tagErotic CouplingsTaken By The Wind Ch. 12

Taken By The Wind Ch. 12


Author's Note:

This is the twelfth installment of 'Taken by The Wind'. If you haven't already I recommend reading the previous chapters prior to reading this one.

I'd like to thank everyone who rated and commented on the previous chapters. I have been receiving wonderful words of encouragement, and it really is appreciated.

Now, I hope you all enjoy.



Chapter 12:

Brianna appraised her appearance in the mirror. Miyu was due to arrive any moment, though that was not really why Brianna was so nervous. She was going to a party, with a girl. A party with a girl where people would see them. Brianna was out to anyone who asked, but going to a party thrown by Courtney with another girl was making a big statement. She eyed her costume, and tried to be as proud and fearless as Daenerys Targaryen herself.

The hemp vest, flowing brown skirt, high boots, and fingerless gloves had been fashioned by Courtney whose sewing skills had been more than a match for the task. She had done her hair for her as well, and she had to admit it looked beautiful with the double braids going around the back and the sort of golden waterfall down her front. Brianna had wondered if she was showing a little too much skin, but figured that it was Halloween and after seeing what Courtney planned on wearing she felt modest.

There was another reason why Brianna was nervous. Karen was going to be there. She had unexpectedly decided that she wanted to go to the party, and naturally Courtney had not refused her. They had to encourage her recovery by letting her do normal activities. It was going to be strange for Brianna to have her first crush there while having her big 'I'm gay' moment, but was really happy that her friend was doing so well.

After deciding she was satisfied with her appearance she left the bathroom and went down the hall to Courtney's bedroom. Rob was arguing with her, again, and she was putting him back in his place, again.

All was well.

Brianna stepped inside and saw that he was midway through his transformation. Courtney had his hair gelled up and mussed up, temporary green die coloring it. She was currently applying the white face paint.

"Be careful," Rob warned Courtney.

"Shut up," she told him flatly, "or I'll make you look like a mime."

Brianna laughed. "He's looking good."

"Enough to turn you?" Rob asked.

The blonde blushed. "Not quite."

"Damn," Rob replied.

"Uh, hello," Courtney said. "Girlfriend. Standing right here."

"Oh, like you're worried," Rob replied.

"Didn't I tell you to shut up?" she asked.

"You did, doesn't mean I'm going to," he replied.

Brianna laughed again and watched as Courtney applied the remainder of his makeup, modeling it from an image on her computer. She blacked out Rob's eyes and then grabbed the red makeup. She rubbed the red along the bumpy path she had made with moulding wax at the corners of his mouth. The effect was stunning, and more than a little frightening once she had pulled away and Rob flashed Brianna a demented smile.

"And... here... we... go!" he said in a truly creepy voice.

"Oh God, you're not going to quote the movie all night are you?" Courtney whined.

"Wanna know how I got these scars?" he asked Brianna.

"Moulding wax," Courtney told her. "It was moulding wax, and if he asks you 'Why so serious?' feel free to punch him."

Rob and Brianna laughed. Courtney put the finishing touches on Rob's makeup and then pulled back the shawl she had protecting the suit he wore beneath with. Rob stood and she helped him put on the purple jacket. Brianna had to admit, he looked a great deal like the Joker. Courtney had gone in between Heath Ledger's and Jack Nicholson's, and it looked really good.

"Alright," she said. "Now you, Brianna."

Brianna nodded and sat down on the chair. Courtney applied fairly simple makeup, but by the time she was done Brianna had to admit she liked the way she looked. After that Courtney kicked both of them out, and pulled out her costume. The leather corset had been hard to find, and she had had to do some major modifications to it to make it fit the character she was trying to match. The black and red leather pants were tight and fit her very snugly. She had also made modifications to those as well to get the look she needed.

Courtney got undressed to her black bra and matching thong panties. With some effort she managed to pull the leather pants up her body, and she smoothed out the legs before taking off her bra. She replaced it with the one she had fashioned for herself, buying two bras of the same style but one in red and the other in black. She had cut the two apart and then sewed the two halves together. She put the bra on and then worked at getting the modified corset on as well.

