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"I could get that one over there." he said to his amused companion.

"Who, that young one over by the door? I don't think so. He's too green and innocent and, besides, he's only had eyes for the young ladies all night."

"Well you know I love a challenge. I'll bet you that I can be sucking that delicious cock and more before the night is through."

"You're on, you old lech. I love to watch you in action. And, as you know, I will be there to watch."

I was standing on the other side of the room feeling awkward and self-conscious, unaware that I had become a focus of interest to these two older men. I had noticed them earlier; the one who was preparing to lure me into his warm exploring hands seemed a nice looking slightly overweight gentleman. I had not paid any more attention to him as I stood somewhat on the sidelines of this social gathering organized by my English teacher at his large Victorian house. This was his big annual spring 'soiree' and I had been among a few of his more favourite students invited to mix and mingle with his friends and acquaintances in the literary world.

So here I was standing shyly in the room while people moved around me. Occasionally I would join into conversation being polite as I was taught and hoping desperately that my nervousness wasn't showing. Adding to my tension tonight was my teenaged randiness. The room was filled with gorgeous women and my hormones were setting my virgin cock on fire.

At this point in my life my right hand had been my only sexual partner. I know that some girls found me attractive; I am about 5' 11", still growing, dark and slim with, as I've been told, big innocent hazel eyes. I would sit in class with my eight inch raging boner sneaking looks at gorgeous thighs and luscious breasts but I hadn't yet overcome my shyness to actually act on my desires. I fantasized and relieved my eager young lust alone in my room with my faithful hand and longed for a hot young cunt into which I could plunge my aching rod.

These were the distracting thoughts going through my head when I felt a soft, passing pressure in my groin as someone excused themselves and passed in front of me. Startled I looked to see it was the older gentleman moving past me, a fashionable cane in his left hand. I realized that it was the knuckles of that hand that must have accidently brushed across my crotch. Accident or not I immediately felt my groin begin to tingle and my penis begin to stir. I flushed, embarrassed by my sudden awakening excitement. I have never thought of myself as attracted to men but it was clear that my cock didn't have those reservations.

The man glanced briefly into my eyes and then away. I looked down at my shoes waiting for the excitement in my body to settle. In only a moment he was passing again and once more his knuckles pressed gently into my groin, this time lingering a little and with more firmness. The blood rushed to my member and it became semi-hard, pushing uncomfortably against my pants as it tried to straighten. Furtively I looked around as I adjusted my pants allowing my swelling cock room to rise more freely.

No one appeared to have noticed either my furtive adjustment or the roving hand of my stalker, for now I was aware that what was happening was not accidental. My face must have been bright red as I felt the burning heat of my growing excitement and embarrassment. I was frozen like a deer in the headlights, not knowing what to do or where to look. My hands were loosely clasped behind me and I was struggling to act and look nonchalant when once again the hunter moved in on his prey.

This time, still not looking at me, he moved even more slowly in front of me, the knuckle of the hand holding his cane a perfect height, sliding up and down my now lengthened cock as it continued to harden. I was frozen with indecision, feeling shame at my arousal and yet more excited than I could ever remember. As my cock strained against the front of my pants I moved my hands casually and clasped them in front of me, hoping both to hide my increasingly obvious excitement from those around me and also in the feeble hope that this would discourage my molester.

I stood trembling in this new posture my eyes still fixed on the floor as if by doing so no one could see me or my discomfort. It seemed forever but it was only moments before my prowler moved again, this time passing close behind me, his right hand sliding down along my left buttock and giving it a gentle squeeze as he moved on. At this point I was practically swooning from the arousal. Again I looked around to see if others were aware of my shameful arousal. I saw the older gentleman's friend look away with an amused expression on his face but no one else was paying any attention to the very public fondling I was receiving. I was relieved to see his friend leave the room and disappear up into the house. Once more I was anonymous.

I was feeling more and more helpless and at the mercy of my bold aggressor and my lust. Again he passed slowly behind me, pausing unnoticed and taking his time as he squeezed and caressed my ass like my body was his for the taking. He leaned in against me whispering in my ear: "Go upstairs, third floor, second door on the right. Wait for me there." He gave my ass a final squeeze and moved on, not even looking back to see whether I would obey. But obey I did. In a trance of arousal I mounted the stairs, passed other partiers on the second floor and up to the deserted third floor. I went down the hallway entering the second room on the right, a darkened room with a large bed and night table, a closet with the door partially open, and there awaited my fate.

