tagIncest/TabooTaken by the Barleys Ch. 02

Taken by the Barleys Ch. 02


Hi Guys

Sorry this took so long coming. I genuinely wasn't expecting to be writing a sequel to my original story. But your wish is my command, so here I deliver. Just to warn you, there's a little less focus on sex in this one. I think if I'm going to write this story, I'm going to put a bit more backstory into it. Hope you don't mind! I'll certainly be writing a sequel for this one as well!

Also, suggestions are always welcome! I'm currently working on the sequel to my "Evil Twin" story, and am formulating a couple of new ones, so suggestions for those are also welcome!




"Well, you can dispute borders all you like, try to drudge up all the feeble excuses you have, and attempt to defend your man like it's his last day on Earth, but it's not going to get you out of this one, Dennis," Mickey snapped at the rather smug looking cockney sitting opposite him. "Your man over here..." he gestured to the equally smug looking lad sitting next to him "was selling cocaine - a drug that Miss Barley personally disapproves of - on OUR territory."

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, he can sell whatever the fuck he likes. It's a free country. Besides, how was he to know he'd strayed into your territory?"

"Because our territory is the WHOLE of fucking London! It's not exactly hard to miss!" Mickey snapped. "Frankly, you're lucky we didn't kill him when we caught him. Miss Barley insisted that we try to resolve it with you first."

"Fuck you," Den replied. "My boys have been working the streets 'round Hackney for twenty years mate. Just because you Paddy bastards rolled in and declared you own the place isn't going to change nuthin'. We'll sell our charlie as per uzh, and you ain't fucking stopping us."

Before Mickey could interject further, Elizabeth sat forward in her seat beside him, and raised her hand to silence him. She had been sitting quietly, watching this exchange the entire time, and had been silent most of the meeting. However, now she looked Den in the eye, and when she spoke, her voice was nothing but calm. Dangerously calm.

"I think we've been fairly reasonable, Den," she said. "You can sell whatever you want outside of London. Cocaine. Heroin. Maybe even a little crystal if it makes you happy. But if you want to sell in London, you only sell weed and pills. And you give us a 50% cut. If you disobey those rules, we shut you down and destroy your business. It's that simple."

She turned her face towards the smug looking dealer who had come with Den.

"And as for you, Gaz... You were somewhere that you knew you weren't supposed to be, selling a drug you knew you weren't supposed to be selling. And you can't plead ignorance, because it's basically the code of the street now, and every dealer in London talks about it."

She stood up, and walked round to the other side of the desk, so she could look down on them.

"So I'm going to give you a choice... water, fire or ice?"

Gaz's smirk disappeared, to be replaced by a look of confusion. The same was true of his boss.

"Say what, now?"

"Fire, water or ice?"

Gaz frowned. "I'm gonna need more fucking details than that, sunshine!"

Smiling, Elizabeth picked up a remote control, and pressed a button on it. Immediately, a projector screen lowered from the ceiling and began projecting its image.

Gaz's shock and horror at the sight that met him was quickly replaced by a surge of rage as he attempted to leap out of his chair and charge at Elizabeth. Mickey's fist got there first, and he doubled over in pain as the blow to his midriff hit him with full force, knocking all the air out of his lungs. Den likewise leapt to his feet, but didn't try anything. He knew better than to go up against a puncher like Mickey. But he couldn't hide the shock of what he was looking at.

The screen showed a girl of about 20 with messy black hair, pale green eyes (one of which was blackened) and a slightly olive complexion, on her knees, her hands bound behind her back and a strip of duct tape around her mouth. Behind her was a figure dressed in black, wearing a balaclava and holding a knife.

"THAT'S MY FUCKING DAUGHTER, YOU WHORE!" Gaz wheezed. "LET HER GO, OR SO HELP ME GOD -" He was cut off by another hefty punch, this time to the face.

"Easy, easy there, Gary boy!" Elizabeth said, a small smile. "Wouldn't want her to lose any fingers, would we?"

Now trying hard not to try anything, but still wheezing with white hot anger, Gaz steadied himself. His nose was bleeding, but not broken. He turned to face Elizabeth.

"So... what do you want?"

"Water, fire or ice?" Elizabeth repeated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"The fuck do those mean?" Gaz snapped. When no answer came, he shouted "WHAT THE FUCK DO THOSE MEAN!?!?!?"

