tagErotic CouplingsTaken By The Wind Ch. 09

Taken By The Wind Ch. 09


Author's Note:

This is the ninth installment of 'Taken By The Wind'. If you have not already read the previous chapters in the series I recommend that you do so before reading this one. A special thank you to my editor Seniya for editing this chapter for me.

I have been getting wonderful feedback regarding this series. It is both high appreciated and it motivates me to keep writing, so thank you to those of you who have taken the time to rate, comment, and send me e-mails.

Now, I hope you all enjoy.


Chapter 9:

Jane tensed up slightly, and a shaky breath left her as Danica's tongue circled the stiff pink nipple of her right breast. She had her hand buried in the girl's fiery locks, and her head tilted back as she moaned her pleasure at the sensations of Danica's fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. Jane's pleasurable utterances made her lover's lips curl at the corners. She was pleased with herself for being able to manipulate Jane's body so effectively.

Danica brought her mouth to Jane's other breast, taking her nipple between her lips and teasing it in the same way she had the first. Jane's hips rocked against Danica's hand, and her sweet nectar flowed into her palm as she plunged her slim fingers deep into her pussy. Danica adored Jane's body, the gentle swells and curves that flowed into each other elegantly, the scent of her skin, and the softness of her flesh. Jane ran her hands through Danica's shoulder length hair, and her legs glided along the soft sheets beneath her.

Danica came back up, kissing Jane deeply, and humming against the pleasant feeling of her hands running through her hair. Without even touching a sexual part of her body Jane could make Danica feel tingly in all sorts of areas. She just seemed to know where to touch and when to touch it, and what noises to make and when to make them. Jane was a performer, and when she was with a woman she made them feel as though they were at center stage, with all her attention focused on them.

Jane came away from the kiss breathless.

"Dani," she gasped before bringing her mouth back to the redhead's.

They kissed deeply once more, and Danica's fingers wriggled around inside Jane's pussy. Their mouths came together again and again. Jane cradled the back of Danica's head with both hands, and pulled her mouth to hers. Danica loved the way Jane smelled, the strawberry kiwi body wash that she used made her tremble with excitement whenever she smelt it at work.

They both worked for the same theatre company. Danica was in a few of the productions Jane was organizing, as well as a member of the improvisation group Jane lead. They had met the previous summer and had a fling that had resumed upon Jane's return from New York. She understood that Jane was not a one-girl sort of woman, and she knew that she had other lovers, but that did not stop her from enjoying the fun times they had together.

Jane's mouth went to Danica's neck, and her soft lips tickled her smooth flesh as the redhead concentrated on her finger work. Jane's hips heaved when Danica found her G-spot, and a violent expulsion of air from her lungs announced Danica's success. She rubbed the sensitive spot, and massaged it with the pads of her two fingers as Jane continued to attack her throat with kisses. Her long legs slid along Danica's, and their soft skin rubbed against each other luxuriantly.

Jane's hands came around, moving between them and sliding up to cup Danica's little breasts. The firm swells fit her hands perfectly, the pale flesh capped off in a little pink nipple, stiff and primed for sucking. Jane kissed her way a little further down, and her lips pressed against Danica's collar bone as she slowly made a path to the hollow of her neck. Danica moved upward, allowing Jane to kiss down along her chest and guide one nipple to her hungry mouth.

Danica moaned at the skillful toying of her nipple, her small breasts were very sensitive, and Jane's careful manipulation of them made her squirm above the other girl. Danica's fingers continued to move inside Jane, and pushed further into her as she pressed her palm against her clit. Jane moaned around Danica's nipple, and her hips rocked against her hand. Her tongue spread her saliva around Danica's nipple, and left it gleaming when she brought her mouth to the other little swell.

Danica kept up the motions of her fingers, moving them rapidly in and out of Jane, the wet sounds of her sliding digits delightfully debauched. Jane hummed against Danica's chest pleasurably, and sucked greedily at her sensitive nipple as she continued to squeeze and fondle the firm bumps of her breasts. Danica came back down, her nipple sliding out from Jane's full lips, to kiss her full on the mouth. Jane cooed into the kiss, her hands still massaging Danica's cute little breasts.

Danica's mouth went lower, kissing Jane's neck.

"Oh," Jane sighed shakily as Danica began her journey downward.

