tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken By The Trash

Taken By The Trash


I probably shouldn't even tell this story, but it has been almost 20 years since it happened and you might find some enjoyment in it. I was 23 at the time and working for a property management company while going to school. Being the new guy, I got all the crap jobs – literally: clogged toilets, busted sink disposals, rodent and pest issues, etc. The pay was decent so I kept my gripes to myself.

On this particular day I found 2 job tickets for Gateway Village in my basket. I hated going out to Gateway. It was an out-of-the-way trailer park and, other than possibly some tax perks; I can't imagine why the company owned it. The denizens of Gateway were basically white trash and I don't mean any offense by that – it just happens to be the best way to describe them.

I did my local tickets before lunch and drove out to Gateway in the early afternoon. It was a hot day, but they always were and I was dressed accordingly in shorts and company t-shirt.

The first ticket was an easy one; a pothole needed filling. I dumped a bag of gravel in the offending hole and patted it flat with my shovel, barely breaking a sweat.

The second ticket was more trouble. Some kids had knocked over the electric meter board. The board is a large piece of wood, basically a wall, on two poles. Mounted on the wall are the neighborhood electric meters – giving the meter reader one place to stop, all the meters are in one place.

The kids had done a good job of knocking it over and it was going to take some effort and time to get it standing again. After struggling with it for about 15 minutes, I was sweating like a pro basketball player. I stopped to drink some water and tossed my shirt into my van.

With renewed energy I returned to my task. While I toiled, I felt like I was being watched but paid it no mind; probably just curious neighbors.

It took over an hour, but I finally got the board in place and was standing there admiring my work.

"Hey!" somebody shouted at me. "Hey, you! Come here for a sec!"

I turned to see an older woman standing in the doorway of her trailer. She was skinny, scrawny being a better description, with a swirl of hair tied atop her head. She had bony legs with knobby knees and a huge chest. Her breasts were gigantic on her thin frame. She was wearing a pair of shorts – we used to call them shortie-shorts – and a dirty white tank top. The top was stretched to its limit and her little round paunch stuck out beneath it.

"Come here," she gestured again, so I strolled over.

"Can I help you?" I asked, taking another sip of my water.

"You with Hendricks?" she asked. Up close she looked even older; the years had not been kind to her.

"Yes, ma'am," I answered. "Something I can help you with?"

"How come you haven't fixed my shower yet?" she demanded. "I'm tired of washing in the sink."

"I wasn't aware you had a shower problem, ma'am," I told her honestly. "I don't know if I can fix it, but I'll take a look if you don't mind. Let me get my shirt."

"You don't need your shirt," she said, gesturing me in.

I stepped up and into her trailer and it took a moment for my eyes to adjust after being in the sun all morning. There was a large woman sitting on the sofa in the main room. I couldn't be sure since my vision was blurred, but it looked like she quickly pulled her hand from between her legs as I entered.

"This is Jess," the woman in the doorway told me. "She's a friend of mine."

Jess stood up and extended her beefy hand. I shook it politely; it felt very warm and maybe a little damp. She was a big woman – fat, but not soft. She had short cropped hair and broad shoulders. A long t-shirt draped over her large stomach and wide chest. I say wide because her breasts weren't large in a protruding way, but large in their spread across her chest.

I stood awkwardly for a minute, feeling their eyes on my bare chest, before saying, "Ok, let's take a look at this shower of yours."

There was only one place it could be, so I took the lead down the narrow hall; the skinny woman and her friend right behind me. The bathroom was, as is often the case in trailers, very small. The three of us filled the room to bursting. Jess crowded the doorframe.

"What's the matter with it?" I asked, looking it over.

"Uh ... it won't turn on," she stammered uncertainly.

I twisted the knob and the shower burst to life; the water feeling terrific on my arm.

"It seems to be working fine," I said, turning to face the women.

"Imagine that," the skinny one said as she ran her hand up my sweaty chest.

