tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken By Two Boys Ch. 02

Taken By Two Boys Ch. 02


It had only been a week now since Tim and Jeff began the torture of their bully victim Billy and his hot mom Amy. Halloween had only just passed, and here Jeff was, in her husband's bed, smoking weed and getting a dick ride by Amy Robertson, the mom of his bullying victim.

It was 9am and as usual, the first thing Jeff did in the morning was light up a joint and fuck Amy in front her kid and husband. He had instructed her to ride him after he rolled his first joint of the day, which now hung loosely in his hand. He occasionally took long pulls from it and and smirked as he watched Amy ride him. Best of all, it made him last longer and made the sensation of her pussy clenching around his cock all the better.

He also liked the fact that the bed was creaky because to him, the sound of each rock was a constant reminder to her husband and son that he was in control. Deep inside, Amy knew this too.

Terrified and buzzing with terror, the only reason she was riding his dick was because she was so scared of him. Her other son's tormenter, Tim, was really just a pervert and fairly harmless in comparison.

Jeff on the other hand was very aggressive and knew exactly what he wanted. This of course intimidated Amy into doing whatever he demanded. Tim was pretty much just along for the ride, following Jeff's lead and taking advantage of the opportunity to fuck a hot MILF. Jeff was very able to put a scare into Billy, Amy, and even her husband George.

As these thoughts ran through her head, she put her hands on Jeff's chest and began to ride his dick harder. She just wanted him to cum and get this over with. Jeff smiled as he exhaled some smoke into her face and noticed her putting in more effort. He decided to mock her.

"C'mon bitch. Make some noise." He said, slapping her ass.

This sudden jolt made her perk up. Before she realized it, the creaking noises of the bed became louder as the two swayed in rhythm to her riding harder.

Amy moaned in response to Jeff's demands which made him smirk. It only confirmed that she was under his control, and as an added bonus, he knew her husband George could see this too, and it turned him on even more. George's stomach twisted into knots as he heard his wife force herself to moan for the bully's pleasure.

Her husband and son were tied up in the corner the room, because Jeff liked it that way. They spent the night there while Jeff fell asleep with his cock in Amy's mouth. Again, because he liked it that way.

The fact that this was her son's tormentor only made her more frightened since he was such an imposing figure, young as he was. Tim and Jeff were only 18, but thanks to Internet porn they were very "mature" and schooled in all kinds of depraved sex. They were cruel by nature, and thanks to porn sites they were exposed to all manner of fetishes and gradually became more daring in what got them off.

For example, Tim loved having Amy jerk him off with her dirty panties, especially silk ones, but he would change up his tastes. She did it enthusiastically because it meant she didn't have to fuck him, but unbeknownst to her Tim loved the added effort she put in. Being forced to watch, this only made George jealous, which of course just turned Tim on even more.

Even before the Halloween incident, she had heard of Jeff and knew that he was someone to be feared. In terms of sex, she knew how demanding he could be after the blowjob and fuck session the week earlier.

It also didn't help that she was also comparatively small in stature, standing at a measly 5'11 compared to Jeff's 6'2. He was also much more muscular than her husband, who was aging into his 40s now and fairly out of shape. Amy herself was only in her mid 30s and had an ample set of tits, 34D in size.

As her eyes trailed down to Jeff's torso she couldn't help but notice that he was in much better shape than George. She continued to ride him hard, but she didn't want to let on to the fact that she was staring. It was too late however, as Jeff took notice.

"I know, bitch. I'm much better looking than that pussy over there." Jeff said, referring to her husband. George's stomach turned in knots as the truth of the bully's words hit him hard.

"That's why you're so wet right now. That's why you're riding my cock so hard, and he's over there tied up like a pussy." Jeff took a long pull from his joint and smirked.

"That's why I run shit." He said, laughing as he continued mocking her and her husband.

"Say it." He said, smacking her ass again.

"You're better looking than my husband." Amy said in a daze. She was terrified by the young boy. She could feel his cock tighten as she uttered these words, and she saw George lower his head. At that moment, she couldn't help but lose respect for him.

Her husband and son had also proved that they couldn't help, as they did nothing while she sucked and fucked Tim and Jeff's cocks the week earlier, and she had continued to fuck and suck them since then. This was also confirmed by the fact that Amy was now riding Jeff's cock in front of the two, while they sat and did nothing but helplessly look on.

