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Take Your Medicine


Sapphire: I sit patiently in the private office wearing my best tight jeans and low-cut t-shirt, waiting for the doctor to finally come in...

Doctor: The secretary calls out your name, the office being typically empty for this time of night. She directs you to the first door on the left, where I sit in my doctor's coat, typing away on my computer.

Sapphire: I give a shy smile and walk in. "Good evening, Dr. Blake..."

Doctor: I look up and smile "Ah, Miss...Kensington? Shut the door and have a seat." I gesture.

Sapphire: I do so, sitting down and crossing my legs. "Thank you for seeing me on such short notice...I hope I didn't keep you waiting."

Doctor: I shake my head "Not at all, what seems to be the problem?"

Sapphire: "Well..." I start to blush furiously. "Umm...it's kind of embarrassing..."

Doctor: I turn to face you more fully now, with an open body stance "Well, you don't have to be embarrassed"

Sapphire: I give a small smile and look down at the floor. "Well...you see...I've, I've been really quite, umm...excited for just over a week now, and I don't know why...and I can't help it at all..."

Doctor: I raise an eyebrow "Excited? How so?"

Sapphire: I look up from the floor to look into your eyes, still blushing. "You know...sexually."

Doctor: "Ah...I see...well has anything happened to cause that?"

Sapphire: I look back down. "I don't know! I just started...thinking about all these sexual things, and now I can't stop. I think about them all the time...at home, at school, in the car, out with friends, well...even my dreams are very erotic!"

Doctor: "I see, and are you having sex?"

Sapphire: I shake my head. "Oh no..."

Doctor: "And masturbation?"

Sapphire: I bite the corner of my lip and grin. "Well...yes...I can't help it."

Doctor: I nod, getting up with my stethoscope. "Alright, let me check you over."

Sapphire: I nod and uncross my legs as you approach.

Doctor: I lean in towards you; you can hear my breathing clearly from his this distance as I push the stethoscope onto the exposed part of your left breast, and then the right. It is thankfully warm.

Sapphire: As soon as you touch me with the instrument, my heartbeat goes a little faster. I give a little sigh and involuntarily push my breasts out towards you.

Doctor: "Hm, your chest sounds okay. Have you been running a fever?"

Sapphire: "Well..." My eyes close. "I have been very hot as of late..."

Doctor: "I had better take a temperature then." I pat the examination table, motioning for you to jump up.

Sapphire: I do as told, moving over to it and turning my back to it, hopping up onto it as if a counter. My breasts jiggle a little as I do. I look down and grin bashfully again

Doctor: I offer out a gown "If you could change for me, we can do a full examination as well."

Sapphire: "Oh...sure...yes, that sounds good." I move to take off my top, and then pause. "Should I get fully undressed then?"

Doctor: I nod "I can turn around if you'd prefer."

Sapphire: I smile at that and shake my head no. "That would be silly...you're my doctor! Nothing you haven't seen before, right?" I pull my shirt up and over my head, setting it down beside me. My bra follows shortly, and I move to jump back down off the exam table to take off my jeans.

Doctor: I nod, watching you undress rather closely.

Sapphire: I unbutton my jeans and slide them off, socks next. I look up with a finger in the waistband of my panties, and notice you watching. I blush again...you can see that when I do, my breasts go a bit red as well. I pull off the panties, stepping out of them and stand in front of you completely naked.

Doctor: I smile pleasantly, all in a days work after all! "Alright, well put on the robe and we'll take your temperature."

Sapphire: "Oh! Right..." I retrieve the robe and put it on, open to the front, not bothering to do up the ties there. I jump back on to the exam table. "I'm ready for you Doctor Blake."

Doctor: "Alright, well" I reach for the thermometer "Unfortunately an oral thermometer won't really give me an accurate take on this sort of thing..." I watch you

Sapphire: I give you a surprised look. "Oh, really? Well...what kind of thermometer would you use then?" My blush seems to extend all the way to my toes, and my breathing gets just a bit heavier.

Doctor: I remain straight faced "An anal thermometer. Don't worry It won't hurt."

Sapphire: "Well..." I bite my lip again, trying to hide a smile. "If you think it's best then..."

Doctor: I nod "So, if you could just turn around and bend over the table..."

