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Take It Out


"Go ahead. Take it out," Marcus said as he rolled the ice cubes around in his rocks glass, smiling and nodding toward the bedroom door, behind which my wife was waiting. "She'll wait."

The handsome black man, who at 22 was less than half my age, was making me feel like I usually make other people feel while doing business with them. I was back on my heels, nervous and on the defensive, while young Marcus was confident - nearly arrogant - because he knew that he had a market for his product.

I wasn't used to this; sweating like a pig while trying to seem cool and calm, as if this sort of thing happened every day. It hadn't, at least not to us. This was new, and while it was exciting, it was also frightening.

You see, Marcus was about to go into the bedroom - our bedroom - where my wife of 23 years, Darcy was in there waiting for him. Darcy was scared too. We had been faithful to each other until a couple of weeks ago, when we had invited another woman into what had been a completely faithful relationship for a one-night fling.

That had been my idea, because I had long wanted to see my Darcy with another woman. Darcy had resisted, despite her telling me of times long ago back in college when she had an affair with her roommate, but after I persisted she gave in.

It was great. Poor Darcy. She was so worried about how she looked, and while at 47 she no longer had the tight and trim body she had in her youth, Darcy's full and firm body had certainly turned on the other woman, who might have been ten years Darcy's junior but was not nearly as attractive.

I got to watch, and even played around a bit. The other woman even gave me head, the first time another woman had touched my cock since before Darcy and I got engaged. Darcy said she liked watching the other woman suck my cock quite a bit, and hoped that I would enjoy watching her just as much when the tables were turned.

You see, that was part of the deal we had made when she agreed to fulfilling my fantasy. If I got my wish, she would get hers. I was so eager to see Darcy with a woman that I had agreed, and after Darcy told me what she wanted, I admit to being shocked.

"What difference does it make what color the guy is?" Darcy complained when I asked her why she specifically asked me to find her a black man to be with. "Besides, that seems to be the theme of a lot of the DVDs we watch.

Darcy had me there. Quite often, the DVDs we watched on Saturday nights had black guys with white women, and I was the one that picked them out. Seems that Darcy had been made curious by the thought, and decided that if she was going to do this, she might as well fulfill both of our fantasies.

"It's not MY fantasy!" I had protested, but maybe in the back of my mind, it was.

The difference in skin color intrigued me, and the thought of Darcy's pale white skin against a rich ebony-toned man did send a chill down my spine. The other stuff? Well, I didn't know how much of that was bull or not. Anyway it didn't matter.

"Where am I going to find a black guy?" I had said, figuring that it wasn't going to be anything I would be able to pull off. It wasn't like our social circle was all that diverse, and I wasn't about to pick some homeboy off of a street corner and bring him into my home.

Turns out, finding a black dude who wants to have sex with a white woman isn't much of a challenge. As a matter-of-fact, my pitiful half-hearted attempt had my e-mail account jammed up. It seems that there are a lot of guys out there who find the concept of fucking a plump 47 year old woman very appealing, and few were bothered by the thought of her 51 year old husband watching.

I was able to do the picking, not ever mentioning to Darcy that I had 21 guys to choose from. I settled on Marcus, because he seemed to be the most intelligent and well-mannered guy out there. His photo was of him clothed, whereas most of the others sent crude pictures of their stuff, most likely taken from Internet porn sites.

In our last e-mail exchange, I told Marcus that his civility had made him the one I chose, and liked the fact that he hadn't sent me anything graphic. He didn't work that way, he explained, and besides, Darcy and I would see all we wanted of him when we met.

"Did you tell him that I'm a fat old lady?" Darcy asked when I told her we were going to meet Marcus that next weekend.

"I told him exactly what you are," I said. You're a very pretty 47 year old woman who looks younger and is amply proportioned."

Darcy is a bit self-conscious about the fact that her 5'4" frame carries about 25 more pounds than it did when we first married, but most of the weight went to her boobs and butt, and while her waist is a bit thick, she had no belly to speak of.

"He said he likes full-figured woman anyway," I reminded Darcy, and while Darcy didn't quite fill that description, she wasn't the 34-24-36 college freshman I had fallen in love with these days.

More like a 40-28-42 figure, I would have guessed, but when I had described Darcy to Marcus, he seemed to like what he heard.

