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Taken Seriously


Janice had no patience at all, this she knew and didn't try to make it a secret either. But she was also the kind of person who wanted to try everything that life had to hand her, so when she came in contact with the internet, it didn't take long before she began chatting. It became a big part of her life to chat with people from around the world, which was common to women spending time on the net. It seemed that women who used the internet (the world wide communication network) showed a tendencies to use it as a way to communicate while men used it more frequently to gather information about their interests such as cars, sports and gorgeous women. Janice was a normal woman in that sense, but not only did she chat with people. She teased theirs and her own senses by having cybersex, which was a form of verbal sex where two or more individuals interacted with one another by describing what they were doing in a room which only existed in their minds. Some would call it the downfall of humanity while others called it the safest form of sex yet explored. Janice wasn't in it for the safety, she was in it for the thrills, the pleasures and the power of it all. She was also in it for the chance to explore her own sexuality, something that she found easier to do on the net than in her everyday life.

As time passed, she began exploring more and more about the boundaries that cybersex had, and at this point she met someone that was different from the rest she chatted with: Adrian. He was so erotic in his laid back style, and he could describe so elegantly all the things she sought in her encounters, but Adrian never let her close enough for her to enjoy all the wonders she saw in him. He was such an enigma, and the mystique had magnetic powers that drew her closer each passing moment. But just like magnetic fields she seemed to bounce away when she was almost close enough to lick the nectar from the leaf. It was supposed to be the sweetest time for her, but the thing she wanted the most was something she couldn't reach which made her feel empty and depressed.

She continued to find pleasures in various men, and all the time coming back to Adrian to chat and hope for on opening that would give her the treasures she could see in him as if she was looking at jewelry in a glass cage. The years passed by, and Janice learned new tricks that made other men fall deeper and deeper for her undescribable charm, but still it didn't seem to have any effect on Adrian, which made her lust for him even greater. The unreachable Adrian was something she simply had to have, nothing or noone could stand a comparison. She kept dreaming, hoping, and as each passing day and passing night made her desire grow stronger as she continued her search for the knowledge she could find, hoping to stumble upon that special something that would finally make her reach Adrian's inner chamber.

Time grew stronger and she began to think of cybersex as something that wasn't personal enough and to slow. She wanted action, one on one, and she wanted it whenever she had a fire burning inside her body. There were always a line of men standing in the shadows waiting to serve her if they ever got a chance, and some were blessed by hearing her sensual voice which enchanted them into becoming giving lovers that tried their best to fulfill her wishes, but even in the most passionate moment, there still remained an untouched place in her heart and mental sex arena. It was frustrating to say the least to have Adrian as a friend and not as a lover. All of the others she had wanted had been so easy to conqueror, why not Adrian?

Her interests in fast and hot sexual encounters turned her attention to phonesex, which gave her faster interactions and increased verification of the control she had on men. For a time she felt less attracted to Adrian while she learnt more about her new found way of sexuality. Phonesex filled her hunger, cooled her heat in a way that felt safe yet passionately desirable. To hear her lover's voice describe what he was doing, or what he wished she would do was very intense, yet it often returned to her being the most active part, driving her lover more than she would like to. She knew without a doubt that she was a handful, something that most men couldn't handle, but that didn't stop her from longing for more and more, hoping that one day would bring her the satisfaction that she knew laid just around the corner. The unfortunate truth was that the corner always were around the shadow of Adrian.

It was desperate times and the weather outside increased the depression that was darkening her heart and soul. However the thing she was about to do made her heart beat twice as fast and twice as heavy. Her delicate fingers placed the metallic gadget in place and with a light push it started ticking silently five or six times. On light feet she moved quickly into the next position and repeated the process until she had done it four time. She couldn't help breathing heavily as she heard a voice say:

"What's going on?"

Her thoughts returned to that moment a few hours earlier when she had been laying in her king size bed with red satin sheets. Her fingers sticky from the juices that had them wet as she continued to masturbate alone in the dark. She couldn't concentrate enough to turn out the fire inside, and her thoughts had wandered, the same way they had for weeks. Her body was screaming for relief, and for no apparent reason she got up from the comfort of her bed and got dressed. She picked up the bag she had under her bed and walked out into the snowy evening. The car started after a few tries and the evening darkness was filled by the light spread by the headlights.

The road was white of snow and ice, and Janice started realizing what her body was doing, and she smiled. Finally, it was time, oh she would enjoy this. The two hour drive seemed to take no time at all as thoughts rushing through her head, and she drove up next to the small white brick house, and turned off the engine. She took a walk around the house, looked underneath the pots on the backside, and found the spare key. Something told her that he would be the type of man who didn't have spares laying around, but nevertheless, there it was. Walking back to the front of the house, she felt her heart rushing in anticipation, a feeling that exceeded anything she had felt.

