tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken by a Neighbor

Taken by a Neighbor


It was a dream come true, my husband had taken the kids to see his parents for the weekend and I had the house to myself. This was a rare pleasure and I was going to make the most of it. My plans for Friday night were to drink a bottle of Stella Rosa wine, watch TV shows I had on Tivo, spend a little quality time with my trusty vibrator and sleep late, very late.

That was before my doorbell rang. Who could possibly be bothering me at 9:30 on a Friday night? Annoyed, I put on my robe, went downstairs and saw our neighbor, Dave Pearson peaking in the window next to the door. I opened the door just enough to poke my face out.

"Dave, what brings you out on this cold night?"

"I brought by the saw that Alex asked to borrow."

Alex is my husband; he and Dave are not quite friends, but more than acquaintances. Dave held up the saw to show me. I opened the door just enough for him to hand it to me but he caught me off guard and barged his way in. He set the saw down on the deacon's bench in our foyer.

"Hi Kim, is Alex home?"

"No, he and the kids are gone for the weekend, but thanks for dropping that off. I'll tell Alex it's here" I said, opening the door for him to leave.

"Alex and the kids are gone for the weekend, really? Why the bum's rush? Why don't you be hospitable and offer me some of what you're drinking?"

I must have looked surprised that he could tell I had been drinking, I certainly wasn't drunk.

"Yea, I can tell, it looks like you are on oh, your third, maybe fourth drink. What are you serving?"

He asked as he headed towards my kitchen. My alcohol addled brain was having trouble comprehending Dave's pushy behavior.

"Where's your glass?"

He asked, holding up the half empty wine bottle he had found on the counter. Not wanting to drag this unwanted intrusion out any further than necessary I said.

"No thanks, I'm done for the night."

"Kim, why so rude?"

I knew full well he was jerking me around, but I didn't have the guts to call him on it.

"Fine, one glass, just one!"

"That's more like it. Where's your glass?"

"Upstairs, I'll just get a new glass."

I brought two glasses out of the cabinet. Dave filled one to the top and handed it to me.

"I'm really not a wine man, what do you have for beer?" He asked as he opened the refrigerator. "What is this?" He asked holding up a Bud light with lime and sneering.

"That's what Alex drinks."

"Well I guess it's better than wine." He said, taking two bottles out of the fridge.

"Let's sit down and talk while I drink my beers." He said nonchalantly.

I followed him into our den where he made himself comfortable in the recliner. I sat down next to him on the sofa. My mind was racing trying to find a way to get him out of the house. I don't even remember our conversation. As we talked he kept clinking his bottle to my glass, coercing me to drink up. He had finished his two beers in the time it took me to finish my glass of wine. He got up and came back with the bottle of wine and two more beers. He refilled my glass and raised his bottle to my glass.

"A toast, to Kim, the hottest mom in the neighborhood."

I realized I was beginning to get drunk as I blushed and smiled.

"That's nice of you to say."

"I'm not just saying it, you know it's true."

I knew it wasn't accurate. Yes, I'm attractive for a 36 year old mother of two, and I am proud of my appearance, but we have some very beautiful women in our neighborhood.

We talked for a while longer then Dave got up to get himself two more beers. He was definitely flirting with me and I didn't mind it so much, but it was nearly 10:30.

Dave stood up, took my hand and pulled me to my feet. I jumped when he turned me around and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. I pulled away and when I did, he was holding my robe. Now I stood before him in a thin, clingy, knee length nightgown. I was embarrassed not only that my nipples poked through the sheer material, but they showed that my large breasts (that have fed two babies) were losing the battle against gravity. With my bra on, they still look fantastic, but without, well... It also revealed that my tummy sticks out a little too far. I work out and run, three days a week, keeping the rest of my body in good shape, but I can't get rid of my darn tummy for good. I reached for my robe.

"Dave, give me my robe." I said in a bitchy tone.

Dave laughed "You look much so better without it." He threw it against the wall and disappeared behind the sofa.

"Dave, you need to leave now." I said, trying to sound stern.

He sat down on the sofa and tugged on my hand, patting the cushion next to him.

"Sit down Kim."

"You need to leave Dave, now. Please"

He pulled on my arm again, harder this time.

"Sit down Kim, NOW!"

