Often I will sit in seclusion and reflect upon my choice of submission in my lifestyle. As I sit in darkness and silence, it is nights such as this, when a storm rages outside that my thoughts turn inward. I feel the unmistakable need for release, to feel a storm build within me as surely as it rages outside my windows. As I write, my nipples bound with clothespins, a vibrator buzzing against my hungry clit, I will share with you just one of the reasons I have chosen to give myself so completely to this man whom I call Master.

It was one of those days where reality ceases to exist and it is just the two of us. Snuggled up on the sofa-bed in his living room, we had lazed about all day, a veritable buffet of snacks and the like littering the coffee table as we watched movies, talked, made love and cuddled some more. Wearing nothing but my collar and cuffs, I reveled in the feeling of belonging to this man. Totally sinful, yes... but oh, so enjoyable!

Reluctantly, I looked at the clock on the wall, flashing 5:30 at us. I sighed heavily, our euphoria being broken by the shrill of the telephone. Master looked at me with regret in his eyes as he picked it up.

"Hello?" he fairly grumbled into the phone as I hid a small smile at his annoyance.

"Oh, Hi!" I looked at him in surprise, wondering who on earth could be calling and why he would sound so cheery after hearing who it was. "Sure... around an hour from now? Yes, we'll be there." My confusion continued to grow. "Ok, see you then!" He hung up the phone, obviously pleased.

"Who was that, Master?" I asked, a puzzled expression on my face. He turned to me as he hung up the phone, slapping me soundly across my ass.

"Get dressed, misha, we're going out to dinner."

"With who, Master?"

"Does it matter?" he queried back, daring me to ask again. "No, Master." I sighed, resigned to the spell of the day being broken. He leaned close as I started to get up, closing his warm hand against the back of my neck and whispered close to my ear, "Don't worry, misha. I'll make sure you will enjoy it." I looked up at him and smiled, kissing his smiling face as I hurried to get up and shower before leaving.

I stood in the shower, feeling hot needles of water sting my skin which was still glowing from an all over body rub I had been treated to. I smiled as the door creaked open announcing his arrival into the steamy sanctuary. I washed his body for him, even his hair, stroking my hands over this body that wields such power over me. He held me against his chest, rubbing his body against mine to wash me as well. We stood in the steaming spray, kissing passionately as the water sluiced the last of the soap from our bodies. He gave me a silent command with his eyes as and I turned off the water and stepped from the shower, grabbing a towel from the holder and holding it out to him before toweling myself dry.

I stepped from the bathroom to the bedroom, gathering my clothing to wear for the evening. He came up behind me and ripped the clothing from my grasp, grasping the back of my neck and bending me over the bed. I gasped and bent quickly. I felt his hand stroking my upraised ass and moaned softly. He bent over me and whispered, "Are you my little slut, misha?" A shiver ran through me as I answered quickly, "Yes, Master!"

He started spanking me then, slowly building a fire within me. I felt his hand descend again and again until I knew my ass was a bright cherry red. I could hear the smile in his voice as he said with much satisfaction, "That should give you something to think about in the restaurant... but just in case..." His voice trailed off as he went to the closet. I stayed in my current position, but turned my head to see what he was after. My eyes grew wide as I saw the remote controlled vibrator and my chastity belt in his hands. "Oh, God... " I moaned. He laughed softly. "I'm going to have a good time tonight!" he leaned down and bit my ass as he said the words, still filled with laughter and started teasing my swollen cunt and clit with the vibrator. He slid it deep within me, filling me completely as I moaned and squirmed, knowing what was coming next. Sure enough, I felt him drawing the belt between my legs and locking it around my waist. The vibrator was trapped deep within me now, and he had the only key to the belt.

"You look delicious, precious. Get dressed!" He slapped my ass again to get me moving. We said little as we hurriedly dressed and made our way to the car and out onto the Interstate.

We drove to our favorite place for Italian food and walked in. The hostess greeted us warmly and asked how many in our party. I opened my mouth to speak and only a squeak came out as the vibrator within me roared to life. Master smiled at her warmly and said, "I believe what misha was trying to say is that we are meeting someone here." The hostess looked at me strangely as the vibrator was turned off again and I heaved a sigh of...relief, disappointment? Who knows?

Master took my arm and spoke softly to me. "You will speak only when you are asked a direct question, misha, do you understand?" I nodded my head in agreement, not trusting myself to answer aloud. We rounded the bend and my eyes widened as I saw the couple sitting at the table, waving us over. Oh, my God! His parents! My eyes flew to his as he waved a jaunty salute to them and strolled us over to them.

Hellos and hugs awaited us and the vibrator roared to life within me yet again, causing me to find my seat rather quickly. I sat down, feeling it push within me and shot a pleading look to Master, which had no effect on the vibrator. I heard the talk swirling around me in a floaty cloud. Mercifully, just as I was about to scream with frustration, the vibrator turned off, leaving me shaking in denied need. We ordered a light supper of soup and salads. Well, I guess I should say Master ordered for me, I was in such a state, I didn't trust myself to try and eat anything with pasta sauce dripping from it.

I listened as the meal progressed, responding when I was asked a direct question, rewarded by the buzz of the vibrator within me. By the end of the meal, my hands were shaking so badly I folded them in my lap, unwilling to make the mistake of trying to reach for a glass and wind up spilling it all over.

