Taken at Work


I left school at the age of eighteen and went to work in a city centre department store. I work in the ladies fashion department - really I'm only a sales assistant, but I'm learning and keen to do well.

Recently I was asked to help develop an important new window display. It was a great opportunity to show what I was capable of doing and I put a lot of effort into it. Just after lunch one day I was putting the finishing touches to the display when my department head came along and told me to hurry up and finish off because the store manager was coming to look at it.

That got me a bit flustered because the store manager is pretty much all powerful at our branch. I've never even spoken to him, but he's tall, in his early forties and you have to be careful when he's around because he won't stand any nonsense and wants everything to be spot on.

Making a few last alterations I saw him coming round the corner, so I hastily pulled the mannequins top to get it into exactly the right place. I know I was very nervous and I guess that's why I did it all wrong. The mannequin rocked and then toppled over. Hastily I pulled it back upright, but it was too late. One arm was broken and the face had an ugly dent where it had fallen against a hard comer.

My department head started to say something, but the store manager silenced her. Then he rounded on me. He asked me if I knew how much that mannequin had cost and without waiting for a reply he went on about how my carelessness had ruined a vital new display. Finally he said he was too annoyed to deal with this now, but I could expect to be called to his office later.

I spent the rest of a miserable afternoon in fear of what was going to happen. I liked my job, but it looked like this could be the end of it. Finally the call came at 4 o'clock. It was actually his secretary who rang down and said that I was to report upstairs immediately.

With a pounding heart I had to sit in her office while she typed away. Next door I could hear the manager on the phone. It was a long conversation, but after about ten minutes I could tell it was coming to a close. Then he rang through to his secretary and I was shown in.

He didn't mess about. Straight away he told me that my stupidity had cost the company dear and it was quite clear that this was a sackable offence. He asked if I had anything to say, but I was so overawed and intimidated that I could hardly speak.

He said the trouble with young people nowadays was that they didn't get any discipline, schools were too soft. He asked me if the school I'd been to was strict and I said yes it was.

"Well what did they do to punish you when you misbehaved."

It seemed an odd question, but I told him that I had twice been put on detention, but that was all.

"I thought so" he sneered. "No discipline at all. Well I can put that right - either you accept corporal punishment here at work or you pick up your cards - it's your choice."

I stared at him; I couldn't believe that he was proposing to cane me or something similar. I didn't know what to say, but I was saved when the phone rang. He snatched it up and began to talk. After a minute he covered the mouthpiece and told me he'd be a while so I was to go and he'd call me back later.

In a daze I returned downstairs. My friends asked what had happened, but all I said was that he had been interrupted and I had to go back later. I passed the rest of the time in a very distracted state - what was I going to say to him!

The store closes its doors at 5.30 and then we do the last tidying up and all the staff leave by 6pm. By 5.30 the call hadn't come and I was beginning to think that he was going to leave calling me until tomorrow. But at 5.45 the phone rang and still not knowing what I was going to say I headed back upstairs.

Again I sat in his secretary's office. She was tidying everything up and then took the last of the days mail through for him to sign. Soon she was back out and putting her coat on; then with a curt goodnight she left and I was sat alone.

I heard him go back on the phone and distantly from below I could hear the sounds of all the staff leaving. Soon it was after 6 o'clock and the building was silent apart from the sound of the manager on the phone. I'd never been in the building at this time before and it only added to my nervousness.

I never heard him finish on the phone, so when he suddenly appeared at the door I was startled. He ordered me through and on slightly trembling legs I followed him.

He asked me if I'd decided - sacked or punishment. I started to say that it had been an accident and I liked my job and wanted to keep it. All right he said you can, but you have to accept my discipline. Looking down at the ground I muttered alright I would accept his discipline.

He nodded his approval and picked up the phone again. I guess he was speaking to the ground floor security desk because he told someone he was working late with Miss Hunter and he would ring through again when we had finished.

He put the phone down, then told me to stand up and take my coat off. Next he dragged a chair into the middle of the room and told me to bend over with my palms flat on the chair seat. I did that and stood there tense and waiting.

The first smack landed square on my bum and made me jump. Five more times his hand cracked down on my bottom. Then he told me to stand up, so I straightened myself up and thinking that it hadn't been quite as bad as I expected I reached for my coat.

"What do you think you're doing" he asked. "Put that coat down we're only half finished."

Dismayed I put my coat back down. Then came the real sickener.

"Take your skirt off," he demanded.

"What - what do you mean?" I stammered.

"Take your skirt off," he repeated.

For what seemed like ages (but was probably only a few seconds) we faced each other in silence. I wondered whether to walk out (and to hell with the consequences), but in the end I was the one who cracked.

