tagErotic CouplingsTaken By The Wind Ch. 08

Taken By The Wind Ch. 08


Author's Note:

This is the eighth installment of 'Taken by The Wind'. If you haven't already I recommend reading the previous chapters prior to reading this one. A special thank you goes out to Literotica username Seniya for taking the time to edit this chapter for me.

I'd like to thank everyone who rated and commented on the previous chapters. I have been receiving some really kind words regarding this story, and it really is appreciated.

Now, I hope you all enjoy.



Chapter 8:

Karen sat across from Courtney sipping her smoothie. Courtney had gone for her workout and then met her friend in the food court. Spring was in full force now, and that day the temperature had risen into the seventies, a rarity this early in the season. Courtney was wearing a denim skirt and a pink t-shirt, taking full advantage of the warmth of the day. Karen, on the other hand, had chosen to wear a long sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans.

They had gone shopping, but Karen had not bought anything. She seemed uncomfortable for reasons Courtney could not figure out. She had listened well to Courtney's retelling of the events of the previous two days, and had laughed at the predicament she had found herself in with Rob. But it had been perfunctory laughter, done because it was expected of her, not because she was taking any pleasure in the conversation.

"Karen, are you okay?" Courtney asked her friend after a few hours of this strangeness.

"What? Yeah, I'm fine," Karen replied. "Why?"

"You seem out of sorts," she said worriedly.

Karen assured Courtney she was okay, just stressed out about exams. The truth was her 'reconciliation' with Adam had not lasted beyond twelve hours, and he had not been very gentle with her when the two of them had blown up again.

"There's nothing else going on?" Courtney asked.

"No," Karen replied, "I'm fine". She smiled reassuringly, or at least attempted to.

Courtney wondered if she was seeing things that were not there, but Brianna's words to her were making her worried. Karen did not act like this unless there was something seriously wrong. Exams were not enough to take the joy out of her like this. She seemed tired, an exhaustion that went beyond what sleep could alleviate. They drove to Courtney's house in their separate vehicles, and the two watched movies on Courtney's laptop while doing their nails.

Courtney convinced Karen to let her try doing her makeup and styling her hair. Her course at the community college was going very well, her instructors loved her and she really enjoyed what she was doing. Karen let Courtney comb her hair, spray and work chemicals into it to make it look a certain way, and sat passively as she gently applied makeup to her face. Courtney's soft touch affected Karen; it made her more relaxed than she had been in weeks.

The gentle smiles, the careless caresses, the little smiles and sweet compliments, it made Karen feel like opening up. But she did not. He would hurt her. He would hurt everyone. Her happiness was as cosmetic as the beauty the makeup and hair products provided her. Karen drifted off as Courtney applied the finishing touches to her makeup.

"There you go," she said. "I think I did alright."

She handed Karen a mirror, and she looked into it. She looked lovely, her eyes popped dramatically, her elegant cheekbones accentuated, her hair framing her face and flowing smoothly. It made her happy for a moment, to see herself as beautiful for even a short breath, but then she noticed everything that was wrong beneath the makeup. Everything it covered up, like her long shirt covering what he had done. Karen pulled the mirror away and forced a smile on her reddened lips.

"You did great," Karen replied.

Courtney smiled. "It's not too difficult with you."

She came in closer, letting her hand press against the side of Karen's face. Courtney was about to kiss her, they both leaned forward, their lips pursing in anticipation, but then they both stopped.

"Adam," Karen said softly.

"Rob," Courtney replied.

They could not do that anymore. They both had someone. It was different when one of them lacked an intimate partner somehow, but now they were not supposed to need each other in that way.

Courtney smiled awkwardly. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have..."

"No," Karen replied. "I get it. I wanted to too."

Courtney nodded. "We can't though. I mean, it'd be cheating right?"

Karen nodded. "I think so." It was confusing. It was a different sort of love, it was not the kind she felt for Adam, or the kind Courtney felt for Rob. It surprised her how intensely she desired the intimacy Courtney could provide her, the comfort and companionship she had been lacking these past few months.