"I think we're going to have a good time," Marcus had promised.


"Darcy - she's really nervous," I explained to Marcus after Darcy had retreated to the bedroom to get ready. "She - we never did anything like this before."

"I can tell," Marcus said, his teeth sparkling like the gold chain he wore that his open necked silk shirt revealed.

Marcus was a pleasant fellow, although I assumed that this wasn't his usual personality. I suspected he was more rough around the edges but was acting like a white middle-aged couple would hope he acted in their home.

Marcus was black. As black as the color could be, and his 6'1" frame looked sleek and very well toned from what his attire revealed. His hair was very short and his fingernails looked immaculate. He was an handsome guy, and I don't know whether that was a factor in Darcy being a bundle of nerves or not.

"So, my man," Marcus said as we sipped scotch. "You aren't going to be one of those guys that sits in the peanut gallery and makes comments, are you?"

"No," I said. "I'm just going to - be there."

"That's good," Marcus said. "I like it when the dude just sits and jerks off while I do is wife."

"Oh, I'm not going to do that," I assured Marcus.

"Right," Marcus said. "Like I said, I don't care if you do, long as you don't get any of your sap on me. If you want, you can help your old lady in there. You know, if her jaws get tired or something."

"Me? No," I assured him.

"I don't know," Marcus said. "I can usually figure you dudes out really well. I suspect you've tasted a few dicks in your time."

"Me? No way."

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure," Marcus said with a devilish grin. "You sure? Never? Like back in the day?"

"Well," I said, shrugging. "Back when I was young..."

"Thought so," Marcus cackled. "That's alright, my man. I've nibbled on a few myself. No harm no foul."

I smiled and nodded, shrugging my shoulders as I thought back on my own college days, and of stories I had never shared with Darcy or anybody else.

"Go ahead. Take it out," Marcus had said as we finished our drinks in the den before going into the bedroom where my Darcy was probably trembling on the bed.

"What?" I said, having found myself staring at Marcus down below the waist, even though his baggy slacks revealed nothing.

"I said you can take it out," he repeated. "Darcy will wait. Since you're so generous in giving me your wife, you deserve to get the first look at what I'm going to give her."

"No, that's okay," I said.

"I insist," Marcus said, smiling but grabbing my hand. "Just between you and me. Man to man."

Marcus took my wrist and brought it over to his crotch.

"Just pull the zipper down, reach in and pull it out," Marcus instructed me, and I found myself doing what he said. "You know you want to see what I got."

I fumbled with the zipper, but after a few seconds I finally got it down and reached my hand inside the fly. There was nothing but Marcus underneath the trousers, and after my fingers brushed into some coarse hairs I lowered my hand further.

"Omigod," I muttured, and judging my the expression on his face, my shock at what my hand had found was uttered loud enough for him to here.

Heavy. Warm, very rubbery, and heavy. That was what I thought as I lifted the flaccid cock and pulled the gelatinous tube out of his slacks. His uncircumcised organ was huge, and he wasn't close to being erect.

"Think Darcy will like this?" Marcus cooed as he stood there with his cock hanging out of his pants.

"I - I don't know," I mumbled, unable to take me eyes off of the ebony hose even though I could feel Marcus staring at me.

"She's not used to getting anything like this, is she?" Marcus asked, and I knew that he wasn't referring to the pigmentation of his manhood.

"Uh - no. Not really. I'm - kinda average."

"Don't worry," Marcus said. "It don't get much bigger than this even when it gets hard. Go ahead. See what I mean?"

"No," I said, but Marcus had his hand on my shoulder and was bringing me down to my knees. "What if Darcy..."

"Don't worry. You know you want to."

His cock looked even bigger in front of my face. Only the tip of his glans - a lighter hue much like cranberry - was peeking out from under the foreskin of his cock, with the ominous ridge of the head fully visible under the tight shroud.

What are you doing? That was all I could think of as I stared at the huge organ inches away from me. You're a married man. Haven't done anything like this since college with my dorm-mate Ted Comstock. This wasn't Teddy though.

Darcy, I thought to myself. You've never been with an uncircumcised man. What will you think? I lifted the cock to my mouth, and for the first time since my late teens I took a man into my mouth.

"Ahh - that's it my man," Marcus sighed as his hand held the back of my head and guided me to him. "Take it."

