tagLoving WivesTainted Arrangement

Tainted Arrangement


"Okay John, I want to make sure you want me to do this. You want me to go to the Big Hat Saloon, pick up your wife and take her over to the motel, right?"

"That's right Harry. And once you are there in the motel?"

"You want me to fuck her good," Harry replied, thrusting his hips forward emphasizing the word "fuck."

"Right, you can have whatever fun you want with her, but when it comes to you coming, I want your cock buried deep in her pussy, I want her taking in every ounce of your cum, you got that?"

"Okay, I just want to make sure that is exactly what you want, I mean this is a big step, a real big step."

"It's what I want, and I want the video camera to get it all," John said, rubbing his hand over his two day stubble. He then ran his hand up his face, over his puffy eyes, "As much sleep as I have lost over this whole thing, I think I should get some enjoyment out of it all."

"We will tape it, but you can watch the live feed on your computer too, on that link I sent you."

"Good, now keep in mind, you need to tell her you are married and..."

Harry held up his hand and showed his fake wedding ring. "Why is it so important that I be married?"

"Not just married, married and straying for the first time. Those are the safe ones in her mind."

"Ah, okay, I got you. I think I can handle that, exercising a seven year itch so to speak."

"There you go. Now tonight, get there about nine, that's when she usually leaves her lady friends on their 'Ladies Night Out' thing."

Harry reached out to shake John's hand, in a moment John extended his hand hoping his friend hadn't noticed his slight hesitation. "Just watch the video on that link," Harry said. He then stood up, walked to the door and stepped outside.

John went to his computer and checked the link. He confirmed the link was good, although without the video feed he found himself looking at a black screen with a few bars of information. He closed down his connection, returned to the living room and turned on the TV. His wife would be back from shopping in an hour or so and John would need to try to act normal until she headed out with her friends later that evening.

An hour or so actually turned out to be three hours and John had dozed off on the couch while waiting. He awoke to his wife breezing in the door and as she headed back to the bedroom to change he heard her say, "You'll need to take care of dinner for yourself, I'm simply running too late."

He got up and headed back to the room, watching her from the bedroom door as she quickly pulled off her clothes and headed to the shower. In just a few moments she returned pulling a towel over her body. She hung the towel over a chair and opened her drawer and pulled out a tiny pair of panties. When she pulled them on, John moved over to her, gently holding her at the elbows and said, "Why don't you stay home tonight. I'll open a bottle of wine and..."

"Sorry," she said, pulling free and grabbing a lace bra from her drawer, "we've had this set up for so long, we'd never get reservations again."

He watched her wrap the bra around her back and hook it, turning it around and then one by one grabbing each breast and slipping it into the bra. It always turned him on watching her maneuver herself into the bra and he decided to make one last effort. He moved up behind her and wrapped his arms and pulled her close to him, letting his hard cock grind against her ass.

"We can find something nice to do if you stay," he whispered into her ear.

"John," she said sternly, wrestling out of his arms, "I said I was late. Look if you're that worked up just pull it out and I'll give you a quick hand job."

"Hand job? I want you Ashley, I want you."

"No, not tonight, I'm in a hurry," she said stepping into her closet.

John walked out of the room and sat back down on the couch. If he couldn't have her he knew at least he could watch her with Harry. He turned on TV and in a few minutes his wife rushed toward the door.

"Don't wait up John, you know how we ladies get when we get to talking."

John lifted his hand and waved.

For the next several hours John moped around trying to fix dinner but he lost interest. He then plopped back on the couch to watch TV but nothing got his attention. Finally he headed back to his computer and clicked on the link Harry had given him. After about fifteen minutes of watching an empty room he clicked on a few other links.

He quickly visited several different porn sites, but not really interested him, no he was primed for the main attraction. Clicking back to the site, he slowly surveyed the motel room wondering how many hotel rooms his wife had been to, perhaps even this same room. John was sure she had met at least four different men, he got the story from the husband of one of his wife's friends. Apparently in a drunken argument about the ladies night out, his wife's friend told her husband of John's wife's escapades.

The guy's wife was apparently pretty impressed with what Ashley did, telling her husband she wished she had followed her advice. Based upon what the guy told John, they must have talked for some time and in great detail. It was only then that John realized the position he was in.

Now, pitiful as it seemed, John watched his computer screen waiting to watch his wife fuck another man. It had been months since she had let him touch her, but at least this way he could see her. He wandered into the kitchen, grabbed a beer, opened it and took a long sip.

Sitting back down in front of the computer he noticed some movement in the room and realized he was looking at Harry as he pulled off his clothes. He couldn't see Ashley, but apparently she was just off to the side. Sure enough, John watched as Harry stood up straight, his cock already hard, as Ashley moved into view. She was completely naked, her large breasts bounced slightly as she moved over to Harry and kneeled.

