tagNonHumanTaken for a Ride

Taken for a Ride


Vecchi opened the door to the first of the dragon stable pens and froze in place. Her eyes widened and for a moment, her fatigue clouded brain tried to grapple with what she was seeing. Walking in on bizarre situations wasn't entirely unusual for a slave working for the Dragon Knights of Malkor. The Malkorite's religion of pain and suffering combined with their intensive training in the magical arts produced some profoundly fucked up ways to spend one's afternoon while one wasn't flying patrols against the rest of the civilized world. But the combination of a long, tiring day of working her fingers to her bone and the fact she was not walking into a Knight's room but rather the stables...left her completely stunned.

For one of the dragons - the bestial creatures that had made Malkor a name to be feared - was standing on his hindlegs, his cock in one paw-like hand, and a look of guilty shock on his muzzle. His eyes widened as he looked at the scantily clad slave, his hand grasping the base of his ridged, dark black shaft. A small bead of glowing white pre-cum glinted at the triangular, spear-like tip, and slowly dripped along his knuckles.

"What the fuck?" Vecchi whispered.

"I can explain," the dragon said.

Vecchi jerked back, dropping her broom and slop bucket, which hit the ground and splashed lukewarm, soapy water all over her bare feet. "You can talk!?" she yelped.

"Oh, great going, Brek," another voice came from another stable. Then, a bright red dragon head peeked over the side of the stable, two scaled arms hooking over it - for all the world like a man leaning over the stall in a communal shower. "You just had to fucking open your mouth."

"What is going on?" Vecchi wailed. "I know! I've snapped. I have gone completely cracked."

"What's going on?" another dragon asked - peeking over the other side of the stall. This one was a white beast who had been ridden by the feared Knight Gventar for the past five months. On his back, Gventar had shattered entire armies by riding down and lancing commanders in the chest, by dropping fire pots on supply posts. He was among the most terrifying of the beasts - with large curled horns that were a bit like rams horns, and a broad, shield like crest that reached back and behind his neck. "I thought we agreed, no talking until everyone was asleep."

"Oh, nothing," the red dragon said, smoke spurting from his nose. "Brek just-"

Vecchi turned and ran as fast as she could.

Brek let go of his dick. "Fuck!"

Vecchi made it to the doors of the stables, her heart pounding, before a clawed, scaled hand grabbed her mouth and yanked her back with a muffled squeak. A moment later, the white dragon had locked the stable doors shut. Vecchi squeaked again as she was tossed down into some warm sand - the sand that the dragons liked to wallow in. Of course, that had been when she had thought they were nothing more than above-average beasts, who could fly and eat and kill on command. Now, she had five of the dragons in the stables standing around her - each one a different shimmering color. Standing on their hide legs drew one's attention to their balls...

It was hard to forget that dragons were all male when Vecchi could just glance down and see their scaled balls, and the thin slits that their members were concealed in, save for the blue one - Brek's. His cock was still out and proud. Vecchi's nose flared and she realized she could smell that enchanting musk, the scent that made her actually enjoy cleaning the stables when ordered too. It was a rich scent that filled them - permeated every single bit of them. Knowing, now, that it was the smell of their arousal was just adding an extra layer of jagged 'what the fuck' to this surreal nightmare of an evening.

"Don't eat me!" she said, holding up her hands.

"We're not going to eat you," Brek said, sighing. "Why would we eat you? People taste terrible."

"Most of them at least," the white dragon said, flipping his hand in the most femmy gesture that Vecchi had ever seen in a walking weapon of war.

"Shush, Ushu, you're going to scare her even more," a green dragon said. He stepped over and knelt beside her, caressing her shoulder gently. "Vecchi, my name is Limbiert. You can call me Lim, if you want." He smiled at her. His teeth were big enough that she could have used them as ornaments on a necklace - if she had been a freewoman, and not one of the Dark King's prizes. Somehow, this made his smile less than comforting.

"Ah, yes, lets tell her all our names," the red dragon grumbled. "Then, when she goes screaming to those Knights and blows the whole scam, she'll at least tell them accurate information."

"You're not going to tell, are you?" a shy, nervous looking gold dragon asked, his pointer fingers rubbing together as his nared turned bright red. He was among the fattest of the dragons - his Knight spoiled him rotten, and so his layer of firm muscle was laid over thick rolls of fat, giving his scales a stretched appearance.

