tagErotic CouplingsTaken By The Wind Ch. 11

Taken By The Wind Ch. 11


Author's Note:

This is the eleventh installment of 'Taken by The Wind'. If you haven't already, I recommend reading the previous chapters prior to reading this one.

I'd like to thank everyone who rated and commented on the previous chapters. I have received such wonderful words of encouragement, and it really motivates me to keep writing.

Now, after that cliff-hanger I left it on you are all eager to get on with the story, so I'll stop here.

I hope you all enjoy.



Chapter 11:

What great a day Jane thought to herself as she sighed happily and stepped under the stream of the shower. It was to be their last full one here. They would pack up the rest of their stuff up tomorrow and head for home, wherever that was now. She let her hair soak under the sputtering spray and prepared herself for her last night in the paradise this place had become. Brianna was incredible. She was beautiful, she was smart, she was sweet, and Jane loved her.

All of her.


There had been some awkwardness at first with her brother so close at hand, but she was not going to allow sibling proximity to keep her away from Brianna. They had pushed the two twin beds in their room together to make one large sleeping space in the middle of their small room in which they had frolicked for hours on end. Jane had taught Brianna a great deal in their relatively short time together, and she had never had a more attentive student.

Brianna had a quality to her that Jane could not place. A pureness, which seemed like a contradiction to the girl's ability to learn bedroom skills, but it was what Jane found in her. An honesty of emotion, an openness about herself, a quiet sort of confidence that Jane sensed had been something she had learned to have over time. These things were what Jane had grown to admire in the younger girl.

Well that and her perfectly shaped breasts, ass, legs, arms, and stomach. Not to mention her face, oh and that tongue. That wonderful muscle that seemed to find corners inside Jane that she did not even know were there, but was very happy to have discovered. Jesus Jane, she chastised herself. She was horny again. It was impossible for her not to be with Brianna around, and knowing that the other girl was thinking the same way.

It was new love. New attraction. The newness of it made the sexual desire all the greater. There was so much territory left untraveled. So much still to learn about the alluring young woman who had been shoved none-too-gently in her direction by her brother's scheming girlfriend.

Jane was about to interrupt her shower and go in search of the beautiful blonde when there was a soft knock at the door.

"Jane?" came Brianna's voice.

Jane liked to think that her young lover had been called to her by the thoughts that had been running through her mind. She liked the idea that they were somehow formed a psychic connection over the course of the past week. However, it was more likely that she had come to hurry her along to eat dinner.

Jane liked her version better.

Jane opened the door and pulled Brianna inside. Once inside Jane forced her wet body against the other girl's, and kissed her deeply. Brianna's clothes were quickly soaked, but she ignored the inconvenience as she began to kiss her lover with equal desire. Her hand came up, slid into Jane's tawny hair, and cupped the back of her head. She drew her mouth more firmly against hers. Their lips parted, and their tongues came together as Jane's hands went to the bottom hem of Brianna's shirt.

Jane pulled it over her head, and tossed it into a wet heap on the shower hut's floor before attacking the blonde's mouth once more.

"Dinner's ready," Brianna gasped.

Jane hummed. "It can wait."

Her lover grinned to herself and brought her hands up to the firm swells of Jane's breasts. Jane moaned gently as she began to massage them, pushing closer against Brianna, and parting her thighs with her knee. Brianna felt Jane's naked pussy press against her thigh. She rubbed against it and kissed her deeply. Jane humped Brianna's leg. Her thigh pressed against Brianna's groin through her short denim shorts. Brianna's mouth left Jane's, and went to her nipple which she sucked on it hungrily.

One of Brianna's hands reached around the older girl, and slid down the wet skin of her back until it went over the firm swell of her left buttock. Jane groaned as Brianna pulled her against her leg, encouraging her to use her thigh to get off. She could feel the stiff bud of Jane's clit dragging against the firm muscle of her thigh, the pressure on her own sex making her squirm against the door behind her. Jane breathed heatedly against Brianna's ear, and the motions of her hips became frantic.

She moved quicker and quicker, grinding herself against the muscular thigh, and wondered what she had done to deserve such an exceptional partner. Brianna sucked on her nipples, her fingers sliding along the cleft of Jane's ass and brushing against her anus. The older girl gasped at the teasing, which made Brianna smile around her mouthful of tit flesh. The blonde slipped a finger inside, pushing it up into Jane's rectum, and made her cum in the process.