Danica breathed deeply, and inhaled the scent of the body wash Jane had used for as long as she had known her. The scent of it brought back so many happy memories, and caused familiar stirrings deep inside of her. Danica brought her free hand to one of Jane's breasts. They were larger than her own, though still average sized at best. They were exquisitely shaped, however, lovely swells rising out from Jane's chest, and capped with oh-so-kissable pink nipples.

Jane was content with the size of them; they were enough to provide nice line of cleavage while agreeing with her slender build. And, like Danica's, they were wonderfully sensitive. When her lover's mouth went over them Jane's opened and her head tilted back. She placed her hand on the back of Danica's head, and let the soft red locks slide between her fingers while her other hand gripped the bed sheet beneath her tightly.

Danica's fingers continued to saw in and out of Jane's pussy, slowly letting the orgasm build inside of her. Jane's stiff nipple was teased and prodded by Danica's devilish tongue, her small breasts pressing against Jane's taut stomach. Danica kissed lower on the swell of Jane's breast in parting as she continued her journey further southward. Jane's other hand went to the back of Danica's head as she went further down, and combed through the soft tresses of her wonderful hair as her lips pressed against her quivering stomach.

"Dani," Jane breathed.

Her eyes opened and she looked down at Danica as descended further. Her lips pressed against her lower abdomen, and came worryingly close to her pubic mound. Danica giggled when Jane started pushing her down further, her eagerness to have the redhead's mouth between her legs making her impatient.

"Hold on, Jane," she told her.

"I can't," Jane replied dramatically. "I'll explode if you don't hurry. I'll lose my mind, I swear I will."

Danica rolled her eyes but gave Jane what she wanted. She settled between her parted thighs on her stomach and slowly worked her fingers in and out of her glistening pussy. Her channel held her digits snugly. She pressed her lips against the soft flesh on the inside of Jane's thigh, and she breathed in the heady scent of the squirming girl above her. The strawberry kiwi scent was mixed with something more pungent here, something that made Danica's mouth practically water.

Danica's mouth went to Jane's pussy, her tongue dragging along the inner folds of her sex as her fingers continued to work in and out of her. Jane gasped, her back arched, and the hold she had on Danica's hair tightened. Danica swept her tongue upward, curling it around the sensitive bud of Jane's clit and teasing it with just the tip. Jane's hips bucked, her stomach twisted, and chest thrust upward as Danica began to eat her out.

"You're so good Dani," Jane gasped.

Danica smiled and kept going. She slid her tongue downward and did an Indiana Jones style switch with her fingers and tongue. Jane cried out when Danica's wiggling organ entered her, her surprisingly long tongue entered her far deeper than Jane would have thought possible. That tongue was part of the reason Jane kept coming back to Danica, it was long as well as knowledgeable, a potent combination.

"That's it Dani," Jane cooed, drawing her deeper with her hold on her red locks.

Danica's fingers found Jane's clit, and began to flick across it as her tongue prodded the sensitive inner walls of Jane's pussy. This double stimulation set Jane off quickly.

"Dani!" she cried out lustfully, her hands tightening into fists around her lustrous red locks as she began to cum violently.

Danica's mouth was flooded with the delicious nectar of Jane's sex, and her tongue captured as much of the flow as it could as Jane bucked up against her face. She ground herself against Danica's mouth and chin, her eyes shut tight as she smeared her juices all across her pretty face. Danica was elated, and giggled happily as Jane relaxed her hold on her hair, still shaking on the mattress as the final convulsions of her climax ran through her.

"Get up here," Jane ordered breathlessly.

Danica did as she bade, and her glistening mouth sealed over Jane's as they kissed deeply. Jane could taste herself on Danica's tongue, but did not care. Danica had performed brilliantly, and now it was time the favor was returned. Jane pushed up gently on Danica's shoulder, and their lips parted. Their eyes met, both at them smiling at each other contentedly.

"Get up here," Jane said again, this time pulling on her hips.

Danica did not need any further invitation. She crawled up Jane's body and straddled her head. Her petite body hovered above Jane's waiting mouth. Jane cupped Danica's perfectly shaped buttocks, she was not much of an ass girl, but she definitely recognized the beauty of her lover's posterior. It was tiny, tight, and round. She used her hold on it to pull Danica down until her lips came into contact with her glistening labia. Danica's hands combed through Jane's hair as she began to go to work.

