tagBDSMTake These Off

Take These Off


"Come here."

I've been watching Sarah for the last few minutes. My book closed on my finger, marking my place. She's been, I don't know, bopping? Fiddling? Fussing? Not really doing anything, just, waffling around. She's barefooted in jeans. So,

"Sarah, come here."

I set my book on the end table, and uncross my legs and hold my hands out to her and she comes to me and steps to me and I put my hands on her hips and she leans down to kiss me. I kiss her for a moment, her lips are warm and soft, but, something. She's edgy. I take the top button of her jeans between my fingers and pop it open, tug down the zipper.

"Take these off."

She starts to speak and

"Off, Sarah, take them off, now, don't say anything."

She swallows, and something sparks between us. She takes off the jeans, wiggling them down over her slim hips, stepping out, kicking them away. I put my finger in her belly button, trail it down to the hem of her panties.

"And these."

She does. Pushes them down with her thumbs, kicks them away. I trail the tips of all my fingers over her belly, the fronts of her thighs, take her hips in my hands again, and pull her to me, her legs parting to straddle me, she can fit over me in the big leather chair. I pull her hips hard against me, fitting her in, parting her thighs wider, and she runs her fingers into my hair, holds the back of my head, and I just have to tilt my neck a little; she's so small we're almost eye level like this, and I let her pull my head to her and she fits her mouth on mine, tilting her head to the side for a gentle kiss, but it feels a little rote, slightly distracted, I don't know why, but she feels a little...not here. I put my mouth near her ear, whisper.

"If your pussy leaks on my pants, I'm going to whip you until you cry."

Sarah's mouth opens slightly with shock, and I run my hands up her hips, over her ribs, and take her breasts in my palms, capture her tender little nipples and pull her into me hard by the sensitive little buds. Sarah starts to cry out, but I put my mouth on hers and kiss her hard, my teeth clicking on hers, mashing her lips, running my tongue over her teeth, and swirling into her mouth.

I don't release her nipples, and it makes it hard for her to concentrate on the kiss, but I don't relent, keeping her there, squirming on my lap, her thighs trembling, unable to move away from the kiss or the bright pain. When I finally relent, she gives a little sob, and I put my palms over her nipples, and feel them immediately swell and heat and harden. I massage them a little, and look up at Sarah's face. She's watching me, and I smile a little, she's definitely all here now. I smooth my hands over her back, and pull her into me, and kiss her, softly now, and she gives a little sob again, her mouth soft and open, and our mouths move together, tongues touching, circling, retreating.

"I don't think you'll make it."

I say, my lips still on hers. Her eyes open but we're too close. I kiss her again.

"I don't think a dirty girl like you can help it. I think your bare little cunny is already wet and open and trembly."

I push my fingers up into Sarah's clean, loose, fragrant hair, and massage the back of her neck. Sarah moans into my mouth. Her tongue gently moves over my lips, and I do the same to her, and I pull back a little to see her face.

"I think you're going to make a mess on your thighs, and on my pants. I think you're probably leaking already, and if I put my hand between your legs, my fingers would come away all wet, because you're a dirty baby girl, aren't you? I think I'm going to get to whip you and you'll just have to take it, because that's what little sluts who can't keep their pussy from making a mess get."

Sarah is pressing forward into me, I'm sure she doesn't know it. Not yet. This is just her instinct to get closer. I smooth my hands over her back in big circles. She's warm and soft, and her hair is falling around my face, hiding us both.

"Maybe after I whip you, I'll fuck you. Your pussy will still be wet, because you're a slutty little girl that can't help it, and I can put you on your hands and knees on the floor, and slide my cock into you like that. I bet your bottom will be hot and pink, and I'll feel it on my thighs when I'm all the way inside you."

Sarah is making little breathy sounds, and the occasional little whimper, and her hips are moving more deliberately now. I kiss her deeply, sucking her lips and pulling her tongue into my mouth, making her follow me. I cup her face in my hands, and stop her from pressing forward, and tease her a little, our lips barely touching.