"We could..." Courtney didn't know what she was going to say. She missed the intimacy between them. It had been a part of their friendship, a part of their love for each other as friends. Now it seemed dirty when it should not have been. It had never seemed inappropriate before.

"I should probably get cleaned up and go home," Karen said.

Courtney looked disappointed. "Oh, okay."

Karen left the room, stepping over Winston who was sleeping in the doorway. After she cleared way the makeup they talked downstairs at the door. They said their customary goodbyes, teasing each other a little, making each other grin, but it was hollow. Courtney could sense something deeply wrong with Karen and it frightened her. Karen was about to leave when Courtney hugged her. Karen was shorter than the other girl, and Courtney drew her head downward to her chest.

It felt good, it felt really good. Her familiar scent filled Karen's nostrils, she felt protected, and she could feel the strength and love in that hold.

"I love you," Courtney told her softly. She squeezed her tight, trying to understand what was going on. Feeling inadequate but desperately trying to reassure Karen, trying to convince her to tell her what it was.

"I love you too," Karen replied eventually. "But I really do have to..."

Courtney realized she had been hugging Karen for too long, but she did not want to let go. Eventually she was forced to when Karen pulled away. Karen had a smile on her face, a genuine one.

"Jeez, I thought Rob would have taken care of all that," Karen replied, trying to brush off what was happening.

Courtney looked at her sadly. "It's a different need, Karen."

Karen looked nervous. "I know. I was just..." she trailed off.

"I know," Courtney said trying to force a smile.

Karen went to the door. "Well, bye."

"Call me?" Courtney asked.

Karen nodded, and then stepped outside.


Courtney hummed pleasurably, her hands buried in Karen's dark locks as her friends tongue moved with great agility across the tender folds of her sex. Her green eyes were piercing as they gazed up at her from her place between her thighs, burning with hunger for the bounty she was feasting upon. Karen held Courtney's breasts in her hands, the heavy mounds moulding to her grip as she teased the stiff nipples standing out proudly from the voluminous swells.

"Karen," Courtney breathed, her head tilting back luxuriantly as her friend's tongue swiped along her sensitive pussy.

"I'm so happy I left Adam," Karen told her.

Courtney had tears of happiness in her eyes. "So am I. You were so miserable."

Karen grinned at her. "And now we can share."

Rob appeared behind Karen, he was naked and his cock rigid from the spectacle of the two girls.

"Rob," Courtney said softly, a deep affection filling her.

Rob gave her his trademark grin as he sidled in behind Karen. Courtney watched Karen's expression become blissful as he pushed his shaft inside of her, her bright green eyes growing wide as he slid into her. Karen dove forward, her mouth going back to Courtney's pussy, her lips surround her vulva and enveloping it as she ran her tongue along her clit.

Courtney saw Rob begin to buck into Karen, long deep strokes that had her friend purring against her, sending vibrations through her clit.

"She feels so good Courtney," Rob told her.

There was no jealousy, not from Courtney. She loved both of them so much, seeing them together was beautiful. They seemed to glow, their forms radiating light as they moved together. Courtney watched Karen's brow knit together as she cried out, an orgasm crashing over her. Courtney ran her fingers through Karen's hair as her friend's climax overwhelmed her, knowing how potent the pleasure Rob brought could be.

"Courtney..." a voice came. Male.

"Rob," Courtney whispered.

"Courtney?" the voice came again.

Male, not Rob's... her father's. What was he doing here?

Courtney's eyes opened suddenly and she realized where she was.

"Courtney, time to get up," her father called through the door.

"Alright," Courtney called back shakily.

Her nipples were straining against the cotton of her t-shirt, and she did not have to check to know that there was a damp spot in the crotch of her panties. Courtney was practically panting as she sat up in her bed, swiping her hair out of her face. The dream had been the worst one so far. The worst one since she had agreed hold off going on dates with Rob while he was in exams. Ten days, how bad could it be? She had thought.

Idiot, she told herself.

This was the first time they had shown up together. Karen had been creeping in, but Rob had been dominating her dreams for months now. Phantom visitors in her sleep committing sordid acts with her. She did not want to think about what it meant; she was already worried about her depravity. Courtney got up and showered in preparation of school. Normally she would masturbate to take care of the extra sexual tension, but today she was going to see him again and it was going to be his job to take care of her surplus of need.

