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Taken By The Wind Ch. 06


Author's Note:

This is the sixth installment of 'Taken by The Wind'. If you haven't already, I recommend reading the other chapters before reading this one. A special thank you goes out to Literotica username Seniya for taking the time to edit this chapter for me.

This is a long chapter, if you are looking for a quick read I do not recommend this story.

I'd like to thank everyone who rated and commented on the previous chapters, I really appreciate all of the feedback. Now, I hope you all enjoy.



Chapter 6:

Karen awoke to find Adam had left. She left his bedroom, entering the main room of his small apartment. A voice behind her startled her.

"He left a note, it's on the table" said Eddy. He was Adam's roommate and best friend.

Eddy had always frightened her. He gave her long, openly admiring looks which made her very uncomfortable. Karen disliked him greatly, blaming him for the majority of Adam's old issues with drugs. Even now she could see the pipe on the coffee table, a little bag containing crushed up crystals inside. Why would he tempt Adam like that? Wasn't it bad enough that he fucked up his own life? Did he need to ruin Adam's too? Eddy's grandparents had been wealthy, wealth his parents had inherited.

They basically paid for him to disappear, to stop being an embarrassment. So he stayed in this little apartment all day, getting high on every drug he could find, looking at internet porn and playing endless hours of computer games. She might have felt sorry for him if had not been the singularly most unpleasant person she had ever met.

Adam tried to defend him, explaining that Eddy had saved his life at one point or something. He basically gave his friend a pass on any sort of behavior, even openly ogling his girlfriend.

Trying to ignore Eddy staring at her, Karen went to the kitchen table and found the note.


Had to go to work, didn't want to wake you. I'll see you later.


That was it. That was all he had to say to her. He had had plenty more to say the previous night. The problems had started straight away. He had not approved of her outfit, accusing her of trying too hard to look sexy. That had really hurt her, she had spent hours picking out her outfit, and he had just brushed that effort away. She had changed though, finding something that he found agreeable before they went to the restaurant. At first the meal had been pleasant enough, the food had been good and Adam was being nice.

Then she had brought up school. She was talking about the mark she had received on her first assignment in her Philosophy class, very proud that she had managed to get one of the top marks in the class and even an approving comment from the professor. It had been difficult material, convoluted reasoning of obscure concepts. It had been a good boost to her self-esteem, but Adam had belittled the accomplishment, describing Philosophy as a 'slacker course' and a 'waste of time'.

After that Karen had become withdrawn. This had frustrated Adam and he had become even ruder towards her. She did not know what he wanted from her. When she talked about things in her life he just treated them as if they were insignificant. Talking about Courtney and Rob would have just made him angry, he had always disliked Courtney and she remembered how possessive he had become when he had seen her talking to Rob on New Year's.

The night had concluded with sex, which actually was the highlight of the evening and had brought Karen pleasure. He had been sweet afterwards, holding her gently, whispering nice things into her ear that made her smile. Karen's cool mood towards him warmed at that memory. At least he left a note, she thought to herself. Karen retrieved her purse and donned her outerwear before heading home.


"Oh fuck," Courtney gasped.

Her spine curled and fingers tightened around the headboard. Rob tilted his chin upward, drinking in the nectar of her sex as it flowed from her. Courtney shuddered above him, her hips rocking against his face, smearing her juices along his lips and chin. When her orgasm ebbed she toppled to her back. Rob was on top of her soon after, bringing his sticky lips to hers. Courtney tasted the evidence of her most recent climax on his lips before gasping at the sensation of his stiff organ sliding into her once more.

Rob had woken earlier that morning to find Courtney giving him a 'wake up' blowjob. They had been going at it now for hours, their bodies sweaty and sticky, aching but still burning with desire they kept going. Courtney returned Rob's kiss hungrily, gasping as he began to thrust into her. He bucked his hips powerfully, her fresh orgasm making her extra sensitive. They were insatiable, the room was thick with the scent of their lust, a musk that enveloped them as Rob began to saw in and out of her once more.

His mouth came away from Courtney's and went to her throat. Rob tasted the perspiration on her neck, listening to her pleasurable gasps as he thrust into her steadily. His lips went lower, kissing her between her shuddering breasts. He squeezed both firm orbs as he pushed in and out her, sucking one nipple into his mouth. Glistening circles of his saliva marked his trail, concentrated on her right breast after he had finished sucking and teasing it.

