tagGay MaleTake A Walk With Me: The Beginning Ch. 02

Take A Walk With Me: The Beginning Ch. 02


I was processing a recent event that had the potential to change my life. I could drive me nuts with guilt and shame or really expand me.

I had spent an afternoon with a woman fuck buddy sucking cock at a nude beach in a wooded area. I had given in to an old fantasy that I hadn't known how to process. Unconsciously I had pushed it by hooking up with a friend who lived to suck cock and put us in a place where I had heard that guys went for sex. Gay sex, sucking cock and being sucked by other guys and sometimes fucking.

We had sucked not one but a bunch of guys off acting like real sluts. I had sucked off several guys in front of many witnesses. Witnesses that were participants too but still witnesses.

As we left, I drove in silence lost in my thoughts. Carol didn't even try to reach me. As we were pulling out of the beach parking area she just reached over to squeeze my cock through my shorts and said: "You are still the same hot guy I love to suck and fuck with. You will find that this is just sex and a natural progression of your sexuality. Just call me later. You are fine."

I was still quiet when I dropped her off at her place. I kissed her expecting a quick peck but she held my face and tongue fucked my mouth. I could taste cum and was thinking she could taste it in my mouth.

So, I spent a few days obsessing about being a cock sucker. Was I gay, because, no lie, I really liked it and when I thought about it wanted to do it again? I was back to jerking off to bi and gay porn and having great orgasms when I just let go of all the guilt. Fuck it, I still fantasized about eating a wet juicy pussy. It may be full of someone else's cum but it was still pussy.

Fuck it, I am a bisexual man. I probably won't be open about it but was going to explore it without guilt.

Around this time Carol had sent me an email with all the contact info from our adventure. I scanned it excitedly looking for Bret or Treys phone number or email. She had both! During my struggle with my new sexuality one of the reoccurring fantasies was getting fucked. After the first time I fucked a woman in the ass I was hooked on it. Licking and sucking an anus was hot for me and the few times a woman did it to me I loved it and came easily. Now I find myself jerking off frequently thinking of a cock in my ass. It is always Treys or Bret's cock I fantasize about. Trey seemed kind of big for a first time but as I remember Bret's cock it is a little smaller and may be easier for me to take. I immediately start thinking about sucking him off and later letting him fuck me. I consider a threesome with Carol but also think about just a man to man. I am at work so don't want to use the company computer to ask a guy if he wants to fuck me!

The next few hours are torture until I can get home to my computer to drop him a note. I feel like a giddy little virgin. In hate it, I love it, but I really want it.

I finally got to home and quickly made a cocktail and as I stripped booted up my computer. I quickly typed in Bret's address and sent him a quick email:

Hey, remember me, we met last Sunday at the beach?

I would like to talk to you.


He must have been at his computer as he replied quickly with:

Yeah, that was a lot of fun. You suck like a champ; sorry we couldn't have done more!

It is easy to be bold and brazen at a terminal and I was excited as I said:

Yeah, I would like to do that again, what more would you be looking for?

He came back with: I bet you would like to get fucked by my hard, hot cock wouldn't you!

I typed back: Yeah I have thought about that lately, a lot even. But for now I would really like another 69. Would u b up for just that?

He replied; Yeah, that would be fun, I am at the University, how far away are you?

I type: Less than 15 mins. Give me time for a shower and I'll be right there.

He types back: Come now, we can shower here. Want me to wash u all over?

I type back: What house r u at, I'm on the way!

He tells me and I am nervous as hell during the drive but waste no time getting there. I have been thinking of this for days but now am closed to backing out.

I get myself to the parking lot adjacent to the Frat house and nervously walk up to the door. My knock is answered quickly making me think I am expected.

A young guy I don't remember from last weekend opens the door and smiling says: "Hi can I help you?"

I reply that Bret is expecting me and he ushers me in and says: "Top of the stairs, the blue door."

Still trembling with fear and excitement I slowly climb the stairs. As I reach the top I see half a dozen doors all different colors. Finding the only blue one near the end I knock and hear a voice say: "Be right there."

The door opens and Bret stands there, naked and all of my fears turn to lust.