Brianna's already slick leg was flooded with Jane's juices as she came. She humped her thigh wildly as a shuddering cry left her. Her body shuddered, her anus clamped down on Brianna's probing finger, and she smothered Brianna with her breasts as she clutched her face to them tightly. Jane's thrusts became awkward and jagged, clumsy as her orgasm flowed through her. The motions relaxed and eventually ceased as Jane came down from her high peak.

Jane relaxed her hold on Brianna's hair and drew her mouth up to hers. They kissed for a few breathless moments before Jane pulled back and swung the topless girl around. Brianna pressed her hands flat against the door of the small shower hut, and leaned forward slightly as Jane reached around and took a hold of each of her breasts. The younger girl hummed pleasurably as Jane began to fondle them. She took big handfuls of the ripe swells and squeezed down on them with just the right pressure.

Brianna gasped when she felt Jane's lips press against her bare shoulder. She had not put a bra on beneath her t-shirt, and she was not wearing panties either. The past week had taught her not to bother with undergarments with Jane around, they just got in the way. Jane kissed around to the back of her neck, centering herself over the blonde's vertebrae before beginning to kiss down the length of her spine. Her hands slid from her breasts and went down the blonde's trim stomach before beginning to fuss with the button of her shorts.

Jane kissed her way down Brianna's back as she drew the girl's shorts down her long, toned legs. They were damp in splotches from where the spray of the shower had impacted her and where Jane had pressed against her. The older girl pulled them down as far as Brianna's taut calves before she was no longer able to contain herself. Her hands came up and pried apart the firm buns of Brianna's ass before tilting her chin up and bringing her mouth up between her legs.

Brianna groaned beautifully, a sound of lust and need as Jane began to feast on the glorious bounty of her sex. Her hands squeezed the firm buns that formed Brianna's perfect heart-shaped ass, the one that had caught her eye over a week earlier. Brianna was aware of Jane's fascination with her well-toned posterior, and relished the way her hands mauled the cheeks she worked so hard to shape so exquisitely.

Jane's talented tongue slid up into Brianna's channel, the younger girl's taste filling her mouth. Her sweet nectar flowed down her tongue, and the excess trailed down her chin and along the inside of the blonde's thigh. Brianna reached behind herself and grasped Jane's hair to pull her against her sex. Her long tongue penetrated her tight channel deep. It found every nook and cranny, teased every sensitive spot she had, and she felt her knees become weak beneath her.

"Jane!" Brianna cried. Her orgasm washed over her, her ass pushing backward, and her pussy mashed against the lower half of Jane's face as she came. Jane lapped up the flow of her nectar, and her hands continued to squeeze the tight buns of her ass as they rippled beneath her hands. She turned Brianna around on her unsteady legs and then came up to kiss her again. Brianna breathed shakily as she recovered from her climax.

"My God Jane," Brianna sighed as their lips came apart.

Jane grinned at her. "You said something about dinner?" she asked innocently.

That seemed to break Brianna from her trance. "Yeah," she said dazedly. "It's ready."

Jane always found it cute when Brianna got frazzled like this after a climax, and moved forward to kiss her tenderly. Brianna responded to the soft caresses of her tongue by embracing it with her own and humming against her lips. Then she snapped to her senses and pulled back.

"Hey!" she said scoldingly. "Dinner. Now."

Jane rolled her eyes. "Alright, alright."

Brianna pulled her splattered shorts back up and took her soaked shirt and pulled it on as well. It clung to her body absurdly. Her nipples stiffening from the chill the wet garment gave her, which caused them to press lewdly against the pink cotton in a way that made it very obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Jane dried off and pulled one of her many sundresses over her head before linking her hand with Brianna's and walking up to the cottage with her.

When they arrived Rob and Courtney had already begun to eat. Jane watched as both their eyes went to Brianna's chest, Rob's stayed a little too long and earned himself a kick from under the table. His sister laughed to herself as she sat down at the table as Brianna remained oblivious to the effect she had on other people. She really could have been a model, Jane thought, probably in the bikini category given her truly impressive physique.