Her father drove her to school, and she kissed on the cheek him goodbye before reminding him that she would not be home until Sunday night. Rob's exams were over after tonight, and she for one was elated.

Courtney hated exams, she had discovered, perhaps more than Rob who was actually writing them. He was ignoring her, for reasons she understood but that did not change the fact that she was extremely horny and had not been with him in over a week. Her workouts had become grueling sessions of lust suppression. Rob had locked himself away, and the only contact she had had with him were the occasional phone calls that left her trembling with need.

Courtney wondered if there was something wrong with her at times, but she reasoned it only made sense that she would want to be with the man she loved. But she could not be, and it was torturing her. She understood his need for solitude, his need to concentrate, but to her mind he was over studying. Surely he felt like she did? How could he concentrate on force vectors when she wanted him to pin her against the wall and make love to her until she was just a sweaty mass of hair and slack limbs on the mattress.

She did not even notice how in her mind she had gone from the wall to the mattress. Her fantasies were devolving to just him being inside of her at this point. The thought of the sensation alone was enough to make her pussy dampen her panties. Courtney had even tried her vibrator, but the orgasms it gave her could not compare to the release Rob's, big, thick, pulsing...

"Courtney, are you alright?" Trisha asked her.

Courtney shook her head, finding herself back in the classroom. Oh God, she had drifted again. She was sitting on the edge of her seat, and she realized she had been grinding against it. Trisha was a woman she had made friends with in class. They had never hung out outside of school, she was older and had a daughter, but she liked her well enough. Courtney felt herself blushing and she picked up her pen awkwardly.

"Feeling a bit... neglected?" Trisha asked her delicately.

Courtney made a sound somewhere between a laugh and a mortified squeak.

"I get it. My husband's been out of town for two weeks for work, I'm practically climbing the walls," she told her.

Courtney laughed nervously and kept her eyes on the board in front of her. They were being given a lecture on marketing, something she did not find particularly interesting. Her mind drifted again, but she fought the impulse to start gyrating her hips like she had been earlier. Trisha looked at Courtney with amusement as her eyes took on a dazed quality, she was staring forward but was clearly somewhere else. When class ended Courtney fled from the building and got onto the bus.

This evening was Rob's final exam. He had had an intense exam season and was sure to be exhausted, but Courtney could not wait any longer. She needed him. She ached for him in ways that should not have been possible. She squirmed in her seat on the bus, and she was sure at least one of the male passengers sensed her nearly frantic state. God, she wished she had a car. She also wished the administration of the university had not scheduled Rob's final exam on the final day of the exam period.

Were they trying to start a one woman riot on their campus?

Courtney rode the bus to the university, Rob would not be done writing for another hour and a half but she was not going to wait any longer than necessary. His parents were gone on a trip to Florida, a business trip/vacation his father had arranged. His sister would not be coming home until the following week while she wrapped up whatever show it was she was acting in. This meant one thing: Rob's house was empty, and was going to be for the entire weekend.

Rob might think he was tired now, but by the time Courtney was done with him he would not be able to move. She went to the gym where he would be writing, waiting outside on the benches that lined the walls near the doors to go inside. Strictly speaking she should not have been there, but nobody bothered her. It was not like she could have helped Rob cheat, he was doing some sort of math that seemed to involve more letters than numbers.

Courtney swung her feet impatiently, and she shifted back and forth, her ass squirming against the bench. People were trickling out, but not one of them was Rob. She had not told him that she would be waiting for him. She did not want to distract him. Courtney knew she was damp between the legs, sweat and something more viscous, soaking into her panties. There would be no need for foreplay. Her nipples were rigid, her face was flushed, she was primed she just needed...


His expression brightened when he spotted her sitting there. Courtney was up in a flash, her heavy bag slung over her shoulder as she practically charged him.

"Hey, what're..." Rob began.

