tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken Six Times Ch. 03

Taken Six Times Ch. 03

byLinda Jean©

I went in, closed the door and leaned against it for a very long time. My eyes were full of tears as I stood there. I heard a tapping on the door. I stepped away and quickly dried my eyes. I opened the door and the director stood there with a big grin on his face.

He did not wait for me to say anything, just walked in and said, "Shut the door, I need to show you something." He was carrying a big videotape-looking thing. He walked over to a big machine and put it in. He turned on the TV and said to me, really pissed, "You ruined my film. Take a look. I have looked at all the film and in every one you can see, well, just look at what you can see."

He hit a button and a picture of the bed appeared on the screen. It showed Jake waking me up using his fingers, but what caught my eye was I saw the sheet moving off to the side and all of a sudden I could clearly see Jake's fingers sliding in and out of my pussy. I watched as the camera moved in closer and closer. I could see my trimmed, hairy bush; I could see his black fingers moving in and out.

Then came the begging and the pleading, my wanting him to fuck me. When he moved in between my legs, the sheet was completely off of my left leg and it was barely on Jake's back. I stood there mesmerized as I watched him reach down and guide his big black cock into my hole. I watched as I fought him hard screaming and yelling for him to stop.

Then I watched myself change as he kept fucking me. I watched as I wrapped my legs around his ass and I was pulling Jake into me as he fucked me. He fucked me for what appeared to be the longest time, and when he came, it was so obvious that I climaxed with him. I saw the camera get such a clear close-up that I was white sperm all over his black cock as he slowly moved in and out of me after we came and began our cool-down.

I saw Jake pull the sheet back over himself and over my leg. I was emotionally drained as I watched that. I expected the director to turn it off, but he didn't. Just as I rolled over unto my side the tape showed the next session. Only this time I did not fight Jake at all; it was clearly a lovemaking session.

This time the sheet came off sooner and this time they shot close-ups of my face and expressions as I lost myself to the pleasure. You know, I guess you would expect me to be crying or something at that point, but I wasn't. I had never seen any kind a sex before in my life. I watched in amazement because I had never seen what I looked like down there before today. I sure as heck never saw a man's dick going in and out of my hole (or any hole) before that day.

I sat down in a chair facing the monitor as the film played on. I still had the robe on but I was naked underneath. I was so amazed at myself as I watched the way we fucked. I felt a little excitement and I began to take interest in the way I fucked back at Jake and the way he looked when he pulled his big long cock all the way out of me and then lunged forward and it disappeared inside of me.

I was so fixed on the monitor that I honestly did not notice that the director had moved along side of me and knelt down to my right side. I only took notice because when his hand touched my open, throbbing pussy it startled me. I flinched for a moment before I opened my legs up, giving him free access to my hole and clit.

I moaned as he rubbed my clit and I watched as that session on the film ended and the next one came on. This was the one where he was directing as we did it. Again Jake moved the sheet off of us (except for my right leg) and the way we fucked was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.

The director moved around in front of me and, putting his hands on my hips, pulled my bottom forward to the edge of the chair. I glanced down as he moved his mouth to my stinky, wet pussy. I looked back up at the sex on the monitor. Jake and I were going at it like animals. The way I had my body arched up as he pounded into me was amazing. As I tried to watch the monitor, it became harder and harder to concentrate on what I was watching. The way the director was eating me was having its toll all by itself.

I have always loved it when Peter gave me head, but this time it was different, this time I was full of a man's sperm. I could smell myself and I knew my pussy had to be nasty. As sick as this sounds, I got turned on knowing that the director was down on his knees in front of me licking me clean and every now and then putting his lips on my hole and sucking out the stuff in there.

I sat there watching the fourth time Jake fucked me. It was obvious that everyone there had seen Jake fucking me, everyone there saw how I lost control, everyone saw how many times I climaxed. Many times when Jake would pull all the way out, you could see the sperm in me from his earlier deposits come out as his cock pushed back in.

I felt myself ready to climax again. I closed my eyes and grabbed hold of the director's head. I ran my fingers through his hair and the closer I came to my climax, the tighter I pulled him into me.

After I came, he got up and, taking me by my hand, he pulled me to my feet. He said, "Turn around and bend over. Spread your feet, and grab your ankles." I knew what was coming, but I was not in any position to say no.

