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Take It for the Team


"That was a wonderful dinner, Babe," Bryan said as he pushed his chair back from the table. "Why don't you to take your bottle of wine and go relax in the front room? I'll clean up." He started gathering dishes from the table.

"You don't need to do that, Babe," Sandy replied. "I can get to it later."

"I'm sure you and Bethany have things that you want to catch up on," he responded. "It will only take me a few minutes and it won't ruin my manliness."

Bethany laughed. She had been eager to laugh at everything remotely funny that Bryan said. Bryan was enjoying the attention and continued to try to put forth his best stuff to make her laugh. She was even more flirtatious after her and Sandy had started the second bottle of wine. "I doubt there is anything that would hurt your manliness," Bethany said.

"You two get out of here," he said. He poured the last of the second bottle into their wine glasses and set it alongside the first on the counter.

"I still have my uniforms," Sandy said. She stood and took up her glass of wine.

"I'll bet you can still fit into them too," Bethany said. "You're still looking good, San."

"I doubt it," Sandy replied. "I'm nearly the size of a cow. But you are still as gorgeous as you were in college." The two of them started down the hall with their wine glasses in hand. Sandy opened the door to the guest room and went to the closet. She reached in and pulled out one of the uniforms covered in clear plastic. She held it up in front of her.

"Oh my god!" Bethany exclaimed. "I always loved that one."

"Me too!" Sandy replied. "We looked good in this one. We were the hottest little things, weren't we?" She laughed and Bethany joined her.

"Girl, you better believe it," Bethany said. "I still think that will fit you. Try it on."

"No. It would be so embarrassing if it didn't fit," Sandy replied.

"It will fit," Bethany assured her.

"Only if you try one on," Sandy said.

"Nothing you got is going to fit this old moose," Bethany objected.

"You're smaller than me," Sandy replied. "I'll bet you're the size I was in college." She pulled out three more uniforms and held them up. They giggled as they admired each one. Sandy picked out one of the three and handed it to Bethany.

"I'm telling you, this isn't going to fit," Bethany objected.

"Well, if you're going to make me try one on, then you'll have to try one on too," Sandy reasoned. She started giggling. "Let's put them on and go do a routine for Bryan."

"That would be hilarious," Bethany agreed. "Oh my god, I hope I can fit into this thing."

"You change and I'll meet you right back here and we'll get something ready for Bryan," Sandy directed. She took the first uniform and slipped across the hall to the bathroom and changed into the uniform. The bright red skirt with white trim and the red top that stopped just a few inches below her breasts did fit, though it was a little more snug over her breasts. It was good to know that the only place she'd gained was in her breasts. She looked down the hall toward the kitchen as she came out of the bathroom. Bryan was still in the kitchen. She slipped silently across the hall and into the guest room. She pushed the door closed behind her and looked at Bethany. Bethany was wearing a similar uniform, but white with red trim. It popped with bright contrast against her dark, chocolate skin. Bethany had long, trim legs that formed a tight, round butt at the top. The skirt only accentuated the roundness. Her abs were tight, smooth and flat and she had moderate breasts, but the top made them stand out and shaped them perfectly. Her hair was shoulder length and straight and it framed a round face with large, dark eyes and thick lashes. Her lips were full and bright red. Her nose was round and cute. She stood in front of the full length mirror on the closet door and adjusted the uniform.

"Girl, you look hot," Sandy giggled.

"You're looking pretty good yourself," Bethany replied. Sandy was almost a polar opposite in skin color. Her skin was creamy, white and the red popped in contrast to her skin tone as well. She was a little bit shorter, but had trim legs as well. Her butt wasn't as round and pronounced, but it still had a cute little tuck. Her waist was also tight, smooth and flat and her breasts moderate in size. Sandy had bright, red hair that reached to her ass and framed a round face with a moderate sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her blue eyes were piercingly intense when she looked at you. Her nose was a cute little button and her mouth had thin, pink lips. Bethany turned and started checking her out.

"I think the only place it is a little bit snug is in my boobs," she said.

"If you're going to get bigger, that's the place to get bigger," Bethany giggled. "I didn't put on the bloomers," she confessed.

"Me neither," Sandy said. "We'll give Bryan a little thrill. So what do you have on underneath?"

