tagBDSMTaken Hostage

Taken Hostage

byMistress Sierra©

I get dressed in my tan, gray, black and white camouflage pants, a black t-shirt and black boots. I put my hair up in a pony tail and pull it through my camouflage baseball cap.

I go out to the living room and see my slave sitting on the couch. As he sees me coming out of the room, he smiles widely at how I am dressed and knows that he is probably in for it. I glare at him and then walk behind the couch and grab him by the hair and pull his head back so that he is facing me.

I say, "Are you going to surrender willingly or do I have to take you with force?"

He struggles for the right answer and I say, "Time’s up." I reach down with my hands and cover his throat pushing very hard, choking him. He is wheezing air through his collapsed throat. I come around to the front of the couch and forcefully push my knee into his crotch and put all my weight down.

I grab his hair and push his head down on the couch, forcing his face into the cushion. I detach the rope from my belt and tie his hands up behind his back. I then pull his hands up to the middle of his back, pulling them up and away from his body so that he follows me to a standing position. I walk behind him pushing him along to the doorway of the bedroom.

There is a rope hanging from the eyebolts in the doorway. I drop his hands and grab the rope and put it around his neck. I begin to tighten it. I then shorten the length of the rope so that he is now on his tiptoes to accommodate for the slack I am taking up. He is able to breathe as long as he is on his toes, however, he tries to relax back down on his heels and realizes that he can’t breathe, so he again raises himself back onto his toes.

I put my face close to his and say, "Tell me where they’re hiding." He shrugs his shoulders. I slap him hard across the face and then punch him in the stomach. I again ask, "Where are they hiding?"

He manages to gag out, "Who?"

I pace back and forth in front of him and say, "You know who I’m talking about. Now tell me." He just looks at me.

I get the riding crop and begin whipping his thighs and calves. I yell, "You will tell me or I will beat you to death. You’re choice." He just stands there on his toes the best he can and takes the beating. I then go get the pink riding crop, which is a long, thin, straight, flimsy material and swing it in the air. He hears it whisk through the air. I smack it on the wall next to him and watch him flinch. I glare at him and say, "Tell me!"

He just stands there, so I start whipping his sides and back with the whip. With each blow I give, I watch him flinch from the initial sting, then hear him groan and move around the best he can in the noose from the pain that spreads through him seconds after the blow. I then step in front of him and begin unbuttoning his pants. I pull them down to his feet as he steps out of them, still remaining on his toes.

He can feel the aching in his calves from having to stand there like that for so long. I then lower his underwear and remove them also. I go behind him and lift his shirt, admiring the marks made from the crops.

As I feel the welts under my fingers, it gives me more incentive to keep the beating going. I swing the crop through the air and it whizzes past his ear. He flinches at the sound. I raise my arm and bring the crop over his ass. I wait to see that the pain is fully felt before landing the next blow. I continue with the crop over his ass, down the back of his thighs and calves.

I move around to the front of him, smacking the crop in my hand as I pace back and forth in front of him. I see that he can’t take the pain in his calves anymore and watch as he slowly lowers himself to his heels. I watch as the redness comes over his face. I smile.

When he can no longer stand it, he raises back to his toes and breathes in deeply, however now his legs are shaking from the soreness of his leg muscles. I then grab his balls in my hand and squeeze hard. He winces with the pain. I say, "Talk or it’s only going to get worse." He remains silent.

I then begin to pull on his sack and testicles stretching them down. He tenses up from the pain and shakes violently from the pain in his crotch and legs. I say, "Ok, you are going to be difficult. I can see this. That’s fine. Then you will be used and tortured till you talk or die. One or the other." I release the rope and he falls to his heels, sighing deeply. I remove the noose from around his neck and lead him to the middle of the room.

I get several strands of rope and begin tying his ankles together, then his knees, then his upper thighs. I untie his wrists and retie them in the rope in front of his body. I grab his hair and pull him down to the floor. I stomp on his stomach and kick him extremely hard in the side. I say, "I hate it when people don’t cooperate. It just really pisses me off. I don’t think you want to see me pissed off. Are you ready to tell me?" Again, no response.