As my lips went down as far as they could, I could already feeling Marcus become erect, and after only about a minute of sucking he was fully engorged.

"See, my man," Marcus said as he pulled my head about from his cock, which waved straight out in front of me. "I ain't no Lexington Steele or anything. Only about nine inches here."

The fact that I knew who Marcus was referring to was embarrassing enough, but knowing that it was my saliva making about half of his enormous cock shine was even worse. His comment about not being as well hung as some porn star seemed absurd, because my eyes and mouth could attest to Marcus being incredibly well endowed.

"That's enough, my man," Marcus said as I found myself leaning forward to try and finish the job I had started. "Got to save the rest for your wife."

I struggled to my feet as Marcus finished his scotch, and then we were forced to wait until Marcus lost his erection before we could go to Darcy.

Marcus followed me as we went down the hall to our bedroom. Inside, Darcy was sitting on the bed in her nightie, a frilly thing we had bought for the occasion, and she looked like an angel, albeit a terrified one.

"I love you honey," Darcy said to me, and I returned the words, although Marcus was already easing me aside, sentencing me to the corner chair in the shadows.

The bed. We had been planning to buy a new one anyway, so this would be the last time this one would be used. Tomorrow, a new bed would take the place of this one.

I assumed my position, helplessly watching as Marcus kissed Darcy on the forehead while whispering something to her. Darcy nodded and began unbuttoning his shirt.

Darcy was shaking too, giggling nervously as she fumbled. I wanted to tell her that it was okay - you should have seen me taking down that very same zipper out in the den - but I didn't.

Marcus was now naked above the waist, and while he didn't have an overly muscular build, there wasn't an ounce of fat on him. A scar on his shoulder and a couple of tattoos were the only marks on his ebony skin, and his abs were prominent as he stood there with his hands clasped behind his head, posing for her.

What did he say? I couldn't hear, but now Darcy was taking a step back and lifting the nightie over her head, naked before another man. Her full and pendulous breasts, with their large nipples sticking way out, looked magnificent even if they did sag a bit.

Marcus seemed pleased, and my eyes watched his as he looked my wife over. Her thick bush had been trimmed, because Darcy said that young guys don't like hair like my generation does, or at least that was what the magazines told her.

Now Marcus was motioning Darcy over, and like he had done to me, his black hand went on her shoulder, ebony fingers pressing into her soft white skin as he eased her down.

Still time to chicken out, I thought, and when Darcy hesitated I thought she might, but she didn't. Darcy undid his belt, and then his trousers were falling to his ankles.

The look on my wife's face - I knew it well, because it was probably similar to my own out in the den. Darcy looked over at me in the darkness but I was unable to help her, because I was bound to the seat by some unseen force, with one hand gripping the arm of the chair and the other...

I came. To my utter shame I ejaculated as Darcy's mouth took in the head of that big black dick, filling my boxers with what felt like a copious amount of cum while Darcy struggled to hold Marcus and his massive manhood.

Marcus tilted my wife's head back so she was looking up at him while she sucked on his big black dick. Her jaws seemed to be stretched to the limit by the size of his manhood, and he seemed to relish the sight of this middle-aged middle class white woman on her knees before him.

Marcus brought her to the bed and put Darcy onto her back. He fingered her roughly for a minute while stroking his cock with his other hand, and then he was climbing between her spread thighs.

No romance. Nothing resembling foreplay. Marcus simply rubbed his cock along the lips of my wife's sex and couple of times and eased into her. Darcy cried out as Marcus impaled her, cackling while asking her how it felt to have a big one for the first time, and then he began thrusting into my wife.

Her tiny pale hands were digging into Marcus, whose skin was starting to glisten with sweat. Marcus was taking long deep thrusts into Darcy, nearly pulling all of his cock out of her before plunging back in.

She was cumming. I had heard those sounds before, but it sounded different when another man was making it happen. Darcy cried out, her legs kicking in the air as her body convulsed, and after she stopped coming Marcus roughly rolled on onto her stomach.

Marcus put Darcy on her hands and knees and mounted her from behind. Marcus had positioned her facing me, on purpose I'm sure, so that I could see the expression on my wife's face when he put his cock back in her.

