Taken Teacher


Amy was in her junior year at the State College. She was an education major and was getting her first taste of actual teaching. Amy had just turned 20 and she was gorgeous, she had a rock hard body from working out, but yet still maintained her femininity. She was 5'4'' and 119lbs, with long brown hair and perky little breasts that drove her male classmates crazy. However, there was a downside to Amy. Some women are natural redheads, others are natural blondes, Amy was a natural bitch. Almost everyone she interacted with she pissed off, including her college advisor. So when it came time to assign schools, he made sure Amy got one in the middle of the inner city, and a high school to boot.

She only had to help teach one class a week, but what a class it was. It was made up of 32 twelfth grade repeaters, all of them at least 18 years old and most of them male. Luckily for Amy on a given day only about half of them showed for school and the regular teacher Ms. Jones was always there to help her. The students were so close to her age that it made her nervous, so she was even more of a bitch then usual, in the hopes of "showing them who is boss" she would say. She would always get the students detention and even got one of them suspended for a week. She thought she was really showing them, about midway through the year on a Tuesday that all changed, that was when they decided to show Amy who was boss.

The day started like any other, but then quickly went bad. First Amy went into the office and found out that Ms. Jones was absent and no substitute could be found. Amy was afraid to go to the class, but didn't want the other teachers to think she couldn't handle it. "After all," she thought, "I need these people to write me a recommendation." So in she went, but to her surprise the room was closed. The administrator was there and told Amy that several students had spilt paint in the room and that her class was moved to the auxiliary classroom in the basement. "By the way," he said "we have an assembly all afternoon, so just take them there after your class is over." As she walked down the steps she could hear the old furnace rumbling, it was so loud she could barely hear herself think, "how am I going to teach," she thought.

Amy walked into the classroom and found most of the students already seated. "Damn" she thought to herself "most of the boys showed up today." Amy had on a long flower covered dress and her usual black shoes. She looked around the classroom and though how rough the boys looked. She had never noticed before how meanly they looked at her, and it made her a bit uncomfortable.

"Ms. Jones isn't here today," she said trying to sound confident. "I know" said one of the boys, "we told her she had better stay home today." Amy looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face. "Then we spilt some paint so we could come down here with ya, and because of the assembly we are going to be able to spend the whole day together." Amy looked to her left and saw a boy standing by the door, he grinned and locked it. "Whhhh what do you mean," she said as she tried to clear her now tight throat. "We mean you have been so mean to us, I think it is time you were nice" he sneered. Not knowing what else to do, Amy ran for the door. The boy there quickly grabbed her and dragged her to the middle of the classroom. There were about twenty boys present and five girls, all the boys surrounded her. Amy screamed "HELP, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME." The students laughed knowing that no one would hear her over the furnace and that she was such a bitch to everyone that no one would be nice enough to come and check on her.

Amy looked in fear as she could see the boys' large cocks pushing against the front of their jeans. She tried to run through the circle of young studs, but one grabbed her and started rubbing her ass. "What a nice ass the teacher has, it will be great to beat." The other boys seemed to like this idea. "Yeah," one of them shouted, "it will make her behave and stop trying to run." Amy was terrified and started to try and reason with them, swearing that she wouldn't tell on them if they stopped now. "Bitch you aren't in control, we are!" one shouted at her. A boy clasped her left wrist and another clamped onto her right one. They forced her over to her desk, then each boy pulled down on her wrists until she was forced down with her belly tight against the desk. Amy's tits were hanging off the front edge of the desk and her feet were still on the floor of the other side. This made her ass nice and high in the air, perfect for abuse. "My God they can't be doing this," she thought, "they can't be planing to spank me." A loud crack and an intense feeling of pain quickly countered that thought. One of the boys had the yardstick and was swatting her ass with it. Tears started to roll down her cheeks. "Please don't do this, please." The boys seemed to like her begging and told her that she had better beg them more. "Please, I won't tell and I will be nicer in class, or I won't even come back. Please just let me go. I have money, just please stop hurting me." Amy's begging only succeeded in getting the students more aroused. Several began to line up to take swats at her pretty ass. Swat "oooowwweeee." Swat "owwwweeeee." Swat "ooooowwweeee, please no more...please." By now Amy was weeping and her ass was stinging under her dress. The boys holding her got tired of their task, so they found two extension cords and tightly bound Amy's hands to the desk legs. She now knew that she was trapped, and at the student's mercy. What was worse, she knew full well that they had no mercy.