"Well, it's very simple. Do we burn her alive - as in, fire? Do we drown her, as in water? Or do we lock her in a freezer and freeze her to death, as in ice?"

It would take a million psychiatrists to explain what Gaz felt in that moment. But Elizabeth could see as his face practically melted, as he tried to take in what she had just told him, and then began to weep.

"Please... no..." he sputtered. "Please don... don't kill her. Please don't kill her!"

"Well, that's not up for debate," Elizabeth said. "You broke the rules. Your daughter has to die. And you have to pick the method by which we kill her..."

Gaz couldn't answer - his weeping now took over completely, and his whole body practically convulsed as he struggled to get back his composure. It was Den who spoke next.

"You'd kill an innocent girl to get revenge on a simple rule break? What kind of sick fuck are you!?"

"I don't really think you want to be talking to me like that, Dennis..." Elizabeth replied. "And the next words I hear had better be an answer to my question."

But he wasn't done.

"So what? What if Gaz refuses to answer your question? How will you choose then?"

Elizabeth permitted herself a smile.

"Well, we don't have to choose any of them. My friend over there..." She pointed to the figure standing behind the frightened girl. "... Will cut her up, piece by piece. And you'll be forced to watch."

Den fell silent. Gaz continued weeping. Eventually, Elizabeth grew impatient.

"Well?" She snapped. "I'm waiting!"

"I - I - I..." Gaz could barely speak now. "I beg you... please! I'll do anything you want! I'll come work for you, without pay. I'll give you all the money I have. Fuck, kill me if you want! That's it! Kill me, here and now! You can drown me if it makes you feel happy! Just... Please don't kill my daughter."

Elizabeth's smile didn't waver for a second.

"Sounds to me like he chose water." She said. She picked up the walkie talkie and spoke into it. The figure held it up to their ear. "Get the bath running!"

The figure left the girl and headed through a door. There was the sound of running water.

"NO!!" Gaz practically lost it. He lunged at Mickey, and somehow managed to dodge his next punch. He shoved him to one side, and threw himself at Elizabeth. "PLEASE!"

Elizabeth smiled. "Please what?"

"Please don't kill her! Please just let her go!"

After a moment, she took his hands off her collar, and pushed him back slightly, looking into his tear-stained eyes.

"All right," she said. "I don't think that hot little cailín of yours is worth having blood on my hands." Turning to look at Den, her smile faded. "Your boss, however..."

She nodded her head, and, just as suddenly, Den was grabbed from behind by another masked figure, who plunged a knife into his stomach and proceeded to viciously stab him. He screamed and howled in pain and surprise, his attempts to fight back failing miserably, and before long, he began to splutter and cough blood out of his mouth, his white shirt now looking very red. He looked like a victim of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

It did not take long for him to die.

Looking back at the horrified Gaz, Elizabeth put a hand on his shoulder.

"You'll get your daughter back on Thursday," she said. "After I've had my way with her. She's a fine specimen, she is," ignoring the look on his face, she continued. "Go back and tell the rest of Den's boys that they have a choice. Work for me. Or meet the same end as he did. Only next time, I'll make it ten times worse. They used to boil people alive in medieval times, and I'm quite curious to know how loudly someone screams when that's happening to them..."

She laughed to herself.

"Now fuck off."

Gaz didn't need telling twice. He grabbed the bag he had brought with him, and hurried out of the door, leaving his now very dead boss behind. Looking at the corpse, Elizabeth's lip curled in disgust. "Get someone to clean that up, Mickey!" she said.

"Right away, Lizzie!" he said, and hurried off. Then Elizabeth turned to the killer.

"The normal rate, isn't it?" she asked. The figure merely nodded. So Elizabeth picked up her phone, and dialled another number. "Chris, it's Liz. Could you please transfer another 50 grand into the X account? Thanks." She hung up. "See you next time I need you."

The figure merely nodded, turned and exited, leaving Elizabeth alone. She picked up the walkie talkie, and spoke into it.

"How's that bath coming along, Milly?" She asked.

"Almost ready, Liz" came the quiet, but confident voice of her younger sister. "She should be clean and ready for you when you get back. Love you!"

"Love you too, gorgeous!" Elizabeth cooed in a mock-lovey dovey voice.