"Uh, yeah," I said uneasily. "Guess I'd better get going."

"You ain't going nowhere," said Jess in a husky voice.

I pushed past the scrawny one, but couldn't get through the blocked doorway. I was in pretty good shape back then, but Jess was stronger than I would have thought. She pulled me into a bear hug and crushed me against her thick, firm chest. As my panic increased I couldn't help but notice she was not wearing a bra – funny how the male mind works – and her tits felt heavy and full.

She backed out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Her thin friend followed us with a grin. Jess slammed me down into a wooden chair, momentarily knocking the wind out of me. I tried to stand, but she took me by the shoulders and slammed me down again.

I felt something cold on my neck and looked to find the thin woman next to me. I couldn't see what she was holding against my throat, but assumed the worst.

"Don't move, big boy," she told me softly. "Put your hands on the armrests."

I did as I was told and Jess tied my wrists to the chair while her partner continued to press against my neck. They tied my ankles, too. Jess picked a gigantic pair of granny panties from the floor and stuffed them roughly into my mouth; pulling a stocking around my face to hold it in. When they were certain I was securely in place, they stepped away from me. I felt completely helpless, but strangely aroused.

The thin one stepped behind me and began rubbing her hands over my shoulders and down my chest. She paid special attention to my nipples; rubbing and pinching them tightly. She pressed her huge chest into the back of my head.

Jess leaned into me and pulled at the waistband of my shorts.

"Lift up," she ordered and I struggled to obey. She pulled my shorts and briefs to my bound ankles. Now totally exposed, I felt even more helpless. Bony fingers continued exploring my chest and, to my dismay, I watched my penis stiffen.

"Look at that, Billie," Jess said, pointing at my growing erection. "Looks like our handy-man is feeling handy."

Billie stopped rubbing me and stood with her fat friend. "That's some fresh stuff," she told her with an evil grin.

Without warning they were in each other's arms – gently kissing and hugging and touching each other knowingly. Jess pulled Billie's dirty tank over her head and yanked at her bra. The thin woman's breasts dropped violently out and spilled down across her soft stomach. They were the biggest tits I had ever seen – sagging and stretched, but huge and oddly breathtaking.

Billie squirmed out of her shortie-shorts and reached for Jess' t-shirt. She lifted it off her, revealing the large woman's big, flat breasts. They looked squashed against her chest and her nipples were stiff and knob-like. Her stomach hung mightily over her waistband as the two of them fell onto the adjacent bed.

They continued to enjoy each other on the bed in front of me; kissing and touching and rubbing each other passionately. I didn't want to get excited, but I couldn't help myself. Watching those two rednecks going at it was too much for me. My cock was harder than I remember it ever being as they quickly brought each other to orgasm.

"Feeling left out?" Jess asked, acting as if she had just noticed me there.

"Poor, baby," said Billie, looking half asleep.

"I've got an idea," the big woman said, standing up and pushing my chair. She leaned the chair backwards, almost tipping me over. The chair came to a rest on the edge of the bed. I was leaning back, facing the ceiling.

"You can go first," she told her busty partner, pointing at my cock before climbing back onto the bed.

Billie crawled between my spread knees and took my stiffness in her bony hand. She jerked it a few times before engulfing it abruptly with her mouth. It felt terrific even though I wished it not to.

I was watching in awe as her head bobbed up and down on my manhood. I marveled at her swaying tits – two sacks bouncing to and fro, one noticeably larger than the other. I was surprised when the gag was pulled from my mouth. I tried to speak, but couldn't say much before Jess' huge ass landed on my face. She was squatting over me; how she held up her weight I'll never know. She ground her wet, stank crotch into my face.

"Lick me, handy man!" she barked. "Tongue me."

I was hesitant and didn't start quickly enough. My nipple was pinched painfully – very painfully and I rammed my tongue into her sloppy puss. She tasted stale and I almost gagged, but I continued to swirl my tongue madly.

