tagErotic CouplingsTaken By The Wind Ch. 03

Taken By The Wind Ch. 03


Author's Note:

Thank you to all of you who left such kind comments on the previous installation. I made an error when categorizing the last installation of this story which I fear may have disappointed some readers, a mistake I have since corrected. As for this, the third installment of 'Taken By The Wind', I am sure I have categorized it correctly.

I hope you all enjoy.


PS. If you are new to the series, I recommend reading the previous installments first.

Chapter 3:

The following morning Rob was back at the gym. He'd hoped to run into Karen again, unsure of exactly where they stood. They'd been reasonably friendly towards each other the previous day, and he had become hopeful that they could get past what had happened earlier that week. He did his cardio, and worked his lower body. Yesterday had been all upper body, today was lower body.

Rob considered an added complication as he worked out, a text message he'd received three days earlier.

Jenna: Merry Christmas! See you at New Years? :)

Rob had responded in kind, telling her that he'd be at a party their mutual friend was throwing and that he'd see her there. This had started a string of back and forth messages, mostly just polite conversation. Rob was growing to realise that they'd never get back to what they had, and felt like Jenna was just trying to be nice by remaining friendly. He finished his leg presses and moved on to standing calf raises.

The problem for Rob was that he didn't know how to be with someone else. He had tried going out on a few dates, but always compared the girls he was with to Jenna, which was unfair but unavoidable. Most had been girls he'd known in high school, and he just couldn't help but think of them as Jenna's friends. It felt wrong somehow, it was as though they were still off limits. What he needed was someone totally different from her, someone he hadn't had any association with before.

Someone like Karen.

He finished his fourth and final set and moved on to his last workout: barbell squats. He went to the weights and added on a few plates to the bar. Rob had been doing close to the same workout regimen since he was sixteen, the only difference was the amount of weight and the improvement of form. He did his sets, stretched, and went to the locker room. He showered and got changed. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, seeing he had a text message from two people: Wayne/Schmitty, and Karen.

Wayne's was just asking for a ride to the party New Year's Eve, which was easily provided. The second was much more interesting.

Karen: Hey, want to party it up on New Year's? :)

Rob's heart leapt. She's changed her mind, he thought excitedly. He felt a little silly but he was genuinely excited by this development. He went to reply but wasn't sure what to say. Rob thought on it for a while, spending a lot more time in the locker room than he usually did. He didn't want to screw this up, but then he thought of Jenna. He had already told her that he would see her at the party, he didn't want to make it seem like he was avoiding her.

But it was Karen. He had a potential future with Karen, whereas his story with Jenna had already reached its end. They would be friends, maybe, but nothing more would come of it than that. Rob tapped out a reply and sent it to her.

Rob: Sure, where and when?

On the other side of town Karen's phone buzzed, and she jumped excitedly to check the message. She grinned when she saw his reply, relieved that he didn't already have plans that would prevent her scheme from working. She sent him the address of Courtney's house and told him to be there at around eight. Rob replied back saying that he'd be there, and she told him to bring a friend. After the rapid succession of messages Rob left the locker room with a spring in his step.

The next two days passed by with agonizing slowness, as though the year were reluctant to end. Rob almost wished he were in school so he'd have some homework or classes to distract him. As it was he spent the entire time getting amped up for the party. He had managed to talk Wayne into going with him, something not overly difficult as Rob was his ride. Wayne actually knew most of the people going to Courtney's party anyway.

He was from neither the North Side nor the South End, but downtown, which made him something of a bridge between the two groups. He'd been the glue that had kept the football team together, preventing infighting with a mixture of implied threats of bodily harm and his own natural charm. Rob hoped that by having Wayne there some of the hostility about where he was from would be mitigated.

At the very least, at 6'6 and nearly three hundred pounds, Wayne was the best back up he could hope for. He now played left tackle for their college football team.

Rob hoped that, along with Wayne's genial attitude, would build a bridge between him and the other party guests. Trying to tell Jenna that he wouldn't be seeing her at the party frightened him more than any North Sider hostility. That was something he'd faced every day for four years. He didn't want to hurt Jenna's feelings or disappoint her, and couldn't think of way of telling her that wouldn't do that. He wound up telling her that he wouldn't be seeing her New Year's Eve, but added that he'd like to meet up with her at some point before she left for school again so they could catch up to make up for it.