I turned around and because I work out so much I easily bent over to hold my ankles. I felt him move in behind me. I heard a zipper and then I felt his dick push into my hole. I hate to say this, but he was not as big as my husband and nowhere near the size of Jake. I barely felt him inside of me.

I felt him as he bounced off my butt as he fucked me. He did not last long. He came and I moaned so he would think I enjoyed it. I have no idea why I wanted him to think I did, but I did.

He pulled back and I started to stand back up. He caught me by the small of my back and pushed me back down as he said, "Oh, no, you ain't finished. I promised my assistant a turn at you. Just stay like that; you have four or five more boys ready to fuck you, honey."

I quickly turned and stood up, facing him. I was angry; he couldn't do that to me! I said, "No, no way, I am not going to be your sex slave. That's it, I'm out of here, I'm gonna sue you and this studio. Leave me alone."

He laughed as he zipped up his zipper and said, "Sure you will, doll, sure you will. We'll just take this little film to court and let's see just who they will believe. It looks like two actors just lost control during a film shoot. Something like this should get all kinds of publicity. When you left your house today did you tell your husband that you were going to be fucking a big black man on film? I bet you didn't. I bet he would get a big kick out of watching his wife begging to be fucked five times, four times by a black man, then one time by me."

As he said that he pointed over to the right wall and it had been moved away and there was a camera filming what we just did. "Now," he said, "you tell me. Are you going to fuck the boys or what? Make up your mind; we only have an hour left for lunch. Keep in mind, doll, if you don't, you do know you will be blackballed from the studios, don't you, dear?"

I knew I was beaten. I knew I could not win in a court battle; I also knew that I could not allow my husband to find out what had happened. I was being blackmailed and there was nothing I could do about it at all.

I wanted to work; I just never thought that I would have to have sex in order to get an acting job. I stood there naked (the robe had fallen off when he had me stand and bend over). I looked at him as he walked over to me and made me turn with my side to the camera filming us. He put his hand on the top of my head and pulled me forward and down, bending me over at the hips.

He kept pulling me down to his now limp and crusty dick. I knew what he wanted, so as my mouth came to his groin, I opened my mouth and, grabbing hold of his cock with my tongue, I pulled him inside and I began to suck. I felt someone move in behind me and within moments I felt a man fucking me. It did not take him long before he came.

He pulled out and another replaced him. The director became hard again and after the sixth man came in me, the director pulled away from my mouth and moved in behind me. I expected to feel him push his dick into me. I was caught off-guard when I felt his face move in and begin eating my pussy, and I could hear the slurping noises he made as he licked and sucked out my hole.

One of the men who had fucked me moved around in front of me. His cock was half-hard and it was covered with gooey juice that came from my pussy. As I took him in my mouth, the aroma of sperm and the taste of our combined juices made my head spin with pleasure. I felt fingers rubbing my clit, which was swollen -- all the fucking had excited me like crazy -- but no one stayed working me long enough to bring me to a climax. I felt myself getting ready to climax as the director ate me. I was moaning and pushing back and moving my hips around to help with the clit manipulation going on. Just as I was about to come, he stopped eating me and he stood up moving in behind me.

I was working the cock in my mouth, making love to it with my mouth. I felt pressure against my butt hole and I moved my ass because he had the wrong hole. It happened so fast I gave out a yell with my mouth full of cock. I do not know why I did not bite down because of the pain, but I didn't. I was caught there between both men, I had no escape. It felt like my asshole had just been ripped open. The pain was like a hot iron as he pushed in hard and fast. It was like he wanted to hurt me. Tears filled my eyes as the pain raged through my body. I felt the pain begin to subside and he kept fucking.

I was shocked when I realized that the pain was going away very quickly and the pleasure was becoming stronger. Within a minute or so the pain was gone. It was all gone and all of a sudden it felt like I had to poop. I never felt like that before. It felt like I had to shit and it felt like my ass emptied itself and then get pushed back inside.

I have no idea how to describe that feeling. But the filling and emptying of my asshole began to build to a pleasure that rivaled the pleasure of being fucked in my pussy. I knew that I was going to climax from being fucked in my ass, and I wanted to feel it. I could not wait to find out what it would feel like. I began moving my hips and pushing back as he fucked me.

I felt him cram himself into me and then his dick pulsed. I knew that he came. I was almost there when that happened. I was jerking the cock off that I was sucking on; I pulled my head up as he pulled out of me. "No, don't stop, please I'm almost there, please, just a little more."