Courtney had always been an overachiever when it came to Halloween costumes. Her grandmother had sewn all her costumes for her as a child, they had not had enough money to simply buy one in the store, but Courtney had always had the best costumes. She had gone as the obvious princesses back then, with the occasional witch or vampire thrown in, but in more recent years she had gone sexy. This was the most bold she had ever gone, however. It bordered on fetishistic but it went with Rob's Joker costume so well she had been unable to pass up the opportunity.

Courtney relished the opportunity to sew. She had not made anything in months, she was always too busy with school or Rob, but she had set aside plenty of time for this. Rob had been surprisingly helpful in collecting materials. He had gone with her to the various flea markets, garage sales, and fabric stores that she had collected the materials from. As she struggled with the corset she lost her patience.

"Brianna!" she shouted.

There were footsteps and the blonde stuck her head through the door. "Yeah?"

"Can you help me with this?" she asked.

Brianna nodded and entered the room.

"No peeking," Courtney told her.

Brianna grinned. "Wouldn't dream of it."

The blonde tied the corset around Courtney tight, the garment forcing her large breasts together and up, making them look ready to burst free.

"Perfect," Courtney said.

Brianna nodded, eyeing Courtney for a moment before she shook her head as though banishing unclean thoughts.

"I should be okay now," Courtney told her.

"Are you sure?" Brianna asked, reluctant to leave.

Courtney almost laughed at her friend. "Yes, I'll be fine."

Brianna nodded nervously and left the room. The makeup for the costume was simple: pale face makeup, blacked out eyes, and ruby red lipstick. Courtney took out the blonde wig she was going to need for the costume, and the wig cap to contain her hair. It was a lengthy process involving a lot of bobby pins but Courtney managed to get wig on securely. She already had it set into pigtails with about the bottom four inches of one died red and the other black.

Next to put on were the elbow length fingerless gloves, each with a studded leather bracelet around the wrists. Again, one was black and the other red, with the hand parts opposite colors. After she was done with that, Courtney put a heavy black leather belt around her waist. It was completely unnecessary, but it looked cool and it matched the photograph Courtney was basing her costume on. She looked at herself in the mirror, and liked what she saw.

Harley Quinn was the Joker's right-hand woman, his girlfriend/partner-in-crime. Courtney thought it only appropriate she dress up as such if Rob was going to be the Joker. The finishing touch was a ridiculous pair of black platform boots that went nearly up to her knees and strapped on with heavy buckles. Her feet thudded on the hardwood of her bedroom, but she was actually reasonably comfortable given that her breathing was slightly cut off.

Courtney was about to leave her room to show Rob when she realized she had forgotten something: a thin black leather choker that went around her neck. Courtney took one last look at herself in the mirror, and was finally satisfied with her appearance. She left her bedroom and clomped down the stairs in her boots, slightly nervous at the reception her costume was going to get. Rob and Brianna were talking in the kitchen, and stopped when Courtney turned the corner.

Courtney grinned at their reaction. "Hi, Puddin'!" she said to Rob in her best attempt at a Queen's accent.

"Oh my God, Courtney!" Brianna exclaimed.

Courtney smiled. "It's good?" she asked.

"Amazing," Rob said as he walked over to her. He wrapped an arm around her waist, her midriff showing from between her corset and pants. He leaned down to kiss her but Courtney stopped him.

"We don't want to mess up your makeup," she told him.

Rob frowned. "Alright," he replied.

The decorations were already up, so all they had to do was wait for the guests to arrive. Karen was first, dressed conservatively as a witch and looking quite pretty. Courtney hugged her before she entered, and the two shared a tender look before joining the others. This was Karen's first real outing in two months. Her ribs had mostly healed now but still ached, and while she was still having adverse reactions to certain situations she was generally okay. The therapy and support from her family and friends helped a lot, but her reinvigorated friendship with Courtney helped more than anything.

They had not yet done anything more than kiss, however Karen was becoming more comfortable with her breasts being touched which Courtney did a great deal. She had even started to want to masturbate, she had not yet done so but the desire was there and it did not trigger any frightening thoughts. The trials had been hard for her though, retelling the events of the event as best she remembered, but ultimately it had all led to the conviction of both Adam and Eddy.