Rob straightened his back and gripped Courtney by the waist, using his hold as leverage to drive his cock into her with long strokes. Sweat shone on his chest and his hair was wild as his well-muscled body impacted Courtney over and over again. She could not hold back the moans the pleasure he delivered caused, so she did not. Her hands went above her head, gripping the spokes of the headboard as his bloated member slid in and out of her slippery channel.

Courtney's eyes closed, her head tilting slightly back and mouth open as the onslaught continued. Her breasts wobbled wildly, shuddering at each impact of Rob's hips. Rob's hands slid up her sides, coming up and over her shaking tits, taking one in either hand as he continued to drill into her. His ass flexed and abdominal muscles tightened to ram his shaft deep inside of her. He squeezed her breasts, distorting their shape in his grip and tugging at their stiff nipples with his fingers.

Tiring of this position Rob withdrew and flipped Courtney over. She giggled at his ferocity and then groaned as he entered once more from behind. Courtney raised herself up to all fours, balling up the bed sheets in her hands as he began to tear into her once more.

"That's it Rob," Courtney urged. "Fuck me."

She was incredibly wet, her body craved his desperately. His cock glistened with her excitement and plunged in and out of her rapidly. Courtney's heavy breasts swayed beneath her, and her ass shook with every slap of his body against hers. Rob pulled one hand away from his hips and sucked its fingers into his mouth, coating them in saliva before reaching back down and pushing them into her ass.

"Ahn!" Courtney cried. Rob pushed his fingers deep past her sphincter, the incredible heat of her rectum surrounding them. He continued to work his shaft in and out of her, her head hanging low as he began to overwhelm her. She pushed back against him, meeting his thrusts with ones of her own, pushing herself to the climax that impacted her.

The muscles of her back rippled, her arms flexed and her pussy constricted around his turgid shaft. Courtney cried out raggedly, her eyes shut tight and face gleaming with sweat. She lowered herself back to the mattress and shook. Rob followed her down, kissing her neck and shoulders tenderly as she came around his cock. He rocked his hips gently, prolonging her pleasure, their slick bodies sliding against each other as Courtney writhed beneath him. She grew still and Rob did as well.

Rob brushed aside her hair and kissed her flushed cheek from behind, making her smile. She shifted, and he slid out from her, she flipped over back onto her back and pulled him down into another kiss. Her hand came between them, gripping the rigid organ jutting from his body, and stroked it tenderly as they kissed. When she was ready for more she pressed the cockhead to her entrance and Rob began to move.

Courtney matched his motions, and their eyes locked. A lustful gaze to match their movements, Rob's downward thrusts being met by Courtney's upward thrusts. Their young, athletic forms moved together with grace and yearning. Rob supported himself above her, his hands planted on either side of her head as he moved. Her legs wrapped around him, drawing him towards her and using the leverage to lift herself to him.

Courtney gripped his forearms and gazed up at him, her dark eyes filled with excitement. Rob was having trouble holding on, the pressure at the base of his cock becoming unbearable. He began to slow down to delay the inevitable but Courtney spurred him onward. Rob lowered himself over her, his chest squishing her breasts under his weight as he gripped the blankets near her head tight and began to thrust into her hard.

The motions were rapid and rocked the bed with their force. A sense of urgency and strain was behind them, and Courtney spurred him on. She squeezed her legs around him, drawing him towards her when he thrust in, her hands gliding down his glistening back. His breathing grew laboured, thick with lust and rich with need. The intensity of his motions was impossible to maintain, the exquisite sensation of sliding in and out of her at this rate was too much.

It drove Rob to climax, the pressure at the base of his shaft becoming a sudden and violent release. He pulled out, taking his shaft in hand and stroking himself through his climax. Courtney squealed happily as he came on her stomach. She watched as his seed splattered along her slick tummy, thick cords clinging to the gentle definition of her abdominal muscles. The white tendrils of his seed flew out over her stomach, becoming splatters as they impacted her hot flesh.

Rob drew away from her after he had finished, and lay on his back and fighting to catch his breath.