"Or maybe I"ll just wet my fingers in your cunny, and slick the head of my cock and the shaft, and put my hand on your lower back to angle your ass for me, and take my cock in my hand and put the head against your tight little ass hole, and let you think about that for a second before I slide it all the way into your ass, up into your belly, and you'll be glad you're such a dirty little dripping little slut then, glad you're so wet that my cock is all slick from your pussy, and I can slide it right into your hot little hole, even though it's thick and it hurts you, and I have to wrap your hair in my fist to keep you still, and it burns and it makes your belly cramp, you're such a wet little fucking dirty girl, my cock goes right into your grippy little ass hole, all wet and slick and hard and long, and thick and burning and I bet that gets your attention, won't it, little slut? Won't it baby? Won't it?"

Sarah gives a nod, but she can't speak, and I run my hands over her hips and ribs, and over her belly, and up to cup her breasts again, and kiss her gently, softly, but take her nipples in my fingers again, and I can clearly feel they are still hard and hot and swollen and I take them very firmly in my fingers and pull her into me, and there's nowhere really for her to go, and she gives a little sob again, into my mouth, I'm holding her bottom lip between my lips, and I kiss her cheek, and her ear and down her neck, and she gives a little moaning cry, and she can't escape or move away from the pressure on her nipples, and I put my mouth by her ear, and

"I asked you a question Sarah. I asked if I would have your full attention if I whipped you because you're a little slut with a messy wet pussy, and I put my fingers in your soppy wet cunt and slicked up my cock, and slid it into your tight little ass until your belly cramps. That's what I asked you, and you need to answer me. You need to answer me or I'll have to punish you more baby, I'll have to, little slut, little dirty baby girl, so tell me, answer me Sarah, tell me that I'd..."

"Yes!" A gaspy little cry.

"Yes what Sarah?"

"Yes! I'm, you, I will, Jim, please!"

I smile into her neck, and kiss her throat, and suck her earlobe, and pull her nipples harder, drawing another gasp from her.

"That's not an answer kitten. I want to know what I need to do to have your full attention. I want to know if I whipped you because you can't keep your pussy from leaking on my pants, because you're a wet little slut that can't help her soaking little cunt making a mess, if I whipped you for that, and put my fingers into your messy little pussy to get them wet, and wiped my fingers on my cock to make it all slick, and put you on your knees on the ground, and fucked your tight hot little ass with my thick, hard cock, would I have your full attention?"

I release Sarah's nipples, and put my palms over them again, and Sarah cries out, and I feel them swell and harden even more as the blood rushes into the tormented little peaks, and I can clearly feel the heat as they engorge and crinkle and stiffen. Sarah is breathing through her mouth, her eyes fluttering a little, and I palm the back of her neck and squeeze, just gently, pull her head down to my shoulder, kiss her neck, her ear, shush her a little.

"Shhhh. Shhhh now, baby. You try, don't you? You can't help being such a dirty girl. Such a sweet little dirty little slut can you kitten?"

I find her mouth, and kiss her gently, my tongue running over her lips, and stroke her back with my palm, fingers spread wide.

"Are you a messy little slut baby?"

Sarah nods, her forehead buried in my neck.

"Tell me, Sarah, tell me you are. Say it."

Sarah's eyelashes flutter a little against my cheek, and she whispers, breathlessly, that yes, she is, she's a messy little slut, she's my dirty little girl, and please, please, just, please. I find her nipples again with my palms, and they're so hard, and so tender, Sarah jumps a little, and I push her shirt up enough to take them in my mouth, one, then the other, softly, and suck and lick them a little, draw on them, pulse, and suck harder, and pull, and Sarah moans, and I stretch them out a little, captured, and let them snap back shiny and wet, and so hard, and flushed a deep rose.

I feel Sarah's thighs flexing and releasing, and her hips are rocking slowly, and her eyes are squeezed shut. I push my hands up her ribs again, this time carrying her shirt with it, and Sarah raises her hands and I pull it off, over her head, and now she's naked, all sleek softness and warmth, and I breathe her in and lick her nipples again, and capture her mouth with mine, and Sarah breathes into me, and her hips are rocking. My cock feels hard and heavy, and when Sarah rolls her belly into me again, I hold her hips, and pull her closer, and her bare little mound presses against my cock, against the rough fabric of my jeans, and she gasps a little, and I push my hips forward, and I know she can feel how hard I am, how hard she's making me, and she gives a little moan, and whine, and a frustrated little sound. I grip her hips hard, and pull, and make her grind her soft little cunt against me, hurting her a little, keeping her mouth, making her moan into me.

"Stand up."

