Taken Ch. 01


Georgia pulled her Mercedes out of the gas station in Albuquerque back onto interstate 40 heading east. It was a long drive ahead to Chicago. She hated traveling alone, that was for sure, but the move to the office back east made it necessary. It was either drive there or sell her Mercedes and buy another and that appealed to her even less. The sun was setting behind her as she descended on the far side of the mountain. She wanted to make it at least as far as Amarillo before she grabbed a motel room. This stretch of road was pretty deserted except for a few towns that were widely spaced apart and the road was all pretty much up and down but the powerful engine of her car just purred during the climbs.

Georgia, a 29-year-old blonde hair, blue-eyed beauty, had just left her boyfriend to take the job in Chicago. He had been so crass in telling her she didn't need the promotion, and that she should stay with him, underpaid and unappreciated. She made enough money to support them both and it would have been easy for him to find a Job in the windy city. Why couldn't he understand? She needed this challenge, and the extra fifteen grand a year would not hurt either.

Traffic was sporadic on the interstate as she drove on in the night. The darkness only penetrated by her headlights and those of the traffic going west. There was nothing out hardly as she drove. That was when she noticed a woman in a short dark colored dress running in her bare feet along the road. Georgia didn't know why but she pulled off onto the shoulder and honked at the lady. The lady stopped and looked at her for just a second and walked back to the car. She was like a frightened rabbit unsure of whether or not to accept the ride Georgia was offering. Georgia unlocked the door as the lady reached the car and opened the door.

The lady appeared somewhat disheveled, she looked to be about 5'6" and had long red hair that was done up in a big fluffy hair style, manicured and painted nails, and had on a glittery navy colored mini dress and dark hose with a bunch of runs in them. She put her shoes on as she got into the car, 4- inch heeled navy patent leather pumps that appeared badly scarred up. She sat and closed the door, breathing very hard. Sweat had marred the make-up on her face. Her mascara was streaked down her cheeks and she could see the sweat had washed out her foundation.

I asked, "are you ok dear," as I pulled back onto the interstate. "By the way my name is Georgia."

The girl turned to me. I could see that she was frightened, but she was still trying to catch her breath. I started to pull out my cell phone to call 911.

When she saw this, she waved her hands at me frantically and said, "please don't call the police you can let me out here if you need to just don't call the police."

She was near to breaking down. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. I closed the phone and kept on driving but kept the phone ready in my left hand. I was starting to get a little frightened, at this point. Her breathing, which had been coming in gulps, was starting to come at a more relaxed pace. She seemed to regain some composure and she turned and looked over at me.

"My name is Sandy and I really want to thank you for picking me up. I haven't broken any laws really I haven't, but I need to get far away from here. I don't know what I should tell you, but my life depends on getting as far away from here as I can," she sobbed.

"Why don't you want me to call the police dear, you look so frightened to me? Surely they can help you if your in fear of your life dear."

"I just don't know whom I can trust Geogia. I have been through so much in the last two years. I just can't seem to be able to trust anyone. I don't know why I came to your car I was just so tired of running my feet are killing me. I am so scared and I am tired of being scared," she said.

I could see from her face a glint of truth to what she was saying to me. I reached behind the seat she was sitting in and opened a small ice chest and grabbed a couple of diet drinks. I handed her one saying, "you look like you could use something to drink," and opened one for myself. She started to gulp the drink down and choked on it.

"Not so fast dear, drink it slowly or you will throw it up girl," I said, "there are some wet wipes in the glove compartment so you can clean up your face also."

She opened up the glove compartment and found them. She then pulled the visor down and the lighted mirror came on and she started to clean her face till she looked somewhat presentable. She finished her drink and I could see some tears still running from her eyes, but not as heavily.

"Two years ago I started college in Massachusetts. I had graduated from high school in Albany, New York, where my mom Glenda lives. I was looking forward to college, my first time away from home. I went to a big party off campus and I guess I got pretty drunk. I don't know things were in a haze really. I never figured anything could happen to me. I woke up and was bound hand and foot, and a gag in my mouth. I realized at that point that I had been kidnaped," she told me tearfully. "A lot has happened to me since then it is so hard to think about it."

