tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken by the Wolf Ch. 02

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 02


Oh god... Bella's head whirled with the Wolf's choice - which was really no choice at all. Have sex with him or have sex with Alex.

"Toy. I mean, Alex," she said, using the Wolf's new name for Alex and then realizing what she'd done. Really, it was no choice at all.

"Bella no!" Alex yelled, straining against the Wolf's hand on his hair, the men who were holding him on his knees. "You don't have to do this!" He glared up at the man whose fingers were entangled in his hair. "Let her go."

"You're getting repetitive. Boring," the Wolf said, his green eyes glinted in a way that belied his words and he reached into his pocket, ignoring Bella's sudden yells to leave Alex alone, that she'd made her choice. Pulling out an object, he popped it into Alex's mouth and then wrapped the straps around his head. A gag.

Panting from the fear that had coursed through her, Bella almost dropped to her knees. Just because the Wolf was known for letting people go unharmed, that didn't mean that he wouldn't start now. One of the most common things his former victims had stressed was how unpredictable he was.

"So, Pet," the Wolf said, dropping Alex's head now that the younger man was hushed, and walking back towards Bella. "You'd rather fuck Toy than me? He doesn't seem very willing. I certainly am."

His hand reached down to grope his cock through his pants and Bella gasped as she saw the sizable bulge there.

"No," she whispered. This time she did fall to her knees, nearly making the man holding the ropes behind her stumble. "Alex..." her voice grew in strength as she looked across the short distance between them. "Alex, you have to fuck me. Please."

The Wolf sighed. "I suppose I should feel insulted... but after all, it's not like we know each other, yet, so I'll let it slide this time, Pet." His voice became crueler as he spoke and he reached out and tweaked her nipple before caressing her head, the way he might pet a dog. Then he snapped his fingers at the man behind her. "Release her ropes. I'm going to let you beg Toy, Pet. And if he doesn't agree to fuck you in the next two minutes... then I will."

The restraints around her wrists were cut, as was the hobble around her legs. She forced herself to her feet, stumbling over the few steps it took to get to Alex. Ignoring the men behind him, ignoring the chuckling and the snide remarks she could hear around her, she reached out and took his face in her hands.

"Alex please, you have to do this... he's going to rape me, you know he will. He's not bluffing. Just nod your head, just nod your head and say you'll fuck me."

God, what had she come to... this morning she was incensed that her boyfriend and Alex's girlfriend had cheated on them. Now she was having to beg Alex to fuck her. And he was looking at her with the most tormented expression on his face, his eyes begging her to do something - anything - than ask him to do this.

"It's not rape, Alex, I'm choosing you," she pleaded. Except that they both know that given a real choice, she wouldn't be having sex with anyone. Her voice dropped down to a husky whisper again. "Please... Alex... you have to save me."


Alex wanted to scream with frustration. Didn't Bella see? By giving in, by playing this sick game, they were already losing to the Wolf. And at the same time... he didn't doubt that the Wolf meant every word he said. If Alex didn't have sex with Bella, he would rape her.

But what was to stop him from doing so anyway, afterwards?

He could see that Bella wasn't thinking about that. Her pupils were huge, dilated from fear, all she could think about was getting past this first obstacle, this first terror. Fear had pushed her past the point of being able to think beyond the moment.

And he couldn't blame her. That same terror was pulsing inside of him. The gag that the Wolf had put in his mouth wasn't huge, but it was large enough that he couldn't spit it out. It filled the inside of his mouth, made of some material that shaped itself to block as much noise as possible, pressing down on his tongue.

A grating sound made both of them turn their heads. There was a hole opening up in the middle of the floor of the huge room, a platform rising out of it. On the platform was a huge bed, its canopy and corners festooned with chains and restraints. Several wooden structures surrounded it, all of them looking threatening as Alex imagined the various ways a human body could be secured to them. A sick feeling rose in his stomach. He couldn't leave Bella to the Wolf's mercies.

Even if it meant playing his sick game. Even knowing that the Wolf could still do whatever he wanted to them afterwards. Alex just couldn't make the choice that would leave him unaffected and condemn Bella.