"Just this," Bethany answered. She bent over and raised the back of her skirt. The hot pink, lace strap of a thong split her two, round, smooth cheeks and a little pink triangle peeped out from between her legs.

"Oh my god, I have on the same one," Sandy giggled, turned around and flipped up her skirt. They both laughed and stood in front of the mirror looking at themselves.

"We haven't changed much," Bethany said.

"It's only been about six years," Sandy answered. "We'll see if we can do this in 20 years. Now we need the shoes. Come on." Sandy took Bethany's hand and led her out into the hall. They looked toward the kitchen where they could hear Bryan still cleaning up. They moved quietly down the hall to the master bedroom. They opened the door and went through the bathroom to the large closet with the small dressing suite that had mirrors all around. Sandy's shoes were displayed along one wall.

"Damn, you have some nice shoes, Girl," Bethany exclaimed. "Your man must be doing alright."

"I buy my own shoes," she said and pushed her lip out in a fake pout. "We use his money for everything else," she laughed. "Let's go with the boots. You take the white ones and I'll take the red ones." They each sat on the little dressing bench and pulled on their boots. The boots reached to the knee and had wide, three inch heels. They stood back and admired their look in the mirrors.

"I always loved it when you would wear that red choker with that outfit," Bethany said.

"I have it right here," Sandy answered. She opened a drawer in the jewelry chest and pulled it out. It was made of red velvet.

"Let me do it," Bethany said, taking the choker and stepping up behind her. Sandy pulled her hair to one side and tilted her neck so that Bethany could put the choker on her. Bethany slipped it around her neck. There was a charge of electricity that went through her as she touched Sandy's soft, white skin. When she had attached the choker she kissed her softly on the neck while looking into the mirror. Their eyes locked onto each other in the mirror. Bethany kissed her softly again behind her ear, watching for a reaction from Sandy. "Do you remember what we used to do?" Bethany whispered.

"Yes," Sandy answered softly. "It's been a long time."

"But you still taste like a sweet strawberry," Bethany purred as she continued to kiss her neck. Sandy started caressing her breasts seductively watching Bethany kiss her neck. She let out a soft sigh.

"I love your full, wet lips on my skin," Sandy whispered. "They make me tingle all over." Bethany began rocking her hips into Sandy's ass. She reached around and grabbed the front of her thighs and pulled Sandy into her. Sandy gasped and then groaned softly. One of Bethany's fingers moved around to softly caress Sandy's pussy through the lace of her thong. "Oh my god, your touch is delicious. I want you to lick my pussy like you used to." She sat down on the dressing bench, spread her legs and pulled back the pink lace to reveal her wet pussy. The lips were a soft pink color and swollen so that they begged to be kissed and licked. Bethany was on her hands and knees in front of her instantly. Sandy held the pink panel out of the way with one hand and opened up her pussy with the other. Bethany put her tongue in the opening and began licking her softly. "Oh my god," Sandy moaned. She gasped at the feel of Bethany's tongue on her. Bethany made long slow strokes covering the entire length of her slit, pausing for a moment when she reached the clit to give it some extra attention. She started flicking her tongue across her clit and Sandy closed her eyes and let the feeling of the warm expert tongue tingle throughout her body.

Bryan had finished cleaning the kitchen. He had heard the girls giggling down the hall and came to the master bedroom to see what they were up to. As he started through the door between the bedroom and bathroom he heard Sandy's deep guttural moan. He knew that sound, stopped and peeped around the corner. Inside the dressing suite he saw Bethany on her hands and knees in a cheerleader skirt. Underneath he could see her dark, chocolate thighs and the roundness of her cheeks. He could see a hot pink triangle of lace between her legs that was very inviting. Sandy's head was back against the wall and her eyes were closed. Her face was rapturous from Bethany's tongue licking her pussy. Bryan was instantly hard watching this scene play out before him. He slipped his jeans down and pulled out his cock. He started stroking it slowly as he watched them. Sandy let out a long, deep moan followed by several, quick gasps as she announced that she was cumming. When she had finished writhing in ecstasy she opened her eyes. Bryan slipped back around the door frame. He wasn't sure if she had seen him or not.

