tagErotic CouplingsTaken By The Wind Ch. 07

Taken By The Wind Ch. 07


Author's Note:

This is the seventh installment of 'Taken by The Wind'. If you haven't already I recommend reading the previous chapters prior to reading this one.

I'd like to thank everyone who rated and commented on the previous chapters. I really appreciate all of the feedback. Now, I hope you all enjoy.



Chapter 7:

"No..." Courtney whined. She grabbed for Rob's arm.

Her hand wrapped around his bare wrist to stop him from getting out of bed.

Rob laughed. "We have to get back to class."

"We have time," Courtney insisted.

"Ten minutes?" he asked uncertainly.

"Please?" Courtney's warm brown eyes grew big and she pouted adorably.

Rob looked away, knowing that if he looked he would be sucked in. Courtney crawled over to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Please?" she asked again. Her hand went down his stomach, and then to his groin where his erection was already beginning to stir once more.

"Alright," Rob said. He could never say no to her.

Courtney smiled triumphantly as he brought his lips back to hers, and she lay back on the bed as he prostrated himself over her. Her hand went to his cock and stroked it as they kissed. They were in a hurry so the teasing was minimal, the kiss intended to arouse more than be intimate or playful. Rob's tongue searched Courtney's out, and demanded it play with him as his hands went up her front to her bare breasts.

These lunch time liaisons had begun a week earlier when they both decided that they were seeing too little of each other. Rob was primed to enter exams, and Courtney's workload was picking up for her cosmetology program, which left with little time to spend with each other outside of the weekends. He squeezed her breasts, feeling the familiar firmness of the flesh as it moulded to his grip. Rob's shaft stiffened in Courtney's hand, and slowly rose to full mast as she stroked him.

"Turn over," he told her.

Courtney grinned and did as he said. She rolled over onto her stomach and rose up on to all fours as he sidled in behind her. She was already wet from her previous orgasm, and her pussy gleamed lewdly with the load he had already poured inside her. These natural lubricants allowed Rob to slide in easily, and he began to thrust into her without delay. He penetrated deep within her, and let his cock sink fully into her before pulling back until just the head was held inside of her, teetering on the cusp of her sex, before driving it back inside.

With a powerful clenching of his buttocks Rob rammed his turgid organ deep inside of her. Courtney reeled forward from the force of the impact. He took hold of her hips and guided her back against his cock as he hammered into her, taking her forcefully. Both preferred taking their time, but that was simply something they did not have. They needed release. They needed each other. Rob's pelvis slapped against Courtney. The fleshy sounds of their bodies colliding became the applause to their urgent depravity.

Courtney moaned. He was hitting deep inside of her and was not being at all gentle about it. It was overwhelming to be taken like this. Staggering to have this much power unleashed on her. Rob could not hold out like this for long, the friction and the grip of her pussy felt far too good, but he was determined to get her off at least one more time before relinquishing his control over to the demands his body was making. Courtney's arms were locked at a slight angle in front of her, her upper body slowly lowering to the mattress as she struggled to withstand the barrage of his thrusts.

Rob reached upward, grabbing her breasts and hauling her back up, and helped her remain erect as he slammed his hips into her from behind. Her heavy mounds were slippery with sweat and saliva from when he had teased her nipples with his mouth at the start of this rendezvous. Those nipples had remained hard and dug into his palms as he lifted her. Her hands left the mattress and her upper body followed him as he went back on his heels. He held her to his chest as he continued to thrust up and forward into her.

Rob slid one hand down, going between her sweaty thighs and finding her erect clit. Courtney moaned as he began to rub it rapidly. The angle of his thrusts forced his cock against the anterior wall of her channel. The head bumped against the most sensitive part of her sex, impacting it over and over with powerful thrusts. It was like a battering ram relentlessly splintering Courtney's resolve. His wicked fingers teased her clit, and his other hand fondled her breast. He tugged at the nipple and squeezed the fleshy swell roughly.

"C'mon Courtney, cum so I can," he growled at her.

Courtney shuddered at the lust in his voice. It still excited her to make him lose control, however she knew that even now he was not fully gone. He was acting because she knew she liked it. He was holding back just a little bit from her.