I then step onto his stomach and stand there for a few minutes before slowly placing my boot onto his face and stepping down. He struggles to hold the weight on his face and stomach. I step with each foot to the side of his body and sit down on his neck. He is unable to breathe as I push my weight into him.

I then stand up and kick him in the leg and walk out of the room. I come back with a red ball gag attached to a leather strap. I say, "Since you didn’t talk when you had the chance, now you’ve lost the privilege to do so at all." I stuff the ball into his mouth and buckle the straps behind his head. He can taste the rubber in his mouth as he runs his tongue along the ball. He bites down on the rubber and it gives a little bit. His jaw starts to ache when he bites, so he relaxes his mouth and lets the ball rest against his teeth.

I grab his bound hands and help lift him to a standing position. I gently nudge him as he hops backwards towards the bed. When he reaches the bed, he falls back onto it. I kneel on the bed and reach up to his stomach and pinch hard and say, "Scoot up!" He worms his way up to the head of the bed, while wincing from the pain in his stomach.

I then take a chain and attach it through the rope attached to his ankles and then lock to the to ends of the chain to the bed frame. I then straddle him and sit down on his stomach and untie his wrists. I take his hands and individually bind them with rope and attach the rope ends to the bed frame also so that he is laying with his arms straight out to the side of him. I then grab the blindfold out of my pocket and put it over his eyes. I pinch his nose and watch as he tries to hold his breath for as long as he can. I watch as he relaxes his jaw around the ball and allows air to flow through the ball into his mouth. I finally let go of his nose and walk out of the room, leaving him bound, gagged and blindfolded on the bed. He can hear my footsteps come back into the room.

He has been laying bound to the bed with the gag in his mouth for about a half hour now. I sit backwards on top of his chest, facing his feet. I take a sharp piece of glass and begin running it down his stomach and to the side of his crotch and down his thighs. It feels like I am cutting him, however, it is barely scratching the skin. He hears the lighter and assumes that I am lighting a cigarette, however, I light a tall, thin candle and hold it upside down over his cock.

As the hot wax drops onto his hard cock, he flinches with each drip. I hold the candle over the tip of his penis and let the wax build up on the end. When there is a good pile built up and it is still very soft and warm, I place the unlit end of the candle into the mound of wax so that it is balanced on the head of his penis and still dripping down, continuing to build the base bigger and bigger. I watch as the wax drips down from the tip down the shaft, watching the layers of wax build up over each other, slowly covering his entire penis in wax. Every once in awhile I wiggle the candle to one side or the other to make sure his crotch gets coated with wax evenly.

He stays very still, however he can feel the hot wax covering him and he wants to reach down and sooth his burning cock with his hands, but is unable to. While I have one hand on the candle to keep it from falling over, I take my other hand and run my fingertips along the inside of his thighs. As he begins to relax and enjoy the sensation, I grab a portion of the inside of his thigh and pinch with all my strength. He curls his body to the side and tries to bring his feet up, but he is bound tightly and is only able to move a little bit. I don’t let go till I see redness surrounding the area that I am pinching.

When I let go, I see the beginning of a bruise forming already. Oh, that one is going to be a good one, I think to myself. I’ll be enjoying that one later. I poke the black area with my fingertip that I just pinched and push hard into it to make sure that the bruise is going to show up well and just to add that last little pain before returning my attention to the candle again.

The candle is now half the size it was originally and the wax is forming a nice cast around his cock. I then push on the inside of his thighs, coaxing him to spread his thighs apart. The candle is burnt down enough to stand on its own now, so I let it go and watch carefully as it continues to burn.

I stand up straddling his body and place my foot into his stomach and stand on one foot pushing down hard into his stomach. He tries his best to remain perfectly still as he knows that the candle is still burning and any sudden movement from him will cause the candle to burn him. I walk down his body, step over the candle and stomp on his thighs before jumping off the bed onto the floor and walking out of the room again. He stays perfectly still as he knows he is there alone in the room with a lit candle on his cock and is bound so that if it falls, he is in jeopardy of being severely burned.