I'm still pulling her hips, and kissing her, and she's a little confused, but I don't push her off, or take my mouth from hers, she's kissing me sweetly and deeply, I just give her a minute and say it again, quietly, and she looks at me and hesitates, but does, puts her hands on my shoulders, and stands up, a little flushed, a little wild, her hair a tangled dark cloud around her face, and her neck and breasts are flushed, and her lips are swollen and dark pink from the kissing, and I realize I've been staring at her mouth when she smiles, just very slightly. She's naked, and looks slight and soft and vulnerable standing in front of me. I adjust my cock in my jeans, and Sarah's eyes drop to my hand, and I see her eyes widen a little when she sees.

"Look at this."

Sarah doesn't say anything, and I point at my jeans.

"Look at this mess Sarah. You leaked on my pants."

I scoot forward in my chair, and reach out to her with one hand and swipe my fingers up the inside of her thigh. My fingers slip easily along her skin. She's a beautiful mess. I stroke the inside of her thigh a little, and show her my fingers.

"Look at this. You messy wet little slut. And that's just your thighs. I haven't even touched your cunny yet. I bet you're all slick and soaked and messy aren't you?"

Sarah nods, her eyes are big, and her lips are parted. Her nipples are stiff and dark pink.

"Put your hands behind your back."

She does, and I reach forward again, and I keep my eyes on hers and put my hand on her inner thigh, my palm this time, and slide it up, and cup her bare little smooth pussy in my hand, and she's a mess, she's drenched and her cunny opens under my hand, squishes a little, and opens, and my two middle fingers sink into her cunt, and Sarah draws a shuddering breath as my fingers slide into her, until my palm is against her clit and my fingers are tightly encased in the smooth slick hot soft sheath of her. I pull my fingertips along the sensitive front wall of her cunt, deeply, grinding my palm a little, and Sarah's knees buckle a little, and I slowly draw my fingers out of her body and show them to her as I stand. My fingers are shiny and slick, and my palm is wet.

"Look at this mess you made little girl, little slut, look at your messy little slit, your wet little leaky, soppy, dripping little pussy that you can't control."

I take one stiff little nipple in my wet fingers, and smear it with her juices, and Sarah's eyes flutter a little as I pull it harder, gripping harder through the slickness, letting the little peak slip out of my fingers before capturing it again. I tell her to turn around, and she does, and I step up closely behind her, move her hair to the side, and kiss her neck a little, and slide my hand up her ribs, and capture her other jutting little nipple in my wet fingers. My other hand goes around her hip, and back between her legs, and I find her clit, and roll it, and press a little, shake my fingers, and stroke up and down her slit with the pads of my fingers, and find her clit again, and strum and stroke it faster, and a little too hard, and get my fingers as wet as I can and stroke all around her smooth little mound, and dip into her pussy again, slipping my fingers in and out of her folds and up the whole length of her leaky little slit, and then back to her clit, fast and smooth and light, and then harder, pulling her back into me, my teeth on her shoulder, her ass pressing back into me, knowing she can feel my cock straining in my jeans, and Sarah's mouth is open and wet, and her eyes are closed, and she's concentrating on the feelings racing through her, my fingers all slick and stroking relentlessly on her clit now, and I want her close, and I want her edgy, because I want to whip her, and fuck her on the ground.

I'm pressed against her from behind as my fingers slip and delve and stroke and tease and rub her piping little clit. I move my other hand from her breast, and run my fingernails down her ribs, over her belly, around her hip and over her warm little ass, up her back, and up into her hair, and take a fistful of her fine dark hair and snatch her head back, put my mouth close to her ear. Sarah gasps, and moans a little, and moves her hips to make my fingers return to her pleasure, but I've stopped, and I pull my fingers from her achy little pussy, and wipe them on her belly, letting her feel how wet and slippery they are, how messy she is.

"I'm going to whip you Sarah." And I can't keep the growl from my voice, my heart is pounding, and I can't think of a way to get close enough to her. I want to lick and kiss and hurt her and love her and fuck her. I really want to fuck her. My cock is so hard it hurts, and she's not the only one making a mess. I grip her by the hair, hard, and she's up on her toes a little and I unfasten my belt with one hand and pull it through the loops. I push her forward, until she's up against the wall, and I press my weight against her, pull her head to the side to kiss her neck, and bite her shoulder again, and run my hand holding my belt up and down her flank, so she can feel my warm hand, and the cool leather. I turn her head with my hand still wrapped in her hair to kiss her, bending my head almost straight down to reach her mouth, her neck straining up, taut, to reach me, her lips hot and wet and her mouth open. I feel like I'm drowning.