"T-Tell what!?" Vecchi covered her face with her hands. Her knees shook, despite the fact she was on her rump, and she slid her hands down to just cover her mouth. Muffled, she groaned. "I don't know what is happening?"

"Well, honey," Ushu said, grinning toothily at her. "It's all about kink."

Vecchi almost screamed out at that - but Lim clapped his hand over her mouth. "Not so loud," he murmured in her ear. Then, sliding his hand from her mouth, he nodded. "But Ushu is, essentially, right."

Vecchi looked at Brek as Lim slowly took his hand away from her mouth now that he knew that she wasn't going to scream anymore. Brek blushed bright red, the color contrasting with his sky-blue muzzle. His cock actually got even harder, curving up slightly.

The red dragon crossed his arms over his chest, glaring down at her. "What? You going to judge me or something? I'm comfortable in my life choices."

"To judge you," Vecchi said, gritting her teeth as she looked between the dragons. "I'd need to understand what is going on. Y-you're all animals!"

The dragons all laughed - even the shy, overweight gold one tittered. Ushu fanned his muzzle and beamed as his wings folded tightly behind his back, while the red dragon looked down at her with a critical eye, his frown growing even deeper.

"No, honey," Lim said. "We're all part of the BDSM community. Essentially - oh, that's Bondage, Domination, Submission, Masochism. We all get sexually aroused by submitting to other people - and we all love stableplay. That's where you get dressed up in a harness and a bit and ridden by others. The training is intense too..." he sighed, happily. "Being forced to do tricks or they don't feed us? And the disciplining?"

All of the dragons grunted quietly - and as Vecchi looked around herself, she saw that more of their cocks were starting to peek out. Even Lim was getting a little hard. Her cheeks felt as if they couldn't possibly get any redder as she thought back on watching one of the Knights training his dragon. The dragon - the red one, now that she thought about it - had been leashed to a post and forced to walk in circles, wearing the saddle with weights on it. He had prowled around, growling and snapping at anyone who came near. The Knight had whipped the dragon's most private places and she had wondered why the dragon had kept presenting himself to make the whipping easier.

Her eyes bugged out even more. "Y-You...get off on being whipped?" she looked at the red dragon.

He snorted. "What? You think I should be ashamed about it? I'll have you know, the sub is the most powerful one in a proper D/s relationship, and ball and cock torture is a respected artform in my home dimension. There's been academic papers written about it and-"

"Yes, yes, Xarnak, we know," Lim said - and the other dragons all looked like they were biting back laughter. Xarnak blew out streams of smoke and glared at Lim - but Lim let it slide off his back.

"So the knights know?" Vecchi asked.

Every dragon exclaimed at the same time, filling the air with 'gods no!' and 'are you kidding?' and 'hah!' Lim shook his head, caressing Vecchi's hair in a way that he clearly thought was comforting. "No, honey, they don't know. That's part of the fun of stableplay - it's a full immersion roleplay. Totally hundred percent. Except for when some people get so horny they break character." He shot a glare at Brek, who was looking even more miserable.

"Sorry," he said.

"So, what are you going to do with me?" Vecchi came to the question that had filled her with nerves since she started to realize what was going on here. Before, she had thought that the scariest thing would have been being picked by one of the Pain-Technicians and taken to the high halls of worship to be wrung out for an evening. But she was starting to think that she might have preferred a single night of torment to an eternity of being dead - which was what she was terribly sure was coming. These dragons had come to a world and offered themselves to the most evil kingdom in the world to enjoy a kink. Who knows what they would do to keep it secret.

"Well," Lim said, quietly. "That depends. Are you going to keep things quiet?"

"Yes!" Vecchi said, nodding.

"Then we'll just need your oath." Lim said, standing up. "Swear to us that you will keep our secret, and we'll not have to...dead with you." His tail twitched from side to side. Then, seeing her expression, he quickly added. "A-And so you know, dealing with you wouldn't be killing you. Gods no! We can do a great number of things that would keep our secret without harming a hair on your head. Like, uh, exile."

"I'm sure our parents would love that," Xarnak grumbled.

"Yeah, I don't think they'd be happy if we just bipped a slave home," Brek said.

Lim rubbed his muzzle, thinking.

"W-Wait!" Vecchi held up her hands. "Wait, wait, wait, wait! You can zap me to your dimension?"