Moments later the door opened and he entered closing and locking it behind him. He walked to the bed taking me in with only sly sideways glanced. "Why don't I get out of here?" I was asking myself in my head; it was as if I were in a trance. He sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned me to him. He turned on the bedside light allowing me to see the arousal in his face and his eyes; they pulled my throbbing cock across the room and the rest of me followed. He murmured his pleasure as his hand reached out and squeezed my penis through the fabric of my pants. His other hand slid up the back of my thigh and cupped my buttock as he pulled me closer.

My eyes closed as I felt him rub his face along the length of my penis pressing his lips against the fabric. Incredibly my cock seemed to continue to grow even harder and longer as involuntarily I took his head in my hands and pressed it more against my aching groin. Feebly I protested: "Please, stop. This isn't right. You shouldn't be doing this to me." He took no heed of my weak protest, it was my body he wanted and my body was clearly on his side. His hands moved swiftly to my belt buckle, undoing my belt and the button of my trousers, slowly sliding the zipper down pressing it against my swollen member as he did.

"No, please." I moaned, struggling and feeling helpless, betrayed by my young frustrated lust. "This is wrong." His chuckle came deep in his chest. "Oh no," he said, "This is very right.", as he slid my pants down my thighs to my knees, his warm hands moving back up my soft hairless thighs to their pleasure. Once again his left hand slid up the back of my thigh, this time sliding under the edge of my underpants and softly caressing the tender pouch at the bottom of my buttock. Involuntarily my hips pushed forward as his right hand masterfully cupped and squeezed my throbbing cock and again I felt his lips kissing me along the length of my hardness. I moaned as he took his slow pleasure, sliding his right hand now up into my underpants and taking hold of my hot member while his left hand boldly roamed over my bare buttocks caressing and fondling me as he pleased.

His warm experienced hands moved this time to pull my panties down over my throbbing cock down to my knees and move back up to their now unrestricted access of my ass and genitals. Gently he pulled and squeezed my cock while cupping and fondling my ass, slowly pressing my hips towards his face. "No! Stop!" I cried, feebly struggling as I felt his warm breath on my groin, his face over my skin as he deeply breathed in my scent, then, 'Oh My God!'; he was kissing my hardness, giving it little licks as he tantalizingly worked his way to its throbbing head.

He paused briefly; I felt his warm mouth take in the head of my cock and release it, like he was sampling the taste of me. I guess he liked the taste as next his warm wet mouth was sliding all the way down my pole, sucking and sliding up and down, his left hand squeezing my left buttock more firmly and pulling me in while with his right hand he fondled my balls. The moans of my reluctant pleasure mixed with his triumphant groans and he took the length of my cock in deeper and deeper down his opening throat.

Suddenly he stopped and stood up beside me. In a moment he had stripped me of my shirt and pushed me down onto the bed. In another moment the rest of my clothes were in a heap on the floor and he was, still fully clothed, laying half on top of me. He pinned my arms over my head as his right hand roamed over my naked body, caressing and stroking me as he wished. He took hold of my face and pressed his lips onto mine. I struggled and squirmed as he held me down and plunged his hard tongue deep into my mouth.

As he continued to dominate me I struggled and pleaded for him to let me go. He seemed to enjoy my weak protests and told me to relax and have fun as he obviously intended to do. His hand slid down the length of my increasingly submissive body to my aching cock squeezing and pulling it. Soon his hot mouth followed, kissing my neck, sucking on my excited sensitive nipples and continuing down, kissing and licking my belly until once again his lips seized their prey, opening and taking my cock deeply into his warm wet sucking mouth. Automatically my hips thrust up to meet him but this time he didn't linger. Against my will I cried out in protest as his lips pulled away from my rigid cock and began to kiss all around my groin while he gently pushed me over onto my stomach, allowing his lips and hands to now take possession of my virgin ass.

His hands stroked up my smooth thighs, cupping, caressing and squeezing my firm soft ass cheeks while he kissed and licked and nibbled at my tender young flesh. Soon his hands became more intent in their actions as I felt the sweet cheeks of my ass being parted by his probing fingers, exposing my cherry rosebud to his searching tongue. I gasped as I felt his wet tongue push down between my spread cheeks finding my sweet hole and plunging hotly into me. My God! I thought I was going to come or pass out as he penetrated my unprotected hole.