The thirty-first arrived at last, and Rob did his best to follow his usual routine. He went to the gym in the morning, a pure cardio day that left him dripping with sweat. As he was leaving he ran into Karen's friend, Courtney, who was hosting the party. She was just getting off the treadmill herself, and looked wonderfully sweaty and flushed. Rob felt a familiar jolt of physical attraction towards her that he usually pushed aside quickly lest he risk offending either her or Karen.

However, without Karen there to distract his attention he was taken aback by how attractive Courtney was and struggled to not be obvious in his cautious admiration of her. He'd noticed before of course, it was difficult not to with her dressed in tight yoga pants and a form fitting tank top, but he'd been and still was interested in Karen. That thought helped him behave himself now. He'd been given a second chance and didn't want to risk fucking that up.

"Heya," she said breathlessly, gulping down some water from her bottle.

Rob couldn't help but notice how her throat expanded and contracted slightly as she swallowed down her water. A few strands of hair had become free of her ponytail, clinging to her shoulders wet with perspiration. Rob forced his eyes to hers, admonishing himself. This didn't help however because then found himself thinking how the shape of her eyes seemed flirty somehow.

"How's it going?" he asked. Rob scolded himself harshly inside his head. He usually wasn't like this, even with Karen he was able to stop himself from being inappropriate, it had been what had allowed their friendship to endure over the course of the semester despite their mutual attraction towards each other.

Courtney grinned. "Pretty good, kind of sweaty at the moment."

Rob noted a bead of perspiration that had formed on her throat, it trailed down her neck and collarbone, sliding along her chest and into her deep cleavage. Rob tore his eyes away quickly, cursing himself for staring. She's Karen's friend Rob, stop being a creep. Do you want her to tell Karen you were staring at her tits? No. That would definitely not be good for their budding relationship. Finally Rob's eyes went to hers and stayed there. Does she always grin like that? Rob wondered, but then shoved the thought aside.

"Ready for the party?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's going to be pretty sweet. I'm going to be battening down the hatches all day" she said.

Rob laughed. "Do you want me to bring anything?" he asked.

Courtney grinned. "Just yourself and five bucks if you're drinking."

"Cool, see you there then," he said. Good, that was good. Polite and not weird. Rob congratulated himself.

"Yep, later," she replied.

He watched her as she sauntered off towards the leg machines, sweat making her white tank top cling to her curvaceous body and nearly making Rob think more guilt inducing thoughts. When he'd first seen her with Karen he hadn't recognized her as the Courtney Maclean who had gone to high school with him. She had seemed familiar, but she'd changed a lot over the past few years. She'd stopped dying her hair for one thing, or she'd started dying it a color closer to her natural color. More than that though, she'd grown in areas that drew eyes, including his.

Rob turned those eyes away and headed to the showers, his thoughts turning back to Karen. He wondered if they would hook up again tonight, and got excited by the idea. The elation of her text had been long lasting, and hadn't gone unnoticed by his sister. Jane had asked him about what had put the extra spring in his step. He'd covered up, making her smile by saying that it was because she was home. She appreciated the lie, but hadn't bought it and had been trying to ferret out details for the past few days.

Courtney arrived at the leg machines, and went to a free one. She began to work her legs, ignoring the usual presence of eyes on her as she did her seated hip abductions, which involved her legs spreading wide and her flexing her inner thigh muscles to squeeze them back together. That motion drew the eyes of some guys around her age supposedly doing bench presses. It seemed like they spent most of their time talking about how ripped they were going to get rather than actually doing it.

Courtney watched as Rob walked off the gym floor towards the showers, remembering her conversation with Karen a few days prior about him. She became affected by nostalgia, a smile creeping on her face as she remembered being in detention with him. That had been their only real interaction while in high school. Courtney had not admitted it to Karen, but she had had a deep and long lasting crush on him after that.

