Take Me, Tom


I tenderly smacked her ass.

"Ohhhh," she softly moaned, "Yes, please... harder... yes..."

Then without warning, I penetrated her fully until all my cock was buried inside her to its roots.

"God... yes... Tom... take me... please... hard... ohhhhhh... please... don't... stop... nooooo," she cried.

She was pushing, taking my cock and riding it.

I pulled her back to me, lifted her up and stuffed my cock as deep inside her as I could. My cock was solidly inside her and I stopped moving. I pulled her hair back and Chrissie responded to better than I thought she might.

"Yesss... please... pull my hair... harder... yesss," she moaned

I let go of her panties and with my other free hand, grabbed her breasts, squeezed and pulled her nipple.

"Yesssss," she hissed, "pull them... like... that... yes... ohhhhh Tom..."

I wanted urgently to fill her up. I could have with one or two strokes and fulfill my teenage fantasy at once, but I held her firmly on my cock to let her inner muscles bring her to a glorious orgasm.

She was beating her hands on the wall and was pushing back totally in the throes of this great incestuous act we were engaged in. I felt her clenching me. I knew it wouldn't take much to make me cum.

"You love... fucking your brother... don't you," I murmured. "You love... his cock up you, don't you?"

"Fuck... yes... I... love... my... brother's cock... up... me... I love my brother... I'm ... fucking... my ... brother... at... last..."

"Are you going to cum all over my cock for me?"

"God, yes... for you... for ... you..." she whimpered.

She was almost there.

"Are you going to cum in my mouth? Are you going to save some of your beautiful cum for my mouth?" I teasingly added.

That it pushed her over. She groaned and whimpered and I felt her muscles grab me.

"Ohhhh... my... fucking... brother... yessss... please... don't... don't... noooo... don't... fucking... stop..." Chrissie moaned in pleasure.

"I want your cum... now," she cried and begged.

Her pussy muscles contracted around my cock and I thrust deeper into her... once... twice... and on the third shove, I let go of stream after stream of hot thick and sticky cum inside my sister's pulsating pussy. I was shooting and emptying myself deep inside her... I pulled her to me, kissed her, and clawed at her.

"Yes... Tom... cum in... me... all... fuck you... fuck... yesss... yesss..." Chrissie murmured.

I helped her ride out her orgasm by softly blowing on her neck and nibbled on it. I slapped her ass softly.

Chrissie pushed against my hardness, squirmed, and wiggled until all my cum drained into her. Then she was sated.

But I was not, so I continued to slowly plunge my cock in and out of her. I wanted Chrissie to cum over and over again. With one final push on her part and one final cry she was finished.

Chrissie was leaning against the wall trying to catch her breath.

"I don't know where that came from... but I'm certainly glad it did," she purred.

She turned her face around and pulled my lips to her in a deep and passionate kiss.

I slowly pulled out of her even if I was still hard.

"Ohhh... my... you're still..." she gleefully said.

We held each other up at that point. It had been a quick but passionate fuck.

Chrissie just smiled at me, laughed and slapped me on the chest.

"God, I wanted that for so long," she laughingly said as she continued to slap me.

"That was one of the most beautiful things to ever happen to me and ... my brother did it with me," she rasped.

She was still slapping me, playfully, but slaps nonetheless.

I could see her face turning from one of sated passion to lust again.

"You beautiful... fuck... you... fuck me... again... ohhhh, Tommm... please."

I ran my hands over her cum filled panties. God, they were soaked with both of our juices. I felt around to her soft ass. Slowly I took hold of her panties and slowly ripped them.

"Oh, fuck... what are... you..."

Off they came - shredded.

I rubbed them over her face, her breasts and then over my face.

"I'm going to..." she started to say.

I cut her short. I quickly dropped to my knees, again. As I was kneeling in front of her I turned her around, pushed her against the wall and I lifted one of her legs over my shoulder. Her heel jabbed into my back. As I murmured Chrissie realized I liked the feeling. She stuck her heel into my back again.

"No... you... fuck... no... don't you ..." she cried." Don't ... you... now..."

I looked up and saw she had her fingers on one of her breasts and was pinching it. I traced her naked cunt along her beautiful gash reveling in the sensation of our wetness in my hand! God she was so wet.

Her cum was still oozing from her slit. I rubbed it all her cunt. My tongue found this beautiful mixture and lapped it all up. I inhaled, smelt her, and adored her. What I could taste of my cum was, well, interesting but now was not the time to get hung up on that!

"You're going to cum in my mouth?" I asked.

"God... yes..." Chrissie moaned.

With her other hand she was pulling my head into her, grinding it into her leaking cunt.

She was rubbing herself all over my mouth.

And I knelt there taking it all. I tried to get my tongue as far up her as I could but this position wasn't working for what I wanted, what I needed and what I had waited for so many years. I slowly pulled her down until she was kneeling over me. My head was against the wall now.

Chrissie steadied herself by putting her hands back on the wall as she had been earlier.

"Fuck my mouth," I said. "Cum in my mouth, my beautiful sister," I moaned to her.

She slowly began to lower her cunt onto my waiting tongue. Then she was playing with me.

"You dirty ... fuck... you... Do you really want my whole cunt on your face, Tom?" she rasped. "Do you really want to suck your sister's wet pussy? Do you really want me to wipe my cunt on your face?"

"If you don't lower your ass down right now..." I hissed at her and smacked her on the ass - hard.

"Owww," she pleasantly cooed.