John felt his own cock harden a bit as his wife reached out, gently stroked Harry's cock and then leaned forward and took it into her mouth. Remembering how he enjoyed watching Ashley suck his own cock, John could almost feel what Harry was experiencing. John watched as he began thrusting his hips forward, sliding his cock deeper into Ashley's mouth.

After just a few moments, Harry reached down and took Ashley's arms, guiding her up onto the bed. She leaned back and opened her legs as Harry knelt on the floor and buried his head into her pussy. John watched, wishing he could get sound with the video, all he could do was imagine the slurping sounds he would have heard. Ashley would get so wet when John went down on her, all he could do was imagine her juices covering his face.

John's wife ran her hands through Harry's hair and began lifting her hips, pushing herself onto his face. John knew her moves, he could almost hear her moan as she got closer and closer to coming. Yes, yes, he watched her arch her back and lift her ass off the bed and he knew she was coming. Only when Ashley finally relaxed and collapsed back onto the bed did John realize he was getting close to coming.

Moving his hand away from his cock he concentrated on the computer screen as Harry climbed up on the bed and moved his knees up between Ashley's legs. He could see the man's ass muscles flex as he leaned forward and slipped his cock into the woman's wet pussy. Once again John wished he could heard the sounds as their bodies slapped together and he imagined the warm wet feel of his wife on his cock. It had been so long.

Apparently it had been a while for Harry too, because after a very brief time he began thrusting with an obvious urgency. John could see his wife's breasts bounce each time Harry slammed his cock into her and when he suddenly arched his back and shoved his cock deep into Ashley, John knew his friend was injecting his jism right where he wanted it. John's cock was still hard as he watched Harry collapse onto Ashley, his cock slowly dripping the last droplets of his cum inside the woman.

With a few clicks on his computer, John saved the spectacle he just watched, shut his computer down and got ready for bed. By the time his wife got home John had been in bed for a few hours and he simply pretended he was asleep as she took a shower and then climbed into bed next to him. John didn't sleep the rest of the night, he just played the images of Harry arching his back and spurting his cum into his wife's pussy.

The next morning John got up before the alarm went off and headed into work without saying a word to his wife. He did talk to her for a few minutes around lunch time when he called to make sure she would be home that afternoon. Just after lunch he left work to run an "errand."

About thirty minutes later he pulled up into his driveway, walked over to his front door, quietly unlocked it and then stepped inside. His wife was in the kitchen unpacking some new dishes and loading them into the dishwasher.

"Hey Babe," he said, enjoying the way she jumped.

"John, you startled me!"

"Yeah, I wanted to surprise you," he said.

She gave him a look and began to move closer to him saying, "And what have you come to surprise me with."

"Well, I had to run an errand and was in the neighborhood. I left a book at home this morning so I thought I'd come pick it up."

"Oh, is that why you come home," she replied sexily.

They both heard the sound of a man clearing his throat. "Oh yeah, Ashley, I'd like you to meet Harry."

John savored the look of abject fear in his wife's face as she gasped and then, catching herself, said, "Well hello Harry, pleased to meet you." She reached out a hand to him.

Playing along, Harry reached out and shook Ashley's hand, saying, "Yes, pleased to meet you too."

"I'm dropping Harry off at the clinic and then I'll probably just come back. See you in a bit," John said as he turned and lead Harry back out to his car.

He returned to the house about an hour later. Ashley was in the kitchen moving her new dishes from the dishwasher into her cabinets. As John moved from the front door to the kitchen he called out, "I'm back Ashley."

"I'm in the kitchen," she called back.

John walked into the kitchen, slipped past his wife, grabbed a beer and sat down. He opened his beer and took a long sip, waiting, waiting, waiting for Ashley to say something.

"Harry seemed like a nice guy," Ashley finally said, holding a stack of plates in her hand, "How do you know him?

"Like I said, I know him from work."

"Are you friends or something?"

"Or something."

"Or something, what does that mean?"

"Well, we are friendly enough, it's just that I don't run in the same group as he does. Hear tell he is pretty wild."

"But he's married, I mean I saw a wedding band."

"Oh that," John replied, feeling butterflies in his stomach. "Word is he just wears that to throw the women off guard. Of course, word is he also tries to throw the men off guard."

"What are you saying?"

"Well he's apparently been a bit too active, if you know what I mean," John said, wondering what cows might look like as they are led to slaughter.

"Too active?"

"I took him to the clinic."


"Yeah, it's all over work. He's positive."


"Don't you get it? HIV positive, like in AIDS," John replied, watching as the stack of plates slipped from his wife's hands and smashed on the floor.

"He's HIV..."

"Positive," John finished her sentence as she fell to the floor. He took another sip of his beer wondering if what he felt inside helped make up for all the pain he'd felt over the last few months. He couldn't be sure, he just couldn't be sure.

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by Anonymous07/13/17


And yes, I would love to hear about Ashleys' slow degenerating death from the disease. To hear if she thought the fun of humiliating her husband was worth the slow agonizing death she got to experience.more...

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