Jane watched Brianna select her food, noting her omission of the hamburger bun and the abundance of salad she took. Refusing empty calories in place of protein and roughage. Courtney was watching as well, and grinned to herself quietly as she watched the two girls across the table.

"So, are you just not going to explain why Brianna's shirt's soaked through?" she asked Jane.

Jane smirked. "She got wet."

Rob turned a slight shade of pink. "Jesus Jane, before dinner? Brianna doesn't need you groping her at every opportunity," he said with a smirk as he used his sister's words to him a week earlier against her.

"You shouldn't have sent a lamb into the den of the lioness," Jane replied with a grin.

Brianna bristled. "I'm not a lamb. If anything I'm the lioness, I did seduce you after all."

Jane laughed. "Oh really?" she asked as she put an arm around Brianna's shoulders.

Brianna let herself be pulled into the one armed embrace.

"Yes," she replied playfully. "I may have seemed like I was all flustered, but it was really an elaborate ruse."

"Diabolical," Jane grinned. She leaned forward and kissed Brianna.

What had been intended as a quick and affectionate kiss quickly turned hungry. Courtney coughed loudly to remind them that they were there. Brianna blushed cutely and Jane smiled at her wickedly. It was good to see them getting along. Courtney had heard them arguing the previous night and earlier in the morning. She got the sense that Jane was trying to slow them down, while Brianna wanted to go forward with full steam. They seemed to have reached some sort of agreement.

"Sorry," Jane replied. "Got a little carried away."

Brianna gave a small smile. "I don't mind."

Courtney rolled her eyes when they kissed again. This time they kept it short, for them at least. Rob seemed unbothered by the display. He was just happy Jane had found someone that helped her forget her worries for a time. If there was anyone who deserved happiness, it was his elder sister. She had always been there for him, she without question supported him no matter if he was wrong or right, even if she did tease him about it afterward he could count on her to come to his aid.

The conversation grew deeper as the late afternoon turned into evening. The sort of topics sitting around a fire tended to bring forward. They talked a little about Karen, a topic that had finally become a source of happiness and hope. Mostly they talked about everything that came to mind. They had all grown comfortable sharing their thoughts around the fire, it had become a habit for them all to sit around it and talk after their day going in all directions.

The topics were not always so serious, Jane liked to throw out a quote from a book, film, or play and try to get them to identify where it came from. The person who got it came up with the next one, and so on. It was especially fun when there was a disagreement of who had said it, or what film it was from.

"Audrey Hepburn," Rob said in reply when it came to Brianna's turn. He was surprised Jane had not gotten it right away and got the idea that she was trying to get him involved in the game. He thought for a moment and quoted.

"'You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams,'" he said, looking at Courtney.

Courtney smiled and Jane made a retching noise.

"God that's corny," she said.

"I think it's sweet," Courtney said, drawing closer to Rob.

Oh God, Jane thought, there's that look. It was Courtney's 'You're sweet, please fuck me' look. She seemed to have about a dozen looks for her brother, all of them a variation on the 'fuck me' theme.

"It's Dr. Seuss," Jane replied.

Courtney cocked an eyebrow. "Really?"

Rob nodded in confirmation. The two were gazing lovingly at each other, and Jane could tell the game was over when Rob's hand pressed against Courtney's knee.

"Well," Brianna said awkwardly, she had yet to grow accustomed to the direct exposure of Rob and Courtney making googly eyes. "I think it might be time for bed."

"I think so too," Rob replied. He crouched in front of Courtney, who looked at him confused for a moment until he slid an arm under her knees and his other around her back, and lifted her with surprising ease. She wrapped her arms around his neck and let him carry her up towards the cottage. Jane gave Brianna a look.

"I don't think I can carry you that far," Brianna deadpanned.

Jane laughed and the other girl was not far behind. The doused the fire with water, and made sure it was completely out before heading up to the cottage themselves. Courtney kissed Rob's neck hungrily as he carried her through the main room of the cottage towards their bedroom, the door crashing behind them as the spring drew it closed violently. They entered their little room and Rob sat back on the bed, still holding her.

Courtney grinned at him and kissed him happily, her hand pressed against the side of his face as she sat in his lap. She normally did not like it when he got all sweet on her, but tonight she found it endearing.

