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Take It Like a Skater Boy


I can't believe that Avril Lavigne is at my mall! Her new CD "The Best Damn Thing" just came out and she's promoting it with this mall appearance. I heard about it on the radio about a week before it was going to happen. I'm so excited that I'm going to meet her. I've been a fan of hers for a long time. I have all her CDs and even some bootleg stuff of hers. All her music is great and I can never get tired of it. I think I listen to at least one of her songs everyday. Her music is infectious and intoxicating. I love throwing on one of her songs and masturbating to her. I would cum so hard when I did that. The combination of her voice and the posters I have of her. My ex-girlfriend used to dress up like her and lip synch to her songs. It was so much fun. I'd be her groupie and she'd stand on the bed while singing and pluck me out of the crowd. But we broke up over something else.

I stood in line at the record store for what seemed like an eternity. I was towards the back of the line. But it moved quickly. I saw her a few times while peering over the other people in line. She looked stunning and beautiful. I couldn't wait to finally meet her. She looked so cheerful and happy as she signed the autographs. Then I finally got up to her.

"Hi," she said as I handed her my CD.

"HI, I'm Josh," I said while extending my hand. She shakes it and smiles and goes back to signing the CD booklet and an 8X10 glossy photo of her.

Her hair is styled in a very immaculate way. It looks very much like the way she always has her hair. There are a few pink streaks in it, which make her look even more gorgeous. She has a Tiffany's necklace on. It has the letters and symbols of T & Co. but they're out of order and look like & Co T. She's wearing a tank top or wife beater it looks generic but it could be a very expensive one. She has on a pair of camouflage Capri pants, I think they're from the Gap. But I could be mistaken. Finally she has on a pair of blue and white striped skimmer shoes. I love the way her legs look in the pants and the shoes. I love girls who wear shoes like that. I notice that her fingernail paint is chipped. I don't know if it's worn out or if it was placed on there like that. I notice that she has a thumb ring. I imagine that hand jerking me off her thumb ring rubbing on my penis. Then it hits me, her wedding band is not there. Are her and Deryck Wibley separated? I hope so.

"There you go," she says handing me the photo and CD booklet.

"Thank you," I say taking the items, "could I get a picture with you?"

"Sure," she says standing up.

I take the picture with my digital camera. It looks cheesy but I like it. It looks like one of those lame myspace pictures. Speaking of which I think I will put it on myspace. It'll make all my friends jealous. She gives me a hug and I walk off. I go to the food court and grab a quick bite to eat.

After I have a slice of pizza I decide to go back to the record store and see if she's there. But she's not there. I see the staff picking up the tables. A few pictures of hers are left over. I notice that they have a large amount of Avril Lavingne CDs and DVDs. I already have and jerk off to them. I say screw it and decide to go home.

I leave the mall and walk to my car. I notice a Limo that is sort of following me. I start to get paranoid. It pulled alongside of me. I started to tense up. The window then began to come down. I stood there, locked in fear and curiosity. As the window finally came down I kept looking. No one was in the car, or at least I couldn't see who it was. I kept looking into the car.

"Boo," Avril Lavigne yells at me.

"Holy shit," I say as my voice cracks.

"Hey you," she says, "you seemed very excited to see me."

"I was," I reply.

"So you have anything going on," she asks.

"No," I reply, "I was about to go home."

"You should come with me," she offers.

"Definitely," I reply as she opens the door.

I get in the car. Avril makes room for me. She sits on the opposite of the car to me. She looks even more stunning than before. Even though she is wearing the same clothes as earlier. I want to touch her feet. Something about those shoes she had on were driving me insane. I wanted her.

"So," she says as the car begins to drive off, "what was your name?"

"Josh," I reply.

"Well you know me," she smiles.

"I know," I reply.

"So what do you want to do," she asks.

"What ever you want," I reply.

"Really," she smirks, "anything I want. Well I do have something in mind."

"Like what," I ask.

"You'll see," she laughs.

"Um," I stutter, "so do you mind if I ask where Deryck is?"

"Probably with his boyfriend," she laughs.

"What," I ask.

"His boyfriend," she says in a serious tone, "I have a lot to tell you I guess."

"I suppose," I laugh.

"He's been seeing Joel Madden from Good Charlotte," she smirks, "that's why Hillary Duff and myself were fighting with each other. She didn't know he was gay."

"So who else is uh, like that," I stutter.

"I was a little lesbian for a while," she laughs, "I taught Ashlee Simpson how to eat pussy, her and her sister are closer than you think."

"Really," I laugh.

"Oh yes," she says, "they're from Texas you know."

"That's funny," I reply, "so how long have Joel and Deryck been going out?"

"About a year," she replies, "they met at one of my concerts. I caught them in one of the hotel bathrooms. Let's just say it wasn't pretty."

"What happened," I ask in anticipation.

"Joel and my husband to be were re-enacting Brokeback Mountain."

