tagInterracial LoveTaken, and Loving It

Taken, and Loving It


Taken, and loving it, 'eventually!'

Here I was on my knees on my own bed with a black cock all the way in my open mouth, I was actually on my knees between his open legs, he was leaning in a sat up position against my headboard, my husbands and my headboard.

He had his hand tight in my hair, my long blond hair, partly in a pony tail because some of my hair hanging from the sides was swaying around his big cock and balls as I was being pumped up and down on it.

It was big, it was hard, it was veiny, the head was smooth, spongy, velvety, and the big ridge when he pushed my head down over it made my lips almost slap shut

As a woman I couldn't help but feel a little proud and pleased with myself, because without me being forced to suck and slurp it, he wouldn't have the hard on that he had right now! Perverse? Yes, but altogether a real reality.

Even though I was being forced to do it, and knowing it would soon be battering my pussy, he lifted my mouth off him, and pushed it down onto his swollen balls, I knew what was wanted from me, and as I said, being in the position I was in, I wasn't going to refuse, he had told me if I did, I would get more than a another little slap!

I had already been spanked hard on both cheeks of my arse to let me know who was in charge and nothing was up for discussion or negotiation!

I bent my head and sucked, licked and slurped at his testicles, I sucked one into my hot mouth and twiddled at it with my tongue.

I must confess I was getting a little turned on too, because I knew if I did as told I would be okay and not get slapped by him again, it also gave me a little power over him too, womanly power, the power a woman has who turns a man on, and make him want her to satisfy him.

My hands were flat on the bed either side of his hips, what sent me into orbit was his sudden gentle nipping of my nipples hanging straight down from my body, it took me by complete surprise, and I couldn't help but moan over the soft nut in my mouth!

How did I get here? Let me explain, and also a little about me, and my husband who would now be sat at his desk probably, while his previously innocent and very faithful wife was being ravished.

He had called a neighbours house to ask if their son Mark, could do some work in the garden, and garage, and that my husband would pay him for, they lived about 5 doors down from us.

They are Headingly and Mabel Winsome, their 20 year old son, as I've said is Mark, they are a black family from Africa somewhere, Somalia I believe, and very very nice, as is/was their son.

He came around the next morning early to see Mike, my husband, before he went to work so he could show him what he wanted, there was no rush so it was agreed that Mark would call as and when he felt like it.

I also noticed him ogling me when Mike wasn't looking, I enjoyed it, knowing I was exciting him; It was still very early morning, about 7:00 am, and I was wearing a short silky dressing gown, tied loosely at my waist, and I was wearing heels, I always have heels, I wouldn't be seem dead without them.

I am a naturally flirty girl, although I am 29 years old now. But I have always been steadfastly faithful, and never ever had I been with another man in my life.

He came around the following morning about 10ish, I was dressed, he did some work, I gave him something to drink, he continued to ogle me, and although I was a little uncomfy with it, it still didn't stop me flashing my eyes, or giving a little twirl for him.

Mark is 20 years old, well built, works out, I have seen him exercising and running, so I know he is really fit, very good looking, broad in the shoulder, narrow at the waist and strong legs, over 6ft tall, completely bald shaved head, very masculine looking and manly in his ways, even though he is only 20.

Me? I am Jenny Smith, 29, married 7 years, known my husband for 10 years, I'm 5ft 8" tall, thick blonde long silky hair, and in certain light, would be termed as 'dirty blonde' which I take very great care of, I'm good looking, huge green eyes, some might say better than very good looking, but its not my opinion to say so.

Long legged, have my bumps and points in all the right places, I like to dress well, love my short skirts and tops, stockings and all the rest of it, just like any normal woman.

He left that day saying he would be back in the morning, and while I reproached myself for teasing him a little, I knew I would do it again tomorrow, and more to the point my husband did too, because he loved it, but he also knew I was his, no messing!!!

The next day, as I was at the door giving Mike his farewell kiss, Mark came down the drive, said he was early because he had a lot to do that day, I didn't know, 'that a lot to do' today was going to be me!

