Take Me Away Ch. 01


"I love you too, Ari. You put the water on, and as soon as I've given you your present, I'll go fill the tub."

Ari was as anxious to sink into the warm water with her love as she had ever been about anything else in her life.


The flush of anticipation in Arilee surged to a fever-like heat as Amos led her to the bath. When they reached the edge of the steaming tub, he pulled her close and kissed her deeply, the entire world around Ari vanishing into a single point where their lips met.

When at last they broke from the kiss, Ari reached down to free the tail of his shirt from the waistband of his pants, sliding the material up slowly over Amos' muscled torso. Her fingers grazed across his skin, and she pulled in deep breaths, seeing even more definition in his gorgeous body than the last time he had visited. He raised his arms over his head to allow her to pull the shirt off, and then let it fall negligently to the floor. Her hands went to his smooth chest, decorated with only a triangle of hair between the rock-hard pectoral muscles, feeling the warmth and strength beneath her fingers.

Amos reached beneath Ari's hands and started unfastening buttons on her blouse, his breathing increasing with every button that opened to reveal the soft, flushed skin beneath the cloth. When the final button was at last free, Amos reached under the cloth to cup Ari's breasts in his strong hands. Her nipples — hard from anticipation and arousal — pressed against his palms.

He slid his hands down her body, drawing a gasp from Ari as she shrugged her blouse off to let it pool to the floor behind her. His fingers slipped between her skin and the concealing cloth, pulling it downward. Ari shivered as a rush of tingles spread through her sex, wetness welling up from deep within her, calling for his cock to be inside her. Beneath the pants, which felt far too tight to him now, Amos' manhood throbbed as he revealed the plain cotton panties Ari wore beneath her skirt. A stronger throb shot through his member when he saw the slight spot of wetness on the cloth, centered over the silhouette of the hair beneath.

Again, Ari gasped as her skirt fell to the floor and Amos' gripped her panties between his fingers, pulling them down as well. She shuddered as the cloth slid over her, revealing her mound, and pulled her legs together to allow the soft fabric to fall to her ankles. Amos' breathing was husky, his eyes filled with both desire and love, and Ari's eyes lingered on his for a few moments before falling lower.

As soon as her eyes fell upon the outline of his cock, her hand reached of its own violation toward the enticing silhouette. She traced the outline of his manhood with her fingertip before pulling down the concealing cloth to reveal him. When his pants fell to his ankles, Ari reached out again to touch him, feeling him throb against her palm, and letting her fingers just tickle the dark hairs on the orbs below his hard shaft.

Stepping out of his pants, Amos took Ari's hand and pulled her toward the tub, admiring the play of her muscles as she sank into the water. He then guided her to move to one end, sliding in behind her. Ari's eyes rolled up to vanish behind their half-closed lids when she felt the tip of his erection brushing against her beneath the water, and she sighed in contentment as he poured water into her hair to wet it.

The warm streams of water ran down Ari's body until her hair was soaked, and then Amos picked up the soap. His fingertips intimately massaged her scalp as he washed her golden tresses, causing Ari to drift off into an almost dreamlike state. She was sorry for it to end when he poured water to rinse away the lather.

Once he finished rinsing her hair, Ari looked back over her shoulder at her smiling lover, "Let me wash yours for you."

Amos nodded and rose up in the water, turning around. As she spun around to face him, Ari had to exercise a great deal of restraint not to reach out for his cock when it rose from the water directly in front of her.

Ari washed Amos' long, dark hair with the same intimate care that he had shown her. He let out a little groan and said, "That feels so good Ari, I love the way the touch of your hands makes me feel."

As she leaned forward a bit to pull his bangs up and wash them, her turgid nipples brushed against his back. That drew an even louder groan from him, "And that nearly stole my breath."

Ari giggled quietly and leaned down to kiss his neck before she continued to wash his hair. As soon as she finished rinsing it, she reached out for a washcloth. Lathering it with soap, she washed Amos' back with slow, careful strokes, his muscles quivering from her touch. When she rinsed the soap away, Amos spun around in the tub with as much grace as he could master in the confined space.

Washing the rest of his body, staring into his deep brown eyes the whole time, Ari finished by lingering for a moment on the turgid flesh of his manhood, again nearly succumbing to her desire to have it deep inside her.

Amos took the cloth from her trembling hand, smiling and reaching for the cake of soap. He guided her gently to turn in the tub, washing her back as she had for him. Ari's breathing quickened, her body trembling from the caress of his hands on her skin. He reached around her, drawing the washcloth over her tummy while leaning in close to her, his hot breath sending waves of delightful chills through her body as it kissed her skin.

Heat surged through Ari's loins as Amos' arm wrapped around her waist, and he kissed her neck at the same time. His other hand moved upward slowly from her tummy, eventually reaching her breasts. The soft, lathered cloth slid over the firm globes, teasing her nipples and causing Ari to lean back against him, her strength draining from her in a long, content sigh.

When the cloth slid lower, across her tummy again, Arilee gasped and stiffened in anticipation. When it touched the curly hair on her mound, her back arched, and she reached up to cup her breasts against the ache swelling within them, and the almost painful sting of her erect nipples. The cloth teased over her, just tickling her folds beneath their concealing curtain of blonde adornment. Ari's hips moved beneath his hand, her body begging for more.

The cloth fell away, floating to the surface and drifting languidly away, as Amos obliged her obvious desire. He pressed his hand against her, moving it slowly back and forth over her folds. He kissed her neck again, sighs of pleasure present in each hot breath before the next kiss. One finger teased through the protective curls, sliding into the wet heat beyond.

Arilee whimpered, her legs parting slightly, her eyes closing tight, and her intimate muscles clamping down tight on his questing finger. A second finger joined the first, increasing the delightful feeling of fullness within her, even as his other hand slid down to circle lightly over her hood.

Her breath coming in quick gasps, Ari quickly climbed her mountain of pleasure under his touch, "Oh, Amos, I love you. That feels so good. It has been so long," she whispered, and then cried out as a stronger jolt of pleasure rocked her body.

Amos placed a final kiss on her shoulder and whispered huskily into her ear, "I dream of you Ari, lying in my berth at night while the rest of the crew is seeking comfort in the arms of any woman who will have them. I can see your smile, smell your scent, feel you quivering, but it is nothing compared to having you in my arms."

A warbling cry of pleasure erupted from Arilee as her body came to life with tingling heat from his words and stroking fingers, "Oh, Amos, I'm so close. I'm... I..." Her orgasm sprang into being and cut off her words, a long scream of pleasure erupting from her as the heat in her loins grew to almost scorching intensity around Amos' fingers. Ari grasped her breasts, her head lashing from the waves of ecstasy, as she soared ever higher on the wings of her climax.

Amos sighed contentedly as Arilee sank into his arms, all her strength expended. His fingers were still squeezed tight in her embrace, the warmth surrounding them causing his cock to throb with painful jealousy. He ignored it, just absorbing every quiver of pleasure running through his love's body as she settled down from her peak. Every moment he was with her, he marveled that they had denied what was between them for so long, and he had every intention of making up for lost time.

Arilee lay against her man, lost in a dreamlike state that was only broken by the occasional electric tingle of her slowly subsiding orgasm. He knew her heart — and her body — so well that even the slightest touch from him swelled her full of love and ecstasy. For the moment, all she could manage was to try and stay awake, lost in her afterglow and the touch of his hands.

For the first time in many months, all was right in the world.


Thanks to Roust for his editing, as always, and I hope you'll take a moment to vote, since the voting booth is just below this ;) I'd appreciate feedback too, and I really love Public Comments, but do at least vote if you liked the story.

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