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Taken Her Fist


My wife and I have always been adventurous with sex, but taking her fist was a challenge we both wanted to take. We started with ordering a new but much larger butt plug. The new toy towered over the other butt plugs that we had played with. This new toy was something entirely different. The plug was eight inches high and 3 1.2 inches across. In addition to the new toy, my wife bought some latex gloves to start working her fingers in my ass.

For the first few weeks, as hard as I tried I was not able to take the new plug in my ass. Finally, my wife set up the cam so that I could see what I was doing sitting on the plug. She started out my stretching my ass with her fingers. The first finger felt oh so good and slid in easily with the lube and latex gloves. With out much waiting she added a second finger which slid in as easily as the first finger. The third finger followed and along with the feeling of stretching my ass. The anticipation of maybe getting the new toy in my ass was building.

To take my mind somewhat off of her fingers she started rubbing my dick. Between the fingers and the rubbing, I started to leak nicely. With a night of my firsts, she gathered up some of the pre cum on her finger and to my surprise, reached around my head and stuck it in my mouth. And just as surprising it tasted fine, and I licked her finger clean.

My excitement continued and I hoped that I wouldn’t cum before the big trying out the big butt plug. Now she wanted me to push back against her three fingers as she pushed them in my ass. As I was humping back she slide a fourth finger in my ass, and I think I would have cum had she not clamped down on my balls with her other hand.

She continued to slowly move her four fingers in and almost all the way out. After a few minutes she started to spread her fingers as she pulled them out. The feeling of being stretched wide open felt so great, the mixture of pleasure and pain was great. Again she had me humping back against her fingers. I was surprised at how easily the four fingers were now going in and out of my ass. This is when she smacked my ass fairly hard with her other hand, I was so surprised that I stopped humping her fingers. Then she smacked my ass again tell me that I wasn’t supposed to stop humping her fingers. I still hadn’t started moving and she continued to slap my ass. Finally, the shock wore off and I started humping her hand again.

She continued to slap my ass and told me to push back harder each time. After a couple hard push backs she tucked her thumb in and pushed hard on one of my thrust back and her whole hand slide into my ass. The feeling was incredible and we both stopped to take in the fact that her whole hand was now in my ass. I am not sure if I would have believed it, except I looked at the screen from the cam and her sure enough her whole hand to her wrist was in my ass. Slowly she started moving her hand, not every far back and then forward again. She slowly inched her was out a little more each time. When her thumb came out and she tried to push her hand back in, my ass didn’t want to let it back in. She pumped her four fingers in and out for a minute then pulled all of her fingers out. The empty feeling was so disappointing. I was wondering why she stopped until she grabbed the big plug and started to lube it up. Watching her spread lube on the plug made her hand look small and the plug so huge. Even worse I still didn’t think that it would ever fit in my ass.

She had me squat over the plug and lowered my stretched ass on to it. As I sat down the plug still didn’t want to go in. That is when she grabbed my dick and started to pull and push with her hand. Each push on my dick pushed my body harder against the pull. As this continued I pushed down hard against the butt plug and several inches slide into my ass. The feeling was both painful and incredible. I started slowly moving the plug in my ass not letting it come all the way out knowing I wouldn’t get it back in if it did.

As I slowly moved up and down my dick was leaking like a sieve. That was when she started feeding me my pre cum again. Finally, she stroked my dick and after a few strokes my balls emptied out with one of my hardest loads in a long time. Later that night it was great looking at the digital pictures that she had taken, and I knew this would be a scene that we would repeat again.

I don’t know how many straight men have been fisted by a lady, but if you have please reply to this story.

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