Mike left, Mark went down the side of the house, I went into my kitchen, and there he was, in and out of the garage working away, I left it for and hour or so, then went and asked him if he wanted coffee, 'in 5 minutes' he told me, 'and I'll be in, and finished out here for the day.'

I was still in my dressing gown, the short silky one, panties underneath, no bra, and backless high heel sandals, tied with a bow in the middle, I didn't give it a thought, Mark came in, asked to use the bathroom, and disappeared upstairs while I made coffee.

I heard him moving around, what I didn't know was he was having a very quick wash, and put on a clean 'T' shirt he had brought with him.

He came down, I handed him his coffee, he had a couple of swift drinks, put it down, walked over to me, I didn't move because I never expected to happen, what happened.

He bent in front of me, put his arm behind my legs, and in second I was up over his shoulder, he captured an arm, walked to the back door, locked it, walked around the house downstairs, checking it was all locked, I realised afterwards, and then I started shouting at him to put me down, 'sorry' he said, 'no can do now.'

I was carried upstairs in double quick time, struggling and shouting all the way, my first thought was he was going rob me, and then I understood in my head that I was the intended victim, and robbery wasn't on his mind, well not monetary values, but my marriage fidelity was in serious jeopardy.

I was unceremoniously dumped on the bed, and he immediately climbed on top of me, facing away, and while I was still face down, I felt him yank up my dressing gown, my flimsy panties were unceremoniously ripped off my body, and then he proceeded to spank me, and very hard too, as my spanking was taking place he informed me that if I didn't obey him, I would be continually spanked until I did.

I was in tears, not only with the pain, but the humiliation of this walloping, and by an almost black stranger, but also in the certain knowledge of my subjugation to him.

I begged him to stop, pleaded, cried in despair, 'will you do as you are told and obey me?' he yelled.

'Yes, yes, yes, please please stop,' I wailed. He did thank goodness, 'You've been teasing and flirting with me since the moment I came here, so Im taking what you've been offering me ok?' He said.

'But I never meant it,' I whimpered. 'Too late to back track now babe, Im having you, and that's it!' 'You are far too much of hot pussy, to be missing out on what I'm gonna give you,' he told me.

'Please don't, I'll give you anything you want, but please don't do this,' I begged. I really was in fear now. He laughed, and said, 'don't worry babe, you're gonna give me anything, and everything I want, that is a given honey,'

'Spread em,' he said, still on top of me holding me down. 'What?' I asked, 'I don't know what you mean?' 'Your feet, spread em wide, and now!' He growled. I hesitated a little; I suddenly received a mighty blow on my already tender buttocks. 'Now' He ordered. I did as told. 'Wider.'

I pushed my feet as far apart as I could. 'Good girl,' he told me, and proceeded to massage and caress my aching bottom. I must confess I was grateful for his kind attention, little knowing he was playing good cop, bad cop with me.

He was using both hands, one on each of my round firm buns. I unknowingly started to slide my feet together because it felt better that way, immediately I received 2 more stinging blows to each one.

'Keep em spread,' was his angry order.

I did, and suddenly I was being caressed again, it felt so good, I was again grateful to him, for being nice to me.

After some minutes, he slowed and I felt one hand in the centre of my back, and then I realised, because he was being so slow, that his hand was sliding down over my bum.

And the pressure was in one finger, I could feel it, it was agonisingly slow, for some reason I found myself wishing he would hurry and get to where ever it was it was going!

It reached my bum hole, he pressed, but not hard enough to go in, but hard enough never the less. I couldn't stop the low moan that escaped my lips, if I had been able to look in his face as he was doing this, I would have seen him smiling in victory, he already knew I was going to be his, but I didn't, not yet anyway.

He continued on his oh, so very slow merry way, I was unable to stop my bum pushing upwards to meet his wanton finger. It slid it's agonisingly slow way over my quivering pussy, but he never put it in me?

I got another slap on my bottom; he jumped up, and said, 'get up honey, time for some real fun now.' Again I hesitated, his flat hand raised into the air, I was off that bed like lightening!

'Lose the robe and shoes babe, now.'

I did as told and stood before my black attacker, what was I going to do to get out of this, I just didn't know. I wanted my husband to come home and save me, but I knew that, short of a miracle that wasn't going to happen.