On top of the rape they had been charged with a slew of drug related charges, which would do much to extend their sentence beyond the frankly sickeningly short time they would have received just for the rape itself. Karen was unsure of the exact details of their sentencing apart from what they had received in relation to her. She was aware that the other girl, Rachel, had had much more to testify to than herself.

Karen complimented Courtney's costume, telling her that she had outdone herself which seemed to be the general consensus. Winston attacked Karen's feet until she picked him up and rocked him in her arms. They walked into the kitchen, Courtney's booted feet clomping on the linoleum, and the four friends chatted while they waited for the remainder of the guests. It was the usual crowd, plus a few Rob had invited.

Mitch showed up dressed as a vampire. Kevin was there as well, and initially Courtney thought he was being James Bond until she realized that his posh accent was not affected and that the suit was just what he had felt comfortable wearing. Rob had mentioned Kevin's upper class upbringing, but had always assumed that it had been in America. She had never met him personally before, but found him to be quietly charming.

Their other friends trickled in, and a crowd began to form. It was still warm enough outside for most of the party to take place outdoors, and Courtney's house was isolated enough that they were unlikely to get any trick-or-treaters. The party had been kept fairly small; mostly to ensure that Karen would not become overwhelmed, but also because it was the middle of the week and most of them had school or work the following morning.

Most of the party's guests had arrived by the time Miyu arrived. A very beautiful girl of Japanese descent, Miyu was dressed in a black tank top and short skirt, with orange stockings and a pair of black devil horns on her head. She seemed nervous until she saw Brianna, then a big bright smile lit up her face.

"Brianna," she said happily as the tall blonde approached her.

Brianna smiled and took her arm before leading her to the main body of the party. She hated this. She hated doing this. Being with someone else when she should have been with Jane. Jane had been right, however, it was not difficult for Brianna to get girls to go out with her. Miyu was in biomed at the university, but Brianna had met her at a club downtown that she had started going to more regularly. She liked her well enough, but she felt little more than friendly towards the other girl.

However, she was stunning and sure to make Jane jealous when she saw the photos of them together on Facebook.

They entered the backyard and heads turned to look at them curiously. Deciding to get it out of the way early, Brianna turned Miyu to face her.

"I'm going to kiss you now, alright?" she asked.

The pretty girl blinked but nodded in response.

Brianna came forward, brushing Miyu's long dark hair away from her face and kissing her softly. She heard soft gasps and felt Miyu grin against her mouth. The other girl's hand came around to the back of her head, drawing her mouth more firmly against her, her hot little tongue poking out to play with Brianna's in a smouldering kiss. That was far more than what Brianna was looking for. She pulled back nervously, and Miyu smiled at her saucily.

"Come on," Brianna said uneasily. "I'll introduce you to Courtney."

Brianna was treated to confused looks and slack jaws as she walked over to Courtney, who was speaking to Rob and Karen by the refreshment table.

"Hi guys," Brianna began. "This is Miyu. Miyu this is Courtney, Rob, and Karen," she said, gesturing to each in turn.

"Nice to meet you," she said.

Rob reached out to shake her hand, followed by Courtney, and then Karen. The conversation resumed, and Brianna noticed Miyu eyeing Courtney with great interest. Brianna was finding her friend distracting herself, but managed to remain focused on the conversation. Karen was doing well so far, she was laughing with them, and she was getting used to people feeling slightly unsure of whether they should approach her or not. She sort of felt like a flighty mare nobody wanted to spook.

The conversation continued until the arrival of Wayne and Amy. Their arrival changed the murmured conversation of the guests away from Brianna and Miyu's kiss to what the two were wearing. Amy's outfit was reasonable enough, a blue and white dress, white stockings, and her hair set in pigtails. She was clearly meant to be a child's doll, playing on Wayne's pet name for her of 'Baby Doll'. What made their costumes something notable was what Wayne was wearing.

Rob was sure it was Amy who had bought it, and if he knew her it was out of pure naivety. She had chosen a bear costume, intending Wayne to look like a 'Teddy' which was her nickname for her. It would have made for a cute couple costume. However, the bear costume she had chosen was of a specific internet meme. So that the way it looked was such that Amy, dressed like a tiny sexy child's toy, was being followed around by a six and half foot tall version of Pedobear.