Jeff had a huge grin on his face while he laid back in her husband's bed with his arms behind his head, and this just excited him even more. He loved the expression on Amy's face as he listened to the sound of the bed creaking.

After he took a particularly long drag, he frowned and slapped her big tits, causing her to squeal.

"Hey. clench your pussy harder." He said as he lifted his thighs and inhaled deeply. By now he had moved beyond just enjoying the sensation of pussy and had specifics tastes, which he made sure Amy complied to.

Rocking on his abdomen, Amy did as she was instructed. She was now completely under the control of these two boys and it was just a fact that she had to accept. She was utterly terrified of them and it was clear that her husband and her son wouldn't come to her rescue, as they sat watching her tied up in the corner of the room. They had pretty much been like this the whole night as Tim and Jeff took turns fucking her. If they weren't in the room for the perverse pleasure of the two boys, they could certainly hear them fucking from anywhere in the house.

Jeff glanced over at them and smirked.

"You know why you two faggots are here?" He took another puff from his joint and exhaled as the bed creaked. Billy and George looked up pathetically as Amy continued to ride Jeff, their mouths covered with duct-tape.

"Because it gets me off."

He used this moment to punctuate his point by smacking Amy's ass once more.

The bed continued to creak as Amy rode Jeff's dick. Because she was intimidated by the boy and saw him demeaning her husband and son, she really did put in more effort into clenching her pussy. Jeff couldn't help but notice this fact and moan in pleasure. He chuckled as her husband looked on.

"This is great." He said, taking another pull from his joint. "A week ago, that loser over there didn't even have the balls to put it in you, and here I am fucking you silly. I've probably fucked you more times this past week than he did your entire marriage. Am I right?"

Amy continued to ride him with a tired, glazed look on her face. Jeff smacked the side of her ass to alert her.

"Am I right, bitch?" Jeff said sternly.

"You're right." She replied obediently. The truth of this fact hit George hard, and Billy couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Jeff continued to mock George, who had no choice but to listen.

"I can't believe a loser like you even had a bitch this hot to yourself." Amy noticed her husband look down in shame as Jeff smirked. Jeff then took another pull off his joint as he leaned back. The room continued to be filled with the sound of Amy riding Jeff's cock.

Billy squealed at seeing his father demeaned this way and seeing his mother fucked in front of him. Even worse, he couldn't deny the fact that she was consciously clenching her pussy to satisfy the cock of his bully. Worse than that, he couldn't even block out the sound of the bed creaking as she rode his cock.

"Come here bitch." Jeff said, leaning forward. Amy broke out of her daze and her stomach filled with fear.

Jeff took a huge pull of his joint and roughly grabbed the back of Amy's head. Her eyes widened as she realized what was happening and couldn't help but cough as Jeff began roughly kissing her and exhaled the smoke into her mouth. Both George and Billy felt their stomach tie in knots as they watched Jeff make out with Amy.

Jeff laughed loudly as she struggled to take the smoke into her system and smacked her ass again.

"Bitch, I didn't say stop riding."

To her surprise, and her husband's, Amy leaned forward on Jeff's chest and began to put more effort into riding his cock.

"That's it. Keep riding." Jeff said with a satisfied grin. Amy's head buzzed as the THC entered her system. She only smoked pot once back in college and wasn't used to taking drugs. She never imagined that the next time it happened would be in a situation like this.

Worst of all, the fact that Jeff was high only made him last longer. Time passed and they had been fucking for at least an hour, but to Amy it seemed much longer. Not to mention; thanks to the weed and Jeff being high he enjoyed the sensation of her pussy clasping around his dick even more. He laid back and closed his eyes, just listening to her put in effort as the bed creaked. Then, from the corner of his eye, he spotted George.

All of a sudden, he started chuckling.

"Holy shit, look at your dickweasal of a husband. He's actually getting turned on."

George couldn't deny it. His cock stood erect even though he was tied up in the corner of the room. Something about seeing his wife violated by a bully while he was helpless seemed to turn him on. He squealed but there was nothing he could do. Secretly, he wanted to jerk off but his hands were quite literally tied. He had no choice but to merely watch, and Jeff found it amusing that he liked watching his wife getting fucked by some punk kid, and it made the sex that much more enjoyable.