I listened intently to her as she told me her story. "Poor girl," was all I could think. I did not know what to say. Something in the way she spoke showed me she was telling the truth. I reached out with my right hand and held her left hand for comfort. She clasped my hand in both of hers tightly and continued.

"You see Sandy sitting here before you but that is not who I have always been. My real name is Robert. The people who kidnaped me made me into what you see. When I woke up, some people came and looked at me. Some of them were doctors. I was stripped of clothes collared and chained to the wall by a 20-foot chain. Someone who looked like a lady nurse came in and took blood and gave me shots and other medication. Some guy came in and looked at me naked and looked closely at my face and chest. I was given little food and my weight dropped fast. They brought exercise equipment to my room and made me exercise. I had to endure many sessions of electrolysis on my body. The only hair I can grow is my hair and brows now. I had about six surgeries on my face, breasts, waist, throat, and hips, along with a hormone regime. They were careful to see that I am still functional as a guy somewhat."

They primped me and dressed me, taught me how to do make-up and hair. I was trained to become submissive to others. They taught me to keep house as a maid and manage a household. I was taught cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, and other menial labor. They taught me sex and how to please men and women. I was beaten and shocked, isolated and broken.

I was told that there were many people who belonged to an organization and that I would never be free again. They told me that they had people in high places and that the police would be no help to me but would return me to their control, and that if I escaped they would kill me when they got me back. They prettied me up and put me on an auction block with about ten other slaves, I guess that is what best describe my condition, and sold to a twisted gentleman for 300 grand and brought here blindfolded. I escaped. I guess two days ago. You are the first person I have run into. I moved by night and hid out during the day. I don't even know where I am now."

I was in shock myself at this point, but believed everything she told me. I reached in my purse where I had some cheese crackers and handed them to her. I still thought of Sandy as a girl. It was easier given her appearance. Sandy devoured the crackers in a heart beat and I let her finish my drink. I saw a burger barn up ahead and told Sandy, I was going to get some burgers and that I believed her.

We stopped at a gas station first and told and while we the Mercedes was being filled with gas we both went to the restroom. I handed Sandy a bra, panties, a t shirt, shorts and a pair of nikes, which to my surprise seemed to fit, all be it, a little tight. I confirmed her story that she had tits, a cock and balls as she dressed. It was then I saw all the scratches and cuts on her legs and her poor feet. I had her clean up as well as she could and to throw away her old clothes. I told her to wait in the car, while I went in to buy some ointment and band-Aids and peroxide. I handed these to her. At the burger barn I ordered four burgers, two fries and two drinks.

I ate one burger and fry while Sandy demolished three burgers and a fry while we drove. When she finished eating, I had her clean her legs and feet with the peroxide and ointment. Her feet were bad but they cleaned up well. She slaved on the ointment on her feet thick and put on the socks. I noticed that Sandy did whatever I told her to do without question. I told her to lean the back of her seat down and get some rest and she did.

I passed through Texas and into Oklahoma near Oklahoma city before I got too tired to drive. Sandy was still asleep. I found a no-tell motel paid cash and got us a room. I woke Sandy and had her get up and we went into our room it was a single but I didn't mind. I got a couple of cases from the trunk and we went in our room. I told her to undress and head to bathroom and take a bath. I tossed her some bubble bath from my luggage. I stripped down to my bra and panties and went to check on her. I got her to wash her hair and then I inspected her feet. Her feet were cut up but not as badly as they had first appeared. I helped her to dry off and wrapped her hair in a towel. She sat on the bed and I put ointment on her feet. I had laid out two panties and two nighties. She put one set on. I took care of my bath, dressed, and collapsed in bed beside her.

I woke to a marvelous feeling as my feet and legs were being massaged. Checking my watch I realized that I had been asleep for ten hours. I jumped up and rushed to the bathroom as I realized my bladder was about to burst. In the bathroom I saw my undies hanging up in the shower drying, in fact they were just about dry. I did not remember washing them and realized that Sandy had done them. I finished up my business and left the bathroom.