"Yes, dragonhome," Brek said, smiling down at her. Again, not as comforting as he clearly wished it would be. "The problem is that our parents only really want to see us bringing home a mate." He sighed, then pitched his voice up, as if imitating an older female relation. "So, Brekivanistorilampus, when are you bringing home a pretty young elf to sire a few dozen clutches with? We need more half-dragons around here to do the cleaning!" He rolled his eyes.

Vecchi dared to hope. "C-Can you...send other people than me?"

"Well, yeah," Brek said.

"Why do you ask?" Lim leaned forward, kneeling down so he could look into her eyes again. Vecchi drew her knees up.

"I-In case you haven't noticed," she said, trying to sound brave. "The Dark King and his armies have driven a-all before them. There are now thousands of my people in slavery - those that haven't fled. I want to save at least some of them."

"That's easy," Xarnak said, his hand waving. "Just send you home, claim the rest of the slaves are your extended family. You'll need to be mated with us, though."

"Done!" Vecchi said, eagerly.

"And bearing our child," Xarnak added with a grin. His voice was a deep, quiet purr - one that rumbled through the floor and buzzed into the sand. Vecchi felt a rush of warmth tingle along her spine, pooling around her crotch. She became suddenly aware of how little the Malkorites allowed their slaves to wear - merely a loincloth and a breast band that covered her full chest and provided some mystical support that prevented back pain. Slowly, she gulped and stammered out: "...t-that's fine..."

The dragons glanced at one another.

"Well," Brek said. "It's been a while since we were on top."

"I think indulging in the switch action once in a while is fun," Ushu said, smiling. "I'm willing to let my inner hetro-breeder self out."

"It'd get Mom off my back," Xarnak said, shrugging. But no matter how much he tried to hide behind nonchalance and casualness, Vecchi could see the red dragon's eyes on her body. She found herself arching her back, thrusting her chest out ever so slightly - her nipples growing hard and puffy against the silk-thin fabric that caressed her skin.

Lim chuckled. "All right then. Who goes first?"

Xarnak stepped up, his hand reaching down to caress his slit. He spread the edges of it, letting his bright red shaft thrust out from between his yellow belly and lower body scales. Pre oozed from the tip and dripped onto the sand that Vecchi was sitting on, and the scent of it filled her nose and her brain with fire. Xarnak knew that he was having that effect on her too - he grinned toothily down at Vecchi and jerked his head. "Come on. Suck it, bitch."

Vecchi squeaked. "Bitch!?"

"We're switches," Lim said, casually. "So, we can be doms when we want."

"I'm not a slub or whatever it's called!" Vecchi said, sitting up. Her nose flared as she found her mouth on the same level as Xarnak's dick. Her head spun and she had to bite down on her tongue to keep it from sticking out to lick up some of his pre. Xarnak snorted quietly.

"You're human, we're dragons," he said, casually.

"Come on, Xarnak, don't make this rapey," Lim said, shaking his head.

Xarnak rolled his bright, ruby red eyes. Vecchi should have been annoyed - or terrified - of the casual way he was treating her. Instead, she found it harder to keep her tongue in her mouth, her hands grabbing onto the sand before her, fingers sinking in deep to give her something to squeeze on. "You can tell by her aura she wants this bad. I say, fuck the safe words, fuck establishing conset, and most importantly..." his hand cupped the back of her head and he placed his cock to Vecchi's mouth - and her lips parted for him. "Fuck her."

Vecchi didn't struggle, or even choke, as his immense shaft filled her throat, pressing her tongue to the bottom of her mouth as his hand kept her mouth pressed to the scales of his hips. His firm, warm balls bumped her chin and Xarnak laughed. "See? She fucking loves it." He started to fuck her throat then - some kind of magic making what should have been painful into a delight. Vecchi made soft, slick slurping noises as his cock plunged down her throat - and she could feel it bulge. His ablls slapped her chin as Xarnak groaned.

"Gods, it's been too long since I've dommed someone," he murmured. "We should end the stableplay by overthrowing the kingdom. Maybe turn the Knights into girls and screwing their brains out. What do you guys say?" He chuckled. "Cause I say it's fucking just deserts."

"I could be down for that," Ushu murmured. "Well, lets keep some as pretty boys - they're so down on homosexuality, it'd be fun to show them what they're missing."