Courtney gazed down at the carnage on his stomach, playing with his cum, spreading it over her abdomen. It mixed with her sweat, making her warm flesh shiny. Rob watched her, admiring again how beautiful she was. Disheveled and perspiring from their lovemaking she was breathtaking. He reached over and cupped the side of her head, steering her mouth to his. They kissed luxuriantly, tasting each other happily, proud to call the other theirs.

My girlfriend, Rob thought to himself happily as he drew away from the kiss. She grinned up at him happily, meeting his gaze with equal affection.

"What are you thinking?" he asked her.

Courtney's grin broadened. "That we need a bath. No offence, but you stink."

"Oh, and you smell like roses?" Rob asked. He brought his hands to her ribs and began tickling her.

Courtney laughed, trying to wiggle away. A tickle fight ensued, winding up with Courtney straddling Rob as they kissed. She squealed as she felt him sit up. He wrapped his arms around her and rose from the bed, lifting her along with him. Her sticky stomach pressed against his as he carried her out of his room and down the hallway to the master bathroom. He went blind, Courtney kissing him joyfully. He slid the door to the shower open, and staggered inside.

Courtney felt her back press against tile, and the two gasped as cold water crashed over them. Rob's cock had grown hard again, their slippery bodies rubbed against each other as water cascaded over them. Courtney's legs were wrapped around him, hugging him as he directed his once again stiff cock to her entrance. He slid into her, relaxing his hold on her and letting her slide down on his shaft. Courtney's hands buried themselves in Rob's sodden hair, pulling his mouth against hers.

He bucked up against her, pinning her against the wall as he slid in and out of her body. His hands cupped her ass, supporting her as he thrust up and forward. Courtney's heels pressed against his clenching buttocks, water trailing down her legs and flowing from her pointed feet in a steady stream. Their heads tilted and adjusted, moving as they kissed, their wet noses sliding against each other as they chased each other's tongues around.

Courtney's arms curled around his shoulders, holding herself up as Rob slammed his hips up into her. He held his cock inside, supporting her with his hips as he held either side of her head and kissed her deeply. His fingers went through her hair, massaging her scalp as their lips met over and over. He brought one hand back down, holding her up as he began to thrust into her once more. His other hand cupped her breast, squeezing and warping the wet swell as he kissed her hungrily once more.

Rob's mouth went to her neck, causing goose bumps to rise along her flesh. Her nipples were rigid, and he teased one of the sensitive points with his thumb as he pushed up into her. Courtney groaned, her arms tightening around him as she neared her climax. He drove his hips up into her a few more times, and felt her legs tighten around him. Her cry of ecstasy rang out throughout the bathroom, reverberating off the tiles and amplified in the enclosed space.

Courtney's hands tightened, her nails pressing into his flesh, her body seizing around him. Her body trembled between his and the wall, and continued to shake after her climax had left her. Rob lowered her back down, steadying her as she supported her own weight on unsteady legs. She pulled him down into a kiss, swirling her tongue around his as his rigid cock jabbed her in the stomach. Courtney turned, and looked over her shoulder at him.

Rob sidled in behind the dripping goddess before him, aiming the helm of his shaft at her opening and sliding back inside.

"That's it Rob," she groaned.

He moved steadily, sawing in and out in her with long strokes. His entire length penetrated her and was then drawn out until just the head was perched inside her. Courtney gasped as he came forward and filled her once more. She was not sure how many times she had cum since she'd woken that morning, but Rob had done so twice and was steadily working towards a third. Rob's body slapped wetly against hers, gripping her hips as he pushed into her.

Courtney's hands laid flat against the wall, and she was bent forward at the waist. Her breasts swung pendulously beneath her, water trailing under her as he moved behind her in steady motions. Rob was close and getting closer with every thrust. He drove into her powerfully, causing her to go up onto the balls of her feet. Her body straightened, her breasts flattening against the wall as she stumbled forward. He took her savagely, nearly at his peak, feeling Courtney constrict around him as she came again. So close, so very close.

"Rob, wait," Courtney gasped. Her body shook as she came, her legs wobbly beneath her.

