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Taken and Used


I'd like to thank Snooper for helping me with his editing skills.

It had been along time since Cara had some release. Oh, sure, she'd had many orgasms and had been well fucked on a few occasions, but the release that she desires is of a different kind. Some might call it a darker side and others ... well, just sick. Up to this time in her life, Cara has yet to find someone who calls it good.

Cara is a forty-four year old divorced woman who lives with her long time friend and boy friend Joe. Cara is a heavy woman. Not really fat but heavy enough to be shopping in the plus sizes. She enjoys the attention that her breasts attract. Her breasts are as big as melons and she loves it when her lover takes two hands to grab and squeeze them. Her fat ass and thick thighs bring up the rear. At work she is the "Boss Lady" but outside of work she craves to be the submissive one.

Cara and Joe have dabbled into a bit of bondage and some Sado-Masochistic play with Cara on the receiving end. A typical playtime will consist of Joe tying Cara to the bed with a vibrator strapped to her pussy while he plays roughly with her boobs and nipples. He may have her suck his cock. Cara considers herself lucky when Joe ties her boobs up with rope so that they stand straight up and become pink and tender. It is amazing how wet she becomes when he does this and, should he decide to smack them with a crop or strap, will sometimes bring her near the edge of orgasm.

Both of them enjoy it when he takes her from behind. Cara loves it when he has her turn over and then forces her face into the bed, smashing her tied up boobs into the mattress. The mix of pain in her breasts and the pleasure of being taken in that way is such a turn on to her. Sometimes Joe will smack her ass while she's in that position. But to Cara, it never lasts quite long enough. When Joe fucks her with the force of his two hundred and twenty pound frame this way, his balls swing forward and bang against her clit sending her over the edge. When Cara's contracting pussy muscles begin squeezing his cock that will usually send him off. After Joe recovers, he unties Cara's breasts, unceremoniously, gives her a quick kiss and runs off to the bathroom leaving her sitting on the bed wondering, and wishing that there was more. These thoughts usually make Cara feel quite selfish.

If you were to ask Cara to tell you a story of the perfect scene she would tell you that it would be any one that Joe came up with himself. You see, most of the scenes that she and Joe have enjoyed have been the result of Cara's urging. Cara will share a story with him, one that she's read and got her juices flowing. She'll try to get him to talk about the parts of the story that he also enjoyed, hoping that it will stir something inside of him. Seldom has he come up with something novel and when he does it's usually outrageous and takes hours to prepare. One time Joe went to the store and bought an adjustable workhorse. He then went to the fabric store and picked up some batting and faux leather and padded the workhorse so it wouldn't be cold and hard for Cara. As sweet as that was, it took him hours to set it all up and, on the night that Joe finally decided to use it, Cara had innocently stated that her feet were tired and sore so Joe didn't even mention trying it out. Finally, about two months later they tried it out and had lots of fun but, that's another story. It's been two years since the workhorse creation, and Cara and Joe have used it only once. Cara has enjoyed many fantasies in which it and she, was used ... but fantasies they stay.

If one had to sum up what Cara feels she needs into one phrase, it would be that she wants to be taken. Taken and used. Not for her pleasure but for the taker's pleasure. The closest Cara had ever got to this with Joe was on this one particular night.

Joe tied Cara's tits up really, really tight and wrapped some yarn around each of her fat nipples making them stick out a good inch from the top of the reddening bubbles. He then took the small silver bullet vibrator, the one with the cord and remote, slipped it inside a condom, added some lube and then pushed it far up into Cara's fat ass. Joe then took the long dildo, the one that Cara cannot push out no matter how hard she tries or how hard she comes and shoved that all the way into her now wet pussy, tying it in with the big, plug-in vibrator aimed at her clit.

He wrapped rope around Cara's legs to hold them together and clipped her hands at her side with the cuffs attached to the rope that was around Cara's thick upper thigh, holding the vibrator in place. With two pillows under the top half of Cara's back and shoulders he positioned her with her head hanging over the pillows and side of the bed, and then stood over her, facing her feet with his cock pointing straight out over her face. Joe's cock is thick. It's not especially long but it is very wide and stretches Cara's holes making her feel quite full.

Joe began by turning the vibrators on and pulling Cara's fat pussy lips apart so that they would hug the head of the vibrator that was now directly pressing on her clit. He started them both on the lowest setting. He started to squeeze and knead Cara's tightly tied boobs with both of his rough hands, pulling and twisting hard on her tied nipples with his strong fingers. Cara could feel her pussy juice beginning to leak down to her ass.

Joe continued to pinch and pull Cara's nipples very hard and when Cara opened her mouth to protest he shoved his cock into it. Joe gave her a moment to get his thick piece of meat all wet before he started to push it in and out of that hole. He pushed his cock in and out, deeper and deeper, inch by inch, until it was stretching Cara's mouth all the way to the back of her throat.

Joe picked up the crop that he had placed on the bed and started to lightly hit Cara's mound and boobs with it. He moved forward to turn the vibrators on high and when he did, his cock went deeper in Cara's throat than it had ever been before. Cara's eyes flung wide open causing her to stare at the underside of his ass. Cara could not breathe. She couldn't move. She couldn't even protest. Joe held this position for a moment and told Cara how good it felt having her throat spasm around his cock's head. He had no idea that Cara couldn't breathe and no idea that her pussy muscles were about to start to spasm as well. Still unaware of the effect he was having on her, Joe began to move his thick cock slowly in and out of Cara's throat. Joe's balls were hanging across Cara's nose and even though he pulled his cock out far enough for Cara to feel his head on her tongue, it was difficult to get a whole breath in.

During the next few moments Joe stood there and slowly fucked Cara's face. He took her throat and used it like it was a toy that had been made only to be used for his pleasure. Cara's gagging went unnoticed. Her need for a full breath went unnoticed. He traded the crop in for a leather strap and began to hit her mound and boobs real hard. Sometime during this wonderful event the yarn on Cara's nipples were removed and the paddle landed on the now very sensitive nubs several times. He seemed to enjoy the moans in Cara's throat when he did that.

Joe never let up. He just did what he wanted to do to Cara and when she came he did not turn the vibrator off. He didn't even turn it down like he would usually do for her. He just kept on smacking her body hard with the strap and fucking her face like it was a pussy, and when he came Cara hardly tasted his saltiness because he came so deep in her throat. Only when he became soft again did he removed his cock from her mouth leaving her lying there, tasting him and gasping for air with the vibrators painfully buzzing away on her very sensitive clit and in her ass and went into the bathroom for several minutes.

Cara will always remember lying there like that, after he was finished with her. She was thinking, 'Wow! Now that's what I'm talking about. That's where I want to go, again and again.' Imagine finding such sweet release under such restraint. And that is the release that Cara craves.

Afterwards Joe apologized for being so selfish. Even though Cara told him that she loved it and had never felt so satisfied, he still shook his head while patting a small bruise on Cara's left breast that he had made while he squeezed them so wonderfully just moments before. Unfortunately, Cara hasn't gotten to that place again. Although Joe seemed to enjoy it while it was happening, from his reaction and unwillingness to revisit that edge again, Cara knows that this is not a scene for him. Cara now needs to figure out a way to find that special someone who feels that taking her and using her is good. Until then she'll have to simply remember and dream.

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