Besides, a faint hope inside him whispered, maybe the Wolf just wanted a show right now. He was unpredictable right? Maybe he just wanted a show and then he'd let them go.

Alex nodded his head and Bella nearly sobbed with relief.

"Too bad. Only a few more seconds and I could have played with Pet," the Wolf said, glancing at his watch. He nodded to the men behind Alex. "Release Toy." Stepping closer as Alex's ropes were undone, his face completely serious, he stared straight into Alex's eyes. "Don't even think about trying to escape. There is no way you'll make it out of this room, and if you try to, I will tie up Pet, and I will tie up Jordan's new blonde, and I will let every single one of my men come and fuck both of them while you watch." A cruel smile glinted across his lips. "And I have a lot of men under my command."

The frightened sob that Bella let out as she snuggled closer to Alex made his heart break. His arms were free now and he immediately pulled her into him, trying to ignore how soft and silky her skin felt against his. When he reached up to remove the gag, his hand was slapped away.

"The gag stays in, for now," the Wolf said, stepping back. He gestured grandly at the platform that had been raised in the center of the room. It reminded Alex a bit of the ancient gladiator arenas, where emperors put on spectacles for their underlings. He had no doubt that this particular stage served a similar purpose. At least there weren't too many people in the room right now. "Choose your pleasure."

When Alex hesitated, Bella grabbed his hand and started dragging him towards the platform, headed straight for the bed. Alex let her lead him, trying to focus on her and not on their surroundings. It was surprisingly easy to push the other men in the room to the back of his mind and focus solely on her naked curves, the way her bottom wobbled as she hurried them both along. Bella was a beautiful woman, he'd always thought so. He just hadn't thought he'd ever be in a position to see her completely naked, much less do something about it.

It was rather shaming how his body reacted - how it had been reacting. He'd been fighting against his response, and his fear and anger had helped, but now if he didn't maintain his erection then he didn't doubt that the Wolf would rape her. Being chosen over the Wolf wasn't exactly a commendation, but he would do his best to make this... if not pleasant, then at least not awful for Bella.

He wanted to tell her that, to whisper in her ear that everything was going to be okay - even if it wasn't a promise he could keep, but the gag meant that all their communication was one way. From her to him.

When they reached the bed, she looked up at him with troubled, frightened hazel eyes. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I'm so sorry... and thank you."

Alex nodded, hoping that his eyes showed his own apologies, his own unhappiness at the situation, even while his cock strained towards her. The generous curves of her breasts and hips were more than enough to make any red-blooded male stand up and pay attention. The hard pink nipples tipping her generous breasts would have made his mouth water if he hadn't been gagged.

They looked at each other for a long moment, wordless communication passing between them - they were in this together. Partners. And they would support each other through this.

"Better hurry, you two, before I decide it would be more fun to join you than watch you." The Wolf's voice purred, but it was heavy with threat.

Bella's eyes widened and then she grabbed Alex's hand, squeezing her eyes shut as she brought it to her breast. A wave of dismay swept over him. He'd never slept with a woman that wasn't one hundred percent willing... how was he supposed to do this when she couldn't even look at him while he was just touching her? And yet, they didn't have a choice, did they?

The heavy weight of her breast was soft and warm in his hand, and he groaned as her nipple pressed against his palm, his fingers automatically closing around the offering of flesh. How incredibly lowering to discover that his cock throbbed even harder, not caring that this wasn't his or Bella's choice.

Aware of the eyes around them, although doing his best to ignore them, Alex reached up to cup both of her breasts in his hands. To his surprise, Bella let out a breathy little moan as he gently squeezed. It soothed his feelings somewhat to know that his touch wasn't completely repellent to her. Unless of course she was pretending that he was Ken... which he would kind of understand, even if it was still a little lowering that she might be imagining her cheating ex.

But if that's what it took, then that's what it took. He certainly wasn't going to blame her for doing whatever she could.

Still... he had no need to think of Lisa. All he had to do was forget the other people in the room, forget the gag in his mouth, forget the room itself, and focus on Bella, and his cock was hard as a rock. Warm, soft, sweet curves, her skin like silk under his hands. Another time, another place... so he did his best to pretend.