"My turn," Bethany whispered. The two traded places and Sandy went down on her hands and knees in front of Bethany. She had caught a quick glimpse of Bryan in the doorway stroking his cock. He'd pulled back and hidden behind the door frame, but she had caught him. When she was in position between Bethany's legs she flipped the back of skirt up over her ass. She lowered her mouth to the hot, wet slit that Bethany was holding open for her. The contrast of the dark, chocolate skin and the even darker lips against the hot pink inside her opening had always driven Sandy crazy. It was incredibly warm and wet inside as Sandy lowered her tongue into the opening and began to lick her. As she did so, Bethany let out a long, low moan. "Oh shit yeah, just like that," she groaned. She caught a brief glimpse of Bryan's head peeping around the corner of the door frame and then ducking back again. It turned her on thinking that the husband of the woman licking her pussy was watching them. She closed her eyes and put her head back against the wall as Sandy's mouth found her clit and started sucking on it.

Bryan peeped around the corner with greater caution this time. He was almost certain he had been caught, but neither had made any sort of response. When he looked this time he saw that Bethany's eyes were closed. He stepped out a little more boldly to watch them stroking his cock. His wife's creamy ass was in the air with the hot pink thong that matched Bethany's inviting him as well. He watched his wife's had moving up and down between Bethany's dark, chocolate thighs. The contrasting colors of creamy white, dark chocolate, red and pink all blending together in a seductive dance to the melody of low, soft moans and gasps was making him rock hard. He happened to glance at the mirrors in the dressing suite and caught Sandy's bright, blue eyes watching him stroke his cock while she flicked her tongue across Bethany's clit. There was no denying that he had been caught watching. Sandy extended a finger and beckoned him forward then she used the same finger to pull aside the pink lace between her legs. Bryan did not hesitate any longer. He moved into the room sliding out of his jeans and leaving them behind. He moved up behind Sandy, went to his knees and slowly moved his cock up and down between her full, wet pussy lips. Bethany heard him enter the room and looked up at him and smiled, watching him position himself behind Sandy's creamy, white ass. He pushed his cock slowly into his wife's warm, moist pussy. She moaned with pleasure as she felt him slide into her.

"Oh yes, fuck her," Bethany whispered. She moved her fingers from her pussy and leaned forward so that she could undo the zipper of the white top. She pulled it off of her shoulders and her dark, chocolate breasts with the even darker nipples fell free. She began caressing them and pinching the nipples while she held eye contact with Bryan. "Oh god, yes, you lick my pussy so good," she moaned.

Bryan's excitement was increasing by the moment. He was watching his wife slurping away on the wet pussy of Bethany, while Bethany played with her nipples and he was watching his cock slide in and out of Sandy's wet pussy. Her creamy, white ass was pushing back into him more aggressively as she heard Bethany's moans from the pleasure she was giving with her tongue. Bryan's rhythm and the depth of his thrusts increased. His thrusts were causing Sandy's mouth to be rammed into Bethany's clit. Sandy was holding on tight with her arms wrapped around Bethany's thighs and while his thrusts pushed her tongue and mouth hard against Bethany's clit. Bethany was holding her breath and she had locked Sandy's head into her pussy with her hands. When she gasped for air she screamed. "Oh shit, I'm cumming, oh god, yes, yes, yes!" she screamed and let go of deep guttural moans in time with the waves of her orgasm.

"Oh my god, yes!" Sandy screamed. "I'm cumming too!" Bethany's orgasm caused a chain reaction. With her face buried deep in Bethany's pussy and Bryan's cock ramming her deep and hard her arousal shot through the roof and the result was the release of waves of hot pleasure radiating through her body beginning at Bryan's cock and rippling out to make her entire body tingle.

When the two finished their orgasms, Sandy pulled away from Bryan's cock and stood. "Follow me," she said. She led them into the bedroom, wiggled out of her hot pink, lace thong and laid back on the edge of the king sized bed, pulling Bethany down on top of her. The two of them were instantly locked in a deep passionate kiss. Bryan reached up, flipped Bethany's skirt up over her ass revealing her tight, dark chocolate booty. He pulled the thong down over her round ass and off of her legs. Bethany was grinding her mound into Sandy's while they kissed. Their pussies were touching at the clit as they rubbed each other. Bryan moved up the edge of the bed with his legs on either side of the two of them and slipped his cock down between Bethany's ass cheeks and across her wet, warm pussy. The head of his cock slipped all the way down to the hot, moist opening of Sandy's pussy. He stroked up and down holding his cock tight against the two of them feeling the warm wetness of them both on the length of his shaft and mixing their pussy juices together on his cock. It was just a tease for his cock and looking down at Bethany's tight, round ass made him want to sink his dick inside of her. He pushed the head between her dark lips and into the hot pink, wet hole. She was tight and she was very warm and wet inside. He made slow, long strokes wanting to feel every inch of Bethany's delicious, tight pussy on his cock. Bethany gasped as he entered her.