I felt an eruption building in my too eager cock and tried to fight it. That just made the explosion bigger – I burst with a groan into her mouth and she gulped with abandon – catching as much as she could as I shot stream after stream into her.

The fat woman exploded then, too; her juice spilling across my face as I tried unsuccessfully not to drink any. Jess' fat twat pressed smotheringly into my face for a few long moments before she climbed off.

After catching my breath, I found them next to me, one on either side. Billie cupped her tremendous breasts and pressed them into my face. Again I must not have reacted quickly enough because my nipple was twisted violently. I sucked at her tits obediently.

She pushed one then the other into my mouth. She rubbed them against my cheeks and forehead. I wondered what they must have been like in her youth. Jimmy Bob probably had a great time with them in the back of his truck.

"Don't forget mine," I heard Jess say. "They ain't as big, but they ain't little, neither."

I turned my head and found Jess' melons waiting. Not wanting my chest pinched again, I went to work immediately. I sucked and nibbled on them, pulling her thick nipples deep into my mouth.

Before I knew it, they were both smashing their tits into my face playfully.

"Mine! Mine!" they laughed and shouted. I was licking and sucking madly as they rubbed their saliva-covered tits on my face.

This went on for a while before things slowed. My cock was fully erect again and dancing to the beat of my pulse.

"Sit on him, Billie," Jess told her, lowering the chair back to all fours. "He'll fuck you."

With some effort Billie climbed onto my lap – the chair's arms making it difficult. Wasting no time, she lowered her wet crease onto my prick and started humping me. Her tits pressed crazily against my chest. I found myself wanting to hold them.

Jess was behind me, holding my ears and pressing her fat chest into the back of my neck. I wanted to hold them, too. I wanted to rub her fat stomach – I was losing it.

I started to tell them, but Billie and I came together in a rush. She clung to me as I lifted my butt off the chair in an attempt to push deeper into her. I groaned loudly.

"You like that, handy-man?" Jess asked, pulling my ears back as Billie climbed off me with a line of my spunk hanging from her tangled bush.

"Untie me, fat ass," I told her softly, but determinedly. "Untie me and I'll fuck your fat ass."

She slid quickly around in front of me, an angry look on her rugged face.

"You think you can handle this?" she asked sharply, pawing roughly at my sensitive nipples. She pulled and pinched them causing me to squirm. "You think you can take all this?"

"Untie me and find out," I told her.

"Ok, handy-man," she said while releasing me. "Bring it on. Show me what you got."

I bolted to my feet intending to flee, but something kept me from running. I looked at the two naked, ugly women standing next to me – my cock was pointing at them in anticipation.

"You," I told Billie. "Get on the bed – on your back."

She looked at Jess for a second before climbing onto the bed.

"You, fat ass," I told the big woman. "On the bed – hands and knees – eat her."

Jess smiled and slowly climbed between her friend's legs. On all fours, her wide ass spread before me. I slid in behind her.

"Eat her, fat ass," I said again, rubbing my hard prick into her butt crack. Jess began licking at Billie's twat. "I'm going to fuck your fat ass, fat ass."

"You ain't so tough," she told me between gulps.

Without warning I rammed my cock into her puckered hole. I pushed in as deeply as I could, ignoring her yelp. I pulled out and shoved in again - hard. I grabbed onto her massive hips and fucked her ass with everything I had. I reached under and smacked at her heavy belly. I rubbed it like I was buffing my car.

Billie came with a happy moan and I felt Jess start to quiver then shake. I pushed my cock in as deeply as I could, pulling at her firm tits at the same time. She came with a scream and I did the same – shooting my third load into her tight butt.

She was still shaking when I pushed her onto her thin buddy and pulled my pants on. I raced to the door and out into the street. The sun was setting as I jumped into my van and sped out of Gateway Village. I drove about 10 miles before pulling over to catch my breath. I couldn't believe what had happened and vowed never to return to Gateway ...

... but, wouldn't you know it, there was a "broken shower" ticket in my basket the very next morning.

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