Jeff chuckled, then put his weed in an ashtray and his elbows behind his head as she rode him to completion. As his cock throbbed and he came inside her, he used his left hand to grab her hips and used his right hand to strangle her. As her eyes bulged he smirked devilishly as she struggled to breathe. He liked the look of torment on her face because it made him feel powerful and in control, especially of such an older women. He also liked the fact that her husband kid were forced to watch this, intensifying his orgasm.

"You like this shit, George?" He said as he finished coming. He loved the fact that he was humiliating her and her husband.

Jeff was always very perverse, and the fact that some guy's wife was putting so much effort into fucking him in front of her husband and son just turned him on even more. He couldn't believe he got so lucky, considering he was only 18 years old. He really struck gold with his bully victim.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit." He said with satisfaction as he came inside Amy's pussy.

"That was a good fuck." He said, completing his thought.

Tears ran down Billy's face as he saw how much pleasure his mom gave his tormentor. George just looked down in shame.

"Don't forget to take the pill." Jeff said quite casually.

"Well, I don't really give a shit if you get pregnant. No way I'm wearing a condom though. Bareback is just so much better." George hated the fact that Amy always made him wear a condom, but she was giving allowances to this boy purely because she was so scared of him.

Jeff liked the fact that he was fucking like a pornstar. They didn't wear condoms after all. And besides, if he had a girlfriend he's probably have to use some form of protection. But with Amy, he could fuck her any way he liked.

Amy obediently took the morning after pill.

"Well, I'm gonna take a shower. I guess you can go downstairs and fuck Tim. I guess you can give these two losers breakfast as well." Jeff then slapped Amy on the ass as a sign to get off him.

This was the status quo. Ever since Tim and Jeff intruded into the home of the Robertsons on Halloween, they had pretty much taken up residence in the household.

Being the huge pussy that he is, George had no choice but to comply with their presence. Of course, this just made it all the better for Tim and Jeff. Every day, George, Billy and Amy got used to the fact that Tim and Jeff would have their way with Amy while they looked on.

They would still have their meals, go to work and school, but when it came to "home time" Tim and Jeff set the rules. The three family members were way too embarrassed to say anything. Besides, there was always the lingering suspicion that George secretly enjoyed it. He was a pussy and a cuckold, and he was ashamed of it. Amy was disgusted by this and Billy was deeply disappointed. Suspecting this, Jeff loved to tease George about it.

"You really love seeing me fuck your wife, don't you?"

George always looked down in shame, and he couldn't hide his arousal.

"Hahaha. You fucking pussy." Whenever Jeff was fucking Amy and teased George, he always noticed Amy's pussy clench harder around his cock as she rode him. He loved that fact. It was like she couldn't deny that he was more of a man than George.

Jeff put out his marijuana cigarette as Amy climbed off him.

"Where are you going?"

Amy looked puzzled.

"You're not done yet. I still want you to clean your pussy juice off my cock."

Billy squealed as George's eyes widened, it seemed that Jeff had found new ways to degrade Amy. As she reached for a tissue Jeff grabbed her hand.

"Use your tongue." Jeff said smirking. Amy couldn't believe her ears.

For the next 15 minutes, the room was filled with slurping noises as Amy complied to Jeff's perverse demand while Billy and George looked on in horror. Their stomachs were tied in knots but there was nothing they could do. Jeff just chuckled and laid back in bed.

Halfway through this, Tim opened the door and yawned.

"You done with the bitch yet?" He asked, having just woken up.

"Yeah, I just came. She's cleaning up my cock now." Jeff said, adjusting himself on the duvet as she continued licking up and down on his shaft.

"You can have her if you want, I just came." Jeff said casually.

Amy's ear's burned with embarrassment as she heard these two boys describing her as an object, but she was too scared to say anything. She also hated the fact that George was just sitting there, tied up and accepting this. She carried on licking Jeff's cock as he lay in bed smirking.

Since it was a weekday, it wasn't long before George set off for work. Before he left however, Jeff pushed him up against the wall.

"While you're sitting at your cubicle, just realize that I'm going to be fucking your wife the whole day." Jeff wanted to remind George of this as he stood in the hallway. This is going to make fucking his wife so much hotter, he thought, knowing this fact would be running through George's head the whole day.