Sapphire: "Oh!" I am a little more surprised at this, but I start to move. Leaning over the table, I push my ass out a bit towards you. "Is this how you want me?"

Doctor: "mm, yes..." I lick my lips slightly behind your back as I move towards you, dipping the thermometer in Vaseline as I lift up your gown to expose your ass, my hand grazing against it.

Sapphire: I give a little shudder at the small touch and lean my head against my arms, my ass pushing towards you a little further. "Alright, Doctor...I think I'm ready..."

Doctor: "Now, just relax" You feel the slightly cold bulb of the thermometer press against your hole. "This won't hurt a bit." I give a little push, concentrating on it sliding into you.

Sapphire: I try to let out a breath to relax myself, but the moment I feel it pressing against me, I breathe in instead. "Oh...are you sure Doctor? I've...never had a temperature taken like this before..."

Doctor: "Of course I am sure. Have you been having any anal sex? Put anything inside your rectum?" I keep pushing the thermometer in, gently.

Sapphire: "Oh no Doctor...of course not...I'd never do anything like that." I bite my lip again and try to relax, allowing you to push it in a little.

Doctor: "Never? Are you sure?" I play a hand on top of your ass now, as I push in further.

Sapphire: "Mmm..." The tiny moan escapes my lips when your hand touches me, and I move my head further into my hands, trying to hide it. "I'm....I'm sure..."

Doctor: My hand slides down your round ass, as I pull the thermometer out slightly. "Do you like that?"

Sapphire: My voice is quiet, it's hard to hear. "Yes Doctor Blake..."

Doctor: my hand moves down, rubbing up against your pussy now, testing its wetness "Well then..."

Sapphire: I am very wet, very hot. I push up against your hand, moving against it with little gyrating motions. "Please Doctor...I want to get better...can you help me?"

Doctor: "Yes, I think I've diagnosed the problem and know what you need..." I twist the thermometer inside you slightly

Sapphire: "Ohh..." Another small moan, ineffectively hidden. "Well...tell me then...don't worry, I can take it..."

Doctor: You hear me move around behind you for a few moments, before you feel something hot and hard pressing up against your pussy "Are you sure you can take it?"

Sapphire: I gasp and move forward at the touch, but only with a moment's hesitation. I lean back again, pushing myself against you. "Yes, I'm sure..."

Doctor: "Good..." I place a hand on the small of your back, keeping you bent over. Slowly I push forward, the head of my hot cock penetrating you. I leave the thermometer where it is

Sapphire: I groan and you push in to me and push back in turn, sliding more than just the head in if you'll let me.

Doctor: "hmm, it's good you came to see me Sapphire." I thrust the rest of my dick all the way to the hilt, pushing you forward and slapping our skin together

Sapphire: "Oh yes!" I cry out when fully penetrated. My body shakes as my temperature rises.

Doctor: "Does that feel okay Sapphire? Does it feel good?"

Sapphire: My words come out like little gasps. "Yes Doctor Blake...that feels very good..."

Doctor: "Do you want more?" my hand moves forward to rest on your shoulder, the other on your hip.

Sapphire: I nod my head, trying to hide it from you again. "Yes...I do...if you think it will help..."

Doctor: "Oh...I do...this is exactly what you need." I grip onto your shoulder and pull out so just the head is inside you, before I slam back in and out quickly

Sapphire: Almost as soon as you start thrusting, I start pushing back into you. Every time you hit all the way in, I let out a moan of pleasure.

Doctor: I grin and start to work up a rhythm now, gripping your shoulder hard as I pull you backwards to meet my thrust, the hand on your hip slapping your ass "Yeah, you like that"

Sapphire: My body jumps when you slap me, but then I start pushing back harder into you, keeping up to your pace, my breathing heavy, still moaning every time.

Doctor: I move my hand from the shoulder to your hair, grabbing a tuft like reins as I keep on slamming into you

Sapphire: My voice is more easily heard now. "Oh god yes! I think the treatment is working, Doctor!" My pussy is very hot around you, and I ride it out as you slam in.

Doctor: "Yeah, take it you bitch, take my medicine" I keep on fucking as hard as I can, the table creaking underneath us as a hand moves up under you, pinching a nipple

Sapphire: That does it. You feel my pussy grip against your hard cock, convulsing around you. "Yes! Oh yes please! Give me more!"