Rob was one of the few guys in high school that Courtney could not have, not just because of their different backgrounds, but because he was always dating Jenna Piper. Maybe it was that unattainability that had made her attraction to him so enduring. It was a fantasy she could have that would not become real, which both made it safe and allowed for the wish of 'maybe someday'. Her legs burned as she shut them close, and as they opened she found her mind going to a very dirty place, imaging that it wasn't the pads of the machine spreading her thighs but Rob's hands.

Surprised by the naughtiness of her own imagination, Courtney was broken out of her daydreaming and forced herself to concentrate on her workout. She did calf raises and prone leg curls, the latter attracting the attention of more than a few male patrons. Normally Courtney hardly noticed men watching her, she had become so used to it that she just ignored it habitually. But their stares made her think of lust, of male desire towards her, and she couldn't help but wonder if Rob looked at her in the same way.

The idea that he might excited her as she went to do her leg extensions, and by the time she was done her set and was returning to the treadmills for her cool down she was flushed from more than just exertion. Courtney stretched and then retreated to the locker room. She was glistening with sweat as she peeled off her workout clothes. Her tank top came first, the thin cotton clinging to her stomach and back as she drew it up her body.

Courtney tossed the sweat soaked garment into her gym bag, and drew her yoga pants down her legs. Now in just her panties and sports bra Courtney drew her elastic out of her hair, letting it tumble loosely down her back. She was strangely flustered, though she wasn't really sure why. Courtney drank from her water bottle, gulping down a few mouthfuls and then wiping her mouth off with the back of her hand.

It was Rob. Courtney hadn't been with a guy for a while, and her encounter with Rob had kindled the embers of her old crush. She was annoyed with herself for some reason, and hooked her fingers under her sports bra. Courtney breathed happily as her heavy breasts spilled free, gleaming like a pair of fat dew drops in the sunlight, the space between them shiny with her sweat. Her nipples were painfully erect, jutting out from the fleshy mounds lewdly.

Courtney always got a bit turned on after working out, and sometimes during, but this was a whole other level. She decided to shower at home, which went against her usual routine, but so was the intense arousal she was feeling. Courtney pulled on a fresh pair of panties and socks before pulling on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. She didn't bother with a bra, no one would be able to see her turgid nipples with her winter coat on.

The cold air did not cut down on her arousal like Courtney thought it would, and she walked hurriedly through the parking lot, nearly taking a spill when she hit a patch of ice. Her athleticism saved her, and she reached her car breathless and flushed. Courtney had no idea what this was. She rubbed her thighs together in her seat as she drove, drumming her fingers on the steering wheel while she willed all lights to be green.

At least with her stepmother gone she was driving the car instead of taking the bus like she normally did. Courtney cursed her father for choosing to live in a house so far away from the main part of town. She was in a state by the time she got home, and hardly took the time to greet Winston before hurrying to her bedroom. She went to her underwear drawer, rummaging through it until she found what she was looking for: the pink, seven inch vibrating dildo which she'd had since she was sixteen.

Her mother had mortified Courtney when she'd given it to her as a birthday present, but she'd come to appreciate it in the years that had followed. Courtney fell back heavily into the chair at her desk and yanked down her sweatpants. Her fingers went to her crotch, finding that she had already made the crotch of her fresh panties damp. Courtney could not believe how horny she was. She went to her bed, lying on her stomach as she drew her panties down.

Breathing heavily she gripped her vibrator and dragged its head along the glistening folds of her sex, Courtney gasped. Just having the cool plastic brush against her pussy lips sent ripples of pleasure through her. Not able to stand any teasing she buried the full length of the toy inside her needy cunt and fiddled with the nob at the end. Courtney moaned as it started to vibrate, turning the knob to the middle setting.

She was sweaty, her hair was a mess, and she had a sex toy rammed deep inside her as she lay prone on her bed. Courtney squirmed on the mattress as the vibrator hummed inside her, filling her, stimulating her, feeding her body's desire for release. Courtney sawed the toy in and out of her, stimulating her sensitive channel, confusing flashes of images going through her mind. Her eyes closed, providing a black canvas for those fluttering images to develop on.