He continued confidently possessing my body and my will weakening as he ravished me. I had no defences against his experience and insistence and my own virgin lust as he rolled me over and once again took my cock deep into his hot mouth and began to suck me in earnest. My ass lay on his left hand and as he cupped and squeezed my cheeks I felt his middle finger slowly slide deeper and deeper between my honey buns until it was resting against my tender rosebud. As he sucked me in deeper and deeper his finger pressed upon my hole, pushing me open and sliding his finger in up to the second knuckle. Expertly he circled and stretched and pumped my defenseless opening adding another and then another finger until I was being reamed and stretched. He was preparing me, I knew for the violation that was still to come.

Meanwhile I was bucking into his face with increasing intensity: he had taken in my long hard cock all the way down his throat and was pulling rhythmically up and down its length. I began to cry out loud: "Oh, no! I'm coming! I'm coming!" Aaaaahhhh!!!! I cried as my body shuddered and I began to pump my hot fluids down his welcoming hot wet throat. I grabbed his head and jerked involuntarily as I emptied my load and he sucked vigorously, slurping down every last drop of my hot cum.

Spent, the tension left me and I lay open to him as he continued to suck me and lick my balls and my cock clean. As he finished he began to push up my body, placing my knees over his shoulders, his lips tracing their way back up over my belly, to my nipples, my neck and my lips. I tasted myself as his tongue pushed deep into my mouth. He reached down while he had me pinned and unzipped and lowered his pants to his thighs. My knees were being pressed up against my chest and his warm hands were, once again, pulling my ass cheeks apart as I felt his hard member begin to press against his ultimate target. Now he would possess me completely. Again I protested and struggled but I was weak from my orgasm and he had me expertly pinned with his heavier, hairy body. "No! Stop!" I cried "Let me go."

He laughed and in his deep confident voice said: Oh, I'll let you go, my lovely, once I've had my way with your cute little ass. From now on this little bum-bum belongs to me. I would suggest that if you don't want this to be too painful, you push down on my cock instead of trying to twist away from me. It doesn't matter to me because one way or another your little virgin rosebud is going to be mine." His words made me pause and in that moment he slapped my ass really hard which caused my bum muscles to relax. With a grunt of triumph he pushed his head into my hole and held me while I bucked and twisted and tried to push him out. As he pinned me to the bed all my struggles accomplished was allowing his hard cock to penetrate deeper and deeper until finally I felt his balls sliding on my ass cheeks.

I whimpered with the pain and discomfort although truth be told it wasn't as painful as I had expected. He held me until I began to calm down then slowly began to pump my ass, in and out, in and out, pulling out further each time then sliding into the hilt. My body began to move with his rhythm and he began fucking my ass in earnest, pumping harder and faster, harder and faster. His hands were on my thighs, pushing them up into my chest allowing him to partially raise his upper body and pound into me with greater abandon. The friction was making my own cock hard again as he grunted and groaned with pleasure, finally filling my bowels with his warm hot sperm. He pumped load after load deep into me until he was spent and collapsed on top of me, releasing my legs, his softening cock popping out of my ravaged hole.

We lay like that for a few minutes, spent, recovering our breath, then he kissed me deeply and rolled off me onto his side taking me in with a possessive smile on his face. "Well, my little bum boy, you are one juicy fuck. I look forward to our continuing encounters." As indignantly as I could manage under the circumstances I stated in no uncertain terms that he had seen the last of me unless it was with the police in tow. That last part was a lie as I had no desire for anyone to know about what had happened to me.

I was startled by a third voice belonging to the man's friend emerging from the partially closed closet with a camcorder in hand. "Actually, my young friend, you may want to reconsider your options. I would hate for any of the images in this recorder to accidently end up in your parent's or your friend's mailbox, and we have some lovely images of you taking it up that juicy butt of yours." Turning to his friend he said: "Nicely done! And so quickly. I look forward to when his cute little tush has healed and we can allow others to have fun with our new little plaything" Laughing in agreement, my possessor zipped himself up and the two of them left the room, letting me know before they left that they had procured my name and my parent's address where I was still living, from the host. I was left there, taken, and wondering what my future, now in their salacious hands, would hold.

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Butt fucked and loving it.

One of my sexual fantasies is being taken against my will.Forced to strip,bent over and repeatedly sodomized,all the while being forced to suck multiple cocks too. Then having cum oozing out of both holes.more...

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