"Oh, Girl, your man has a delicious, big, thick cock," she moaned in Sandy's ear. "It feels so good inside of me."

"Fuck her, Baby, fuck that tight, round, chocolate ass," Sandy called out. "Oh my god, I can feel you thrusting down into her." Bryan's thrusts inside of Bethany were pushing their mounds together and they circled their hips in different directions on each other blending the thrusts with the rubbing of their clits together.

"Oh shit, that feels good," Bethany screamed. "Deep and hard, Baby, deep and hard!"

Bryan was thrusting deep and hard into her warm, wet sheath. His hips were slapping hard against her ass. Her moans blended with the moans of his wife drove him even harder into her. He was slamming her hard and fast. Suddenly Bethany pulled her ass forward off of him.

"Fuck your wife too!" she called out. Bryan pulled Sandy's ass up toward him and slipped his cock inside of her, driving deep inside of her sheath. Bethany's firm, round ass was pushing against his stomach as he thrust into his wife's pussy below her. It was the best of both worlds. His wife's pussy, hot and wet on his cock and another woman's tight round ass to look at while he fucked her. He thrust deep and hard into his wife several dozen times and then moved pulled out of her to push his cock back into Bethany. "Oh shit," she moaned.

"Fuck her, Baby, fuck her 'til she cums," Sandy cried out.

Bryan was thrusting into her hard and deep. Bethany let out a deep guttural moan that turned into a high pitched scream. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum," she screamed. Bryan felt a tightness building in his balls and he could feel his milk building up pressure as well.

"I'm going to cum too," he bellowed. He was thrusting deep inside of her, hitting her back wall with the head of his cock. His balls were slapping her clit and his hips were making a loud smack against her ass.

"Cum inside of her, Baby," Sandy called out. "Shoot that hot cream deep in her pussy. Come on, Baby, fuck her deep and fill her up!"

Bryan thrust deep and hard gritting his teeth and holding his breath in order to hold back the milk that was moving up through his shaft. Bethany was screaming and trembling as she let go of her orgasm. Her pussy tightened when she came and squeezed down on his cock. It was all that he could take and he released a long stream of cream deep inside of her moaning as he felt it rushing out the head of his cock into her hot, wet hole. His waves of milk shot out of his cock while the waves of Bethany's orgasm radiated through her body. Their moans blended together as they climaxed along with the voice of Sandy calling out encouragement as they released their juices. She quickly pulled Bethany forward toward her mouth and slipped beneath her pussy. A long stream of white, sticky cream was easing down out of Bethany's gaping hole and Sandy waited patiently as it slowly fell onto her tongue. Bryan watched as Bethany pushed his sticky load out of her pussy. It slowly oozed down over her clit and into the waiting mouth of his wife. At first it seemed like an eternity for that first long, slow drop to reach her tongue, but once the path was open it flowed down into her mouth. He watched her swallow his load and then lick the last drops from Bethany's pussy.

Bethany rolled off of Sandy and they slid up to the head of the bed to place their heads on the pillows. They invited Bryan to come lay between them. The two of them snuggled up against him and caressed his skin and reached across to caress each other.

"You have a nice, big cock, Bryan," Bethany said. "Girl, you're going to have to share this man with me."

"I just might," Sandy replied. "I got so turned on when he was fucking you. I really want to watch him next time."

"Next time?" Bryan asked. He had really liked having his cock inside Bethany's hot pussy.

"Boy, we're going to keep fucking you until you can't walk," Bethany said. She reached down and started pulling on his limp cock. Sandy was playing with his balls.

"Bethany is staying the weekend, Baby," she purred. "Think you can handle it?"

Bryan couldn't think of anything he'd rather do for an entire weekend. Two hot, wet pussies going at each other and with him in the middle. He decided that he could handle it as he felt his cock start to harden in Bethany's hand.

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