I come back after only a couple of minutes passing. I get on the bed and sit down next to his face. I remove the ball gag and replace it with a long slim piece of ice. It’s exactly the size of a long, thin penis. I move it in and out of his mouth and the ice begins to melt in his mouth and he swallows. I remove it from his mouth and move off the bed. He feels me in between his feet at the end of the bed.

I again, put my hands on the inside of his thighs and push them apart. With the ice, I spread his butt cheeks and insert the ice inside him. The sharp sting of the cold as it hits his hot ass cheeks makes him wince and tighten up. However, the ice slides in smoothly and I begin to move it in and out as it melts down his ass cheeks. The extreme opposite sensations that he is feeling with the heat of the candle and the cold of the ice in such a small area of his body is driving him crazy and making him want to squirm out of his skin.

I say, "I bet you wish you would have talked earlier, huh? Now it’s too late. Even if you tell me now, I’m not letting you go. You’re ,ine now. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a victim to torture and I’m going to enjoy every minute of this."

When the ice is about half way melted, I push it all the way into his ass and leave it there. I wipe my cold, wet hands on his legs. I notice that the candle is just about totally melted now. He can feel the heat of the lit wick as it gets closer to his cock, however it’s still a faint heat as he has a very thick layer of wax covering him.

I reach over and grab a very thin branch that I use for a whip in my hand that I begin swinging through the air near his head so that he can hear the whizzing as it passes his ear. He is thinking that it sounds like the pink crop that I beat him with earlier, but isn’t sure as it sounds slightly different. He mentally and physically prepares himself for a blow that he knows could hit at anytime and anywhere on his body. This makes him tighten up his body muscles. He is squeezing harder around the ice making it drip out of him faster.

He tightens up his arms, pulling on the bondage on his wrists making it tighter on his skin. I smile watching his anxiety and anticipation. I then sit down on top of his face, pushing hard into him. He notices that I’ve removed my clothes and he begins licking the wet opening covering his nose and mouth.

As he licks, I swing the branch through the air and hit him hard on his thighs over and over, never hitting the same place twice, criss-crossing the blows over his upper leg. I watch the red, thin welts appear over his legs and I continue swinging rapidly while pushing and moving over his mouth. He is struggling for air as the blows are taking his breath away anyways. I lift up for a split second, he sucks in a breath and I sit down again quickly, continuing to swing the branch onto his skin.

It is rather intense as I brutally beat him and continue to smother him as I quickly come to orgasm. He feels the juices running over his nose and into his mouth as I stop swinging the branch and let it fall to the side of his body. I quickly lift up and again, sit down rapidly after he has inhaled a single breath and let him finish licking. I lift up when I have calmed down from the climax and remain there over his mouth, but he is able to breath and continue licking while inhaling deeply at the same time.

I run my hand over his welted thighs and feel the heat that is rising from them. My hand hurts him, yet is soothing at the same time running along his skin. He can feel me reaching for something on the bed, as I remain over his face, allowing him to continue licking. I then straighten out again over his body and he feels a sharp, quick sting on his stomach.

I continue making this sharp pain over his body in different places, almost making a line down his stomach and down to his crotch and then over his thighs a back up again to where I started. I have the tweazers and am plucking individual hairs from his body, one at a time in various places. If only he could see the sadistic grin on my face as I’m doing this.

He sucks on my clit harder with each pluck I make. It feels so good when he sucks, that it just makes me continue pulling hairs. I give a couple of seconds between each hair which makes him lessen the tension on my clit, then I pluck again, making him suck harder. I like this control over the tension on my clit with his mouth. I then drop the tweazers to the bed and he begins licking again.

I grab his wax-covered balls in my hand and squeeze breaking the wax into pieces and crumbling away from his skin. As I squeeze harder, he again begins the sucking action on me. I then grab his cock and do the same thing, grab it firmly in my hand and squeeze, breaking the wax away from his skin. I pull the remaining pieces that have clung to his crotch area and with each pull, he feels that sting again as hairs are caught in the wax. I love the feeling he is giving me in my pussy as with each different sensation to his cock, it makes him react differently with his mouth on my clit.