Doctor: I push in hard, but stop suddenly, staying inside you. My hand gropes over your breasts "Give you what?"

Sapphire: I whimper when you stop, then my voice is but a whisper. "Please doctor...don't stop..."

Doctor: "Don't stop what?"

Sapphire: Still a whisper "Don't stop...fucking me..." I whimper again. This time, my voice is louder. "Please!"

Doctor: I grin and pull back on your head again, starting slow and long this time, my other hand reaches down and rubs your clit around in a circle.

Sapphire: I am so wet at your touch that my juices are running down my leg. Instantly I start to shake again, and my pussy grips your cock as I push back into you hard, trying to quicken the pace myself.

Doctor: I let you set the pace then, fucking yourself on my hard cock, still rubbing you.

Sent at 9:19 PM on Friday

Sapphire: I set my own rhythm then, fast, my ass slapping against you where our bodies connect each time. I push up on my arms, giving me better leverage to go even faster.

Doctor: I groan out in appreciation "Oh...fuck yeah..." I give another little tug on your hair, pulling you back

Sapphire: I yell out from pain or pleasure...who knows anymore as I keep impaling myself on your hardness, going faster and faster, coming down on you harder and harder each time.

Doctor: I lean forward and take over the pace again, moving in and out of you hard and fast "Are you gonna cum, slut?"

Sapphire: My eyes are closed, my mouth open. "Oh yes, doctor, I am..."

Doctor: I keep on fucking hard then, filling you with my long hard dick "Then cum for me."

Sapphire: it takes only a few more hard thrusts like that, and I am yelling out, my body pulsating. I toss my head back and forth. "Oh yes! I'm cumming!"

Doctor: I don't let up for a second there, pounding you while you cum, I pinch your nipples again

Sapphire: I ride it out, screaming now, frantic with my orgasm. I shake my ass around your cock, taking it as hard as you'll give it.

Doctor: I start to slow as you come down as it were, waiting for you stop your orgasm

Sapphire: it takes some time, obviously intense. Eventually, the shaking subsides, and my voice returns to a normal level, though I continue to moan and make appreciative noises.

Doctor: I lean in, still hard inside you, to whisper in your ear "Did you like that?"

Sapphire: "Oh yes Doctor...I think I found the cure..." My voice is breathy, I'm still trying to catch it from the hard fucking.

Doctor: "not quite yet...there's still the oral administration. " I pull out of you roughly, and pull you down onto your knees in front of me, my dick pointing out at you

Sapphire: "Oh!" I am surprised when you pull out, even more so when you push me to my knees, but I go down, and look up at you. "What should I do, Doctor?"

Doctor: "Suck it, Sapphire. Suck it." I push it into your face

Sapphire: I look surprised and a little naive, but I open my mouth, slipping the head of your cock inside, sucking on it, flicking my tongue over the tip in little circles.

Doctor: I groan and throw my head back, pushing further into your mouth "Yeah, can you taste yourself?"

Sapphire: I nod my head, and this pulls you cock even further into my mouth. I start sliding my lips up and down, about halfway, then back up again, using my hand to pump where my mouth doesn't reach. A little faster, I pick up the pace.

Doctor: I thrust in and out of your mouth roughly, as I groan a little louder "Oh...that's good.."

Sapphire: I lift my other hand, using both to rub up and down your shaft as my mouth concentrates on the head bow, sucking it with gusto, flicking my tongue on the tip.

Doctor: "oh fuck" my cock twitches slightly in your mouth "Are you ready?"

Sapphire: I nod and look up at you, keeping my mouth firmly on the head of your cock. I pump a little faster.

Doctor: I groan and thrust all the way into your mouth as I twitch and shudder, I squirt a hot load into your mouth. "Swallow it allllll"

Sapphire: I do as told, less out of obedience, more out of want, swallowing you as you cum in my mouth, sucking you till you are dry.

Doctor: I cum for a good long time, my fingers running through your hair as I empty myself into your mouth

Sapphire: I take it all, and when I feel it stop, I let the head pop out of my mouth, and start licking all up and down your dick, down to your balls, then back up again, on the top, all over...cleaning you thoroughly with my tongue.

Doctor: I smile and pat you on the head "Good girl."

Sapphire: I smile back up at you, your now softening cock still in my hands. "Doctor...can I get a prescription for this?"

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