The key opened up the door without any problems at all, and she walked in silently before closing the door behind her. She looked around while allowing her eyes to adjust to the darkness, and walked straight towards the master bedroom, finding him sleeping. He had been honest about what his bedroom looked like, with a large bed and the equally large mirror in the ceiling above it. She stood silently watching while she let her eyes adjust some more, hearing his slow breathing as she hoped he was dreaming about something really naughty. He would at least be given a chance to wake up to something of that kind. Her fingers knew how to open up the bag without her having to look, and she reached in to pick out the four padded metal handcuffs, and took a few steps closer. He was laying on his back, and with the handcuffs soon in place he would remain on his back for a while to come. This thought her breathing heavier and she heard a voice say:

"What's going on?"

She thought of answering, but hold her voice back. She thought of turning on the nightstand light, but didn't want anyone, least of all neighbors, to have the pleasure of knowing that someone was awake in the house. Finally she reached for his leg and caressed it which must gave a frighten response as he tried to move away from her hand. She had him right where she wanted him, and at last she would take what she had been longing for during so many nights. She let her hand move to his crotch, finding that he slept naked, and took a hold of his soft member. Even in a soft state, it felt large which made her expectations grow as she felt him grow in her soft grip. She leaned down and took his soft cock in her mouth, and she heard him moan as he felt her warm mouth. She remained still while she felt his pulse increasing. Her lips could feel the gentle pulse as his body was filling up his cock, causing it to erect inside her loose grip. It was fantastic to feel him finally, and she had to restrain herself in order not to begin sucking his full member.

She stood up, looked at the man who had teased her for so long, and said with a voice that was both filled with sensuality and desperation.

"Adrian, it's time you get to know what you have been denying the two of us for so long. It's time for you to get fucked, and I'll enjoy it to the fullest to be the one who's going to pump you dry."

To finally say it was a liberation in itself, a sensation that she felt was long overdue. Her hand moved back his erection, took it gently inside her palm and let her hand slide slowly up and down the length of the shaft without touching his cock head. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, giving her the freedom of seeing his every reaction as she continued to stroke him lightly.

"Ah, such a strong hard cock that you have been refusing me, but now I'll take full advantage of it." She paused. "Any, and I do mean any, way I want."

She could see how he was trying to get loose, the entire bed shook as he seemed to be fighting his restraints, and the sweet surrender as she heard him moan. Her hand had not stopped the slow strokes, but it was time at last to explore his cock and balls. She licked her lips in anticipation as she leaned down as she forced his erection towards his stomach, revealing his balls. She let her tongue slide between them up and down, coating his sack with her saliva. Barely touching she continued to lick his salty skin, and it was absolutely mouthwatering to taste him after all this time. He was still trying to get loose, but his resistance was subsiding as she continued to please them both. She let one of his balls come inside her mouth, sucked it gently and hummed a little to send vibrations into it. With her right hand she continued to stroke him, but she had changed her motions slightly, holding his cock head in her wet hand and slowly caressing the upper half of his full erection.

Letting go of his genitalia, she stood up and started to undress herself by the bed while she felt his eyes on her body. She was proud of her body, even if she wasn't one of those artificially pumped model. She was actually quite pleased with the fact that she was slender without to wide curves around her chest and hips. She would never be a fantasy for someone who fancied tits and ass, but neither would she mount to anything as a ballet dancer. Her best features was her pretty face with a cute little nose and deep blue eyes and a smile that showed off her thin pink lips and bright white teeth to perfection.

After two minutes of undressing and folding her clothes neatly, she looked at Adrian again. He had not spoken a word while she undressed, and she could see that his cock had laid down softly in lack of attention. This did not bother her at all as she climbed up in bed and sat on top of his chest. She placed her hand between her legs and let her index finger feel how incredibly wet she was. She took the soaking wet finger and moved it to his mouth, and he began sucking it while they kept eye contact.

"That's it, doesn't it taste good?"

She saw him nod as he kept sucking her finger gently. Without waiting she withdrew her finger and moved closer to his face until she knew her wet pussy was straight over his mouth. She reached down and grabbed his short brown hair, pulled him closer to her flower and felt his tongue immediately begin licking. She moved her hands to the bedposts and concentrated on the wickedness her pussy was being treated to. He was just as good at licking pussy as she had thought he would be, taking time to explore her folds instead of rushing like a mad man straight to her clit. She felt his tongue begin soft and gentle against her open pussy, and each time his slow movements past her clit she would feel ripples throughout her body. It was truly all that she had hoped for, a man who didn't think of a woman's pussy as a mean to satisfy his own needs, but rather someone who celebrated it by taking care of it. She felt him raise his chin and felt the gentle tongue become hard as it started to enter her pussy. She actually felt his tongue inside her pussy, and how he was fucking her with it. She moved her hands to her breasts and started to knead them in her warm hands, pinching her nipples at the same time to enhance the pleasure he was giving her. He withdrew his tongue, and placed his mouth against her opening and drank her juices from the cup before darting in his tongue again and again. Her hips had began to move back and forth, and she pushed herself harder against his face to rub her clit against him at the same time. Janice was overwhelmed by joy, a true, raw, intense sexual happiness that she had never felt before, and she wasn't letting go.

"Oh Adrian, why have you denied us this before?"