When I am just about to remove the last remaining pieces, he hears me gasp and then feels me push down hard onto his face again, smothering him. He knows that I am about to cum again and so begins frantically licking and sucking me in his mouth. The sound of my moaning and high pitch screaming, the taste of me in his mouth and the feel of my clit on his tongue makes his cock really hard. I decide that it’s been forever since I’ve had a cock inside me and decide to take advantage of this hostage I have.

I remove myself from his face and stand up, give a slight kick to his cheek, before stepping on his throat. I stomp hard into his chest and then walk myself down his body to his crotch and stand directly on his cock with both feet. I feel his cock grow bigger under the soles of my feet.

I step off to the side of him and sit down placing him inside me. I place My feet on his face as I begin to move my hips back and forth over him. I push with my feet into his face to help continue the movement of my hips. I then push hard with one foot while placing the other into his mouth.

I allow him to suck on my toes and I again make the high pitched noises and moans. I then slide the sole of my foot over his mouth as his tongue licks, while I’m still pushing into his nose and eyes with the other foot pushing Me back and forth over him. As I finger my clit, I orgasm again and I feel his cock hitting against the inside of me as I squeeze my muscles around it.

As I orgasm, I firmly place both feet on his face and push as hard as I can trying to push myself into him very hard as I’m cumming all over his cock. I’m shuddering as I slow down and start to release the pressure from his face, yet keep my feet placed there. I sit there on top of him just rubbing my feet over his face gently now.

I remove my feet and stand up then kick him hard in the sides several times. He grunts with the pain of the blows. I reach down and smack his face hard with my hand and then walk out of the room.

I have a ton of chores that need to be done, and since I’ve captured this slave, I’m going to take advantage of him. I untie his wrists from the bed and remove the blindfold. He rubs his wrists and tries to get some of the blood flowing through his cold fingers and rubs his eyes and squints at the bright light in the room. I untie his feet from the bed and remove the ropes around his legs and ankles.

I have him put some shorts on and then I retie the ropes around his ankles, leaving slack between his legs so that he is able to walk while bound. I grab his hair and pull him out of the bed and push him over to the laundry basket. I point at the basket and say, "Pick that up." He bends down to pick up the laundry basket and I smack him on the ass.

He quickly reacts by picking up the basket and standing up with it. I move behind him and push him out into the hall and outside. He is very careful as we descend the stairs down to the laundry room. I have him put the clothes into the washer, put in the soap and then start the machine. He turns around to me waiting for his next instructions.

I then lock his wrists in handcuffs behind his back, put the blindfold over his eyes and put the ball gag back into his mouth strapping the leather strap behind his head. As I am behind him, I grab him by the back of the neck and squeeze very hard pinching some nerves in his neck and shoulders and push him into one of the small closets lining the side of the room.

He falls to the floor where he is slumped against one side with his knees bent and his feet against the other side of the wall. It is about 2-3 feet across, so he is scrunched up in there on the floor. He hears the door slam shut and hears a lock click on the outside of the door. The only other sound he can hear is the swishing of the washing machine. He lays there on the cold concrete floor unable to move much just thinking about what has been done to him and what is to come.

About forty minutes later, which seems to be a couple of hours to him, he realizes the washing machine has stopped and he hears keys rattling outside the door. He hears the key being inserted into the lock and hears the creek of the door as it opens. I put my hand under his arm and pull him to a standing position.

I pull off the blindfold, but leave the gag in his mouth. I unlock his hands from behind him, but relock them in front of his body. I show him over to the washing machine and tell him to put the clothes in the dryer. He does the best he can with his hands bound together in front of him to get the clothes out of the washer as fast as he can and places them into the dryer. When the dryer is started, I lead him back to the closet, put the blindfold back on and push him in and close the door again.

About fifteen minutes in the closet, he starts to fall asleep as he realizes that he will probably be in there for awhile. He still tries to remain alert while dozing so that he won’t be surprised and tries to listen for the dryer stopping or for the sound of keys rattling. Just as he is dozing off, the door is opened and he is startled awake. He can’t see, but he feels me above him.

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