tagBDSMTaken by Surprise

Taken by Surprise


This story was created with the loving help and the editing skills of looking4it. I want to thank him for all he does for me and all I know we will do for each other in the future.

I lay there; face down on the blanket in the sand. The sun is beating against my skin making it glisten with moisture in the bright light. The waves are singing a lullaby as they roll upon the shore and then return to far off places. I drift, relaxing and occasionally dozing off. You are watching me from a distance, waiting for the perfect moment to make your move.

You watch my breathing until you are sure that I have drifted for a moment into sleep. The sand makes your approach silent and you have positioned yourself so that your shadow falls behind you instead of across me. I have no warning of your nearness. You bring your hands close to me. The first that I am aware of your presence is when you press your hand over my eyes and grasp one of my wrists with the other. The only sound I hear other than the ocean sounds is your breath in my ear as you "Shhhhh" me. You gently press your knee down on my back preventing me from moving and you release my wrist long enough to place the blindfold over my eyes. Whether out of fear or excitement, I am silent. Your touch is familiar. I know that you will not hurt me if I do as you wish me to. So, I lay still and comply. Once the blindfold is in place, you again take my wrist and I feel something tighten around it, not painfully so, just snug.

Without saying a word, you help me to my feet and lead me up the beach. I know we have reached the door of our beach house when you pause and I hear the click of the doorknob releasing. It is cooler inside and instantly my nipples harden as we cross the threshold. I forgot and left the air conditioner running when I went to the beach. Again, you stop. This time, I am not sure why. I next feel something placed around my right ankle. You put pressure on my legs indicating that you want me to spread them apart which I quickly do. Click. I know that you have just attached my ankle to something, though I am not sure what. You repeat the process with my left leg. I am now standing with my legs wide apart. I feel something very cool against the skin of my ass and I realize that you are cutting my bathing suit off with scissors.

"Damn!" I think, "I just got this suit"

Knowing what the result would be, I remain silent. I feel my suit bottoms drop to the floor at my feet. You also remove my top. I know that I am now standing naked before you. This both embarrasses and thrills me which starts a tingle in between my thighs.

I feel the soft kiss of your mouth on my right nipple, gently licking, sucking hard, biting, and teasing. Your tongue tickles it a little bit. I feel hard sucking again, as if you are trying to milk my tit. And then... the shock of the clamp. I can't help but let out a groan as the clamp tightens on my already hardened nipple. I know that I will pay for that, but I couldn't help it. Just as a reminder, you give the chain attached to the clamp a hard tug. My left nipple receives the same treatment as my right and again that groan slips out as the clamp hits its mark. This time when you tug on the chain, even harder than the first time, it pulls hard on both nipples at once. You know so well how to reach that perfect balance between pleasure and pain that sends tingles of desire coursing through my body.

Releasing my wrists, you push me over, bending me at the waist until my stomach is pressing against something that feels like a saw horse. My wrists are now fastened to the legs on the other side of this thing leaving me totally exposed from behind with my ass in the air. I feel your fingers on my clit, just brushing it at first. Then you tickle it, rub it hard and fast. You pinch and pull on it bringing me so close to the edge of orgasm and abruptly stop. The third clamp on the chain is now roughly tightened around my stimulated and sensitive clit. I feel another tug on the chain. I assume you are just making sure that the clamps are on tight enough. Another hard tug, but this one doesn't let up, I try to shift a little and only manage to start the weight you have just placed on the chain in motion sending exquisite pain shooting from my nipples and my clit through my entire body and providing constant stimulation. I can tell that my pussy is now so wet that it is almost dripping. You reach down and roughly ram 2 fingers inside my pussy. I have to bite my tongue to prevent the moan from escaping my lips, God it feels so good. I want you inside me so bad, but I know that there is more to come before you will allow me that pleasure. Your fingers are still inside my pussy but are not moving at all, just there, trapping me at the precipice of a raging orgasm. Their presence is torture since I want so badly to have you fucking me and allowing me to cum.

Next, I feel cold liquid dripping over my asshole. Oh God, I know what is coming now. Please not yet. You now pull your fingers out of my pussy and I feel the hard tip of my butt plug at the opening of my anus. I try to relax the muscles, but it is so difficult. Usually, you take more time before inserting my plug or fucking my asshole. You must be really angry at me this time. My mind is racing, trying to figure out if there is something else I did besides leaving the air conditioner running. Certainly you can't be this upset at something that trivial can you?

I cry out, "Please not yet! I'm sorry I left the air conditioner on! I promise I won't do it again! Please not the butt plug yet!"

I feel a very hard slap to my right butt cheek and you whisper in my ear, "I did not tell you that you could speak. This is not just about the air conditioner. Now, behave yourself or you'll make this worse."

