Take Me Dogging With You


Emma! I'd forgotten all about her.

When I struggled to my feet – bloody high heels snagging on that stupid blanket – I walked around to the far side of the Jag and found my husband balls deep in the police woman. They were on another blanket, a group of men surrounding them, twelve or so, a slightly larger number than had been watching me I was miffed to notice. Emma was on her hands and knees already stripped down to her stockings. Her skirt, blouse and bra were piled into a heap on the grass, her big jugs swinging while my husband held her hips and gave her the good news.

It appeared to me that I'd arrived just in time to witness his finale; I knew from the noises he made and his face screwed up like a wet dishcloth that he was about to unload.

"Oh shit ... Oh fuck..." hubby moaned.

"Are you cumming?" I heard Emma squeal. "Are you going to fill me with spunk?"

He was bareback inside her again! He was going to squirt jizm into Emma's body.

The thought of it, my husband dumping his semen into another woman, had a curious effect on me. For some reason, unlike when they'd coupled in the living room at home, part of me was jealous, disturbed by the fact that another woman was going to take the seed that belonged to me. On the other hand, seeing hubby grunting and moaning as he squirted cum into the gorgeous Emma made me feel all fluttery inside. My clit throbbed and my breasts ached for a man's hands to maul at them. Besides, I could hardly voice an objection, not since I'd fucked the cum out of the young guy a few moments before. I'd wanted to get into dogging and I loved it, I could hardly complain if my husband stuck his hard-on into another woman.

But the bareback thing did rankle a little. It seemed worse, somehow more intimate than fucking a dozen guys with their flesh separated from mine by a thin veneer of rubber.

Wallowing down the acidic jealousy that rose in my throat, I made my way to the blanket and knelt beside Emma. My husband turned to face me, his eyes glazed.

"Give it to her," I breathed before I kissed my husband's mouth.

The kiss went on for a few seconds, my tongue invading hubby's mouth while I smeared the spunk I'd poured from the jonny over my breasts.

When we broke apart and my husband's dick slid out of Emma's body on a rush of semen, I got behind her and lapped the stuff from her slit. After that, with me settling onto my hands and knees alongside the other woman, it got crazy.

My husband, with his jeans back on by then, dropped a handful of foil packets onto the grass next to the blanket. "If you fuck them," he called, "put one of these on," and for the next half-an-hour we had cocks thrust at us from all sides. Somehow, I don't recall exactly when, but I eventually found myself stripped down to my underwear and shoes. It was a fantastic feeling being undressed like that outdoors with all those men.

I can't tell you how many guys fucked me and poured jizm, at my squealing instruction, over me. I sucked dick and got showered in spunk. The stuff was all over me. I could feel it dribbling down my back, drying on my shoulder and, when I pushed my fingers through my matted hair, I felt more gloop gluing the strands together.

I looked at Emma and saw how I must look. She was plastered with the stuff as well. It was everywhere.

"You slut," I grinned before crawling over towards her.

"Says you," Emma replied, matching my grin.

By some unspoken agreement we kissed, our tongues swirling while we knelt there, our audience muttering and jerking hard cocks. I licked cum from Emma's cheek and slid my tongue back into her mouth, my palms and fingers smearing gloop over her big tits.

When she lay back and opened her legs in invitation I leaned in, elbows on the blanket, arse high. I sucked Emma's clit and fingered her pussy while getting myself fucked from behind, taking the woman to her climax at the same time as the bloke pumping at me groaned his intention and pumped his condom full of semen. I grabbed the jonny off him and lay alongside Emma as her orgasm cooled.

"My turn," I sighed and tilted the filmy sac so that spunk dribbled over my pussy. "Lick my cunt," I snarled at Emma as I rubbed cum over my clit. "Lick spunk off me."

Emma's tongue slipped over my clitoris as she pumped two fingers inside me. I held my legs open as wide as I could manage and looked up at the faces surrounding me. I wanted to give the boys the most obscene show I could manage; I wanted them to leave that scene of debauchery and remember me for a long time.

I was snarling obscenities, spitting every filthy swear word I could recall while Emma's fingers curled inside me. I knew I was on the way to a shattering orgasm, and I could see by the number of jerking forearms in the crowd that a few of the blokes were going to get there with me.

As I came, groaning and grunting, my jaw clamped shut, teeth clenched and with what felt like every muscle in my body tensing with effort, I pushed Emma away and cried out that I wanted as many men as could manage it to cum on my pussy.

My climax boiled on as two men, one kneeling and one squatting low, let fly with a rain of ejaculate. Blobs of spunk poured down on me, spattering onto my tummy, my thighs and overheated pussy.

When those two boys had finished another man gave me his load, the final spurting of the evening.

Emma and I staggered to our feet and blinked at each other. I don't think either of us quite believed what had happened. Had we really let all those men fuck us? How many guys had there been?

Car doors slammed and engines revved. Vehicles left the car park on their sidelights, the guys astute enough to avoid full headlights until they were clear of the scene.

Finally, after a couple of the men who had stayed behind for a chat drove away, I looked at Emma.

"Am I covered in the stuff, too?"

She smirked and nodded. "Like a plasterer's radio." Emma hefted her breasts in her palms and then wiped the back of a hand over her cheek. "I can feel it drying." She pulled a face, stretching the crust on her skin. Pointing at me, she added, "Your hair is all stuck together. And look at the state of our stockings."

Looking down I saw my stockings were a ruin of silvery cum, laddered to buggery.

"We stink of sex," I said after sliding a hand between my legs and examining my smeared fingers.

Emma smirked at me and nodded. "Fucking dirty, aren't we?" She dropped an eyelid onto one cheek in a slow, lascivious wink, saying, "So, when are we doing it again?"

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