Sandy was sitting on the bed, but stood when I came in the room and looked down at the floor. She was dressed in the shorts and T-shirt I had given to her. She had found my brush and brushed her hair in a feminine style. I had her sit and checked her feet. They looked better but I knew it would be a while before they healed completely. I had her put some socks and my nikes on.

I got my brush and started on my hair. Sandy asked if she could do my hair and I consented to her request. I always liked it when someone did my hair, guys just don't realize what it feels like when someone pampers them. She finished and got my make-up and did my face. I checked myself in the mirror and was impressed with her work. I surprised myself, when I threw my arms around her neck and gave her a long, passionate kiss. When I came out of the bathroom, she had some clothes laid out for me and asked if I needed assistance. I don't know why but I told her that I would like it. She helped me out of my nightie and into my bra and another t shirt and shorts. She then helped me with my flats. I sat down next to her and put my arm around her shoulder and we talked girl to girl.

"Sandy, you are not my slave, but I want to thank you for your help. I am headed to Chicago. I need to be there in three weeks, and if you like you may join me. Maybe we can figure out how to get some you help and get you home, while we travel. I have come to like you and would be glad to have your company," I told her. "Maybe you might feel better when we get farther away from where I found you. Do you prefer to be called Sandy, because you sure don't look like a Robert?"

"Sandy is ok with me I have come to like it. The one good thing about all that has happened to me is that I like the way I look and feel as Sandy. They did me a favor and didn't realize it. I didn't like being hurt and made a slave. I longed to be free and not be afraid all the time. That is the worst thing they did to me making me afraid. I would like very much to be able to go with you to Chicago, if you don't mind. I would like to call my mom, if I can some time. I want to let her know I am ok, but I don't want to let her know where I am or what has happened to me yet. I want to make sure it is safe first and that you don't get caught up in my trouble. I have grown to like you, Georgia. I don't want you hurt." She hugged me and had a good cry on my shoulder.

Sandy was brining out emotions in me that I never felt before. I knew she was a guy but I liked thinking of her as a girl. On top of that, I was beginning to have sexual thoughts about Sandy, and that really blew my mind. Did that make me a lez, Or was this beyond anything that could be labeled? All I knew was that this felt so right.

I dried her face and looked into her dreamy eyes and said, "we are going to get along fine, girlfriend. Let's get something to eat."

Sandy gave me a smile that could melt steel and told me that, that sounded like a great idea. We went to the car and drove to a diner and had breakfast at diner time. I could not believe how much food that girl put down. She really seemed to enjoy herself she smiled and talked and giggled.

After dinner we stopped at a Wal-mart and picked up some things for her that were her own. I had her select six bras, a dozen panties, a purse and clutch, some T shirts and shorts, blouses, skirts, a couple of dresses, jeans, a jacket, shoes heels, athletic and leisure, nighties, robes one satin, one silk, socks, pantyhose, some jewelry and accessories, a set of luggage, and whatever makeup, hair care, and hygiene products she needed. She was like a kid in a candy store, all I could say was, she sure shopped like a girl. We picked up some drinks and munchies for on the road. She was worried when she saw the cost but I assured her that it was ok. I also got a roll of quarters and a roll of nickels from the cashier.

We returned to our room and Sandy changed into some of her things and sorted out the things she had bought packing them neatly in her bags. Put some cosmetics in her purse and the rest of it in the makeup bag that came with the luggage. I packed up my stuff in my bags. We checked out of the room and before we hit the road I stopped next to a pay phone and handed her the quarters and nickels. I started to stay in the car but Sandy wanted me next to her. She dialed the phone and waited as it rang. She held my hand like a little girl holds her mother hand in a strange place. The phone rang about four times and was answered by a female voice.