From Darcy's expression, I almost thought that he was putting her cock in her ass, what with her eyes rolling back in her skull and her mouth open in a silent scream. Riding her like she was his plaything, Marcus held onto her hips while thrusting in and out of my wife.

Darcy's tits were swinging wildly below her as the sound of their skin slapping together filled the room, along with the animal-like grunts of Marcus and Darcy's whimpering. Faster and harder Marcus went, reaching around Darcy and mauling her breasts roughly, and then his eyes rolled back in his head.

He was cumming. His body jerked as he filled my wife's cunt with his seed, his sweat raining down on Darcy's back while grunting gutturally, and then he was pulling his spent cock out of her. Darcy rolled onto her back, and after a few minutes Marcus went to the bathroom.

"Honey," I whispered, and Darcy looked startled, as if she had forgotten I was there in the shadows. "Are you okay?"

Darcy didn't answer. Her chest was still heaving and she looked dazed. Between her legs, I could see the cum oozing out of her pussy, hanging on the hairs that lined her sex, and then Marcus reentered the room.

Marcus wasn't done. In fact, he had barely begun. For the next several hours, he had his way with Darcy, taking her from every angle imaginable. Darcy said little, and was like a toy to Marcus, only speaking to tell him that he didn't want her to fuck her in the ass.

He seemed upset at that, since he seemed fond of squeezing her plump cheeks, but she was insistent so he simply fucked her from behind again. I think he came four times altogether, three times in her pussy and once in her mouth, forcing Darcy to take his load after pulling his cock out of her pussy and waving it in her face.

At one point he had Darcy give him a bath, with her tongue. Darcy obediently licked his ebony torso from head to toe, and our eyes met as she was running her tongue through the little patch of moist curls in his armpit.

The last time he fucked Darcy, he had he positioned on her hip while he took her from behind, holding her leg up by the knee, probably so I could see his cock thrusting in and out of my wife's pussy, and seeing that huge appendage from that angle made it look even bigger. The base of his cock looked as thick as my forearm.

Darcy was barely conscious, or so it seemed. She looked groggy, and I knew that she had had enough, but Marcus seemed insatiable so she just let him have his way with her.

"Yo," Marcus was saying to me, and he gestured me over to the bed. "Eat that pussy."

Marcus had me kneel on the side of the bed with my face scant inches away from Darcy's pussy. The stench of sex filled the air as I moved my face towards my wife's ravaged pussy, her labia beet red and swollen as his huge cock moved in and out, creating a sloshing sound.

My tongue dabbed at Darcy's clit as I stared at the glistening spear moving inches from my tongue. I wanted to pull that cock out of Darcy and finish Marcus off with my mouth, but the thought of Darcy seeing me do that stopped me.

Out of sight, my hand was working over my own cock, and I came almost immediately. I continued to lick my wife's clit until my face got pulled right into her by Marcus, who cackled as he shoved my face in before I backed off and went back to the chair and watched him finish up.

Darcy wasn't going to cum again. I lost track of how many orgasms she had, but she wasn't even able to fake any by this point. Marcus came, and after his cock went limp and slithered out of my wife's pussy, I watched the seed drool out of the fold.

"I could go for a drink," Marcus said from the bed, and I nodded, telling Marcus to follow me back out to the den.

"Your old lady is alright," Marcus said as I poured him a drink. "Ran out of gas though. Ain't even midnight."

Darcy was out like a light back in the bed, and while I was tempted to say that it had been years since we had made love twice in one night, much less however many times they had just done it, I explained that we usually turned in early.

"Looks like you enjoyed it," Marcus said, and he laughed when I told him it was okay, nodding toward my pants.

I felt like crawling under the carpet when I realized that the front of my pants was one big stain from the loads I had popped while watching.

"Take them off," Marcus said, and I laughed and told him no, and that I was fine like I was, but he repeated it.

"Them underwear too," Marcus said after I took off the slacks, and after I lowered the gooey boxers and tried to pry my dick out of my sticky pubic hair he laughed.

"Little fella looks tired too," Marcus said as he surveyed my equipment, which looked ridiculous next to Marcus, who stood there unabashedly naked beside me.

"I felt your tongue," Marcus said as he sipped his scotch. "When you were eating your wife's snatch I felt your tongue licking my dick. How come you didn't take it out of her and suck on it for a while? You know I wouldn't have complained."

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