With that, you put pressure on the butt plug slowly pushing it into me. You know that since you have not worked my hole yet you can not go too fast, but you go just fast enough to remind me who the boss is here. Finally, it passes beyond the tight muscle ring and settles into place. You step back surveying your work and allowing me a moment to become accustomed to the plug before proceeding with the next surprise you have in store for me.

SMACK! Totally without warning, the leather paddle you purchased but never used before connects with the tender skin of my ass. You told me when you purchased the paddle that you would save it for a time when I was really naughty and needed extra discipline. I cry out again with shock and surprise. Three more swats in rapid succession on my exposed ass, each one sending the weighted chain moving, each movement of the chain tugs on my nipples and my clit, each tug sends another jolt of exquisite pain through them to every part of my body and each one causing the butt plug to shift inside me. You pull your hand back again and I tense, expecting another swat, instead, you lean in and stick your tongue deep inside my pussy licking up the juices that the punishment has created. I lean back into you as much as I can only to have you quickly remove your tongue and deliver another swat to my ass. I know that my ass must be turning a nice shade of pink now. I feel the heat and sting building in the skin. You are not done yet though. God, I want you to fuck me so bad right now. But, instead you rain more swats to my ever more sensitive ass.

I am still not sure what I have done to make you so angry. I know about the air conditioner, but can not think of anything else I have done and that can't possibly be enough to bring this on. Finally, you start to speak. Each word is punctuated by another swat. As you do, the tears begin to roll down my face. You give me permission to make as much noise as I need to since no one will hear me anyway.

SMACK! "You" SMACK! "left" SMACK! "the" SMACK! "air" SMACK! "conditioner" SMACK! "on"

It continues in this manner as you tell me that I cost you more money for the power bill with my carelessness, and that I forgot to gas the car again and so you ran out of gas. Now it is clear to me the true nature of the punishment. I know that it is not about the air conditioner or the money at all. It is about you running out of gas. You continue the punishment as you tell me that you had to hitch a ride into town to get gas just so that you could get to the gas station to fill the tank. You tell me that you were lucky enough to find a car full of nice gentlemen that were willing to help you out, but that you were embarrassed by the fact that you ran out of gas in the first place. Fleetingly, the thought crosses my mind that if you were embarrassed, then somehow you were going to embarrass me as well. The fire building in my pussy and the burning skin of my ass pushes that thought aside. All I can think of is how much I want your cock inside me and how badly I need to cum.

When at last, you have run out of things to say and my ass must be all shades of red, you stop paddling me. You gently rub my hot skin. I feel your hand on my nipples then as they remove the clamps. You tenderly lick and suck my nipples soothing the pain from the clamps and the weight. Next, you remove the clamp from my clit and begin to lick and suck my throbbing clit and my dripping pussy. As you bring me close to orgasm, you stand and I feel the tip of your cock at the entrance of my pussy. You have chosen to leave my butt plug in, at least for now. Slowly, you give me just an inch or so of your cock. God, I want you to fuck me so bad. I want to feel you deep inside me and know that you have forgiven me for letting you down and causing you embarrassment. However, you are still not through with my punishment. Instead, the punishment has merely changed from pain to pleasure.

I try hard to wiggle in hopes of encouraging you to fuck my hot, wet pussy. I only succeed in having you pull completely out of me and administer another swat to my stinging butt cheeks. You wait for what seems an eternity and then reinsert your cock in my pussy, just an inch or so again. Over and over you repeat this until I am moaning and begging for you to fuck me. The louder I beg, the more of your cock you insert with each stroke and I quickly figure out that's what you want. You want me screaming, begging for your cock, begging for you to fuck me. I comply. I beg louder and louder. Finally, you ram your cock all the way into me full force. As you do, I tip my head up some and open my mouth to let out a scream of pleasure, only to find it filled with another cock.

"Oh my God!" I think to myself. "He did want to embarrass me; there's been someone else here all along!" My face instantly burns with embarrassment. I try to pull away from the cock in my face only to feel the burn of another very hard smack on my ass.

"You have embarrassed me once today! Do not embarrass me again or you will be very sorry! These gentlemen were kind enough to help me with the car, you will please them as you would please me!"

With tears now running down my face, I open my mouth to receive the cock that is being forced in. It's only then that your comment truly sinks in..... "GentleMEN" That can only mean that there is more than just this one in the room. Just then, I feel a mouth on each tit. From their movements, I sense that they are stroking their cocks. They suckle while you fuck my pussy and the other cock is rammed in and out of my mouth. I soon forget the shame and give into the pleasure of being taken this way, used in so many different ways at one time. You are pounding hard and fast into my pussy now, ramming against my butt plug with each stroke. The cock in my mouth falls into time with your strokes; the mouths continue working on my nipples. The combined sensations soon push me over the edge and my pussy begins the tell tale contractions of orgasm. With that you start to fill me with your hot cum in one end and the cock in my mouth begins to shoot as well. I hear the groans of pleasure surrounding me as you and the other three men using my body cum in unison.