Then to Amy's fright she could feel one of the students lifting her dress. "Nooooo," she said as she kicked back at him. This only resulted in two of the boys tying her legs down to the desk legs, there were far more of them they she could fight off. "Still not going to obey huh bitch." Swat, he hit her panty-clad ass hard with the stick and it almost made Amy leap out of her skin. "Let's see that red ass," one said as he ripped her panties off. Amy was screaming uncontrollably, begging for anyone to help her. "My God" she thought "they are going to rape me, all of them. I can't take them all, it will kill me. Please someone save me...please." One of the boys said, "damn that yelling is getting on my nerves, somebody shut the cunt up." A young man walked in front of Amy and she saw he had his cock out, "I will gag her with this" he laughed. She could see his large meaty cock already dripping with precum, and her tear filled eyes widened with fear. He put it to her lips and she shook her tear-covered face no. He began to slap her cheeks hard with the cock, this didn't hurt Amy, but it surely humiliated her. The other boys were busy looking at Amy's bear red and whelped ass. They were grabbing her ass roughly and laughing at her as she winced. The boy with the cock in her face began to grown frustrated. "Guess we will have to do this the hard way" he said as he reach down to one of her hanging tits and twisted her nipple hard through her dress. Amy tried not to scream, knowing what he was planning, but couldn't help it. As soon as her mouth opened he rammed his cock in her mouth. It rammed deep into her throat and she gagged hard on the big cock. She had never liked giving head, and refused to suck most of her boyfriends, now she could not refuse. He was slamming his cock deeper and deeper into Amy's throat, fucking her face hard. She could feel the cock throb in her mouth and knew he wouldn't last long.

The boy with the stick swatted her ass hard and commanded her to suck harder. "Yeah suck the cock nice slut." Amy winced both from the pain of the swat and from the comment. "I like to test the water before I go for a swim," one of the boys said. Amy was confused but quickly found out what he meant, as he started sticking the yardstick into her pussy. He was ramming the three-inch wide stick into her tight dry cunt, she screamed on the cock which only made the young man spurt cum in her mouth. Gagging on the cum as her pussy with worked over with the stick. As soon as the cock was out of her mouth she began to beg the boys again. One took the stick out and walked in front of her, he sniffed it and made a face. "This whore's snatch smells like fish, you must really be a fucking slut," he sneered. He then put the stick to her, "lick it off slut." Amy was weeping almost uncontrollably, but she knew she was helpless to them so with a hesitant tongue she started to lick the stick. All the students laughed as she cleaned the stick. "How about we test the other end," a boy said. So the boy with the stick went back behind Amy and roughly thrust the stick in her ass. Amy screamed loudly and her whole body shook as the yardstick was thrust up her virgin ass. "Hummmm 8 inches, should I go for more." The other students cheered for 12 inches as Amy begged. He rammed it up her more and Amy thought her eyes would pop out she was so full. He then brought the stick back and ordered her to clean it. Looking at the stick covered in shit "please" she said, "you can't be serious."

"Clean it or I will put it in 18 inches slut," the boy said. Amy began cleaning the stick and the other students gathered around, trying to get a good view as their teacher licked her shit off of the yardstick, laughing at her and calling her names. When Amy finished she felt like she would vomit, but the torture was just beginning. "Seems like she is worth fucking," one boy said as he walked behind her. "Please noooo," Amy whined. The boy was rubbing his large hard cock against the opening of her pussy, he spit on the end of his cock and started to ram it in her. He was large, much larger then Amy had ever had before. He began thrusting her faster and she moaned in pain as the big cock stretched her dry tight pussy. She could see the other boys growing more aroused. One boy walked up to her and she knew what he wanted, so when his cock was thrust in her face she opened her mouth for him to ram it down her throat, hoping not to be hurt anymore. The two young men were working her between them, the one raping her pussy would thrust her mouth deeper onto the one she was sucking, and then he would thrust her hard back onto the cock. Amy was in agony, her ass was red and whelped, she was being raped by two of the students, and worse yet she could see that there were over a dozen more that would take a turn on her. She could feel the boy in her pussy grunting and building in her, she shook her head and got the cock out of her mouth and screamed, "please, please not inside...don't cum inside of me, I will do whatever you want!!!" The boy getting sucked slapped her hard for taking his cock out of her mouth and rammed it back down her throat. The other students laughed, and the boy in her pussy let go a huge load of cum inside her. Amy was panicked but tried to calculate her last period, knowing that his seed may have been planted. The boy in her mouth pulled his cock out and spewed cum in her face and hair. "There ya go slut, I didn't cum inside of you," he mocked.

Amy wasn't empty of cock long, as two other boys took there place. Her pussy was well lubricated with cum and the new boy easily slipped inside her. They were fucking her hard and fast, the new boy in her pussy slapping her sore ass as he fucked her hard. The boy in her mouth took out a knife and cut off her dress and underwear, Amy's tender tits were not dangling out. He roughly handled her nipples as she sucked him. These boys didn't last long as they were very excited from watching their friends' rape the young teacher. Both came within minutes, and both came inside Amy's body.