Her tongue moved around with apparent ease, knowing where it needed to be and how long it needed to be there. Jane started with wide, generally pleasing motions, getting the blood flowing to Danica's vulva before going any further. She massaged the outer labia with her tongue, lovingly French kissing Danica's sweet little pussy. Shaved bald, and little like the rest of her, Danica's sex was as delicious as a sweet peach on a hot summer's day.

Jane hummed against it, and the vibrations sent ripples through Danica's body. Her nectar began to trail down Jane's tongue. Her pussy gleamed with Jane's saliva and her own juices. Jane's hands came around, and slid up the front of Danica's body to cup her breasts. Danica groaned as Jane teased the firm little swells, and gasped when she tugged on the nipples. Surging onward, Jane brought her mouth up to Danica's clit, and sucked on it as she flicked her tongue across the little pink nubbin.

"Jane!" Danica gasped. She shook above Jane as an orgasm worked through her, a slow rumbling one that Jane kept going with careful indirect stimulation of Danica's clit. Danica ground her hips against Jane's face, and Jane had to hold her still as she kept going. Her tongue pushed past Danica's entrance, sliding into her and massaging the quivering walls of her sex. Danica squealed, and peaked again above her.

Jane tasted her greedily, lapping up the honey of her sex before she kept going. Danica was becoming unsteady above her, her legs and abdomen shaking from the force of her climaxes. Jane did not let up however, her tongue moved deftly along the folds of Danica's sex. She skillfully worked her clit with her upper lip and her inner labia with her tongue. Jane had a policy that if the entire lower half of her face was not smeared with a girls' juices by the time she was done eating them out, then she had not put her full effort in.

Danica could only last so long, however, and when the next mind-bending orgasm hit her she nearly fell over. Seeing that she had had enough Jane kissed the insides of her quivering thighs until Danica came down from the climax, and was satisfied that she had performed at her full potential. Danica dismounted, rolling onto her back and wrapping her arm around Jane as she snuggled in close. She ran a lazy hand along Danica's tiny stomach, and letting it glide over her breast.

Danica sighed as she ran her hand through Jane's hair, smoothing it out and letting it glide between her fingers. Jane's hand came upward, pressing against the side of Danica's head, and drew her into a kiss.

"Don't you have to go?" Danica asked between kisses.

Jane hummed something unintelligible against Danica's mouth and continued kissing her. Danica giggled and pulled away.

"You've got that thing to go to," Danica reminded her.

Jane sighed. "Yes, I suppose I do."

Danica laughed at Jane's tone. "Come on, it can't be that bad."

"Do you want to come?" Jane asked.

The redhead arched an eyebrow. "And what will I be, the 'friend'?" she asked.

Jane looked away sheepishly. She had been with plenty of girls but none which she would have called a girlfriend. Since she had come out and gone to college she had been pretty free about who she took to bed. If she liked the look of them, and she could convince them that they liked the look of her, they would have fun. Usually it was not very difficult for her. However, she had not had a proper steady relationship in all that time.

Danica saw that her words had stung, and ran her hand through Jane's hair comfortingly.

"I was just bugging you," she said.

Jane sighed. "No, you're right," she replied.

Danica thought for half a moment that Jane was suggesting that she become her girlfriend. Instead she got out of bed and padded off towards the bathroom. Danica lived in a studio style apartment, a nice open space with areas determined by furniture rather than walls. The only exception was the bathroom, which was where Jane disappeared into. Danica heard the shower start and sighed, knowing that she had blown it.

Jane was great fun until things became too serious, and with that little comment Danica had made things too serious. It was as good as over now. Danica lay there in regret while Jane cleaned off and borrowed Danica's comb and hairdryer to style her hair into something presentable. She left the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. She went to her big tote bag and retrieved the clean outfit she had packed inside.

Danica watched in silence as Jane dressed, liking the white skirt and pink tank top she put on. It was cute. Jane was always so damn cute.

"See you at work," Jane said awkwardly.

"Yeah, alright," Danica replied.

Jane shouldered her bag and left, leaving Danica satisfied but saddened.


"Robert!" Marilyn called.

"Yeah mom!" Rob called from his haven in the detached garage.

"Time to go get your grandmother!" she shouted back.

