tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken by Surprise at Work

Taken by Surprise at Work


I was working late in the office when it happened. I'm a young associate attorney and my firm was coming up on trial, so I was working late with another associate attorney, Adam.

Adam walked into my office and just stood there. I looked up at him, annoyed, "Do you need something," I said.

"No," Adam replied, "I just wanted to see what kind of progress you've made."

He looked funny as he said it, but I was tired and wanted to finish my work, get home and just crawl into bed. I went back to my work.

About an hour later, Adam yelled into my office, "I'm leaving now. See you tomorrow."

"Ok. Goodnight," I replied.

From where my office is situated, I couldn't actually see Adam leave, and soon found out that he didn't leave the office, yet. About twenty minutes after he left I got up to stretch an grab a soda from the fridge. Walking back to my officer, Adam came up behind my and held me at my breasts and stomach. I could feel his hardness pressing against my ass.

"You really thought I left. Did you honestly think I would leave without giving you a proper good bye," he said.

By now I was scared and didn't know what to do. I could fight him, but he's much bigger than myself. Adam worked out and I had no chance against that. He pressed me against the wall. He lifted my blouse so my breasts were against the coldness of the wall. He told me if I said a word or dared scream he would make sure I got it a lot worse.

He stood there for a few moments rubbing his hard dick against my ass. He rubbed so hard, it seemed as if he was trying to fuck me through my skirt.

Then he abruptly turned me around and was facing me. He started to kiss my neck and grabbed the button of my blouse with his teeth and tore them off. At this point he had my arms pinned to the wall and was not letting them go. He used his leg and put it between mine and forced me to spread my legs a little more. Now he started rubbing against me like before but was pushing his hard dick against my pussy. He told me was going to let my arms go, but under no circumstances was I to scream or fight. I was so scared I don't think I would've dared do anything.

He bent down kissing my legs and working his hands under my long skirt. As he made his way back up he lifted the skirt and massaged my thighs. Then he stood up, unzipped his pants, and took them off along with his boxers. He looked at me with an evil grin and began massaging my legs again. Going up and down and up and down. He seemed to want to respond to this, but I was just crying. Then, all of a sudden he as he made his way back up, he yanked my panties off. Then went down and licked my pussy, which was sopping wet by now. I didn't want to get wet for him, but my pussy ached involuntarily. I didn't want to get fucked by Adam, but I couldn't stop my pussy from dripping.

Adam, then came up and as he came up he pushed his hard dick into me, without warning. He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around him as he thrust his hardness into me. He held me there against the wall, pushed as deep into to me as possible. It felt like he was at least 8 inches long.

All of a sudden, he began thrusting into me as hard as possible. He wasn't just fucking me now, he was making sure this was hurting me. He pounded me against the wall so hard, that my back ached afterwards. He pounded and slammed into me repeatedly. Then he grabbed a hold of my and carried my like that, with his dick still buried deep inside me, to my office. He lay me on my desk, never taking his dick out of me, climbed on top of me, and said, "Now, I'm going to fuck you like you been wanting."

He pulled out of me all the way, and then drove his dick into to the hilt. I felt him inside me pushing against my cervical wall. Adam pinned my arms down on the desk and just kept slamming into my pussy again and again. He would slow down and then all of a sudden would speed up and begin pounding my mercifully. Then I felt an all familiar feeling . . .Adam was going to cum inside of me. He erupted inside of me and fell on top of my body. He got up and looked at me and said, "You may not have enjoyed it this time, but next time you'll get into it."

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