"I want to." I say, and she knows what I mean.

"I know baby." She says, and then gasps, as I tighten my grip on her hair, and bend her head back. I lick her neck, and I can feel my tongue pass over the tendons and smooth flesh, and I lick the corner of her jaw lightly, and kiss her behind the ear. I taste a little salt on her skin. "Shush now." I say.

I step back from her and she doesn't look back at me, but she places her hands just lightly on the wall, at the height of her shoulders, and stands very still, just her fingertips on the cool surface, and I can see her breathing deepen, and she shivers, and I know it's not from cold, and her feet and ankles are together, and she shifts her weight back and forth a little, and I think that she must be able to feel how wet she is between her thighs when she does. I let her stand and wait for a long time/just a moment, and I see the smooth muscles in her calves flex, and she comes up on her toes, and her fingertips are pressing against the wall, and we're both waiting, and it's almost too delicious, and even from here I can see a pulse in her throat. Sarah waiting, naked, slim and straight, and up on her toes, and gooseflesh ripples over her back and she breathes deeply.

The stroke across her ass with the doubled belt is fast and hard, and drives her hips forward to hit the wall. Sarah gives little cry and a moaning, shuddering breath, and I do it again, and the crossed pink marks raise in the smooth soft skin, and she's still drawing the deep breath from the second stroke when the third one comes, driving her into the wall again, her hips and belly slapping against the smooth surface, and pulling another cry from her, and she keeps her hands on the wall, pressing, and pushes up onto her toes, and I come to her and struggle to unfasten my jeans, and get them down enough to free my cock, painfully hard, and slick with the juices pearling from the swollen head, and I run my and over her ass, and feel the heat, and the hot welts raising up, and I fit my hand around Sarah's hip, and pull her away from the wall a little, and give her a little shove between the shoulder blades to lean her over.

I grip her hair again, and pull her head back hard, arching her back, her feet still together, and my cock is literally dripping; I can feel slick cool wetness all along the length of my shaft when I take it in my hand and stroke my fist up and down the length of my cock, and over the swollen head, and fit it to Sarah's tight little ass hole. It feels impossibly tight as I press forward and open her with the thick head, and I stop just there, and I know it's hurting her from her gasp and her trembling, and I lean a little, to get my mouth near her ear, and pull back harder on her hair, and Sarah gives a little cry, and Sarah, I say, Sarah, listen, do I have your attention now? And Sarah nods, a little franticly; uh huh! she says, and I say Sarah, do I have your full fucking attention now? And this time she can't muster an answer, and a tear slips from the corner of her eye, and I lick it away, and slowly slide my cock up into her ass.

My cock is so hard, and so slick that I can feel her struggle to accommodate me, but I slide all the way up into her on that first delicious, delirious stroke.

I hold her head back, keep her back arched, and I can feel her legs shaking, and I draw my hips back, and wait a moment, and then forward again, deeply, driving, making Sarah push back with her hands against the wall, and I feel her belly cramp, and I grip her hip to push forward, to have more of her, and she moans again, and gives a little sob, and I want to talk to her, to make her talk to me, to make her ask me to fuck her, to hurt her, to come in her ass, to tell me that she's mine, that she's my little slut, and that cock is hurting her, and that she wants to come, but I can't speak, and Sarah's having to struggle, I'm pulling her head back to me, and her back is arched and I know this won't last long, because she's so tight and the slick friction is too much, and I'm trying to take as much of her as I can, and then I can't think any more, and I'm just fucking her, my girl, my dirty little slut, fucking her hot tight little ass, and hurting her, and I don't care, I don't give a fuck if I am, and she's bracing her hands so I don't drive her into the wall, and I manage to tell her to look at me, my voice thick, my teeth gritted, and then the pleasure sings through me, thick liquid overload and rushing heat, and I pour into her, my cock swelling, and pulsing, and pumping, and Sarah gives a little cry as I thrust forward hard, and she reaches her hand back between her legs, and holds the base of my cock, and I know she can feel me jerking and spasming and filling her with my come.

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