"That's a trip," I smile.

"We got married not too long after that," she says, "you know to cover up the whole gay thing. We staged a trip to Italy or something and he proposed. It was a brilliant plan. He didn't want people to know he was that way."

"So it's just a marriage of convenience," I smirk.

"Yep," she says.

"So how's Paris," I ask.

"Hilton," she starts, "stupid, really stupid. She has no personality and she is a total liar and a fake. We met a few times, she doesn't like me."

"Anything else about her," I ask.

"She has a black boyfriend," she laughs, "she's kept it secret for a long time. She doesn't want anyone to know."

"I bet," I say, "how's Lindsey?"

"Like Paris said," she starts, "she's a fire crotch. I've had a piece of that before. She smells funky down there. But she is a fire crotch. She loves the way I eat pussy! She has a thing for black meat as well. Hollywood is not too keen on the whole interracial thing."

"Interesting," I say, "so why is Hollywood like that?"

"Don't know," she laughs, "I don't like the whole interracial thing, and I've been with one black guy."

She then gets up and walks over to me and hugs me and lies in my arms. She hugs me tightly and looks into my eyes and gives me a quick kiss. My dick gets really hard knowing that Avril is kissing me. She then begins to rub on my penis. She puts her mouth on my pants and breaths hard on my dick. She then gives me a quick lap dance as the car comes to its final stop. She takes out my penis and quickly jerks it off. She kisses it briefly. She puts it back just as quickly as she pulled it out.

"We're here," she says as the driver opens the door.

I notice that we're at the rear of the hotel. No one is around. The bellman takes us to the private elevator and we end up at the penthouse suite. Avril opens the door to the room. It's huge and there is a large bed in the center of the room. A few bottles of champagne are in ice buckets. She runs and jumps on the bed.

"Come on in the bed is fine," she says as I comply.

I jump on the bed and lie next to her. She gets on top of me and we begin to make out. Her tongue probes my mouth. I feel her lip-gloss peel off as we continue the furious make out session.

"Just like me and Deryck did," she says pulling away from me, "we had to fool everyone."

"I bet," I reply as she begins to kiss me, "are you hungry?"

"I had some pizza," I start, "But I'm still a little hungry."

"Cool," she says while getting off of me and picking up the room phone, "I'll get room service. I claim I'm a vegetarian, but I'm not. I love meat. All kinds of meat."

"All right," I say.

"I'd like the New York strip steak rare," she says before looking at me, "what do you want?"

"Um the same but medium rare," I reply.

"Let me get the same but medium rare," she says, "that's right two New York strip steaks one rare, one medium rare... steamed vegetables are good."

She finishes up on the phone and gets back on the bed with me and we begin to make out. We make out for almost thirty minutes before the food shows up. We sit down and begin to eat our dinner.

"So how's the steak," she asks.

"Good," I say.

"So do you ever masturbate to me," she asks.

"Of course," I reply, "I used to shoot my cum all over myself while I listened to your music and watched your videos or my poster of you."

"Ha," she smirks, "how was it?"

"Not as good as the role playing my girlfriend did," I reply.

"Oh," she says while dipping her steak into her sauce, "what did your little role-playing game entail."

"She'd stand on the bed," I reply, "she'd be lip synching to your music and point at me and pull me on stage and we'd fuck on the bed pretending like the concert was going on with all the people watching us. We'd have the most intense orgasms."

"Maybe I can make that a reality," she replies, "well not on stage but on the bed."

We finish the food and go back to the bed and begin to make out some more. We continue to make out for over an hour. That's all we do is make out. We fondle each other and grab at each other's crotch. We finish making out when there is a knock on the door.

"Oh it's here," she says I a giddy voice.

"What is," I ask.

"A surprise," she says getting off the bed.

The door opens and the bellman is at the door with a small briefcase.

"Miss Avril," he says, "your package as you requested."

"Thank you," she says as she gives him a large tip.

The bellman leaves and she puts the briefcase on the table. She then unlocks it.

"So what's in the case," I say getting off the bed.

"Stay there and get naked," she demands while she takes off her clothes.

I have not choice but to comply. I sit there and get naked on the couch. She follows suit but she keeps her nice skimmers on. Her body is flawless. I notice her tattoos and he perky little butt. Her breasts are perfect and small. I wonder if she'll ever get implants. I don't care.

"Here," she says throwing me a blindfold, "put it on."

"Yes," I say as I put on the blindfold.

I hear fumbling and a plastic package opening.

"What is that," I ask.

"Well if you must know," she starts, "what we're going to is called pegging it is a neologism for how should I say this, role reversal. Keep that blindfold on. It is not a dominant or submissive act nor does it mean someone is gay or not. But if you want me you'll submit to me. Did that make any sense? It probably didn't, I never graduated high school. Now take off the blindfold."