Plucking at her nipples, he watched her face closely, seeing the muscles relax there as he gently caressed her. After seeing the Wolf's rougher handling, he wanted to be as gentle as possible while he fondled her.

"Good. Now lift her up onto the bed."

Alex's jaw clenched, making it ache even more around the gag, as he felt Bella shiver in response to the Wolf's command. Couldn't the damn man just let them be? Just for a few minutes?

But he couldn't risk disobedience, not with Bella so vulnerable at the moment. They were surrounded on every side by the Wolf's men, Bella was frightened and exhausted, and he wasn't much better. With the Wolf's threats hanging over their heads, it would be stupid to tempt even the tiniest bit of disobedience. If Alex didn't follow the Wolf's orders, it could very well be Bella who paid the price.

His eyes slid over to the side where Jordan was sitting with Trish on his lap. The tiny blonde was crying, her eyes closed, with Jordan's arms wrapped around her, one large hand fondling her small breast. There was more than just Bella and his fate's riding on his obedience as well.

Sliding his hands down to Bella's hourglass waist, he gently lifted her up the few inches to the bed, scooting her back so that all of her weight was on the bed. Those big, serious hazel eyes gazed up at him through thick lashes. At least she wasn't crying anymore, even though her eyes were red-rimmed and her lips swollen from the crying she'd been doing earlier. Alex touched her cheek, sweeping back some of her hair that was stuck to the dried tears.

"Lay down, Pet."


With her legs hanging off the bed, Bella closed her eyes again and obeyed. Everything felt so surreal right now. Alex's lips were stretched around that awful gag, making his expressions distorted, but she could see the worry in his eyes. Mostly she had been worried that he wouldn't be able to do it, to go through with it. And she would so much rather him than the Wolf.

Somehow, even though she would not have chosen to have sex with Alex if she hadn't been forced into the situation, it was less of a violation. At least she knew Alex, had talked with him, trusted him.

Laid out in front of him, she felt much more vulnerable. Having his big, muscled body so close to hers had made her at least FEEL more protected even though she'd known it was an illusion. It was obvious that Alex wanted to protect her, and would do whatever he had to. Even have sex with her.

Logically she understood his reluctance, but at the same time she'd felt strangely rejected when he'd hesitated. Even though she knew he wasn't really rejecting her, just the situation. Stupid to feel like he was. The fact that he was obviously hard, now, was both reassuring and a little frightening. Looking up at him, she could see both hesitation and desire in his eyes.

She did her best not to look past him, but she couldn't help seeing the Wolf standing just a few feet from them, to the side of Alex, watching them hungrily. It made her heart pound faster as her body tensed, the desire to flee welling up inside of her.

"Fuck her, toy."

Alex grimaced, closing his eyes at the crudeness of the Wolf's demand. For herself, Bella just did her best to block out the words, to concentrate on the gentle way Alex ran his hands down her body, pulling her legs up to drape them over his arms, spreading her thighs wide for him. The wetness that had begun when the Wolf had been playing with her breasts hadn't gone away and now that Alex was touching her, she felt free to enjoy it without shame.

The head of his cock pressed up against the soft, wet lips of her pussy and Bella gasped. When she met Alex's eyes, she was shocked by the desire that she saw there, even though it was tinged with guilt, and she realized that even if he was angry at the situation and protective over her, he still wanted to fuck her. The hard cock at the entrance to her body wasn't just a reaction to being around a naked woman, that was real desire in his eyes.

She didn't really know how to react to that, and she didn't really get a chance to, before he was pushing into her. With a gasp, her body arched as the thick rod of his erection pushed into her body, stretching her open. While she'd been avoiding looking at his nakedness, she hadn't really focused on the size of his penis. It was bigger than she'd realized, and her pussy muscles clamped down around him in shock at both the breach and the size of him. Thick, hot and hard; he made a strangled noise and when she looked up at him again she realized that he'd groaned in pleasure, but it had been muffled by the gag. His warm hazel eyes were half-lidded now, the muscles of his body tense as he warred with his desire to plunge completely inside of her.