"Mom is that you, I know my voice is different, but this is Robert. I am so sorry Mom. Are you ok? I can't come home yet but I will Mom. No, I can't go into what happened to me Mom but I will, I promise you Mom. I miss you so much Mom. I can't talk long Mom, but I think things are going to be ok. I think I am safe now Mom at least right now Mom. I love you Mom don't tell anyone I called Mom. I will call you again when I can Mom. I love you so much Mom. It is so good to hear your voice again, bye Mom. Love you bye."

Sandy's make-up was again in a mess as tears fell from her face. I handed her a tissue and she cleaned her face. I reached out and hugged her closely. She reached around me and pulled me to her and she cried on my shoulder for a few minutes. Sandy kissed me on the lips and said, "Thank you."

We then jumped in my car and headed toward Tulsa. I told Sandy that we would stop in St. Louis next. Sandy was quiet for an hour while I drove. Then I noticed a change in her. She just perked up. We talked like sisters for a while. She told me about her family and her Mom. Her eyes sparkled and her features softened. She talked about her high school and her friends. I then asked her to think about the last things she remembered before she was taken.

"Georgia I don't remember that much, a guy I met in one of my classes told me about a kegger that he heard about off campus. I can't even remember where it was. All I can remember is being handed drink after drink by someone there, and then wham nothing."

"Sounds like they drugged you girl. I think someone picked you out ahead of time and saw that you would make a pretty girl and trapped you. Try to remember who was the guy who told you about the kegger."

"It was Jim or James but I can't remember his last name. He was in one of my classes. I don't remember seeing him too much at the party but he took me there. I don't know who was passing me beer. After that I don't know where I was or where all I have been till you found me."

"How far did you travel before I found you?"

"Not more than ten or fifteen miles it was rugged country I crossed a few roads two or three at most before I came up to the interstate. It was hard to run in that dress and those shoes were impossible."

"How did you get away from this guy? Why those clothes? Which side of the interstate did you approach from?"

"The guy went to work each day and would lay out the clothes he wanted me in when he got home. The rest of the clothes were always locked away. I couldn't get to any other clothes. I have been working on one window, and they all had burglar bars and all the doors had double cylinder locks on them but I was able to get one of the burglar bars bent enough to slip out. I guess I went north from the house and not in a straight line either. That is rugged country."

We pulled into St. Louis and I risked getting a nice motel. It was early in the morning so we went to a mall. I was tired but there was some shopping I wanted to do. We stopped and I bought a prepaid cell phone with lots of minutes on it, in a bogus name. Next we went to a library in St. Louis and I set up several E-mail accounts under bogus names and typed an email with the facts that as we could best figure them out and put them in a draft box for now. Sandy seemed to trust me. We then went out to eat and returned to our room.

I caught a shower first and put on a silk robe. Sandy then showered and washed all our undies and hung them up in the bathroom to dry. I checked out her feet which were healing nicely. She then rolled up her hair with her new rollers dressed in jeans and took the rest of our dirty clothes to a washer the motel provided and started them washing, without being asked. She then hung up folded them up and put them away neatly and laid out clothes for both of us tomorrow. Tired we both laid down on the same bed and went to sleep. She snuggled up to me and draped her arm around me.

When I woke, Sandy was already up and dressed. She wore a black suede miniskirt, a forest green button back silk blouse, a pair of tan pantyhose, and black open toe sandals with a 3-inch heel. Her make-up was done and her nails were painted a different color, even her toes. I went to the bathroom and took care of my business, showered, and brushed my teeth. Back in the bedroom my make-up was laid out. I sat in a chair and Sandy did my hair, my make-up and she then helped me to dress. She picked out a blue satin demi- bra, that left my nipples exposed, with matching panties, a short blue satin half-slip, a royal blue tweed miniskirt, a pink cashmere cable knit sweater, off black pantyhose, and black 4-inch patent leather pumps. She added a gold heart locket on a heavy twisted rope gold chain, some large hoop earrings and some bangles on my right arm. I looked in the mirror and just drooled at myself. My nipples were large, erect and very prominent. I just oozed with sexuality and femininity. I was felt so comfortable and glamorous. I thought I could really get use to this. I just had to hug and caress Sandy.

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