I comply and remove the blindfold. And there she is standing over me. She's wearing a black strap on corset harness with a purple dildo attached. My heart is racing and I begin to sweat. What next.

"So are you going to be the Deryck to my Joel," she laughs.

"I guess," I stutter.

"Either yes or no," she says in an angry tone.

"Yes," I say in a confident tone, "anything for you Avril."

"So you're going to take it like a Skater boy," she laughs.

She then reaches into the briefcase and pulls out a large bottle of lube. She pours a liberal amount onto her finger. She places a big dab on my anus. Then she slowly probes my anus with her finger. I've never done this before. I feel my anus trying to keep her finger out. I feel as if it's trying to expel something. I hope I don't shit. She then begins to move her finger at a much faster pace. The feeling is insane and indescribable. I feel her touch what must be my prostate. She then pulls out the other finger and lubes the other two. She then works a second one into my ass. It feels different. She then makes a come here motion with her two fingers. I feel my ass stretching. She then gets a third finger into my ass.

"Holy shit," I yell out.

"Shut up," she says.

"Sorry," I say in a calm voice while trying to hold back the pleasure.

"Don't worry," she laughs, "you can make as much noise as you want."

"Thanks," I grunt.

She probes my ass continuously she keeps going. It feels increasingly better. I can't believe I'm letting her do this.

"Hold your legs up," she demands.

"Yeah," I say grabbing my thighs and holding them up.

She then walks away and washes he hand off. She comes back with some flavored lube and puts a large glob of it on my anus.

"Good boy," she says as her mouth approaches my anus.

She then begins to lick at my asshole. I wonder what it tastes like. She seems to be very into it she continuously licks away at my anus. She was right she could lick pussy; I guess that she can lick assholes as well. I mean she turned out Ashlee Simpson and Lindsey Lohan. What a bunch of sluts. I don't want her to stop. I love getting my asshole licked. My ex-girlfriend never did this for my Avril fantasy. She probes my ass with her tongue. It feels so good. I hold back the cum, I can't believe that I haven't shot my load.

"Oh," she says pulling back from anus, "I gotta put a condom on you. Just in case you cum, I don't want your cum anywhere near me."

"Yeah," I grunt as she finds a condom in the drawer.

She places the condom on my cock with her mouth. She then begins to suck it.

"Why don't you like cum," I ask.

"It's nasty," she says, "only had good cum once."

She then sucks my condom-covered cock quickly before finally plunging her dildo into my ass.

"Oh," I grunt, "it feels so good."

"You like that," she laughs.

"Fuck yeah," I grunt.

Her dildo slowly goes in but soon, she picks up the pace and she begins to fuck me harder. She places my legs on her shoulders. She gingerly kisses me. But I want her to stick her tongue in my mouth. She gets her rhythm and pounds away at my ass. It feels unbelievable. I want to cum now. But I want to cum on her or myself. I don't want it to be contained within the condom. I want to see it fly out of my cock and onto one of her. I feel silly for not being able to see my own cum. She finally kisses me with her tongue. It tastes like flavored lube and not shit, like I thought.

"You gonna cum baby," she asks.

"Yeah," I grunt, "just keep fucking my ass."

She pounds away and gets the entire dildo to the hilt into my ass. I can't believe how it feels the burn and feeling. I want more of this!

"Here it comes," I yell out.

"Yes," she smiles while riding me hard.

"Fuck," I grunt.

I see the white liquid pour out of my cock. It spurts out in five quick pumps. It feels incredible. My penis goes limp after a few seconds. I feel spent after she removes her dildo from my ass.

"Now eat it," she demands.

"What," I exhale, "eat what?"

"Your cum," she says while helping take my condom off.

She's able to my cum in the condom. She then lifts it to my face and pours it in my mouth. At first I gag. But I'm able to keep it down. It takes me two times to swallow it.

"Wow," I say sitting up.

"You were great," she says while giving me a big hug, "I gotta go do my show tonight."

"Awesome," I say out of breath.

"Um," she starts, "there's some backstage passes in the dresser. You're welcome to go if you want. If you need take a shower go ahead. I'll wait for you."

"Definitely," I say.

I take a quick shower and I call my ex-girlfriend. She doesn't believe me and I put Avril on the line. We pick her up and we watch her show from the best seats in the arena. Avril doesn't pull me on stage. After the show we all get drunk at a very nice bar. My ex-girlfriend becomes my girlfriend again after the show. I'm so happy that we've become a couple again. We have our little Avril fantasy again.

About six months after we've been going out we go to the adult bookstore to buy a strap on. It was raining that night and this lady also bought the same one. She was kind of weird and bugged us a little. We then went to the DVD section and there it was. An Avril Lavigne DVD. It was entitled "Take it like a Skater Boy" my girlfriend almost freaks when she sees me on the cover.

"Um," she says in disbelief.

"Yeah," I laugh, "I took it like a skater boy."

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