'Get back on the bed, in the centre, face the headboard and kneel down on your haunches.' He told me. Again I did as told.

I saw him out of the corner of my eye walk behind me. I could hear movement, but daren't turn round to look, tears were still leaking from my eyes.

'Close your eyes, and lower your head, and don't you dare to look,' he told me. I did as he said.

I felt the bed move, then I felt him touching my hair, he was taking his grip, though I didn't know what he was up to, just yet.

Holding my head still down in a tight grip, he said to me, 'okay babe, open those big green eyes and take a look at your immediate future.

I did, and was confronted by a sight I had never even imagined in wild fantasies, either on my own, or sharing with Mike my husband.

I was looking at his cock, in his big hand pointing at my face, the mushroom head was glowing at me, it seemed to be smiling at me, red, purple, mauve, dark, he waved it a little, so I could see past the head, it was long, longer than my husbands, by about an inch or more, and thicker too by at least half an inch, the head was smooth and shiny, the ridge was very pronounced, and as I was soon to experience, a real pleasure giver, that I would be unable to resist.

He smelled a smell I didn't know; I was later able to determine that it was man smell, musk, male, power, alpha!

All my life I have been able to get my way with any man, even my Daddy, boys at school, in my teens, but not this 20 year old man/boy, he must have had lots of success with women, because he knew very well how to handle me.

For the first time in my life I wasn't in control, I am in control of my husband in bed, I get my way whenever I want, when he thinks he's 'got me' it's only because I let him, but it's how we like it so?

That's when he pushed my head down and I got the first taste of his cock, black cock too, I had fantasised it before but never ever thought it would happen, and not like this. I had no option to do, as he made me do.

I sucked and slurped as hard and fast as I could, this is where my hormones took over, his black cock hardened in my mouth, my womanly pride took over, knowing it was me, and me alone that was making him as hard as this.

This was my very first experience with another man, I had only ever known my husband, we had talked in bed of me being ravished by a big black man, because I am a natural blonde, but had never intended it to go any further, yet here I was, living our fantasy, albeit unwillingly.

I was getting more and more turned on, there is no doubt about it, and I knew I was going to do whatever he told me to do, and the unwillingness was leaving me in droves.

That's when he directed my mouth at his testicles and I attacked them for all my worth, after I while I heard him grunting, he pulled my head up and jammed his big hard cock back into my mouth, let go of my hair, I marvelled at the erotic sight as I knelt between his muscular legs, of my blonde hair and white skin against his charcoal black!

His hand came out of my hair, reached underneath me and squeezed my fully erect and very sensitive nipples; I couldn't stop the involuntary moan and groan that elicited itself out of my mouth over his cock!

That's when he shot his load, my mouth filled to overflowing, he put his hand on the top of my head to stop me pulling off, I swallowed as much as I could, I was gobbling away like a Christmas turkey.

I got most of it down, but what really amazed me was the taste, I was wonderful, it surprised me totally because it was utterly different from Mike's.

He sprawled before me, seemingly totally spent, I hoped that this would satisfy him, and he would let me go, WRONG!

My trouble was I was so turned on now, I was saying to myself, get away while you can, but my body was saying, you ain't going anywhere girl, you are gonna get the fucking that you so badly need, so you just wait right there, until he tells you what to do next!

I did!

The feeling of out of body experience seemed to wash through me, I knew where I was, what I was doing, what I had just done, but I didn't seem to be the person there that was me?

He grabbed my upper arms gently, and pulled me up to him, he rolled me over on to my back and covered my body with his, the next thing I knew, he was kissing me in such a loving way I couldn't help but respond to him, I moved my body into him, he knew, I knew, who was making this happen, and it wasn't me!

My submission to him was increasing by the second and as I had never experienced such a feeling, it overwhelmed me, along with his subtle domination, power over me; I responded completely, I loved it.

I was ready to be made love to by a man, who knew his woman already, this woman!

My left arm went around his neck, my right hand sought his big beautiful cock, that was hardening under my ministrations.

He was stoking my body, up and down, round and round, pulling, twisting, pinching my nipples in a way that was driving me to distraction, how could a 20 year old be this knowledgeable, and experienced was beyond me.