Vecchi's head spun and one of the few coherent thoughts that echoed in her head was: So, this is what it's like when the Gods get horny. Her eyes closed as she felt Xarnak let himself lose. His cock surged and her tongue could trace the blast of cum as it roiled along his ridged shaft before it sprayed from his tip. She almost choked on it, coughing as it splashed around her lips, some of it threatening to come out of her nose. Instead, she swallowed as much as she could - then gasped as Xarnak casually tugged himself out of her mouth. Hot cum splashed her face and her chest as he stepped away.

"Girl's a fucking natural cocksucker," he said.

"Such a brute," Ushu murmured, walking behind Vecchi. His scaled hands cupped her breasts through her breastband - and then tore it off her chest with a casual twitch of his fingers. His claw-tips - gently - traced the edges of her aureola as he licked her cheek, then whispered into her ear: "I'll treat you right, my little pet."

Vecchi - who was still gasping in air - whimpered.

Ushu lay back in the sand, dragging Vecchi onto his belly. She could feel the firmness of his muscle, the hard sleekness of his scales. The immenseness of his dark black - contrasting against his pale white scales - cock. He reached down, rubbing her belly with one hand before reaching past to grab her loincloth and yank it aside.

"Oh, she shaves," Brek crooned.

The other dragons crowded around to look down at her sex. Vecchi - mewling like a cat - reached down to try and cover her sex. Ushu, despite his words, grabbed her wrist roughly and yanked it over her head. Vecchi squirmed and tried to press her thighs together - but Ushu's tail and left foot both hooked around her ankles and kept her spread eagle as he showed her off like his newest prize. Vecchi tried to not remember the humiliating ritual where the Priests of the God of Sensual Excess had cast the spell on her that had removed her body hair from eyebrows down. It left her sex as bare and as fresh as a noble-woman's...more so, as she could never grow hair there again.

The worst thing was, the ritual had gotten her amazingly wet.

"Do you want my big, fat, dragon-dick in that pretty pussy of yours?" Ushu murmured in her ear. "Do you want it, pet?"

"N-...yes..." she said, unable to finish the word.

"Couldn't hear that," Ushu whispered. "Say it so my brothers can hear it."

"Mm!" Vecchi bit her lip.

Ushu bucked his hips. His cock's ridges ground against her sex, ridge by ridge, teasing gasps from her mouth as she arched her back. Vecchi squeaked, then said - louder now: "I-I want your f-fucking cock!"

"Say please!" Ushu murmured as Brek stepped over. He started to kneel down and Vecchi watched with wide eyes as he grabbed his black dick. So like a twin - it was nearly identical to Ushu's. Her throat felt dry as she watched the two cocks slip and tease against her sex. They...they couldn't possibly both fit.

"Please," she whispered, quietly.

There was nothing else she could have said - to say anything else would have been the most obvious lie. Ushu grinned - she could hear it, the slight slickness of thin lips sliding back against sharpened teeth. He shifted under her and to her shock, she felt his cock pressing to the smooth rosebud of her anus. Before she could even think to object, Ushu bucked up as Brek pressed down - and the two both started to slide into her. She bit down on Brek's shoulder, his hardened scales making her teeth ache as she tried to not scream.

The two dragons let her get used to their cocks filling her holes - her ass was vigin tight, and the sensation of being stretched there mingled pain and pleasure alike in a heady cocktail. Her eyes closed and she released her teeth from Brek's shoulder - managing to say: "Fuck me!"

The two dragons both chuckled. Then they immediately fell into a sharp, fast rythem. Their cocks set off fireworks of pleasure that sparked behind her eyes and made her moans reach higher and higher pitches as she rocked between them. Every time Ushu's cock slipped backwards and teased her ass, Brek's cock would thrust deep into her sex, grinding against her G-spots as his scaled sheath bumped against her clit, teasing her and bringing even more pleasure to her. Their hands weren't idle either - Ushu cupped and squeezed her breasts, pinching and tugging gently on her nipples, while Brek caressed her sides and her hips. Then a smooth set of green fingers tucked under her chin and moved her head backwards.

She saw that Lim was kneeling over his brother's face - and Ushu was all too obliging, his long tongue flicking out and caressing the green dragon's firm balls as his dark pink cock filled the air before Vecchi's throat. She was barely aware that Xarnak had taken the golden dragon and was putting him to use, fucking the golden dragon's ass with casual disregard - it seemed that even among the 'switches', the golden dragon was more prone to be submissive. Not that Xarnak seemed to mind.

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