Rob drove his cock deep inside her and held it still, panting from the exertion of fucking her so hard for so long and from his need for release. She trembled around him, squeezing his swollen member dangerously. The pressure began to recede, and Courtney felt some of the tension in his grip on her fade as he fought back his building climax. They were quiet for a moment. Courtney had never asked Rob to hold off before. He waited for her to speak again. It took a moment for Courtney to collect her thoughts, her mind still polluted with the aftershocks of her last orgasm.

"I want you to..." Courtney was not sure how to finish that sentence.

Rob grinned behind her and ran his hands along her side. They came down and over her ass. She bit her lower lip as he took either cheek in hand and squeezed them. He spread them, exposing her anus. He dragged his thumb across the puckered circle, making Courtney gasp.

"What do you want?" he asked teasingly. Rob traced circles around her rosebud, making her hum pleasurably.

Courtney mumbled something.

"What?" Rob asked.

"I want it in there," she said.

"What in where?" he asked.

"Your cock in my ass," Courtney said, getting frustrated with his teasing.

"Alright, alright. I'll go get..."

"Now Rob," she insisted.

He hesitated. "It'll hurt without..."

"Use shampoo or something," she said.

Rob thought for a second, an idea coming to him. He pulled the door back and reached over. Rob had to take a half step out of the shower to reach the mirror above the sink, but managed to swing it back and retrieve the jar of Vaseline behind it. He stepped back inside the shower, his cock still buried inside Courtney's pussy. He opened the jar and scooped some of it out with two fingers. Courtney's back arched as he ran his fingers between her ass cheeks, spreading the petroleum jelly along her cleft.

Rob pressed his slippery fingers against her anus and they slid inside. Courtney groaned as he began to rock his hips once more, fucking her while he fingered her ass. He loosened her up and got her chute slick, preparing her for what came next.

"I don't have a condom," he warned her.

"I know," Courtney replied.

"If I cum..." he said.

Courtney sighed in exasperation. "Yes Rob, I'm well aware of what happens when guys cum. Now: Cock. In. Ass."

Rob stifled his laughter and withdrew from her pussy. He scooped up more Vaseline and spread it along his shaft, making it very slippery. Rob prepared himself, planning an Indiana Jones style swap between his fingers and his shaft. He aimed and slid out his slippery fingers, pushing forward with his cock. Courtney groaned loudly as the first few inches of his shaft penetrated her. He had been very careful the previous night not to hurt her, and he was taking equal care now.

In his efforts to make this process as painless as possible he strained Courtney's patience, whose common sense was combating with her desire. Eventually desire won out and she pushed back against him, crying out as his thick shaft stretched her asshole. It felt good more than it hurt, but there was some pain. Rob held her from behind, stroking the back of her head gently as she grew accustomed to having him inside her once again.

"That was stupid," he told her.

"Fuck. Thanks, didn't notice," she spat back.

Rob kissed her neck in response and whispered into her ear. "Watch your mouth or I'll wash it out for you."

Courtney shuddered slightly around his cock. He knew that she liked it when he got authoritative with her during sex. He had first noticed it the time he'd talked her through masturbating. Rob pushed forward, more of his cock entering her. Courtney's mouth opened and she gasped. The side of her face pressed against the tile in front of her. He bottomed out, managing to stuff his entire length inside her tight rectum. Courtney shut her eyes, absorbing the feeling of fullness his naked cock brought.

Rob began to move, rocking his hips against her. It was hard to gauge the right amount of movement, too much of it turned 'Oos' into 'Ows', Rob had to find a balance. He succeeded in finding a rhythm, about a third of his shaft slid in and out of her rectum in steady strokes. He was extremely gentle, but after already being so close even the relatively slow pace was making it difficult to hold back the rising pressure at the base of his shaft. He slid back, nearly half his shaft sliding past her well stretched sphincter before her greedy rectum swallowed it back up again.

Rob reached around, massaging her pussy as he fucked her ass. Courtney's moans took on a new quality, one of urgency as his ministrations brought her close to another climax. His fingers found her clit and he rubbed it aggressively, wanting to get her off before letting go of his control. He squeezed his prostate, fighting with everything he had, willing her to give him the orgasm she so clearly desired. Rob pulled back, half his full length leaving her before entering her once more with a little more force than earlier.

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