It wasn't meant to be answered, she wasn't even sure if she had meant to say it, but she had spoken her mind without holding back, and it was the truth she had uttered. Adrian had shown her and kept showing her how his tongue was able to please her. Her fingers were rolling her nipples and it felt so good as Adrian kept licking and tongue fuck her. Her legs were shaking from the intensity of it all, and she knew that she wouldn't last long before she would climax, but she had no thought of leaving her position on top of his face. She was so close and wanted nothing else but to crash with orgasmic proportions in his face, and she welcomed every familiar sign of relief. The shivering, the shortness of breath and the fluctuation between warmth and chills in her stomach. She felt it all sweep over and through her body, and she screamed out with a high broken pitch.

"Yes, yes, yes, oh yes Adrian."

She lost control as her muscles started to pulsate in spasms. She crushed her hips back and forth, pinching her nipples even harder while she screamed without holding back. Adrian kept licking her with increased intensity and drank her juices that she showered his face with. He was more talented than anyone Janice had met before, capable of prolonging her orgasm without using his hands. She felt as if she was being fucked hard by his tongue while his nose was rubbing her clit. Even as she felt the sensations being on the edge of what she could bare, he still kept on going to hold her stuck in the velvet orgasm heaven.

She stood up With some effort, disappointed about coming so quickly, but at the same time longing for more, and grateful for the quick and sweet fix that he had received. Looking down on Adrian, she saw him laying with closed eyes, his entire face glittering in the pale moonlight from her juices. He turned her head slightly to see his cock standing straight up, and she smiled at what she saw.

"I can see that you really love to lick my pussy, and I can tell you that I love cock just as much. I'll show you just how good I am, how good I can blow your cock and your mind."

Janice turned around in bed and sat down again, so that he could see her dripping pussy before his eyes while she took his goods in her caring mouth. She could feel him reaching for her pussy once more, but she laid just out of reach as she started kissing his cock head. Almost immediately a drop of clear liquid rose up from the hole, and she let her tongue play with it for a few seconds before she made a sweep over it with her playful pink tongue. She heard him groan as she wiped his cock head from the precum and started to sway her ass back and forth before his eyes while she kept lightly touch his cock. Her hands dug underneath his legs and found his balls and ass, and she her left hand fingered his heavy balls while her right hand was barely, but still noticeably, touching his back entrance. She could feel him moving to get away from her teasing index finger which circled his ass, but she enjoyed that he couldn't. He was all hers, and she would take advantage of him for as long as she wanted. He had teased her long enough, and it was time for her to get what she deserved, and there was no time like the present.

She moved her left hand from his balls and down to her slutty cunt, opening it up with two fingers and dipping another into the hot juicy bowl. She stretched it out towards him, knowing that he would be able to reach it, and at the same time she felt his lips sucking her finger, she started sucking his cockhead. She wasn't touching it, just holding his top inside her mouth and letting air flow around it as she was breathing. She kept blowing him while she let him feast on her juices, occasionally dipping the finger into her pussy to feed him more of herself. He was very eager and totally lost his cool, the facade that he usually kept up as a front when she wanted to come closer, but she had broken his defenses and had him eating from her hand while she was enjoying the dessert in her mouth.

She was letting her long nails dart the soft skin around his ass and heard him moan slightly when she did so. She knew from previous discussions that he had a soft spot there that tickled his senses, and she was finding out first hand that he had been honest about that too. Pleased with this she sealed her lips around his shaft and began sucking his long and hard. Not teasing anymore, but really giving him all that she knew, and she could feel his breath between her legs and hear his moans as she sucked his cock up and down the entire length of the shaft. She had no problems taking it in to the root, and sucked it harder as she trailed the shaft on her way up. Hearing him was so fulfilling as she kept loving his cock with her mouth, not just sucking it, but really showing how much she loved to give head. His smooth cock head, his hard shaft with the thick veins, his heavy sack with the full balls and his ass that she kept teasing with her talented fingers. He wouldn't last long, this much she knew, and she heard him begging between her legs.

"Please stop, I can't hold back any longer."

"I'm not expecting you to either." she said in a moment of letting go of his cock. "I want to feel you come all over my tongue. I want to taste your cum, and suck you dry. I want to feel you come and pump your cum into my mouth until your balls are completely drained."

She returned to sucking him, and she could feel his muscles getting tense in preparation. She moved her lips to form a tight seal right behind his cock head, and let her finger penetrate his ass. In the same moment, she felt the first load of cum spray her mouth, coating her wicked tongue while she kept licking the nerve underneath his cock head. Craving for more, she continued to feel his cock explode inside her tight lips, and she let all of his cum stay in her mouth. She wanted to have a real mouthful before she would allow herself to swallow it. His ass kept squeezing around her finger, while he groaned loudly throughout his orgasm. His orgasm was fading, and as he became fully relaxed she withdrew her finger and turned around. She laid on top of him, and opened up her mouth to show him all of his cum being stirred by her rotating tongue and then she swallowed it all. She licked her lips and whispered:

"Your cum tastes so good. Isn't my mouth just wonderful around your cock?"

To her surprise he suddenly sat up, and removed his restraints around his ankles before she knew it. He grabbed her arm and forced her on her back with himself between her parted legs.

"You haven't felt anything yet, you naughty slut. You're gonna get fucked like nothing you have felt before."

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