tagInterracial LoveTaken, and Loving It Ch. 02

Taken, and Loving It Ch. 02


Well, my husbands reaction to my confession of an affair was not what I had expected, he wasn't happy, that was for sure, but I had at least expected something, a row, a violent thumping of walls, smashing things, name calling, shouting, and even some tears, but no, he apologised for purposely putting me and our marriage in harms way, not to mention my deliberate flirtatious ways, especially to Mark, my very vibrant powerful, dominating, (in a kind way, apart from my backside walloping) Alpha male young 20 year old black lover.

I had been taken by him of that there was no doubt, legally raped Im sure, but I had willingly and wholeheartedly submitted to him, and now I was so engrossed, I could not deny my love or need for him, I know I could never give him up, I think it will only happen when he releases me back to Mike, even though I still felt I loved my husband, my 2 problems were going to be, (if they occurred) were, would my husband demand I gave up seeing Mark.

Number 2 was, was I, could I, already be pregnant by Mark now, he had filled me for 2 weeks with his sperm in every hole in my body, no protection had been used, my belly was awash with his spunk!

It dripped out of my pussy on many occasions, literally fell out there was so much of it, and I still wasn't used to the force of his injection of sperm into me, the feeling was and still is sublime, it's that woman thing of contentment that happens during her mans ejaculation, that her body has brought him on to.

He had first taken me right at the start or onset of my fertile period, I was due to begin my cycle tomorrow, I am fairly regular in my terms so I was expecting a bleeding tomorrow or at the latest, the following day, which would determine if I was to be 'with child.'

Mike had mentioned all this, he had said (with feeling) that he would not bring up a black bastard's baby, so that would be a choice to make solely for me, to terminate, or the marriage would be over!

For me it was a decision I didn't think I could ever make, my faith would not allow an abortion.

We talked long into the night, didn't resolve anything really, and he slept in the spare room that night, the first time we had done that, and I didn't like it one bit, it made me realise that he was more important to me than I had given serious thought to.

I slept fitfully, so did Mike apparently, but he went to work, I had thought he would call in sick and stay at home to have it out with Mark, but he didn't, and off he went, an hour later Mark was with me.

I needed solace, comfort, someone to hold me, tell me I was loved and not worthless like I was feeling right then, Mark provided me with that, and I was soon responding to his soft kisses, gentle touch, My God does he know how to push my buttons, I was practically begging for him to make love to me, or just plain fuck me big time, either was good for me.

He didn't wait, told me to get over the table, where he ripped my panties off, undid his own, and rammed his already hard firm black prick right up into my wet dripping pussy, soaked his dick in my juices, it blew the breath right out of my submissive body, I still couldn't believe how this man/boy could make me feel, and submit the way I was doing, when this had never occurred to me before.

I came just about straight way, he for his part he didn't, then after I'd cum, and I was just flopped over the table; he pulled his cock out and shoved it unceremoniously hard up my defenceless and still sore arse, I screamed and tried to get up, he put his hand in the middle of my back and just hard butt fucked me, I surrendered to him, crying, weeping, loving my demise and subjugation, to my now seemingly 'Black master' though I hesitate to use that term, I could think of no other term for the position I was in, and I don't mean over the table.

He carried me upstairs still embedded in my backside, and finished himself off by flooding my open bowels with what seemed like a bucket full of cum.

After that, he collected me in his loving arms and just loved me, petted me, caressed me, held me tight, no escape, he was laying claim to me now and I really could see no way out.

We spent 4 more hours making love and it was an equal session, he responded to me as I responded to him, we had a fantastic time, I loved being on the floor next to the bed, sucking his mighty prick until he came not only in my mouth but all over me too.

I decided that I and my husband had to resolve the issue, I didn't know what the outcome was going to be, but it certainly wasn't what I could possibly have expected, Mark left around 4:00 saying it was about time he moved in, and possibly Dave moving out, or into the spare bedroom, this shocked me to the core.

That night Dave and I had a real heart to heart, I told him I still loved him with all my heart, and I do, he said he still loved me too, I told him what Mark had said, he looked at me horrified, asked me if that was what I wanted? I said to him that I honestly didn't know, but that I also thought I really didn't want to lose my marriage or my husband either.

'Okay then,' he said. 'I will resolve this tomorrow, and it will be final too.'

I had no idea what he meant, he went into the spare room again, I wanted to go to him but I daren't, there was something in his demeanour that I had never seen, that made me stay away from him that night.

The following morning, we had a civilised breakfast, I asked him what was the programme, he went and phoned Mark, and asked him to call round, he arrived 30 minutes later, I could see in his face that he knew he was in control and I was his, Dave said to him.

'Mark, I want you to leave this house, leave my wife alone and never darken my door again.'

Mark was shocked to say the least, he told Dave I was his now and he had better be careful or he would be thrown out of his own house.

Dave smiled, walked to Mark and laid him out with one punch, Mark was on his back in the kitchen, Dave grabbed his collar, dragged him to the back door, and sat him against the wall outside, when he came to, Dave stood him up, told him again to stay away or there would be more trouble than he could handle, Mark went to grab him, Dave spun and threw him over his shoulder with a thud he landed on his back on the grass, I was speechless, where had my husband learned to be like this?

Dave knelt over him, slapped his face really hard several times.

'Now,' he said, 'last warning, you ever come here again, or contact my wife in any way, I will put you in a wheel chair, understand me?' He threatened.

Mark could only mumble a 'yes.'

Dave hauled him to his feet, guided him out of the garden, warned him a last time and sent him on his way.

He came back to me, I was very contrite, I was now expecting a good hiding from this masculine man I had never met?

'Inside,' he ordered, 'now get up those stairs right now,' he bellowed.

I did hurry as fast as I could, now in real fear.

He grabbed me, kissed me, told me he loved me, I was his and his alone he said, and 'did I understand him now?'

'Yes' I happily whispered.

'No more of Mark or else,' he told me.

'Never, never,' I responded, 'I love you so much Dave, I'm so sorry, it will never happen again I promise.'

'No it won't,' he replied. 'Unless, I say so!'

With that we went to bed, and made love, I never spoke to Mark again, and while what we had was fantastic, it couldn't compare to what Dave and I have now.

This was all one year ago, I do have a baby; I was pregnant, as I had thought, and my beautiful little boy looks exactly like his daddy Dave.

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