I was startled by him yelling at me and without thinking I sat down, keeping my legs pushed together and protecting my breasts with my crossed arms. Dave moved closer to me and ran his hand through my hair.

"You really are very sexy. Alex is lucky to have a woman like you to come home to. I don't know how he ever let's you out of the bedroom."

I studied his face as he caressed the nape of my neck. He isn't a bad looking man, he is 50 years old has a distinguished appearance to him. He is 6 feet tall and weighs about 180, I guess. He's not cut, but he's in very good shape. He is definitely more of a blue collar, macho man than Alex. At 5'4" I had to look up to stare into his blue eyes, he leaned in and started kissing me. Because of the alcohol I opened my mouth when he forced his tongue in between my lips. I could taste the beer in his mouth. I don't know how long we kissed, but I was snapped back to reality when he lowered my nightgown down over my arms, exposing my breasts. I wiggled away from him and pulled my nightgown back up. He moved towards me and he started kissing me again. He fondled my breasts through my nightgown, but when he tried to lower my top again I broke free of his grasp and stood up.

"Dave, I really think you should go now."

He walked up to me, grinning, wrapped his arms around my waist and started stroking my bottom through my nightgown. He began kissing me again. Between the wine and him being a great kisser I was getting worked up. I screamed into his mouth as his hand slipped into my panties, but he held my head tight and kept kissing me. I wiggled to get away and he pushed me backwards against the wall, boxing me in and started massaging the hood of my clitoris very gently. I could feel my resistance fading. Once I quit fighting him he began increasing the pressure and speed that he was applying.

"You're so hot and wet Baby!" He whispered into my ear.

I was bewildered, but too wrapped up in the pleasure Dave was giving me. I was on the brink of an orgasm as he cruelly toyed with me and kept me teetering on the edge. He stepped back for a moment and I moaned as I lost the stimulation of his fingers. I surrendered to his will as he pulled my nightgown up, over my head. He leered at my obscenely as my nightgown lay on the floor at my bare feet.

"Take off your panties."

"Dave, please. I can't do this." I whispered while staring at the floor.

"Kim, don't make me take them off for you." He said in a low, menacing tone, shaking his head from side to side.

Even under the influence, I knew he thought I was giving him my consent when I lowered my white cotton panties to the floor and stepped out of them.

"Damn Kim, you are one gorgeous woman! Those are some of the finest tits I've seen in a long time."

I was taken back a little by his language, but truth be told, I enjoyed the compliment. I have always been very proud of my breasts. They hang lower than they used to, but I know less endowed women are very jealous of me. Still, I was humiliated to be standing before Dave naked while he was fully dressed.

He stepped in close to me and started pleasuring me again. I moaned and he grabbed one of my boobs and brought it to his mouth. He sucked hard as he forcefully tongued the sensitive nipple. That sent a wave of electricity through my nerves straight to my crotch which pushed me over the edge. My knees buckled as I reached an intense climax. I made incomprehensible, guttural sounds as he pushed me against the wall and held me up. Wave after wave of bliss washed over me as I rode the climax. He sucked my nipple for a moment longer and right as I was ebbing he bit down on it hard with his front teeth. I was so weak I could barely whimper from the pain. He gently lowered me to my knees and after a moment I opened my eyes to find his fully erect penis was right in my face, touching my cheek. He picked my chin up with one hand a ran his hair threw my short, curly, honey colored, blonde highlighted hair.

"You're such a beautiful woman Kim."

In one quick motion he yanked my hair upwards and held my chin down with the other. Before I knew what had happened his penis was is my mouth.

Let me stop for a minute tell you about my dislike of oral sex. I wasn't a virgin when I married Alex, nor was I a slut. I had slept with three other men in college and one boy in high school. The first blow job I ever gave a boy in high school was a disaster and set the tone for my feelings about fellatio. The boy held my head when he came in my mouth and I vomited all over him and the inside of his parent's car. It didn't help that he had gotten me very drunk. In any case it was four years later that I finally tried it again. That was with my college boyfriend, Rob. He always performed wonderful oral sex on me. He finally talked me into returning the favor in our junior year. Despite the fact that I found it very degrading, to be on my knees before a man, I became very good at it. I told him I would do it for him because we loved each other and he respected me as an equal. He always let me know just went to pull him out of my mouth so I could direct his deposit into a Kleenex. One night after he had too much to drink, he forcibly held my head while he came in my mouth. I didn't vomit that time, but I spit the semen out all over him and we had a huge fight. Needless to say, I never did that for him again and we split up at the end of the school year.