Memories she didn't even realize she'd formed went through her mind. Rob doing arm curls, Rob doing leg raises, Rob doing squats. Courtney rolled onto her back and pulled off her t-shirt, her back arching and thrusting her chest upward. She turned up the intensity of the vibration before grabbing both of her sweaty breasts in either hand. Courtney's head tilted back, her lips parting as she groaned and writhed on her bed, the toy rumbling inside her as it stirred her insides.

Courtney squeezed her nipples, tugging them as she squeezed her thighs together, her channel tightening around the vibrator that hummed inside her tirelessly. She opened her legs and began to it work in and out of her once more, the pink plastic coated in her juices as it slid in and out of her sodden cunt. Courtney teased her breast with one hand and used the other to fuck herself with the toy. The still images of Rob became animated.

A scenario filled her mind, as simple a one as she'd ever come up with. Rob was between her legs, fucking her. She could image his strong hands holding her hips, his thick shaft going in and out of her pussy. Courtney angled the toy so that it was sure to hit her most sensitive spot, and groaned every time she succeeded. She reached down and began to stimulate her clit at the same time, flicking her fingers along the turgid bug, strumming the firm button while she worked the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

Courtney's hips bucked up against the vibrator, meeting her hand on every downward thrust with the sex toy. Her fingers rubbed her clit, her eyes shut tight as she imagined Rob having difficulty holding on. He was thrusting into her madly, matching her own frantic motions. Courtney's brow creased and a cry of utter lust erupted from her as she came at last. Her spine curled back and her ass lifted from the bed as her orgasm ripped through her with the fury of a biblical prophecy.

"Oh fuck!" she nearly screamed. Her ass feel back to the mattress and her body contorted as her body was ravaged by the sensations of her climax. Courtney's sweaty body writhed, her feet tangling in the sheets, her pussy squeezing the vibrator tight as every muscle of her body seized. She shook uncontrollably, and in her mind Rob came as well. Imagining how it would feel to have that power unleashed on her made Courtney hit another crest.

"Oh god!" she cried out as she was sent up once more. Courtney peaked a number of times before her body was exhausted and she became too sensitive to go on without causing herself too much discomfort. She turned off the vibrator and drew it out of her leaking pussy, resting the gleaming toy beside her as she lay trembling in the aftershocks of her masturbation session.

Courtney could not remember the last time she'd cum like that. Masturbation usually got the job done, but it didn't leave her with the sense of satisfaction that she felt now. It was because she'd been thinking of him, Courtney realized, of Rob.

"Kavanagh," she said thoughtfully. He was coming to the party; she'd see him for sure. In high school she wouldn't have entertained the thoughts that were coming to mind, but they weren't in high school anymore. She wasn't that underdeveloped girl that he'd spent that session of detention with. Most importantly, he wasn't dating anyone. It had become clear to Courtney that Karen was trying to set her up with Rob, before she wouldn't have really considered it. But now...

Courtney sighed, it didn't matter. Rob hardly looked at her even now. She got out of bed and showered, deciding to put the fantasy aside and get ready for the party.


For Rob the rest of the day was slow, but the final few hours seem to pass all too quickly. The last time Rob had put this much thought into what to wear was the night he'd gone on his first date with Jenna. He decided to keep it simple, a pair of dark blue jeans and a dress shirt that was a deep red color.

He shaved and combed his light hair, and put on the watch his parents had bought him for his eighteenth birthday. Then he waited some more, surfing the internet, spinning around in his office chair, and generally wasting time until it was time to go get Wayne and head over to Courtney's. He put on his leather jacket and headed out.

"Hey Schmitty," Rob said as his behemoth friend stepped into his truck.

"Kavanagh," Wayne said with a polite nod. "So, do you know where this party is?"

"Yeah, Courtney Maclean's house, I looked online," he said.

"Cool," he replied.

He drew the seatbelt over his chest and Rob pulled out of the parking lot of the apartment complex Wayne lived in. Rob drove and the two caught up, having not talked since before Christmas break had started. As they drew closer to Courtney's house Rob grew increasingly nervous, but also excited. Wayne was talking about his exams, he was taking English Literature, which seemed bizarre to look at him but made perfect sense when you began to talk to him. They were pulled up to the house, and found that cars lined the road and filled the driveway.

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