Slowly she relented and lowered herself, rocking back and forth so her cunt was wiping my face. I eagerly lapped up her flowing juices and swallowed. They tasted and felt so thick just like I had always fantasized - hers at least.

I had one hand fondling her ass, probing, rubbing. Every so often I would grab my cock, slide my hand up and down and get a handful of wetness. I rubbed this all over Chrissie's ass. She knew exactly where the liquid came from and this seemed to excite her even more.

My other hand was rubbing her breasts and was pulling down the fabric of her bra but not all the way - just enough to feel and touch her softness. I was in the place I always wanted to be. I was not going to rush this. I loved her so much I wanted her to remember this forever. I tried desperately to push my nose as far up her pussy as possible to smell her inner self.

My hands roamed from her breasts to her beautiful ass to her stomach. I let them roam to the area where her cunt hair would be, if she had any. I gently stroked back and forth, delving lower all the time, inching my way towards her glorious clit. I slowed her down by taking my mouth off her cunt licked the folds of her thighs.

I made tiny circles around her clit, brushed my tongue over it, teasing her again. I deftly sucked one pussy lip and then the other. I sucked them into my mouth and stretched them. I took my time - first the left and then the right one -- all the while savoring her taste and texture. I tongued her whole slit slow.

"Please, Tom... suck my clit... please... just a bit... take it... suck it..." she whimpered.

I lightly took her clit and rolled it around in my mouth. My finger searched out her ass again and slowly I inserted it. The wetness of my cum gave just enough lubrication. Slowly I pushed in but not too far. I just wanted to tease her, after all.

I continued to wipe her wet cunt fluid with my tongue and lap all her juice and thick cum.

When Chrissie started to buck real hard I could feel her stomach tensing and knew she was close

Chrissie began to moan and her breathing got shallow and hard.

She gave out a beautiful little shriek and then she came.

"Oh god, Tom! Yes... suck it my brother! Yes, shove it up me... yes!" she cried.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into her and let loose.

I could feel her cum flowing.

She rubbed her cunt all over my face. Then a second wave of cum hit my mouth and I eagerly drank her. It was so thick. Her flow did not stop but only grew in intensity. All of the sudden the taste turned to a salty sensation.

And I felt her peeing all over my face. She was that in thrall in her orgasm that her body just let loose all her juices.

God, it felt warm, pleasant. This had never happened to me before but I'm glad it did with Chrissie.

She was lost in her orgasm and just continued to ride it out.

"I'm fucking... my brother," she yelled. "I'm really... doing... it. please... don't ... stop... suck... suck please... just suck... me..ohhhhh... ohhhhhh... don't... please... just keep... ahhhhhhhh."

I slowly withdrew my finger from her wet ass.

Chrissie slowed her pace and went to lift herself off my face.

I held her there and softly licked the last drops of cum from her.

She fell on me and lowered herself to my chest, She kissed me and licked her juices off my face.

"What you did to me... what you did... that was so fucking beautiful," she whimpered.

I just grabbed her hair and forcibly brought her mouth to mine. I had to fuck her again... now. I had to have her slowly, very slowly, stick my hard cock up her cunt and ride me.

"Fuck me," I moaned to her.

"Just a minute," she laughed and with that she suddenly rolled off me!

"Get back here you teasing bitch," I playfully yelled.

Chrissie ran into the bathroom only to return with a hand cloth and began to wipe my face

"Sorry about the pee," she said. "I've never done that before. I don't know how but maybe know why. It was incredible. I hope I didn't offend you," she said blushing.

"Chrissie, it was one of the most erotic things ever to happen to me. Look, I'm getting hard just thinking about it again!"

Chrissie looked straight at me. "I love you. Let's go to my bedroom. Your back must be killing you."

She turned and gave me a 'come fuck me' smile I'll never forget. God, she was almost walking too slowly because I had to have her again... now.

"Leave the stockings and bra on," I hopefully said.

"I'm going to get cleaned up quickly. I'll meet you in there," Chrissie calmly said.

I followed her shapely ass towards the bedroom.

She stopped, turned and picked up my underwear.

"You can put these back on, unless you want to wear my panties, Tom. Do you want to know what my panties feel like," Chrissie teasingly went on.

"Chrissie," I panted, "I'll do anything for you... anything."

When she entered her bedroom she was wearing an extremely short cream silk dressing gown. It just covered her ass. Held together by a silk sash she brazenly pulled the top aside.

"What do you want to do? Do you want to suck my bra? Do you want to cum in my bra like you used to or should I wrap my panties around your cock?"

I asked incredulously, "You knew?"

"Of course I knew. And I loved it. I actually used to look forward to it. I liked it best if I could catch it just after you came in it so I could feel your warmth when I put it on. God, I'm surprised I didn't get pregnant the number of times I wore my panties you had cum in. I found it extremely exciting and have missed it," she said.

"That's why in the restaurant tonight I was certain you'd cum in them if you had the chance."

"Actually," I said, "I want to cum in them and all over you, the panties can wait for once."

Chrissie stood at the end of the bed, her eyes completely sated.

"God, you look so beautiful... so... incredibly fuckable," I whispered.

Chrissie slowly undid the sash, walked over to me on the bed.

"That can be arranged but for now I want to take care of my brother. Give me your hands."

In one swift move she had both my hands clasped together and were binding them with the loose sash.

This was turning out to be a remarkable evening...

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Well written. I had to pull one off reading this. Love stories with older, more mature siblings, finely living out their fantasy, as that is what happened with me and my beautiful sexy sister and 58 YOA.more...

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