I don't perform oral sex on Alex since he won't do it for me, despite my continual begging for it. We have a mundane sex life, yet we find it satisfying. We make love nearly every month and it is a physical affirmation of our deep and undying love for each other. We are soul mates with a very cerebral relationship. Alex has a PhD in chemistry and I have a Masters in mathematics. We may be nerds, but we are very happy and loving nerds.

I digress; I turned my head slightly and pushed Dave out of my mouth. He yanked my head back hard by my hair.

"Listen you uppity cunt, there are two ways we can do this. Method one, the easy way, you suck my cock and we move on. Method two, I turn you over my knee and spank that sexy ass of yours until you scream for mercy. Then, you suck my cock. Personally, I prefer method B, but I'm a kinky motherfucker. Seeing as this is our first time together, I am going to be a nice guy and let you choose. So what's it going to be?"

I was taken aback by Dave's increasingly aggressive language and roughness. I was already in pain from him yanking my head back so far by my hair and he had a crazy look in his eyes as he spoke angrily through gritted teeth.

"First one." I said, my voice hoarse due to my contorted neck. He let go and I lowered my head slowly.

"Suck my fucking cock, NOW!"

I was no longer turned on as I grabbed the shaft of his penis and placed it in my mouth. I was humiliated that he was forcing me to participate in my own assault. I started sucking his as well as I could so I could get the ordeal over with. I was hoping with every fiber of my being that once he came, he would leave.

"Oh, that's a good girl. You're a good cocksucker Kim. Oh yea, this it baby suck your Daddy."

He said in a calm, tender, almost loving tone as he gently ran his hands through my hair. So much was going through my mind. I wanted to think of anything else but what was happening to me, but I needed to focus on the disgusting task at hand in order to complete it as quickly as possible.

"Work the balls baby."

Knowing I had no choice but to finish the job, I reached up and took hold of his hairy testicles.

"Work 'em baby, squeeze, rough 'em up."

I have tiny hands so I took one testicle at a time and squeezed it in my hand.

"Oh yea, that's the stuff, play with Daddy's balls. Squeeze harder slut."

I had been working a very long time and my jaw and neck were getting sore. I decided to make a concerted effort to end my ordeal. I sucked as hard as I could, really pressing hard on his frenulum with my tongue, picked up the pace of my bobbing and squeezed his testicles hard, with both hands.

"Oh fuck you really know how suck! Suck it you filthy slut!"

He squeezed my head hard as he started ejaculating. It was a very powerful orgasm and I gagged as his first spurt hit the back of my throat.

"Take it bitch, oh fuck, take it you filthy cunt."

Finally, I knelt there with my mouth full of Dave's disgusting semen, not wanting to swallow it. Drool had run down my chin and dripped between my breasts. His penis remained partially erect in my mouth and with him pressing my head to his crotch I was stuck in this humiliating position. Dave just stood there breathing deeply. He pulled his hips back and looked down on me.

"That was a seriously fantastic blow job. You have one talented mouth! Stick out your tongue."

I sat there not knowing what to do. He yanked my hair.

"Kim, I am getting sick of telling you what to do twice! The next time you don't do what I tell you the first time you are getting your ass paddled, hard! Now stick out your fucking tongue!"

I quickly stuck out my tongue while pondering how long he was planning to draw out this torment. I was very fearful of the spanking he kept threatening me with. He milked his shaft and deposited two more globs of semen on my tongue adding it to the mouthful of semen and saliva I already had. He took the head of his penis and smeared the residual semen above my upper lip.

"Now swallow that cum, you slut."

I looked at him with pleading eyes until I saw his mouth begin to form a word, so I quickly gulped the dreadful mixture down, doing my best not to wretch from the sickening texture before he could utter another threat.

"That's a good girl." He said as he gently ran his fingers through my hair.

"Lick my balls."

I leaned forward, lifted up his penis and tongued his hairy scrotum. He was certainly doing everything he could to degrade and debase me.

"Kiss 'em too baby."

I licked and kissed them for a few minutes.