With a little whimper, Bella dug her hands into the sheets of the bed beneath her, not knowing where else to put them. Touching Alex would have been a bit too much like participating in her own rape, even though she knew that he wasn't doing it by choice either. But she didn't want the Wolf to think that she was encouraging any of this... she didn't want him to know that it felt good.

It was all she could do not to moan when Alex drew his hips back and plunged forward again, sinking deeper inside of her. The rounded head of his cock seemed to burrow straight into her body, the ridged portion dragging against her inner flesh as he pulled away and thrust hard again. He was so very thick, stretching her muscles in a way that they hadn't been used before, making her gasp and cry out in shock as he seemed to split her wide open. With her thighs draped over his arms, she was completely spread and vulnerable, with no way to halt the advance or even to slow it.

No way to stop him from burying himself completely inside of her, his muscled body leaning forward so that she was bent almost double at the waist, her pussy stuffed full of his cock and the hard bone of his pelvis pressed against her swollen clit. Gripping the mattress even tighter, Bella tossed her had back and forth, closing her eyes as she concentrated on not rubbing herself against him. The press of his hot body against her sensitive pussy lips, which felt stretched and tight, was incredibly erotic. The sensation of him so deeply embedded inside of her, even the eyes of their watchers tickling over her skin, all of it was both frightening and exciting.

She hated the part of her that found some kind of sick satisfaction in what was happening. Maybe it was because she'd never quite measured up to the standards of real beauty on the moon, she'd never considered herself very desirable, some demented part of her found the arrested gazes of the Wolf, of his men, of Alex somehow flattering. After all, the Wolf could have any woman he wanted, couldn't he? He didn't exactly have to make do with leftovers.

And, while he might be getting twisted satisfaction out of the fact that she and Alex weren't a couple, she couldn't deny that she also saw real desire for her in the Wolf's intensely bright eyes. It was too disturbing to look at him while Alex was deep inside of her, panting with long deep breaths as if he was trying to hold back his own pleasure even though it was impossible. It was too disturbing to look at Alex too, the mixed emotions that swarmed over her were becoming all raveled up in the pleasure that was growing deep in her core. If only he would move hard and fast, do it quickly and get it over with... but he seemed to be struggling with himself, his long strokes in and out of her lingering, and she couldn't stop the feelings of pleasure that were burgeoning inside of her.

Closing her eyes didn't help, because then it was all too easy to forget where they were, what was happening, and just become lost in the pleasure of Alex's thrusts between her legs. Her thighs tightened, trying to squeeze him, but his arms were much stronger, keeping her spread wide and open.

When she let out a little moan, she opened her eyes again, trying to remind herself of where she was.

She'd turned her head to the side, away from the Wolf, and she found herself looking straight at the blonde - Trish. The young woman was sitting on Jordan's lap, facing away from the huge man, with one muscular arm wrapped around her and crossing her body to squeeze her breast. He'd positioned her so that her legs were on either side of his, and then he'd spread his own thighs, forcing her to spread her legs even wider than his own, and his other hand was covering the pink flesh between... his fingers were very, very busy. Tears streamed down from those blue eyes, but Bella could see that Trish's nipples were hard, the fleeting look of shame as she met Bella's gaze said that she was reluctantly enjoying Jordan's caresses just as Bella was reluctantly enjoying the way Alex was fucking her.

The big man had his face buried in Trish's shoulder, obviously kissing and suckling on her neck. The blonde was staring at Bella and Alex with a kind of horrified fascination, and Bella suddenly realized that she was staring at Trish and Jordan in the same way. It was like watching a train wreck that was somehow erotic; she couldn't look away even though she wanted to.

Her pussy was becoming wetter, making sloppy noises as Alex pushed in and out, his thrusts coming harder and faster at just the right time to force her body to respond with pleasure. Watching Jordan's glistening fingers stroking Trish's folds, she knew that the other woman was facing the same dilemma; and for some sick reason, it was all turning her on.

Bella moaned, dragging her gaze away, horrified at her reactions, only to find herself staring into the Wolf's glittering eyes. He'd moved closer, so that he was almost touching Alex, his lips parted with anticipation as he watched her. Somehow he knew... he knew that she was close, that she was going to orgasm while Alex fucked her, even though she didn't want to.

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