He opens the door wide and waves me in saying: "I am glad to see you again, I have been thinking about last week a lot. A real lot!"

As he says this last part he takes his fine uncut cock into his hand and slowly strokes himself.

Forgetting all of my fears now I am hot for this and push his hand from his cock and stroke it myself. Soft it fills my hand but I feel him hardening quickly. As he takes my head into one hand and kisses me wetly, his tongue searches my mouth softly. Softer than I expect a man's kiss to be. His other hand is on my cock, squeezing it through my slacks.

I kiss him back and use my free hand to caress his balls. His sack is so soft and smooth I can't believe it is part of another man. We stand like this until he says: "do you still want that shower or do you want to do this right here and now?"

"Both!" I smile and then say but I would be more comfortable knowing I was fresh for you."

I look around and see only a half bath, toilet and sink and ask: "Where is the shower?"

He tells me that it is a communal down the hall and there could be others using it too, but there is a separate space for guys that aren't into sharing.

He helps me undress and in our excitement has a hard time getting my jeans around my now extremely hard cock. Both naked now we kiss again and are running our hands all over each other.

Taking my hand he says: "Come or we will never get out of here."

He leads me to the end of the hall to the showers. There is a section with three shower heads open to each other and another single opposite it.

There is another hot looking guy at the center shower head washing his ass. It seems to be as much a massage as cleansing. He is facing away from us and moves one hand to the wall as he fingers his anus with the other. I can see his impressive cock hanging semi hard in front of him and he is as well hung as Bret is.

He hasn't heard us enter and seeing me stop and enjoy the view Bret asks: "Do you want to join him, it would be OK with me."

Embarrassed I turn to face Bret and our hard cocks rub across each other. I wonder why I am embarrassed. I am only standing naked with a guy I sucked off only days ago, in a Fraternity house I have never been in before looking at yet another naked stranger finger fuck his ass.

"God bless America, right?" Bret says to me.

"No shit, I thought I had done a lot of crazy shit but this is all something else. College wasn't anything like this when I was in school!"

I turn to the single shower head and as Bret turns on the water I can't resist running my hand over his ass cheeks. His butt is as round and tight as any woman I have ever touched but there seems to be a strength behind that is different.

When the water is a comfortable Bret leads me under the spray. He reaches for a bottle of soft soap and fills his hand with it. Spreading the soap between his hands he spreads it over my chest.

"Just relax and let me do this for you." He says as he spreads more over and under my arms. He continues down my stomach and as he gets to my pubes asks: "Ever think of shaving this?"

He gives my cock shaft a quick stroke and continues to my balls where he pushes my legs apart so he can hold then and work them over.

"I never thought about manscaping but you guys look so hot I could get into it. Do you want to do the honors?"

"I was hoping to, relax we all do each other and I can do this for us."

He steps out to a shelf on the wall and brings a plastic tray with what he needs. Using scissors he quickly trims me down to stubble and then spreads some shaving cream on me. His movements are quick and smooth.

"Turn around, we want everything don't we?" he tells me.

As I turn to the wall he says: "You have to hold your cheeks open so I can get everything."

Placing my forehead to the wall for support I arch my back and stick out my ass and spread my ass cheeks. I feel like a slut from a porn flick. I have been hot for anal for years but haven't found many women to help me explore it and now here I am with my ass stuck out dying for him to stick his tongue in it!

Bret is on a mission and if he notices my anal offering he chooses to ignore it. He has me raise one leg at a time and rests it on his shoulder as he gets my taint and around my asshole and balls.

As he finishes he keeps he turned to the wall and does my back down to my ass. Giving my cheeks a quick pass he does each of my legs. As he stands he takes more soap into his hand and works over my butt.

Finally! I have been dreaming of this for years and he knows just what I have been yearning for. As he works the soap between my cheeks and around my anus he whispers in my ear: "Didn't think I saw you offering me your ass did you? Anal sluts notice that about each other."

He now is running a finger around my ass hole dipping first the tip then more into it. Before I know it he has a finger fully up my ass and has his free hand stroking my cock.

"You like this don't you slut? I bet you would love to feel my hard cock open your little ass hole up wouldn't you? Tell me what you want. If you are afraid to say it I won't do it, but if you can tell me what you want I will do anything because I'm a slut too."