"You're a very passionate and erotic woman Kim. Let's go upstairs so I can return the favor"

I was bewildered that he was acting as if he hadn't just sexually assaulted me and we were a happy couple enjoying a romantic evening. He reached down, took my hand and helped me up.

"Let's go baby, I want to taste that beautiful pussy of yours."

He nudged me towards the foyer and up the stairs.

"Which is the master bedroom?"

I lead him into our bedroom. I felt complicit and I thought I should resist, even if I was afraid.

"Pull back the sheets."

I pulled back the bedspread and sheets.

"Now get in bed."

I lay down and watched him undress. He isn't a big man, but he is slightly above average in stature with an athletic physique. I was at a loss what to do. I knew I couldn't over power him and it might end up with me getting my behind violently spanked. I was looking forward to him performing oral sex; it was what might come after that that I was concerned with. He climbed onto the bed and knelt between my legs.

"Give me a pillow."

I handed him a pillow and he lifted my legs and shoved it under my butt. He spread my legs and pushed them back. He spread my lips and licked all around my vulva, just tickling my clitoris ever so lightly. I involuntarily thrust my crotch into his face to encourage him to give more attention to my clitoris. He slowly homed in on it, purposely teasing me. I moaned in need. Then he started giving me long powerful licks starting below and finishing above my clitoris. I began panting as an orgasm was approaching. Dave stopped and looked up at me.

"Do you want to come?"

"Oh yes, please!"

"Please what?"

"Please make me come!"

"'Tell me you're Daddy's slut."

"Dave, please that's so embarrassing."

He bent down and flittered his tongue over the tip of my clit, making me squeal. Then he stopped and looked up at me. He pulled his two fingers out and plunged three back in to the hilt of his hand.

"Oh Dave, please."

"Please what?"

"Beg for it you bitch!"

"Dave please, why are you being this way."

I did not want to give him his way. I looked at him with puppy dog eyes and a sultry look.

"Please honey, just do it for me."

I was mad at myself for calling him honey. He went back to performing on me and I was glad I had been able to keep what was left of my dignity. I admit, he was very talented at what he was doing, he had brought me to the brink so quickly. I started panting and I and massaging my boobs. Just then he stopped and looked up at me with a crazy look in his eyes.

"Beg for it bitch, beg me to make you come you fucking whore! SAY I'M A SLUT PLEASE MAKE ME COME DADDY! And be fucking sincere!"

I could see he was getting very angry and I was desperate to climax, so out of fear and need, I said it. I had no choice.

I whispered. "I'm a slut, please make me come Daddy."

He smirked in contempt, pulled his fingers out of me and slid one of his wet fingers into my bottom. I wasn't expecting it and it went in easily but my body reacted to the intruder by instantly clamping down hard on it. I began to panic thinking of what he might have in store for my tender backside and I wanted to distract him by any mean necessary.

"Please Dave, Daddy, please make me, your slut come, please Daddy, please."

He started thrusting his finger in and out of my bottom it was not painful, but it was uncomfortable and utterly humiliating. My thoughts soon focused on my pleasure as resumed eating me. With a flurry of tongue action he finally brought me to my climax. It was such a powerful release that my whole body stiffened and I screamed at the top of my lungs for the duration of my orgasm. I rode the wave as he alternated between gentle and violent stimulation. For the grand finale he sucked my clitoris into his mouth and strummed his tongue over it. I screamed even louder and actually blacked out a brief moment. When I came to he was looking at me smiling and he now had two fingers easily sliding in and out of my bottom. I realized that my thighs, the sheets under me and even Dave's face and neck were very wet. I looked down to examine things; I was confused where all of the moisture had come from.

"Don't worry, you just peed a little bit." He said.


I gasped and covered my face with my hands. I could smell an ammonia urine smell in the air, so I knew he wasn't lying. I was mortified. My whole body was still buzzing from my climax. Dave came up and kissed me. Despite my own essence and urine on his mouth and lips I greedily kissed him back. When he stopped I started to get up.

"I need to get up and change the sheets!"

He put his hands between my breasts and pushed me down hard.

"I'll let you know when you can get up."

I didn't have too much fight in me at that moment so I laid flat on my back looking up at the ceiling. I tried hard not to think about the moisture soaking into the pillow top mattress pad.

Dave came up and lay next to me. He propped his head up on his elbow and smiled at me. It was very unnerving. He reached down and started to knead and heft my breasts.

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