tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken by Pirates Ch. 01

Taken by Pirates Ch. 01


Several thuds sounded outside the closet door in which she was hiding. Lady Katherine's betrothed, Sir Richard, had shut her away in here as soon as the cannons started firing, and the explosion of the town began. Her heart was racing, and screams could be heard from every side of the village. She kept hearing the townspeople call out, "Pirates! Pirates!" And several other harsh cries from men who sounded far from the gentlemen she accompanied herself with. Her body was pressed firmly against the back wall, her corset making it hard enough to breathe, without the fear coursing through her veins.

They were in her fathers house now. She knew it. And why wouldn't they be? The Governor's house? Any thief would know this was the place to rob. She could hear her dear Richard shouting out orders to the guard in the house, but her betrothed's cries were cut short as a shot went off and she could no longer hear him. Had he been shot? Was he dead? Where was her father?

She wanted desperately to open the door and see what was happening, but that would have been suicide, she knew that.

Several more cries rang out, and several more shots as well. She heard a deep, gravely voice yell out, "Strip this place apart! Take all ye can!" Definitely pirates. Katherine swallowed hard, but the lump in her throat refused to let her. She watched as shadows passed by the door. They'd made it upstairs. She pressed herself more into the back corner, hidden by trench and petticoats alike. Her body was trembling. What if she was found? She couldn't fight. She couldn't do anything. She would be helpless. Would she die? Would they kill her?

She didn't have time to finish her fears before the door was ripped open, and hands were searching the clothes. She held her breath and pressed herself even more, if it was possible, against the wall. The hands started ripping clothes off the racks, and she knew as soon as her soft green eyes met cold, dark brown, she was done for.

"Well, looky here boys! We got the Guvnah's daughter!" Harsh hands grabbed her and yanked her out, causing a scream to erupt from her throat. The hands that had stolen her from her sanctuary reached up and grabbed her neck, cutting off most of her air supply. "Should we do her in?"

Her wide, terrified eyes met another pair of dark eyes. "Dunno. Cap'n may want her."

"What fer?"

"That bosom shuld be nough fer you to know he'd wan' er."

The men laughed and one nodded. "Cap'n sure loves the blondes and the bosoms." For an unknown reason, that sent the men in an uproar. And the next thing she knew, she could breathe again, but hands were grabbing her chest. She screamed and tried to get away, but the grip was too tight, and the mans arms were wrapped around her.

"Ya ain't gettin away doll." The man sniggered as his ale stained breath caressed the side of her face. "Not only are ya out strengthed, but yer outnumbered too. So be a good girly and don't fight it." Katherine felt hot tears fill her eyes. She was utterly helpless, but she fought for her tears not to fall. She wouldn't give these pirates the satisfaction of her tears. They started to take her down the stairs of her home, and the bloody mess that was all around her terrified her. When she saw Richard, she nearly got sick. She looked ahead of her as she was pushed along.

Once they got to the ship, the men had a right good time trying to look up her dress as she climbed the ladder on the side of the ship. She'd never felt more offended in her whole life. When her feet were placed firmly on the ship, whistles and hollers echoed all around her.

"Lets see them tits!"

"Take off all that there fabric!"

"Lets fuck her!"

She felt like a small animal in a pack of wolves, and fear consumed her. These men were going to eat her alive. She turned as if she would be able to run away, but hands pushed her by her shoulders, causing her to fall backwards onto her bum. As if that was their cue, men were on her like rabid dogs. Hands groped and ripped her dress. The bun her hair was in became loose, so her blonde, wavy hair came out. She cried out for help, as if it would have done any good. Hands moved under her skirts, searching for a feel as she fought, the best she could against them.

"I bet ya, ya take the dress off and nuttin drops a inch! It all stays firm and round!"

" Lets find out!"

Katherine felt hands try and rip at the top of her dress, causing her to cry out, but before they could rip it away, a gunshot fired and all the men stopped and moved away from her. Katherine lay gasping for breath as silence overtook the late night air. Footsteps sounded and she turned she so she was on her stomach, and looking up the steps to find who the steps belonged too.

And frankly, she couldn't believe her eyes. The man was young, much better dressed than the ruffians who had their claws all over her. He had dark, dark hair. And stubble just as dark. Even in the midnight light, she could see how piercing his eyes were. And his steps were slow and deliberate. And anyone in his way moved without hesitation. This was the captain.

He stopped before her, and she didn't move, didn't look up. She was still trying to catch her breath, which seemed impossible. The mans knees bent, and a hand lifted under her chin. He stared deep into her eyes, and she felt he could read her very soul.

"What is your name, my lady?"

"Katherine." She said to him. Still trying to find herself and remain strong, even if her mind couldn't decipher if this was a bad dream or not.

"My name is James." He said sensually, as his hand moved from her chin to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear. His fingers then traced down her jawline, across one of her breasts and to her hand. He helped her to her feet and smiled an endearing smile. "Would you like to come to my cabin?" He didn't wait for an answer as he guided her there. Katherine felt like she was going to collapse at any moment. She knew, no matter how handsome or endearing this man appeared, the situation she was in wasn't good. He opened the cabin door, let her enter first, and then he closed the door behind them. They were alone.

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