He was cut off by Courtney's lips going over his. She pulled him down to her, her breathing shaky as she kissed him, and held onto him like she could not believe he was actually there. Rob had been supressing his own need, refusing his own desire and distracting himself with the world of numbers and laws. Now, with her hot body pressed against his, with her tongue sliding along his own, Rob's desire for her came over him like a tsunami.

Rob kissed her intensely, dropping his backpack and holding the back of her head, and drew her mouth up against his.

"God, I need you," he gasped.

"Now?" Courtney asked hopefully.

At that moment she was perfectly willing to find a broom closet or something. Rob had a little more control.

"No, home first," he said.

Courtney nodded. "Probably better."

They practically ran to Rob's car, hands linked. Courtney tossed her bag behind her seat next to Rob's backpack, and leaned over to kiss him. A kiss of longing for intimacy as well as the carnal release; though if they were honest with themselves it was mostly the carnal release. Rob drove quickly, risking fines and license suspension to reach the quiet suburb that he lived in. Courtney hated the gate, it took too long to open. She had a similar distaste for the front door, but as he opened it a sense of relief went through her.

Rob dropped his backpack and came forward. He bent down and looped his arms around Courtney's waist.

"Rob!" she yelped as he lifted her, carrying her slung over his shoulder up the stairs.

It was not a particularly romantic or dignified method of being transported, but it got her upstairs to Rob's bedroom quickly so she did not protest. Rob threw her to the mattress, making her bounce before settling onto her back. Courtney watched as he yanked his t-shirt over his head, and a tremor ran through her as her eyes took in the shape of his muscular torso. A peculiar sound escaped her as pulled his pants down and his rigid manhood sprang free, a whimper of need mixed with a moan of sheer lust.

Rob crawled over Courtney and his mouth pressed over hers, his lips hungry for hers. His hands pushed her skirt up, hiking it up around her waist and grabbing her panties. He pulled them down her legs, and tossed them over his shoulder while she tore her shirt over her head. He positioned himself between her legs while she wrestled with her bra, ripping it off from her, and freeing her heaving bosom in the process.

Courtney grabbed his bobbing erection and guided him to her entrance. She groaned with intense relief as she felt his rigid member slide into her. Rob sighed as he burrowed into her, his erection sliding easily into her already soaked channel.

"Rob," Courtney gasped airily as he bottomed out inside her.

It felt so good to be reunited again. They kissed one another as though they were starving for each other, which in a way they were. They remained still for a moment, their breathing heated as they made the minute adjustments. Rob's hands shifting to hold Courtney more comfortably, Courtney's legs widening and her heels pressing against the back of his calves. They looked at each other for a moment, their eyes glazed over with lust, the need rising in them, boiling over and exploding forth.

Rob began to move, drawing his hips back and pushing back into her. Courtney met his urgent thrusts, her abdominal muscles tensing in time with his as be bucked into her.

"Rob," Courtney breathed. He continued to fuck her, hard and fast, with long deep strokes that made his body slap against hers wickedly. He kissed her shaking lips, neither was going to last very long at this, Courtney was already near a climax. It felt like a piece that had been missing had finally returned and that she was whole once again.

Courtney would not have told Rob how much she had missed him, missed his touch, missed his lips, and missed his heavy breathing as he made love to her. It would have been too sentimental. Too needy. But she had, and he had as well. She could feel it in the urgency he put into his motions, he had been hungering for her just as much as she had for him. Rob had just done a better job at supressing it. He was better at compartmentalization. Now it was being released, and he was losing control far faster than he ever normally did.

Rob drove into her violently, grabbing her and pulling her up against him so that her chest pressed against his. Courtney wrapped her arms around him as she slid down on his shaft and he began to heave up as well as forward, his balls slapping against her with every ferocious motion. He penetrated her deep, and Courtney struggled to find her feet beneath her so she could half-ride him while he pushed into her.

Her breasts slid against his chest, their rigid nipples pressing into his pectorals, tickled by his curly chest hair. Courtney's feet pressed flat against the mattress, and with Rob sitting back on his heels she began to ride him while he thrust up against her, pulling her down onto his turgid erection. The friction between their bodies and the exertion of their lovemaking caused a layer of sweat to bloom between them, which made their bodies slick as they rubbed against each other.

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