of her body was tight and toned, sporty. Her breasts were smallish but well formed, her thighs and stomach flat and hard. She had brown hair, short, in some kind of bob. She writhed on the ground, thrusting her hips into the blond girl, spreading her legs, one hand working furiously on her breast. She moaned loudly and looked into my eyes; I was still some way away when her eyes first reached for me, but when they locked my gaze I was suddenly right next to the group. Close enough to see that the parts of the brown haired girl that mixed with the darkness belonged to a black girl. She was nuzzling into the neck of the brown haired girl, her hand disappearing down between the brunette’s legs as the blond girl was running her tongue through the hot cunt. I stood there, my cock standing hard and firm, my mouth agape, watching these three gorgeous beings fuck and writhe nakedly on the grass.


Before I knew what had happened the scene had melted, shifted. Now I was kneeling behind the blonde girl, who was still on her knees. She was going down on the black girl, who was lying beneath her in the 69 position, looking expectantly up at me from beneath the blonde girl’s legs. The brown haired girl was kneeling beside the blondes arse, as I looked to her she lifted her fingers to her mouth and wet them with some saliva. Watching me she wiped the lubricant onto the blonde’s pussy and arse. I saw the blonde tense with anticipation, as her efforts doubled. My eyes fell onto her and saw that she was clean shaven, the brown haired girl saw my looks and then leaned forward, pulling the blonde girls pussy apart for me. I shuffled forward and pushed the head of my cock against her hot cunt, feeling the heat and the juices emanate over my cock. The blonde girl tried to push back onto my cock but the brunette, her eyes fixed on mine, held her firm. I ran my hand softly over the arse in front of me once, and then leaned forward, my engorged cock sliding cleanly into her tight cunt. I breathed out as her warmth enveloped me, her muscles and juices clamoring my cock, sucking it deeper in. I pushed my hips into her cunt, forcing my cock in deeper. As I pulled out and started my stroke I felt the black girl underneath me move her head, lifting it to suck at my balls, her tongue flicking over me as she started to gently slap the blonde girl’s clit. The brown haired girl watched me as I pumped into the blonde, my cock spearing hard into her cunt with a force I never knew I had. The brunette ran her fingers over the blonde’s areshole, before leaning over from her position beside her and then running her hot tongue around the arsehole, eliciting a loud moan from the blonde girl. I closed my eyes, the pleasure and lust overcoming me as the black girl reached up and circled her finger around my arse, closing her mouth on my balls and sucking them in one at a time. The brown haired girl slid one finger into the blonds arse as I pulled out of the blonde and started fucking her shallowly, fast and short slices into her cunt. She moaned aloud as I felt the black girl side another finger along the length of my cock and into the blonde’s pussy. I moaned and slowed my stroke, my cock, balls and mind on fire.

The brown haired girl reached over to me and took my cock in her hand. Her eyes fixed on mine as they had been the whole time she lifted my soiled cock to her mouth and cleaned it. Her tongue running greedily along the blonde’s cunt juices on my cock, lapping hungrily at my bell-end as if to coax all of my taste. As she felt me begin to expand she blew gently on my cock, calming my need until I looked at her questioningly, now what?

She smiled and pushed the head of my cock against the tight arsehole of the blonde. I needed no encouragement, and as the brown haired girl pulled the blonde’s arse cheeks apart I gripped her hips and leaned forward, sighing deeply as I felt my thick cock slide into her tight arse. The blonde arched her back and pushed back into me, moaning loudly and throwing her head back. I could feel the black girl’s fingers working the blonde’s cunt underneath my cock as I started to firmly slide my cock in and out of her arse, fucking her anus. The brown haired girl had resumed her position and was kneeling beside the blonde girls arse as I fucked into the tight hole. I looked down to see my fat cock slide in and out of the tight arse. I breathed deeply and looked at the brown haired girl.

She was not looking at me, rather staring intently at the black girl beneath me. I felt rather than saw a change in the atmosphere which my foggy mind vaguely registered. I continued to fuck but also noticed that the blonde had stopped pushing into me, although she was still moaning with each of my deeper and deeper strokes.