Finally, the meal drew to a close and we wandered out to the parking lot and said our good-byes. I gasped as I felt the vibrator roar to life yet again as we moved to our car, holding onto his arm for support. He drew me close within the protective circle of his arm and whispered softly to me, "I'm very proud of you, my little slut... you did very well." I smiled my thanks up at him as he opened my door for me and helped me in.

We drove home in relative silence, the buzzing within me faintly discernable to the ear. As he turned into the driveway he reached over and pressed firmly on my belt, just above my clit. My moan shattered the silence, a plea escaping my lips, "Please, Master!" He merely smiled and told me to go inside and up to the bedroom. I was to undress and wait, nothing more.

I quickly made my way upstairs, frantically tearing at my clothing until I stood in his bedroom wearing nothing but the chastity belt. My hands fluttered over it, wishing desperately I could touch my clit... just once. Oh, god, I was so close... please...

He moved in front of me and kissed me gently. I felt his hands moving to my nipples to squeeze them, gently at first and then harder, hurting, pulling. I moaned into his mouth, wanting more, needing more. His whispered, "Close your eyes, love." penetrated my conscience. I obeyed at once, relishing the control of my Master. Our newest acquisition to our toy collection slid over my face, covering me from cheekbone to forehead in foam lined leather. The attached ball gag slid past my willing lips and lodged firmly behind my teeth. I moaned behind it as I felt him sliding small plugs into my ears. I was shrouded in darkness, enveloped in silence. My breathing sounding harsh within my ears.

I shrieked behind the gag as I was roughly bent forward, my hands going out automatically. My head came to rest on the edge of the bed, my hands balancing me on the floor. I felt his hand firmly grasp my shoulder and let go, silently ordering me to stay in this position. The vibrator was turned off and I felt the belt being removed. I sighed, wishing for the vibrator to drive into me yet again. I felt his hands on my ankles, looping my cuffs around them and attaching them to a spreader bar. My legs were forced impossibly wide, my forehead being driven deeper into the mattress on the bed. He slid his hands up my legs, drawing a lazy finger through my dampness. I moaned and squirmed, trying to get closer to that finger. He slapped his hand down on my moving ass, another silent order to stay still. I felt a cloth being drawn over my cunt, removing the wetness generated by his presence and the vibrator. My mind registered this with considerable confusion. What in the world is he doing???? my mind fairly screamed at me.

Sometimes, ignorance can be bliss... enlightenment is a whole world in it's own. My eyes flew open, as though I could somehow prevent this as it dawned on me what he was doing. I felt him smoothing tape across my cuntlips, spreading them securely apart, holding them wide open when he finally released them. I moaned and whimpered behind my gag, thinking of what a wonderful sadist I have found in this man, wondering what the hell he was going to do next.

I soon found out as I felt the plug sliding against my tight ass. He worked it in slowly, fucking me with maddening strokes. I moaned loudly against the gag, feeling his other hand snake around to my clit. Ah, God, please!!!!! I whimpered loudly against the gag, protesting the agony of the ecstasy he was inflicting upon me. He took his time playing with me. I could feel my own wetness trickling across the tape on my thighs, holding me wide for his pleasure. Ah, god, this is unbearable... please!! my mind screamed, close to sobbing in frustration. Just as I was about to break, to cum without his permission, he stopped, sensing I was close, and seated the plug deeply within me. I felt tears of frustration trickle from tightly closed eyelids, not quite sure of whether I was more happy he had stopped or more frustrated that he hadn't continued.

I felt his fingers again on my nipples and squeaked as he pulled and tugged at them fervently. The white-hot sear of pain shot through me as he tightly squeezed my nipple with tweezer clamps. I had barely recovered from the first when the second bolt shot through me, making my knees threaten to buckle beneath me. His hand on the small of my back steadied me, and as I composed myself, I felt the cold steel surround my clit. I screamed as it closed around my swollen, abused clit. I felt his hands sliding over me, soothing my tortured body as I writhed in tormented bliss. The chains tightened as a small weight was hung from them and given a swing. My moans and cries became louder behind the gag as the smallest of movements from my body sent my nipples and clit screaming in pained pleasure.

I felt him move behind me and slowly, oh, god, so slowly enter me, filling me with his heat. My body shuddered in completion as he fucked me, slowly at first, allowing the weight to swing gently in the wind as I felt my cunt shuddering around him. His balls gently stroked my captured clit as he thrust fully into me and I moaned and shuddered, thrusting back against him, feeling the weight tugging at me. He grabbed my hips, pulling me forcibly back to meet his thrusts, harder now, assaulting my body and taking my mind from me until I was nothing but his fuck toy, wanting only to please him. I moved against his body as best I could, thrusting back against him and feeling my own orgasm build to a throbbing peak from his balls slapping my clit roughly and then feeling the pull of the weight...slap, tug, slap, tug... oh, god, please, please, please!!!

I felt him slamming into me fully, my cries garbled behind the gag, desperate for release. I felt him remove one of the plugs from my ear, whispering of more torments he would inflict upon my body, his body, his slut. My pained cries answered his whispers.. please, yes, Master, use me, abuse me, make me yours! His loud command permeated the mist, "CUM!" My mind and body exploded into white-hot points of pain as the clamps were yanked from my body, his hand moving to squeeze my nipple and massage my clit as I continued to cum around him, for him, because of him. His roar of release mingling with my own cries of passion as I collapsed, shuddering, onto the bed.

He gently released my ankles, removing the blindfold and gag. My eyelids fluttered closed as he gathered the pieces tenderly into his arms. I sighed in the darkness. I belong. To my Master.

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