He turns me around with the hand he had in my ass but still strokes my cock.

I look up to see the guy across from us is now watching and wonder how long he has been looking. It makes me hot to know he might have seen me acting like a wanton slut. He is still fingering his ass and his cock is very hard now and sticking straight up as he strokes it. He smiles and winks at me. His cock is also cleanly shaved and cut, about the same size as Bret's.

Bret notices us making eye contact and says to me: "You like being watched, don't you? Do you want Aaron to join us? You better tell me what you want, say it, it will make you feel so good to say aloud what you have been thinking for so long."

I wonder how someone in his early twenties can be so perceptive. Feeling brazen I look at Aaron but tell Bret: "I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum. I want you to do the same to me. I want you to make love to my ass. I want you to lick, kiss suck and finally fuck my ass. I will do whatever you want. I will be glad to do these things with Aaron but want to be alone with you for the first time."

"The first time for what?" He presses.

"The first time I get fucked. I want it so bad but am afraid and am not ready to share this with everyone yet." I tell him honestly.

"Yet? So you want to do all this with more than just me?" He asks.

"Yes, I am a slut and want to fuck, suck and be fucked like one, but I need to do this slowly." I confess.

He turns to Aaron as he shuts the water off and says: "Next time sport." And covering my shoulders with a big soft shower leads me back to his room.

As we are walking down the hall the young guy that opened the door is coming up the stairs and looks at the scene we are making. I feel like this is a walk of shame before the event! This excites me too. Knowing what I am about to do and have done to me and knowing that everyone we see knows makes me so much hotter. I just don't care. I relish it. My cock is so hard it hurts as it bobs all around as we walk.

We get to Bret's door and he opens it and leads me inside. I shouldn't say leads me as I eagerly enter into this sex pit. I quickly look around and see the first time the décor. It looks like a clearing in a jungle. He has bamboo on the walls and large leafed plants everywhere. The focus of attention is the big king size bed in the center of the room.

Preventing any further examination of the room he pulls me to the center of the bed. I am like a dog that has been penned up all his life and finally is let loose. I want all of my fantasies and I want them now!

I roll to him and running my hands over him kiss him wetly, exploring his mouth with my tongue. He is momentarily surprise by my change of attitude from submissive to very active. He quickly gets into it as we are feeling and touching each other as he returns my kiss. We are fucking each other's face now with our own.

After a while of this hotness he breaks our kiss and says: "Wow, you are really into this aren't you? You seemed so uncertain when you got here and now I know you want this as much as I do. What got into you?"

I chuckle and say: "Your finger! I was still a little freaked by everything and when we found Aaron in the showers it didn't help. But after you shaved me and I saw that he was watching me act like a slut it kind of released me. Telling you what I wanted was the best thing to do and having him hear me asked to be fucked, fucked in the ass, well that was the last barrier. I expect I will still be a little hung up about all of this but I really like it. Last week end was the first time I sucked a cock and I sucked quite a few, but it was like a dream. I was just walking through it without thinking about how it would end or what would happen after. I have had a few days to reflect on everything and only feel aroused."

"Well, I am glad to be of service. I hope we can explore this new found freedom of yours without any hang-ups. It will be fun and want you to feel comfortable enough to say or ask for anything. You should also know if you are uncomfortable with anything you should let me know as I always do the same and respect lover's limits."

I was thinking that Carols' and my cock sucking-athon was a good way to get over the first time but something like this would be good for a more complete exploration of my desires and had to ask Bret: "Is that what we are, lovers?"

"Yes, and you should know this house is a lot like Las Vegas, what happens here stays here. All of the guys are bi to some degree and we are all aware of our privacy. My lovers, men or women's secrets are safe with me."

Breathing a noticeable sigh of relief I say to him: "Good and now that your great cock isn't rock hard I want to feel it get hard in my mouth. Lay back while I suck you off."

He silently does just that. Propping himself up on pillows he spreads his legs wide so I can settle in between them. But I stop him and say: "Wait can I try something?"

"Of course, what do you want to try?" He asks sitting up.

I spread out across his bed with my head hanging over the edge. Before I can tell him what I want he has gotten out of bed and is stepping up to hang his cock over my face.