"Make me," Courtney replied breathlessly.

She was not fully surprised by the response she got. Courtney was shoved forward, and her upper body impacted the mattress hard enough to make her bounce before Rob began to take her hard. She groaned her approval as he thundered into her from behind once more, and her body lay prone against the mattress as she braced herself against his attack. His hips impacted her with enough force to make her sink into the mattress, the springs forcing her back up against him as he wound up for the next stroke.

Rob's brow was beaded with sweat, his muscles burned, and his body was screaming at him to release, to let go, to fill this beautiful young woman with his seed. But he didn't, she had not cum yet. It would not be long; Courtney could not withstand this forever. She clawed at the bed sheets, and bit her pillow as she screamed against it and came violently around his bloated member. Rob saw the effects of Courtney's orgasm as it rippled through her. He saw the tensing of her buttocks and back muscles as she came.

With a groan of utter relief Rob released his control, ramming his cock inside of her as far as it would go and ejaculating deep inside of her. Courtney felt the first few shots impact the back wall of her canal, his manhood twitching inside her as though it were trying to get even deeper. It was impossible, he had already gone as deep as he could, as far as anyone ever could without hurting her. Their orgasms were powerful and long lasting, and left them both sweaty and tired.

Rob slumped over Courtney, and breathed heavily as Courtney panted beneath him. She began to giggle breathlessly, a light sound of satisfaction that was infectious. Rob slid out from Courtney and flopped onto his back, joining her in her laughter as she snuggled in close to him. He wrapped an arm around her loosely, and drew her close to him before kissing the top of her head fondly.

God, he loved her. Perhaps errantly so according to some, but Rob had long since stopped caring what those people thought.

"We need to get cleaned up," Rob told her.

Courtney nodded. "Shower with me?" she asked innocently.

Rob grinned at her. "Alright, but actually shower alright? No touching. We really don't have time for another round."

Courtney tried to behave, she really did, but she could not keep her hands off him when he was near. Rob was just as bad, but was better able to fight his impulses. They managed to get through the shower and Courtney to class just in the nick of time. Rob entered the lecture hall ten minutes late, which earned him a displeased look from the professor as he took his usual seat beside Mitch.

"Dude, you've got a little..." Mitch rubbed his neck, showing Rob where Courtney had left a lipstick mark on his throat during their rather heated goodbye.

Rob wet his thumb and wiped it away hurriedly.

"Guess you had a good lunch," Mitch said dryly.

Rob gave a snort of laughter, and earned himself yet another disapproving glance from the professor. Nearly a month had passed since Spring Break, and everything was going well between them. Courtney was happy, Rob's father had stopped bothering him about her, and the two of them just got along. They had tiffs certainly, but no major fights. Not like Wayne and Amy unfortunately. They had been fighting a great deal the past few weeks and Rob worried that they might not last.

However, he and Courtney were strong. Nothing was going to break them apart.


Brianna strained her core muscles, rising from the decline bench into an upright seated position before descending once more. Her blonde hair was tied back into a neat ponytail, and white ear buds pumped music into her ears. She wore a pair of pink spandex shorts and a grey tank top. The university's gym facility was filled with students getting in a quick workout between classes. That was what Brianna was doing, however she was working out things other than her abdominal muscles.

Coming out had forced Brianna to confront who she was. It had made her think about what she wanted, and worse who she wanted. Certain names came to the forefront of her mind. Courtney was one, but Brianna understood that was never going to happen. The true inspiration, the cause of her epiphany, was a few yards away on the treadmill. Karen Dubicki. Courtney's best friend and the girl Brianna had hated in middle school.

Now she adored her. The way she talked, the way she moved, and the way she seemed to be shy about how beautiful she was. It had been more than mere jealousy that had made Brianna dislike Karen initially; it was the way Karen made Brianna feel. The confusing and impure thoughts that had formed inside of her the first time she had seen the beautiful girl with the jet black hair and stunningly green eyes. Yes, Brianna adored Karen, but Karen hated her in return.