As I watched the brunette, she opened her mouth to say something to the black girl. What came out can only be described as a snarl, an animal sound. I looked at her in shock, noticing for the first time that her teeth were long, and sharp and jagged. She snarled again and I could feel the black girl beneath me beginning to respond. Her returning cries no less horrific. I looked down to see my cock pumping into the blonde’s arse; unable to stop I could still feel the delicious pressure of her tight hole on my pumping cock. I looked at the brown haired girl and she turned to snap something at the blonde, who snarled briefly in reply. The black seemed to struggle and was trying to get free when I noticed that the blonde girl was bending her back. I watched with horror as I realized that she wasn’t moving to bend her back, rather that her back was actually bending, and morphing. I watched as a little row of spikes began to ripple out of her back, along her spine. I looked in shock along her body in time to see her head flash backwards, the glint of moonlight on a set of sharp teeth before she thrust her head forward and bit into the black girl’s thigh. My eyes widened as I saw her tear a jagged chunk of flesh out of the black girl’s leg who I felt buck underneath me, I was about to jump away when the scene melted again.

I was across the clearing, lying on my back, the brunette on top of me, looking deep into my eyes peacefully. ‘She meant you harm. We are protecting you.’ She leaned in and kissed me softly, pulling back to smile at me, her teeth normal. I noticed that she was beautiful, like no woman I had ever seen. She pushed herself off my chest and eased herself onto my cock, which was still hard. As she rode my cock deliciously I heard some vague sounds of ripping in the background, but my befuddled mind was not working and I watched as this creature on my cock slid her hands down her body to her breasts and clit while she fucked my cock. I moaned loudly and then caught my breath as her cunt seemed to tighten on my cock, the friction building to unbearable depths and I knew I was soon going to come. I looked up at the brunette and she closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them the blonde had reappeared, she was wiping her mouth but otherwise appeared unharmed. The black girl was nowhere to be seen.

The brown haired girl leaned forward and kissed me deeply, sucking on my tongue as she worked on my cock. Pressing and rubbing her breasts against my chest as the blonde kneeled between my legs. The brunette shifted slightly and I knew she had straddled me further, spreading her legs and moaning into my kissing mouth as the blonde girl ran her tongue along the length of my cock and over the brown haired girl’s arse. I moaned loudly as I felt her grip and massage my balls, knowing I was about to come.

With supernatural speed the brown haired girl joined the blonde as I looked down at them both between my legs. I was standing again, which did not surprise me, and they were kneeling in front of me. The blonde waited hungrily, looking into my eyes while the brunette stroked my cock, her tongue lapping at my cock, cleaning it of her own juices while she coaxed my orgasm. She yelped slightly as I began to cum, kneeling down next to the blonde and wanking my cock over their faces, both of their tongues reaching to receive my juices. I moaned as my cock bucked and I came harder than I ever had before, the stream of cum arcing out and splashing onto their upturned faces. Watching, breathing deeply, my body tingling as the brunette pointed my cock into both of their mouths, splashing my cum onto their yearning tongues. I reached down and lay my hand on their heads and looked into the brunette’s eyes, my hand bunching her hair slightly and pulling her to me as I let my cock slide into her slippery mouth for my last shot. She looked deep into my eyes as she closed her mouth and swallowed, clearing her mouth for my last shot as she closed her cum painted lips around my spasming cock. She sucked on my knob to draw out my last wad which I duly deposited with a large sigh, my knees shaking slightly. I collapsed and fell back onto the grass. My eyes drawn to them as they turned to each other and kissed, sharing my juices and my cum.

I leaned back and watched them as they cleaned each other. Then they both turned to look at me and I thought I saw a wistful look in the brunette’s eyes as she moved forward. She looked into my eyes, a warm look. Before she leaned forward and took my arm, biting into the bicep. She looked at her mark, there had been no pain but there was a clear line of teeth marks. I placed my hand over my arm and felt the world begin to spin. The brunette blew on me again and reached forward to close my eyes before I sipped away into darkness again and passed out.


When I awoke this time it was day. Cold. I was back on the mound with the trees above my head. I noticed the mound was cold and hard, the plush grass from my dream nowhere to be seen and a quick glance above me proved there were no leaves on the tree branches. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 9 am on the 1st of March. I shook my head slowly and rolled over, like I had last night, and was stopped by a boulder, a big rock I had been lying next to. My joints were stiff from the cold night and head was pounding.

I moaned and rolled back. I wondered what had happened. I must have dreamt, eaten the mushrooms and passed into some kind of poisoned sleep. The dreams, the visions, I shuddered briefly at the thought of the black girl but smiled widely as I remembered the rest. I lay back, knowing I was alive because of the pain coursing through my body. I wondered what the poison from the mushrooms was doing to my body, and I decided I had better get to a hospital when I heard voices of kids, running away.

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