Rob blinked. When had she told him that he was going to get Nona? He got up from his lazy boy recliner and hurried to the house, stepping in through the back patio door.

"Mom?" he called.

She had disappeared somewhere.

"What?" she shouted back from the kitchen.

"Did you say pick up Nona?" he asked as he entered the kitchen.

"Yes," his mother replied. She was baking something in the oven that smelled like an apple pie.

"When did you tell me that I was doing that?" he asked.

His mother looked up and gazed at him for a moment, suddenly looking irritated.

"Robert, if you don't want to do it..." she began.

"He'll do it," his father said from the kitchen table. "Right Robert?"

Rob was about to argue but realized that it did not matter. What difference did it make?

"Okay," he said. "Can I take the Cayenne?" he asked his mother.

"Yes dear, the keys are on the hook," she replied.

"Thanks," he replied.

Rob called Courtney and told her about the change in plans.

"What?" Courtney asked. She had been panicking all morning trying to decide on an outfit with laughably little to go on. 'Dress nice,' Rob had advised, 'but it's casual'. What the hell was she supposed to do with that?

"Yeah, my mom forgot to tell me, but we have to go get my grandmother too. It'll be easier if I pick you up first, then go get Karen, and then head over to get her. I'll be there in twenty minutes, alright?" he asked.

"No," Courtney said. "I'm... For God's sake Rob I'm freaking out already."

But he'd hung up.

"Asshole!" she spat and chucked her phone onto the bed.

Courtney was still damp from her shower, and she had not yet done her hair or picked out what she was going to wear. First, she had to call Karen.

"Hey," Courtney said when her friend picked up. "Rob's an asshole."

Karen laughed. "What'd he do?"

"Oh," Courtney said in a panicked voice, "he's just on his way here, and I haven't picked an outfit, done my hair, or done my makeup so basically I'm going to look like a troll when he parades me out in front of his family."

Karen realized Courtney's problem immediately. She had never been taken to meet a guy's family before. She did not know whether to dress like she would for a date or like she would for a formal gathering. What she needed to do was shoot for the middle, casual but nice at the same time.

"Wear your blue sundress, and tie your hair back in a ponytail with that gold clasp you wear for job interviews. You have those cute new flats right? Wear those, and just keep the makeup minimal," Karen told her.

Courtney began to calm down. Slightly.

"Okay," she said, forcing herself to calm down.

She had not thought that she would be this nervous. A few days earlier when Rob had suggested that she attend this party she had thought it would be fine. Now she was practically shaking and he was doing nothing to help matters. She was very mad at him at that moment.

"Try and relax," Karen advised her friend. "You could wear a canvas sack and still look better than most of the people there. You're a hotty, remember?"

"Right. Thanks," Courtney said, though she did not sound at all convinced.

"Okay, I'll let you go. I need to get ready. I haven't even showered yet," Karen replied.

Courtney laughed, a nervous bark that betrayed her nerves. She hurried to do as Karen had told her, finding the dress with ease and pulling it over her head. That done she hurried to her dresser, finding the golden clasp, and ran to the bathroom to dry her hair. She combed as she dried, using the heat to help make her hair nice and straight. Courtney calmed down as she started getting ready, the familiar ritual was soothing.

When she had finished she looked at herself in the full length mirror on the back of her bedroom door, and eyed herself critically. Nothing fancy, but she did look pretty. The right combination of cute and elegant. Courtney thanked whatever power had delivered Karen to her. She knew what she should wear. Not like Rob, God she wanted to strangle...

There was a knock at the door, knocking Courtney out of her homicidal thoughts towards her thoughtless boyfriend. Winston began to bark manically, trying to sound intimidating but only managing to sound utterly adorable. Rob was standing at the door, and he took one glance at her and smiled.

"There you go, perfect," he told her.

Courtney scowled at him which caught him off guard.

"What?" Rob asked.

Courtney held her purse in front of her, and let him kiss her cheek in greeting but did not return the gesture. They went out to the vehicle, and Courtney noticed that it was the Porsche that she saw parked in the garage on occasion. It was a crossover, the 'mom-o-bile' of the Kavanagh household. She had never actually been in it, but as she sat inside she decided she liked it. It was roomy, and the seats were cushy. Rob's car was fast, but it was not particularly comfortable.

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