A strong large boy told the student with the knife to cut Amy's arms and legs free. "Listen slut," he said "I want you to fuck me. I am going to lay down and if you tell me how much you want to fuck me, and then you ride on top of me and make me cum in, lets say five minutes, then we will let you go. You had better make me think that you want to fuck me, and if you don't make me cum in five minutes then we are all going to rape you for the rest of the day, understand whore?" Amy had little choice, and had nothing to lose. If she didn't do what he wanted then they would continue to rape her as they pleased. So she swallowed deeply and nodded that she would fuck him. Two of the girls got the cum off of her face and all the other kids backed to the edge of the room. Amy walked up to the young brut and said "please let me fuck you, you are so strong and young. Please." She was shuddering inside that he was making her humiliate herself so, but she had to do what she could to avoid the multiple rapes that awaited her. The boy was naked now and Amy was still begging to let her fuck him. He laid down and Amy quickly climbed on top, she knew she would have to fuck him hard to make him cum in five minute. She rocked hard against his big organ, he was large and the cock was in her to the hilt. He squeezed her nipples and pinched her, making her moan. She kept fucking him, making her tits bounce wildly as she tried to go faster and faster. Amy opened her legs further in the hopes of getting even more of the cock in her, wanting him to cum, wanting this nightmare to end. Feeling herself grinding into his hard muscle, taking him as best she could. Her pussy, still drenched in cum from the previous rapes clinging to his cock, messaging it, trying with all her might to make him cum.

She could see the pleasure that she was giving him and it sickened her. How could this be happening, how could they be doing this to her, and now having to rape herself on this young stud was the worst humiliation she could imagine. His breath began to quicken and she could feel that he was ready to cum. She thrusted harder and harder, wanting to make his cock explode. She was working him so hard, that she could feel her body begin to respond to him and she began to let out short breathed moans. He grunted and she could feel him empty his cock inside of her, she collapsed on him and tried to recover her breath from the exhausting rape. It was over she thought, she would survive this after all. "Five minutes and one second," a boy giggled. "What," said Amy.

"You heard him slut 5:01", and then three of the boys closed in on her and dragged her off of the young man that she had rapped herself on. They forced her on her hands and knees and one boy slid under her. He rammed his cock in her wet, cum soaked hole. Another boy went to her face and told her to suck him, while the third boy positioned himself behind her. The boy at Amy's face grabbed her hair and pulled hard, making her open for him. The student at her ass was rubbing the hard cock against her tight ass ring. "Ready for this slut," he said as he started to force his way inside of her. The pain was almost unbearable. Inch by painful inch he fed himself into her. The cock in her mouth got great pleasure from her screams, as it opened her throat for abuse. The cock of the boy underneath her rammed upwards, trying to get friction on her now well lubricated and stretched pussy. The boy in her ass was now in to the hilt of his cock, holding himself there, enjoying Amy's tightness and warmth. He slowly moved his cock out of her and then rammed in back in hard. She screamed hard on the cock in her mouth and it exploded in cum, most of the cum running straight down her screaming throat. The boy in her ass really started to fuck her now, moving his big cock in and out of her asshole. The boy underneath was still forcing her hips down on him. Amy was in agony, it felt as through her asshole was being ripped in half. One of the girls approached Amy now and smiled. "Now you are going to eat my pussy bitch," she said as she unbuttoned her jeans. She held Amy's hair and jerked her head into her waiting pussy. It was wet and had a horrible odor. Amy knew this girl was 18 and already had two kids, and she knew that this girl's pussy had been used by most of the boys in the school. The taste sickened her, but she licked the pussy, her tongue going deep inside. Amy knew that she couldn't resist, that she was utterly beaten. Two guys moved on either side of her and put her hands on their cocks, Amy began to jerk these cocks. So she was eating a pussy, as her ass and pussy were being raped and now she was jerking off two more boys.

This went on for several hours and all the students, male and female, in the class came on or in Amy at least once. Most of the boys had her several times. If she resisted in any way her ass was beaten or her nipples were twisted until she complied. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the day ended and they all got their clothes on and left as though nothing had happened. Amy used her last remaining strength to put on her coat and get herself home. She laid in bed for three days, recovering from the rapes. All she could think of was how she would get back at them for what they did to her. "They will be in jail forever," she thought. On the third day she called the police, she and the police went to the school so she could identify her attackers. However, when they got to the school and Amy started to tell her story the principal told them to go to the conference room. "I was given this tape," he said. He began to play the tape and there was Amy begging the young stud to let him fuck her, then the tape showed her climbing on top of him and fucking him. "Do you know what the charge is for filing a false rape report," the policeman growled "you are lucky that boy isn't a minor or I would lock you up for statutory rape!"

"I will make sure you never teach again," the principal said. Amy began to weep and went back to her home, knowing that her rapists had won.

Also read my other story "Raped by ...." that is on this site (it is under the nonhuman category). Write me and tell me what you thought of my story, and tell me how you would rape me if you got the chance. I love to cyber, so if you want to play name a time and place! My E-mail is Amy8680@Yahoo.com

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