I continue sucking and licking the cock that is in my mouth, cleaning as I would yours. I can feel it begin to respond to the attention I am paying to it. I hear a voice from my right say that they want a turn and I feel movement all around me as everyone switches positions. Now, there is a new cock in my mouth. I can feel a difference in size and even in the taste. I know that it is not yours, I know yours so well, but I suck and lick it just the same. There is another cock shoving its way into my pussy, again I know that it is not yours. I feel a hand on my left nipple, pinching and pulling very hard. There is also a mouth on my right nipple torturing it. Neither the hand nor the mouth feels like yours.

Then, I hear your voice from across the room, "You boys have fun with her while I get us all something to drink. Play nice and I will be right back."

For a moment, I feel abandoned. How could you leave me here with total strangers? But once again, the sexual pleasure takes over any negative feelings I am having and I settle into sucking and fucking. It seems to only take a matter of a few minutes and both the cock in my mouth and the cock in my pussy shoot me full again. One more time the bodies around me shift. Another cock is shoved in my mouth and one in my pussy, I am tiring quickly, but wanting to please you, I do my best to satisfy these men as they use and abuse my body. They do not seem at all concerned with me or my pleasure, only with their own. Yet their using me makes me cum over and over again none the less. I still do not feel your body close to me. Suddenly, I hear the familiar clicking of the camera and know that you are near. Taking pictures so that we can always remember this afternoon.

The next shift brings your cock to my mouth and I suck and worship it like never before. I want more than ever to please you to make up for causing you embarrassment. I want you to know how much I appreciate the love you must feel for me to discipline me in this way when I need it. I want to prove to you that I love you and that I will do better in the future. There is a cock in my pussy and the butt plug is still in but I have no idea where the others went. I feel your hands reach down and take a hold of my nipples, pinching them hard and using them like handles as you ram your cock in and out of my mouth. The cock in my pussy steps in time with your strokes and both are ramming me hard. It takes longer this time for you to cum but you are not about to quit until you do. By the time you cum my jaw feels like it is going to just fall off. You must all be done and satisfied now. My legs are weak and shaking. I have cum more times than I can count. As you and the other cock pull out of me, I hear whispering and then feel an unfamiliar mouth on my hot used pussy. Sucking, licking and drinking the combined juices of all that have used me mixed with my own. I don't think that I can possibly get aroused again after so many orgasms, but I am wrong.

Before I know it, the mouth working on my pussy has me hot and excited all over again. As I cry out that I want to be fucked, the mouth on my pussy abruptly stops as if pulled away. The plug is pulled quickly out of my ass which brings me close to cumming. Something is pushed deep inside my pussy, it must be a dildo. Then I feel your tongue toying with my asshole, lubing it up. Your tongue stops and I feel cool liquid drizzled down my crack. It trickles over the hole you have saved for yourself, having not allowed any of the others to use.

You lean down and whisper in my ear, "Do you want me to fuck your ass in front of these guys? Is that what you want?"

"Yes! I want you to fuck my ass! Please, fuck me in the ass?"

And with that, you stand up and slide your cock slowly into my asshole. This time when you fuck me, you are pushing the dildo deeper and deeper into my pussy. The others must just be watching this time because I don't feel anyone else touching me, it is all you, the love of my life, the Master of my heart, mind, body, and soul. I feel you reach around and start working on my clit with one hand as you fuck my asshole. You ram in and out of me, pushing the dildo in and out with each stroke. Your other hand is rubbing and soothing my still burning butt cheeks. Your pace quickens as we get closer and closer to orgasm. Just as we are both ready to cum, you reach down and remove the blindfold.

"Look up my pet" you tell me.

I look up to see your best friend, his brother and our next door neighbor standing there. All three have their cocks in their hands and are stroking for all they are worth, just as all five of us cum again in unison. You are shooting deep in my ass; my juices are running all over your balls and onto the floor and the others cum in my face.

"Now your punishment is complete. You embarrass me, I will embarrass you. From now on, every time you see one of these three, you will remember this day and the lessons I hope you learned. You have pleased me well my pet."

The guys all thank us and give me a kiss on the cheek and a gentle swat on the butt as they make their way out of the house. You tenderly remove the straps holding me on the saw horse and carry me to the bathroom where you have run me a hot bath. You tenderly help me into it. You gently and lovingly wash and caress every part of my used and aching body. Once you have finished my bath, you help me out and dry me off. Then you carry me to the bedroom and place me under the covers. You lie down beside me, take me in your arms raining kisses on my face and whisper over and over again how much you love me as I drift off to sleep.

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