Rob tried not to laugh, and he could see other's doing the same, but somehow the fact that it had been unintentional made it even funnier. Wayne and Amy came to them, the petite blonde slowly noticing the attention their costumes were getting. The bright smile she had on her face faded as she grew closer.

"Why is that little girl being followed by a symbol of pedophilia on the internet?" Miyu asked softly.

Brianna frowned unhappily at the comment, but some of the other nearby guests struggled not to laugh as Amy and Wayne approached.

"Hi," Amy said brightly. "Courtney, you look amazing!"

"Thank you Amy," Courtney replied. "You look great too."

It really was a pretty costume, and she looked completely adorable in it. Still, how Courtney got those words out with a straight face Rob did not understand. Perhaps she did not get the reference Wayne's costume was making either.

None of them had the heart to tell Amy her mistake, but that did not stop many of them from finding it amusing. Rob wondered if Wayne even knew what everyone was grinning about. He was equally ignorant of anything internet related. Brianna grew embarrassed by Miyu who would not stop making veiled allusions to the mistake Amy had made, and found herself wishing that she had not invited her.

The murmurs died down after a while, and eventually the party began to ramp up a bit. There was not a great deal of drinking, it was the middle of the week and most of those in attendance were either in school or worked. After a while Karen decided she needed a break, and decided to go check on Winston in Courtney's room.

The little dog was quite pleased about her visit, and she scratched his ears and made kissy faces at him while he wiggled around on the bed happily. Karen felt weird. She had not had a great deal of interaction with people outside of her family and her main group of friends. She knew everyone knew what had happened, but they were all too considerate to address it which in itself created a certain amount of awkwardness.

That awkwardness had been expected though. What Karen had not expected was the strange feeling she felt when she realized how easy it was for them to act as though it had never happened. To talk with her as though this huge thing never occurred and tactfully avoid topics that might remind her otherwise. She certainly did not want to talk about it to everyone, she had a hard enough time talking about what had happened to those closest to her, but it finally struck her just how personal this crisis in her life was.

Yes, those closest to her had been affected. But those slightly further out were unlikely to feel more than sympathy and indignation. This was natural of course, distance causes desensitization of emotion. Karen got that, it just felt weird to be around people whose whole life was not centered round that one event. Rather than make her upset, this made her happy. Relieved. It gave her hope that she could still just be 'Karen' in their eyes, not 'the girl who got raped' which she had feared would happen. That Adam and Eddy would take her identity away from her like they had her sense of security.

Karen heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and heard voices. A male and female, approaching Courtney's bedroom. She heard a feminine giggle that was cut short by something. The footsteps were heavy and Karen realized that Rob and Courtney must be approaching. The door burst open and the couple came staggering in. Karen's eyes widened as she saw the two of them in an impassioned lip lock, and tried to find her voice as Rob pinned Courtney against the back of the bedroom door.

"We're going to fuck up our make-up," Courtney gasped.

"You can fix it," Rob told her before bringing his mouth back to hers for a deep, hot kiss.

Karen sat stunned, finding her voice when she saw Rob's hand going over Courtney's breast.

"Uh guys," Karen said meekly.

Rob froze, and sprang back from Courtney whose eyes turned wide when she saw Karen sitting on her bed.

"Oh God, sorry," Courtney replied embarassedly. "We... we were just..."

Karen cocked an eyebrow.

"I was just revving up my 'Harley'," Rob said in his 'Joker' voice.

There was a brief moment of silence, followed by heavy laughter, which in turn was followed by silence that turned awkward once more.

"Rob, why don't you go back to the party?" Courtney suggested. "I want to get off my feet for a bit, these boots are killing me."

"Okay," Rob replied with mild disappointment.

He left the room, and left the two girls together. Courtney walked over to Karen, looking unbearably sexy as her hips swayed in their natural motion as she waked but somehow looking sexier with the attention drawn to her waist by the belt. Courtney sat on the bed, and reached over to pet Winston.

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