Suddenly, Jeff became aggressive.

"You got a problem with that?" He said, leaning in closer to George, who shrunk away.

"N-No..." George stammered out. He felt his stomach shrink with a pang of fear as he realized what a pussy he was. He couldn't believe a young boy was talking this way about his wife and was actually putting fear into him.

George was always one to avoid conflict. He wasn't the strongest person, and didn't have much confidence. Even a well-built boy like Jeff could intimidate him. Amy and Billy both saw this encounter unfold and couldn't help but feel disappointed.

Billy also soon left the household for school, and, like George, was too embarrassed to say that his mom was having sex with his tormentors. No one at Billy's school was surprised that Tim and Jeff were missing, considering they played hookie often.

Half an hour passed, and Tim was in the living room getting jerked off by Amy's silk panties. He took a sip of George's beer which Amy fetched for him and was enjoying getting his shaft expertly worked by her. Jeff was also drinking beer, but he had already had his 3rd blowjob of the day and played on the Xbox while Tim took his turn.

"Say you're a whore." Tim demanded as he placed the beer down, groaning and leaning back into the couch. He loved demeaning her while she jerked him off.

"I'm a whore." Amy said, with a completely glazed over look on her face. She was still kind of high from when Jeff breathed the marijuana into her, but mostly she was disappointed in George and depressed at how subjugated she was.

Worse than that, she was unwillingly pandering to Tim's perverted fetishes, and she didn't know how to react. It seemed it wasn't enough for him to just fuck her, Tim especially enjoyed it when she used her panties, stockings and socks on him.

Over the past week he would often make her jerk him off with her undergarments, whether it was handjobs using panties, footjobs using stockings, or assjobs using both.

After he got bored of her panties, he would have Amy move on to his next fetish. He unwrapped her silk panties from his cock and inhaled her pungent smell deeply.

"Nothing like the smell of a MILF." He said as he exhaled and took another sip of George's beer.

"Alright, next. You know I like the kinky shit. Go grab some socks." Of course, Amy complied.

"Used ones, bitch. You used a fresh pair last time." Amy just nodded and made her way over to the laundry hamper.

When she returned, Tim then had her wrap a pair of her dirty lime green socks around his cock.

"Nice." He said as she approached him.

When she crouched down to his erect cock, he pulled her by her collar and began to make out with her. Loud smacking noises filled the room as he french-kissed her big, dick-sucking lips.

A little while later Tim began smoking a joint as she jerked him off with her sucks. He realized she wasn't putting in as much effort as usual so he found a reason to make her feel like shit. Besides, he thought, demeaning her would probably get him off even more.

"You're being fucking lazy." Tim said as slapped her in the face.

This broke her out of her trance as she jerked him off. She was completely caught off guard and her eyes widened with fear.

Jeff just chuckled as he spotted this from the corners of his eye, and carried on playing the Xbox.

"Work that bitch." He quipped.

The truth is, Amy was actually putting a lot of effort into jerking him off, but Tim realized he really just wanted to degrade her. He couldn't help but groan as he felt the soft cotton fibers wrapped around his cock.

"C'mon, faster." Tim said, leaning back.

Amy sped up the pace of jerking him off, and when he felt he was about to come he pushed her hands away and removed the lime green sock from his penis. He then stood up and starting jerking himself off in front of her as she looked up at him. Within seconds he came, exploding all over Amy's face, hands and tits.

Almost in a hypnotic daze, Amy got up to grab a tissue as Tim plopped back down on the couch and grabbed his joint.

"Where are you going?" Tim asked in a stern tone.

"I... I just want to clean myself up." Amy managed to stammer out in a meek tone.

At this point she was used to just being a fucktoy.

"That's why you have a tongue. And that's what you're going to use to clean me up." Tim said matter-of-factly.

Amy couldn't believe her ears. She slowly lowered herself down to her knees as Tim grinned. Jeff just smiled.

While Amy began to clean the cum off of herself and Tim, George walked in, back from work. It had been a couple of hours as this point and although he tried to pretend he didn't see it it, Amy and him both knew. She caught a glimpse of him, but from a little prompting of Tim's hand, she began to resume cleaning the cum off of him.

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