"Put your cock in my mouth, fuck my face!" I moan to him.

He does just that and as his cock head touches my lips I open them and welcome his crown into my mouth, sucking on it as I lick his foreskin. I spit him out and ask him to fuck my mouth, but to let me take it slowly.

He is eager to do this and as he works his shaft in and out of my mouth I suck it and run my tongue over it as he feeds me. Seeing a guy with his semi hard cock hanging down into anyone's mouth is near the top of my spank bank of images and I jerk off to them often.

I reach up to take his tight ass cheeks into my hands caressing them and running my fingers up and down his ass crack. He is fucking my mouth slowly and smoothly as it hardens. He quickly gets to a size that I cannot take him fully into my mouth without choking. He pulls out and moves a little forward so that his ball sack is over my mouth and I take each one into my mouth to suck and roll them around. I am running a couple of fingers around his anus and he is relaxed enough to let them slip in to the second knuckle.

I drop the ball I am sucking and say: "Turn around."

He turns around and pushes his ass onto my face. I reach up and spread his ass cheeks and wetly kiss him on the anus. I use a lot of spit and tongue and it feels like I am sticking as much of my tongue into him as I can. I eat him like a starving man.

He is moaning now and I can feel his legs shaking.

"Oh, fuck that feels good. I bet you could make me cum from just this." He is saying.

This wasn't what I had planned when I was fantasizing about us but it was getting pretty wild so I tell him: "Do it, if you want to cum like this let me do it for you. Something tells me you won't have any trouble getting hard again soon."

"Yeah but what about you?" He asks.

"Just shut up and let me make you cum. Stroke yourself into your hand so I can suck it up later." I say as I pull him back onto my tongue. I go back to tongue fucking his tight little ass hole. I hope he will do the same to me so do not hold back and eat him like I want to have done to me. His balls are resting on my forehead and I can feel some of his shaft as he strokes it.

I am running my hands around his cheeks and legs as I feel him speed up his stroking. Knowing I am doing the actions I so love, but don't always find someone relax enough to fully enjoy it, excites me. I enjoy giving pleasure and am close to cumming without having any stimulation of my cock.

Knowing how close he is I grab his hips and pull him even tighter onto my tongue. I am working as much of it into him as I can when his legs stiffen and he stands on his tip toes and says: "Oh, fuck, fuck, and fuck. Oh fuck this feels so good. Eat me fucker, eat my ass hole good."

I would not let him pull away from my tongue and continue eating his ass, slower as he stops stroking but still holding him on my tongue. When his legs give one more sharp quiver he pulls off my face and falls face first onto the bed. He has his cum filled hand laying between us and I lean over and cover his cum and suck it up. This brings another moan from him as I lick his palm clean. I reach between his legs to hold his nuts and say: "Who is the slut now mother fucker?"

He rolls to his side which pulls his nut sack from my grip and says: "I thought you were going to make me cum again and look my cock is soft. I have never cum like that before."

"You have never cum with a soft cock?" I ask.

"No, but I meant like you just made me by eating my ass." He confesses.

"So you haven't ever done too much coke have you?" I ask resting my head on my hand looking at him spread out if front of me. His cock is surely shrunken up but shiny covered with his cum.

He shakes his head no and I go on to tell him: "Well don't start, but in my ill spent youth I did a lot and one of the reasons I quit was coke cock. That's where you are so horney but can't get hard. If you are with a determined lover she will suck you anyway and if you cum it is something else."

I go on to ask him: "So if I had continued to pleasure you after you got off my face you could have cum again with a softie?"

"I might have, but didn't want to leave you behind." He tells me.

"Let's talk about this, I have a feeling we may have something that is more than a one night stand, right?" He nods yes and I go on to say: "Well I don't know about you but I am not looking for a partner right now. I have some exploring to do, but get the feeling that we might be friends and fuck buddies, correct."

He says yes as I continue: "Well if we are going to do this again, and I want to, how about we don't worry about little shit. I will suck you and maybe fuck you and maybe even more until you can't or don't want to cum anymore. We shouldn't miss something that might not happen again worrying about reciprocating, OK?"

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