4 years earlier


"I sat within the Valley Green,

I sat me with my true love.

My sad heart strove the two between

The old love and the new love..."

Elizabeth was sitting alone in her piano lounge back in her mansion in Chichester, playing on the piano. Her voice, though clearly quite sad, was still very beautiful and sultry. Her fingers were dancing expertly over the keys, having been trained by years of practice.

"The old for her, the new that made me think

Of Ireland dearly!

While soft the wind blew down the glen,

And shook the golden barley..."

The door opened, and Mickey O'Keefe entered. He had been a childhood friend of Elizabeth's father, Jeremy Barley, and despite his very traditional name, had been a close comrade of the UVF during the Troubles. He had moved to London shortly after Jeremy had, and had become one of the most trusted generals in his organisation. Now, years after his death, Mickey had pledged the same loyalty to Elizabeth, and was by far the most important person she had at her side.

As he entered, a wry smile played across his face. "If your father could hear you sing that!"

Elizabeth turned to look at him. "He did, once. Gave me a good belting, he did. Well, he's not here to hear me now. That's why I'm playing this song - just to remind myself that he's not here to stop me."

Mickey watched as she turned back to the piano, and began to carry on with the song.

"'Twas hard the woeful words to form,

To break the ties that bound us.

But harder still to bear the weight

Of foreign chains around us.

So I said "The mountain glen

I'll seek at morning early,

And I'll join the brave United Men,"

While soft winds shook the barley."

When she had finished the verse, Mickey sat down on the arm of the couch next to her.

"You want to talk about it, love?" He asked.

"Talk about what?" Elizabeth snapped. "About how I found the perfect girl for myself? How I fucked her for hours? And then, oh! Guess what? She only turned out to be my fucking SISTER!?"

Mickey remained impassive throughout this outburst. When he spoke, his voice remained calm. "What specifically are you upset about?"

"What do you THINK I'm upset about!?" Elizabeth demanded. "She was my sister! My own blood! I can't ever have her now, can I!?"

"Why not?"

Elizabeth stared at him incredulously. "Are you not hearing me? I just said she's my sister!"

Mickey stared at him. "So is it general disgust for having had sex with your sister that makes you upset? Or is it something else?"

Elizabeth paused, and closed the lid on the piano keys, before slumping forward, looking sad.

"I just... I dunno. I'm barely able to process how I met my mother again. But... I just... I still want her. I don't care that she's my sister. I've never grown up with her. She's like a stranger to me. And it's not like we can have a baby!" she laughed, despite herself, as she said this. "But what will other people think? What would happen to my family name? Incest is still frowned upon, isn't it?"

Mickey smiled, which took even Elizabeth by surprise.

"When someone called Ronnie Kray a fat poof, do you think he sat at home, played his piano and complained about it?"

"No, he went and shot the guy in the head," Elizabeth replied.

"That's right. He didn't take any shit. And frankly, neither should you," Mickey said. "You know you'll have my support, and the boys won't think any less of you. Certainly not while I'm there to keep them in line," he patted her shoulder. "And if anyone does, we'll sort them out, no problem."

"But that still leaves one remaining issue! My sister and our mother!" Elizabeth said. "What do I do about that?"

Mickey got up, and headed to the door.

"I'm sure you will figure that out."


He had been right, of course. Elizabeth had come to realise that she had no choice but to confront the issue head on. There was no point in pretending it hadn't happened, and there was nothing anyone could do. So she'd had what proved to be the most difficult conversation in her life with both her mother and her sister, explaining everything that had happened, and what her story was. Then she'd told them that if there was anything they needed, to please contact her, and told them where they could find her.

Her mother had said very little. She had just thanked Elizabeth for her honesty, and wished her well. Elizabeth wasn't quite sure if she would ever see her again. Her father hadn't poisoned her mind about the woman, but Elizabeth had strongly been of the opinion, even before the unexpected reunion, that any woman who just disappeared from her daughter's life was not deserving of any of her attention. So she had no plans to go back to her again. And her farewell had been almost as chilly as an Arctic wind.

Milly, meanwhile, had just sat impassively the entire time, and had only spoken to say goodbye when she'd left.

To her surprise, however Milly had turned up at Elizabeth's expensive home in Knightsbridge one evening about a month later. She'd had a determined look on her face, and even the normally stoic Elizabeth had been surprised to see her; her hands had been quite shaky as she'd closed the front door, and let the girl in.