They had never been close, but Brianna had desperately tried to repair the damage done in middle school and in their Junior and Senior years of high school had fought to make amends. She thought that they had reached amiable terms, but now whenever Brianna tried to talk to Karen she gave her a look of such disdain that it made her heart plummet. Friends would have been enough; Brianna understood that Karen could not reciprocate her romantic feelings, but to be shut out completely...

Worst of all Karen was in danger. Brianna knew it, she saw it. She saw the deterioration. She saw the decline. But what could she do? Karen would not talk to her, and anything Courtney said to her seemed to fall on deaf ears. Brianna had seen this when she had come to Courtney with a warning to Karen, and had told her that she had seen Adam with Rachel. She shopped at the grocery store that the two of them had worked at and had seen the two of them out behind the dumpsters during their break.

Did she want to be hurt? Brianna wondered. She deserved so much better, Brianna thought. She deserved so much more than Adam gave her. It was not fair. That this beautiful and wonderful girl should have fallen in love with such a worthless piece of scum was morally obscene. Brianna's body gleamed with sweat, toned and athletic, her fitness matched only by Courtney who was just as obsessed with working out as she was. It was for different reasons however.

Courtney worked out to keep herself beautiful, to increase her self-confidence by forming her body to her will. Brianna worked out to relieve the sexual tension that was inside her. She was out, but only to her family and a small number of outsiders. Her New Year's resolution had been to own who she was, to not be ashamed of it, but she was having difficulty with that. She worried people would turn on her, and that she would lose her friends.

It was actually part of the reason why she and Rob had become such quick friends. She had told him and he had responded positively, which was encouraging for her. Brianna liked Rob, he was funny, he was smart, and he treated her just like any other girl. He even flirted with her, jokingly of course, but she enjoyed it even if it would never lead to anything. Brianna could recognize that Rob had features others would find attractive, but the male form did nothing for her. The female form, however, was another story.

Karen stepped off from her treadmill and Brianna completed her set of sit ups. She went over to the treadmills cautiously, approaching Karen as one might approach a venomous snake. Karen's eyes glanced up at Brianna. The green orbs became stone as she grabbed her towel and retreated without so much as a 'hello'. What had Adam told her? Brianna wondered for the thousandth time. What had he said to her to convince her to take him back? Was her opinion of her so low that she would believe his lies?

It infuriated Brianna because she so desperately cared for Karen. She cared for her in ways she had never cared for anyone before. Brianna went to the treadmill Karen had been using, the lingering scent of her perfume the only thing she had left behind. She stepped on to it and did her cool down run before going to the locker room. Karen was gone by the time she arrived, however a few girls were present and Brianna avoided looking at them as she stripped out of her gym clothes.

She entered a shower stall and turned on the water, still thinking of Karen. Brianna had started seeing Karen at the gym on campus more frequently, which was strange because she usually worked out with Courtney. Only students of the university were allowed to use the campus' fitness facilities, and Courtney was attending the community college so she and Karen usually went to the gym attached to the mall.

Brianna wondered why Karen had changed her work out habits, and why she always looked so worn down when she saw her. She's so beautiful, Brianna thought wistfully. She leaned back against the cool door of the shower stall, letting the water impact the top of her chest and trail down along her large, round breasts. She shut her eyes, images of Karen fluttering beneath them. Frustration filled her, for the way her relationship with Karen had gone.

The bitter fighting of high school had made Karen rightfully distrustful of Brianna, but that she thought Brianna would lie about what she had seen hurt her. Brianna could see Karen's cold stare in her mind's eye, and used her imagination to soften the look into one of affection, like the one she might give Courtney. The hot spray splattered against Brianna's chest as her hands went to her breasts, the nipples becoming stiff as she imagined Karen looking at her with something more than just friendly affection.

The fantasy-Karen was in the shower stall with her, Brianna's imagination told her, standing in front of her. She would disappear if she opened her eyes, so Brianna kept them shut. Fantasy-Karen's face became beaded with water, her hair moulding to the shape of her scalp, her full pink lips curled in a playful smile. Happiness filled Brianna as she let herself get lost in the place of make believe, imagining the press of Karen's lips to hers as the dark haired girl rose up to kiss her.