My hands went to the waistband of my skirt and with trembling fingers I undid the button and pulled down the zip. As I lowered my skirt he motioned for me to hand it to him and then he took it and threw it into the comer.

"Get that ruler from my desk."

I went across and picked up an eighteen inch plastic ruler and handed it to him.

"Now bend over again."

Dry mouthed I put my palms flat on the chair. I heard him draw his arm back and tensed myself. It swished through the air and smacked down onto my bum. I thought the smacks with his hand had hurt, but the ruler was much worse. Involuntarily I jumped up into the air and rubbed my bum, before bending over and taking up my position again.

After two more strokes he paused and I tried to stifle back the sobs and recover my composure. But that composure was shattered when his voice rasped out again.

"Take your knickers down."

"No please" I wailed. "Not on my bare bottom."

"Do as you're told or there will be extra strokes."

I knew he wasn't joking, so slowly, reluctantly I hitched my thumbs into the waistband of my knickers and pulled them down to my knees. Then I just concentrated on keeping my legs pressed together so that I wasn't exposed. Another blow sliced home and my knees buckled. Then another and I staggered slightly. Now my legs were parted and he must have seen everything, but I was past caring.

When the sixth blow hit I knew I couldn't take any more.

"No please, not any more," I pleaded.

"Alright get dressed," he snapped.

I tried to straighten up, but my bottom was on fire and I ended up staggering towards his desk and then collapsing face down across it. I started to cry and then gingerly began to rub my bum in an effort to ease the pain.

After a short while I realised my boss had moved and suddenly appreciated what an exposed position I was in - face down across his desk with my legs spread and my knickers round my ankles. I moved to stand up, but his hand went into the small of my back and pushed me down.

If I had any doubts about what was going to happen next they were removed when he reached down and ripped my knickers off. Although I struggled I knew I was powerless and there was nothing I could do.

His left hand pinned me down whilst his right hand stroked the inside of my thighs. I begged him to leave me alone, but his hand moved higher and soon he was stroking my pussy. One finger ran along my fanny lips then began to push between them. I shuddered as his finger probed into me. Only two boys had ever got this far with me and then in very different circumstances!

Another finger joined the first one and as he finger fucked me I realised that my body was responding. Almost involuntarily I had begun to push back against him and I was becoming very wet.

Suddenly his fingers were gone, but, still holding me down with his left hand, I could hear the sound of his right hand unzipping his trousers.

"No, please don't. I'm a virgin, I've never done this before," I said. That stopped him.

"What, seriously?" he asked. "I thought all you shop girls were experienced."

"Some may be, but not me. I've never done it."

His fingers lightly stroked my fanny. Then something hard and warm bumped against my thigh; I realised that it was his prick and that despite what I'd said he was going to fuck me. Next it rubbed against my cunt lips and he began to push. I gasped as slowly inch by inch the full length of his hot, hard prick penetrated my cunt. Once he was in properly he began to fuck me with long, deep strokes and I couldn't help but respond. I pushed back against him as he thrust into me.

He told me I had a gorgeous arse. Then he said I had a lovely tight pussy. I wasn't used to that sort of dirty talk and it turned me on even more. He realised this and told me again that I had a lovely pussy.

"In fact" he gasped, "It's so lovely it's going to make me come. Are you on the pill?"

"No," I gasped in reply.

"OK" he said "I'll pull out," and he began to move backwards.

"No," I shrilled. "Don't. Do it properly."

"What do you mean?"

"Do it properly. Come inside me!"

He groaned and pushed back into me and I felt his prick jerk and jerk as he shot his sperm deep into my cunt.

We lay there for a while and I felt his prick shrinking. After a short while he moved back and feeling very uncomfortable I stood up. My bottom was still very sore, but it was a burning, half-pleasant sensation. Inbetween my legs was a wet, sticky feeling which I had never experienced before. I had often wondered how I would lose my virginity. I had imagined that it would be with a boy I really liked, possibly at my parents house when they were out or maybe on the back seat of a car. I had never thought for a minute that it would be taken by a much older man just seconds after he had given me a serious spanking.

I picked my knickers up, but they were ripped. My boss said they were no-use to me, so stuffing them in his pocket he kept them as a souvenir.

He said it was best if we left separately, so he picked up the phone and told the security man that I was on my way down.

Riding down in the lift I combed my hair and gave myself a last tidy up. The security man was waiting and opened the door for me.

"Good night miss," he said.

"Good night," I replied. Then he said something which made me stop dead.

"I guess you'll have to stand on the bus tonight."

"What do you mean?" I demanded.

"Well the state your bottom's in, I don't think you'll want to sit down. Don't worry miss" he winked. "You're not the first young lady who's bent over for him, though I must admit none of them came quite as noisily as you."

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