Eventually, though, the small talk had flowed, and tea had been served. Then Milly had been up front with her.

"I'm here because I want to join you."

"What?" Elizabeth had asked, surprised. "You want to join me?"

"Yes," Milly said, firmly.

"If you don't mind me asking... what made you come to that decision?"

"Well, after what happened last month, I spent hours locked in my room, trying to put everything out of my head and focus on my studies," Milly began, in a shaky voice. "What you did..." she closed her eyes, for a moment. Then looked up at her sister and met her gaze. "What you did was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. You raped me." She spat that word out like it tasted sour.

Elizabeth herself winced somewhat at its mention.

"I couldn't sleep at night. I couldn't even masturbate without remembering all of those orgasms you forced me through... And that was without remembering that you were my own fucking sister. I have never, EVER felt so empty as I did in the days following that. And you know what? At first, I thought it was trauma. I thought I was never going to be the same again..."

She took a deep breath as she tried to form the words that came next.

"But then I realised something. I had never felt more alive than when I was with you. I actually felt like things made sense then. Something hadn't broken. I wasn't traumatized. In fact, on the contrary, I think you actually may have awoken something that was already there."

"How do you mean?" Elizabeth asked.

"I think you made me realise I didn't want normal. I wanted to live on the edge. To feel alive again."

Elizabeth turned on her professional tone for what she said next.

"Well, going through that is one thing, Milly," she began. "And if what you're saying is that you want to be with me, then I'm certainly not going to say no. But if you're saying that you want to "work" for me, you're a civilian. And you're young. I don't think you need me to tell you what you'd be getting into. Are you starting to see where I'm angling? Or do I need to draw you a diagram?"

Milly stared at her.

"Well, that is just something I'm going to have to find out."

Then, to Elizabeth's surprise, she leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. It was only brief, but it was enough. Elizabeth lunged forward on the couch they were sitting on and pinned her sister down, before kissing her with a passion that poets could only dream of putting into words.

Eventually, they broke apart, and stared into each other's eyes.

"I think you have unfinished business with me?" Milly said.

Without a word, Elizabeth leapt up, took her sister by the hand, and guided her up to the Master bedroom. Once inside, she practically ripped off her clothes, throwing them in a heap in the corner of the room. Once Milly was naked, she pushed her backwards onto the bed, and, without removing any of her own clothes, pounced on her.

That was when she started to go a bit slower. She began to kiss Milly's cheeks and the rest of her face, very slowly and tenderly, but avoiding the lips. Then she moved on to the neck, and began to suckle and bite at it.

Milly let out a low gasp of pleasure.

Then Elizabeth started to work her way down her sister's body, eventually settling on her boobs. Those same boobs she had so admired, and which she had single-handedly (no pun intended) used to make her orgasm.

Unable to resist, Elizabeth began to slowly caress them, her fingers molding and squeezing gently as her thumbs began to circle the nipples. She felt Milly start to relax as she did this, so she leaned down and moved on to the next stage.

First, she attached her lips to the first nipple, sucking them gently, her tongue beginning to circle the small bullet of flesh, while her other hand kept going with the other boob. This elicited some small gasps and moans from her sister. Then she did the same with the other boob.

After a few minutes of this, Elizabeth began to up the ante. She started to nibble and bite them with the same kind of force that she had applied to the neck, which caused Milly to squeal loudly. Then the tongue got back to work and the groping became more intense.

All this time, Milly's gasps were getting louder. And before too long, they turned to screams. Then her body shook and shuddered, and for the first time in the night, Elizabeth had Milly screaming in ecstasy as her orgasm hit her.

As quickly as she could, Elizabeth quickly moved down towards Milly's neatly trimmed pussy, and without even taking a second to admire it as she had done before, began to eat her out.

The effect on Milly was immediate. She was still in the middle of her first orgasm, but now her pussy was being stimulated, so she barely had time to come down from it before the second one hit. It was just as Elizabeth had remembered; with every stroke of her tongue, and every bit of contact with her sister's clitoris, Milly just kept going.

Elizabeth could taste the juices on her tongue as she licked and sucked, and as each orgasm hit, the taste began to get stronger. Every breath she took through her nose was filled with the intoxicating aroma of her sister's scent.

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