Brianna's eyes remained glued shut, fantasy-Karen's hands took over for her own at her breasts. Karen's hands would be smaller than hers, the flesh of her breasts would overflow them as she squeezed and fondled the heavy swells. She was beautiful, Brianna thought, this raven haired girl with the slender body and stunning green eyes. Brianna was the opposite, tall and statuesque, closer in figure to Courtney but a fair amount taller which stretched her curves out more vertically.

Karen would have to stretch upward to kiss her, Brianna thought. She was so small, so delicate, and so beautiful. Brianna envisioned wrapping her arms around the naked girl, embracing her as their tongues danced along each other. A hand went between her legs, fantasy-Karen began to rub the folds of Brianna's sex while she tugged on her nipples.

"Oh." Brianna moaned softly as her fingers worked massaged her labia, and wished with everything she had that Karen could feel the same way. Or at the very least that Karen did not hate her. Fantasy-Karen kissed Brianna passionately; she teased her nipples and caressed her between her thighs. Brianna slipped her middle finger into her virginal sex, imaging it was one of Karen's slender digits, the nail of which was painted that dark shade of blue Karen had always been partial to.

Brianna stopped the teasing of her breast and brought her hand down to her clit, rubbing it feverishly, teasing and flicking it in a way that would have been impossible for Karen to do if she had actually been in front of her and cupping the back of Brianna's head the way she liked to imagine. Brianna did not masturbate often, it always made her feel guilty when she thought of the girls she knew, but with the stress of the end of year assignments all coming in and the prospect of exams she needed a better release than what exercise could provide.

And she got it.

Brianna had to bite her lip to stop the whimpering moan that tried to clamber its way out of her as she was rocked by her orgasm. Beads of water glistened on her ripe breasts as her chest thrust forward, her nipples straining forward as her body shook with the force of her release. She craned her head back, the image of Karen's grinning face as she brought her to climax incredibly vivid in Brianna's mind. Those grinning lips pressed against Brianna's throat, and then she murmured something to her.

"I love you."

Brianna's legs grew wobbly, and she nearly fell to the floor at the flood of emotion. Tears brimmed in her eyes, and she felt sick. The orgasm ceased and the strength returned to her limbs, but the queasiness in her stomach did not recede. Karen did not love her. Karen would never love her. She hates you, Brianna told herself bitterly. It's just a physical thing, you don't actually love her. How could she? How could she feel protective, possessive and affectionate towards someone who felt none of those things back? Tears brimmed in her eyes, a combination of self-disgust and confusion filling her.

Brianna knew she was lying to herself. She had been lying to herself for nearly five years. She loved Karen, she had always loved Karen. People had confused her hostility towards her as jealousy for her closeness to Courtney, which in part was true, but more than anything it was the confusion she had caused Brianna that had inspired her dislike. Brianna had grown tired of hate, exhausted by hostility, and sick of lies and self-deceit. But it was too late.

The damage had been done. Karen hated her and Brianna despaired that there was nothing she could do to change it.


Courtney eyed herself critically in the mirror, shifting into profile and studying her appearance. The black skirt was cut short, the red cut-out top showing the toned musculature of her back, and with her platform pumps and their six inch heels her stocking clad legs looked long and sleek. It was the sort of outfit Courtney would have worn before she had had a boyfriend to get the attention of boys at a club, now she was dressing for Rob.

The outfit looked great, the only problem was her hair. She was going to be dancing, so anything too elaborate would just get ruined as she got sweaty. She decided to go with a wrapped ponytail, pulling it out of her face. Courtney studied herself again, deciding she looked good. Rob probably would not notice, he automatically defaulted to 'you're perfect' when she asked him how she looked, which had become endearing but was unhelpful when she was genuinely looking for an opinion.

Courtney should have been getting ready with Karen, but she had bailed at the last minute. She said she was too tired, but Courtney got the impression Adam did not want to go dancing. It was a longshot, but she had hoped that the two boys might become friends which would enable her to see more of Karen. Courtney had invited Brianna in her place, deciding that she needed to get out and have some fun. Amy had heard about their plan and had asked to come too.

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