"You know," she gasped, "Dr. Seuss is right."

Rob rose an eyebrow at her. "He is?"

"Yeah. You won't be getting a whole lot of sleep tonight because I'm really loving you right now," she told him.

"It seems to be a permanent affliction," Rob replied.

"It gets worse when you take off on me," she said with a pout.

Rob gave a snort of laughter. "I went fishing, for two hours."

"I woke up wanting to start the day off right, and you weren't here. You wanted to play with stinky worms and fish instead of me," she complained.

"Little Courtney was all alone?" Rob asked teasingly.

Courtney's eyes grew dark and she gave him a severe look.

"No, horny Courtney had to use her fingers," she replied.

Courtney felt his cock twitch against her ass resting in his lap.

"What a travesty," Rob replied as he turned and lowered her to the bed.

Courtney's legs parted and he lay between them. Her skirt rode up to the middle of her thighs as he positioned himself above her.

"I know, I was very upset," she told him.

"Maybe I should try and kiss it better?" he suggested.

Courtney shook her head. "It's going to take something more than kisses."

Rob's mouth went to her neck to inhale her familiar and alluring scent. Courtney's hands went to the button of his shorts and undid it deftly. She reached inside, and found the swelling organ contained within.

"This might work," she told him.

"Hmm," Rob hummed near her ear. "Put it in and find out."

Courtney laughed but did as he said. She guided the bulbous helm of his rigid shaft to the gleaming lips of her sex. She had not worn panties for the better part of ten days, and today was no exception. The soft-yet-firm head slid along her already damp folds until catching on her entrance. He applied pressure, and sank into her channel. The walls expanded to accept the swollen member into her body. Rob exhaled near her ear, a satisfied sound as he bottomed out inside of her.

"How does that feel?" he asked.

Courtney kissed him in response, her tongue sliding into his mouth and chasing his tongue with hers. Their tongues dueled, and their hips rocked together as they kissed playfully. Rob grabbed Courtney by the wrists, and pinned her hands above her head as he began to move. Her legs embraced him, the calf of one pressing horizontally against his ass while the other curled around his thigh.

"What do you want me to do?" Rob asked.

"Make me cum," Courtney replied breathlessly.

"How many times?" he asked her.

Courtney looked up at him challengingly. "Five, then I want you to cum on my stomach."

"Just your stomach?" he asked. He adjusted his hold of her wrists, taking both in one had as he slid the other up under her shirt. "Not on these?" he asked as his hand cupped the bare breast.

"Stomach first," Courtney gasped. "Then those, then mouth, and then one more time inside of me."

Rob laughed. "You weren't kidding about getting no sleep."

"It's our last night here, I want to remember it," she told him.

He smiled at her and kissed her warmly. "It'll be easier for us to get together now that I'm moved out of my parent's house," he reminded her.

Courtney looked up at him, a mixture of sadness and excitement in her eyes. He kissed her again reassuringly, telling her that he was in fact still okay. He had tried explaining to her that he felt like his 'home' had felt like nothing but a house to him for a long time. A big, empty space devoid of warmth and character. Like everything his father built, it was meant to be impressive to the observer, and like everything his father built it was hollow.

Courtney had difficulty understanding this, but then she lived with a father and stepmother who loved her. Their house was indeed a home; it had the marks of those who lived there. It displayed the character of those people. Rob had felt more at home at his Grandpa and Nona's house, and he had lost that when his grandfather had died. He had lost his childhood home not when his father had kicked him out of his house, but when his uncle had sold his parent's house after his Nona was moved to the nursing home.

Rob had cried the night his father had kicked him out because of the unfairness of it all. Because it had meant so little to him. Because it had been so easy to leave the place that should have been the one that was most important to him. But it was just a structure to sleep in and store his belongings. No, he had no cried for the loss of his home, he had wept for the loss of a future where it might have become one.

The past two weeks had helped Rob figure this out in his head. They had given him a chance to take a step back, to consider his emotions, and to come to terms with them. Jane had gone through the same process, and like him she was mostly recovered. Now both siblings had people who cared for them, they were building their own family out of the ashes of the one their father had burned down. Courtney understood this, but she had difficulty understanding how Rob could be so optimistic.

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