I heard laughing as another man moved in behind me. I felt him enter my asshole and he began fucking me like crazy. I moved my ass around and around. I knew that when I came it was going to be wonderful. I hit the peak and my whole body convulsed. The man I was sucking and jerking off came and I guess that is what took me over the edge.

I gulped down his juice and I moaned as the man in my ass emptied his balls into me. He pulled back and out of me as I was licking up the last drops off sperm coming from end of the cock of the man in front of me. I heard the director tell every one, "OK, one more then it is back to work." I felt another man move in behind me and he slid into my ass as well.

I reached down between my legs and began rubbing my clit as the man rammed in and out of me. He must have been one of the men I fucked me earlier because he did not come right away. I was very happy that he did not. I loved that because I was able to have yet another climax before he finally came. He pulled out and left the room. I don't know why I expected someone else to do me, but I just stayed there waiting. I had been standing there bent over with my eyes closed. No one did anything and I could not hear anyone with me. I stood up looked around and I was in the room all alone.

I looked around and saw that the movable sidewall had been put back into place. The door opened and the lady assistant came in. She handed me a warm wet washcloth, and I wiped myself, between my legs and my ass. She handed me a towel, which I used to dry myself, and as I did that, she took my street clothes from the hanger and handed them to me one at a time as I dressed.

Once I was dressed, she asked as she handed me an envelope, "Are you free tomorrow, Linda?" I looked at her, really not knowing what to say. I guess she had an idea what I was thinking because she said, "We have a another job for you if you want. It will pay twice what is in that envelope."

I opened the envelope and I saw a bunch of $100 bills. I started to count it when she said, "Your paycheck will be sent to you for today. This is a little extra for the great work you gave everyone. It's $1,200 tax-free and we do not report that to anyone, including your agent. Like I said, we have a part for you in a movie we are shooting tomorrow.

"If you take the job, that," she said, indicating the envelope stuffed with $100s, "will be double tomorrow."

I looked at her and asked, "What's the catch?"

She said, "No catch, just good old honest acting work. The address is in there. Show up at seven-thirty ready to work. The script will be there waiting for you, and we'll go over your lines right before each shot. You are going to go far in this business. Pretty soon your name will be up in lights. By the way, if your agent asks, call this a walk-on call. If you don't show, we'll know you are not interested."

I walked out to my car and as I walked I kept farting from both of my holes. I knew that when I got home my panties would be full of sperm and I would be a mess. I found myself hoping that Peter did not want sex tonight, because if he did he would know I had been screwed today. My God, what am I going to tell him if he asks about today?

I was in a daze as I drove home. I mean, I was numb in my brain might be a good way to put it. You see, when I drove to the studio, I saw my life ahead of me. I just knew that today was going to be a great day for me. I had speaking lines in a major motion picture with real movie stars. My agent was pleased, and my husband was happy for me; he had even kidded me all night about it.

It was 5 a.m. when I had arrived, which meant I left home before 4:00. (Driving anywhere in or around L.A. takes a minimum of at least one hour). I left the studio around 2:40 p.m. I could feel the wetness between my legs increase due to the sperm coming out of me as I sat in the car driving home.

I just kept saying over and over to myself, "Please don't be home, please don't be home." Last night Peter had said he would get off early and come home; he wanted to take me out to celebrate my first acting job. I began pleading to God that Peter could not get off. Oh, yeah, the very same God that I had been calling out to in pleasure as men other than my husband fucked me, driving me crazy with pleasure.

My heart was pounding as I turned the corner of my street and I saw with relief that Peter's car was not in the driveway. I pulled into the garage, got out and looked at the driver's seat. It had a rather big wet spot right where I had been sitting, and it reeked of sperm – other men's sperm.

I rolled down all the windows and I knew that Peter would park out in the drive so it shouldn't take long for that spot to dry. My only concern would be if it left any kind of line or something. Peter never drove my car, so all I needed was the spot to dry and not leave any sign that it was there to begin with.

I quickly went inside to the bedroom, tore my clothes off, put them in the hamper and drew a bath. I felt lucky when I found that Peter was not able to get off early as he hoped he would. I soaked and I lay there thinking all about the day. I had been raped on camera, four times with a second-rate movie actor. I had been blackmailed into being raped again and yet, I honestly could not remember exactly how many men fucked me.

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