God, I had never felt this way about any man, I love my husband, but this was to me, uncontrollable, undeniable, I have never wanted to make love like this before. He said to me, 'you have 2 choices' here babe, both will happen, you get to choose which comes first okay?'

'What are they?' I gasped.

'Do you want me to make love to you first, or do you want to be absolutely hammered by me, and fucked silly, by your very own big black cock, right here in your marital bed right now?'

No contest. 'I want to be hammered please, please, please Mark,' I moaned.

With no more ado, he was on me, and in me in a flash, his prick filled me like never before, every nook and cranny of my pussy seemed to be stretched to the limit, wonderful, wonderful wonderful! I could feel the bulbous mushroom of its head bashing against my cervix,

I was bouncing up and down on the bed like it was a trampoline, his prick as he withdrew it and hammered it back in, caused red hot friction on the walls of my super heated pussy, just literally obliterated my addled mind.

Never in my life, had my husband been anywhere even close to this.

I orgasmed almost immediately, then again, and seemingly again and again, but as I had just blown him, it took him a while to cum, but he pounded and pounded me, I was in pain, in agony, in heaven, in ecstasy, in love, all the things a woman can feel when she is being fuck loved like this.

His kisses were never ending, his tongue was like a black velvet rope swirling in my willing mouth, his grip on me was like death throes, as was mine on him, I was hanging onto his body for dear life now.

Then he came to a sudden stop, I didn't know why, then he started grunting, and drove his wonderful cock all the way into me, and blasted what felt like a bucket load of spunk right into me, it felt like it had gone up into my throat, such was the power and intensity of his ejaculation!

I automatically came again around his gorgeous black love pole.

He collapsed on me, and held me there by sheer body weight while he recovered from it himself.

I felt his cock soften a little, not knowing it never had any intention of going right down, it still had unfinished business with my now submissive body.

I had my arms and legs all around him, I didn't want him to get off me, all women know that feeling of utter satisfaction, (well nearly all) and I certainly did now!

Though I hadn't known it until this day; I thought I had felt it many times while making love with my husband.

But now I knew different, there were men, and there were men, Mark was a man among men, I realised that my husband was now in 2nd place all by himself, I knew this could not possibly end here, I didn't want it to, and as long as Mark wanted me I was going to be his.

That's when the bomb dropped; we hadn't had any children, why? We didn't know, I had had all the tests possible, as had my husband, he was perfectly okay, and I was too, we hadn't had children because nature was deciding it, and for no other reason.

But now, I had been mightily and very forcefully injected with another mans sperm, and jet black sperm too, now what was going to happen?

I was right in the middle of the fertile peak in my cycle; my pussy was awash with Mark's black love juice . And I knew for certain it had already found its way to where the Good Lord had intended it to go, would it make me pregnant? Oh my God I hoped not, because I knew my faith would never allow an abortion.

I was slowly coming to my senses, and mulling over the idea of saying to Mark, he must go, that I had made a serious error in flirting with him, that I loved my husband, that this would never happen again, and he had to leave.

My mind was in complete turmoil, and I think Mark must have guessed by the look on my face what I was thinking, because he had recovered too, and he just lifted himself over me, put his hands under my thighs, lifted them up, my feet were over his shoulder before I had time to draw breath and he was at me again.

Any decision I may or may not have made was removed by one mighty, forceful and very dominant thrust, by his black steel rod.

And he kept his word, this time he made love to me, soft, gentle all consuming powerful love, I had the mightiest orgasm I had ever ever had, it literally blew me apart, and I think his did to him too, my husband was strictly 2nd rate now.

I hated to admit it to myself, but it was the unmistakable truth, nothing in my life had readied me for this, I was in a place, hitherto unknown to me, but I knew there was more to come, and lots more places to be taken to by my now beautiful black lover.

I had been taken against my will, raped and abused, so I could have him jailed for sure, but if you could show me a woman who had been transformed this way, and wanted revenge, I would show you a liar!

He must have taken about 15 minutes loving me, gentle, insistent, long, hard, powerful, tender thrusting of his dynamic love rod, and I have to admit I gave back, (maybe not as much) as good as I got.

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