tagInterracial LoveTaken To & At Conference

Taken To & At Conference


It started when my husband decided to go to a business conference with his friend Henry. It was going to be a weeklong conference and Henry and my husband decided that to save money, we would share a hotel room. I was a little uncomfortable with the arrangement but my husband assured me it would be all right. We were driving separately so it wasn't a big deal on the way there. We would meet at the hotel and then settle in.

When we arrived at the hotel, Henry was waiting for us. He was in his late 30's, black and had a good sense of humor. I had met him several times before and he was always polite. Henry brought his brother as well. I didn't expect this and wondered how it would work out. His brother was just along for the ride and planned to bum around while my husband and Henry were at the conference.

We settled in to the hotel and then went out to eat. My husband and Henry were talking business throughout the night so John and I did some people watching, joked, drank, flirted and had a good time.

It was late when we made it back to the hotel. We picked our beds and I started to get ready. Henry climbed into his bed and seemed to fall asleep right away as did my husband. It probably had something to do with all the drinks they had. As Henry stripped down to his boxers, my eyes moved down his body, taking in his beautiful skin and slim shape. My glance lingered a little too long on his boxers as I looked up to catch his smile.

We talked a while and then snapped off the light. There was a dim light in the room from the outside lights. As I lay on my side facing Henry's and John's bed, I took in John's shape and again found myself staring at his boxers, trying to get a glimpse of the shape of what was hidden. I looked up to his face, damn...caught again; he was staring back with a smile. Embarrassed, I closed my eyes and turned over.

I lay in bed awake that morning, before the men woke and again my eyes strayed over to John. To my surprise, the shape underneath was more apparent. He definitely had morning wood and his silk boxers outlined his shape perfectly. This time I made sure he wasn't watching. As a watched him, my hand slipped into my panties as I imagined holding him with the silk over what I imagined was a beautiful black cock. I had never been so close to a black cock before and the thought of it had made me very wet. As my finger slid over my clit and followed the slick canal down my pussy, I let out a short, hot breath. Mouth open and breathing in short breaths, I watched John and imagined him on top of me, I imagined the smell of his body, the course hair rubbing over me, his lips on mine. My lips were now pressed together and I felt the warmth of my orgasm wash over me. The covers had fallen away from me as I lifted my hand from under my panties. As I brought my wet finger to my mouth, my eyes traveled up John's body to find him watching me. He had a wicked smile.

I turned red, embarrassed out of my mind. John just smiled, stood up and walked to the bathroom. I was in partial shock but again found myself watching him walk to the bathroom with his protruding woody bouncing, hidden by his boxers.

At that point, I was feeling guilty and strangely aroused. I was in bed with my husband, watching John and imagining him fucking me while I played with myself. And the biggest turn on was that John had been watching. At that moment, the telephone rang as a wake up call.

I decided to go to the conference because there was a large mall nearby. I thought I could use some mindless shopping at that point but I hadn't planned on John coming with.

Strangely, walking the mall with John went quite well. He was funny and smart. We spent the day laughing and even teased about the night before.

We met up with my husband and Henry much later at dinner. They had already had a few at the conference and downed plenty at dinner. By the time they were in the hotel, they were feeling no pain as they fell into a drunken slumber.

I again found myself looking at John in the other bed and he at me. The day at the mall and relieved a lot of tension and I decided to have some innocent fun with him tonight. It started the same with my not so subtle look at his lower half. This must have made him a bit excited because he definitely grew some wood. I knew he was watching this time. As he watched, my hand again disappeared into my panties and this time I worked it. My other hand moved to my nipples as I fondled and pinched them. My intent was not so much to get myself off, as it was to get John off.

I did this for a while and then the thought hit me. I rose up in bed and unbuttoned the t-shirt down to my navel. I laid back down and let my boob drop out, in plain view for John to see. I scoot my panties down to my knees and opened my thighs. Exposing myself to John was an amazing turn on. I could feel my pulse in my pussy. I worked my fingers and arched my chest out as I came.

Needing to clean up, I quietly got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. Bending over the sink as I washed my hands, John came in and walked up behind me. I knew what he wanted, but I couldn't give him that. I really just thought we were teasing each other. I didn't want it to go too far.

Too late, John reached around and brought me up, pressing my back into his chest and stomach...and yes I could feel his manhood pressing against my ass. "Hey baby, that was a hot show. You're ready for me aren't you?" As his hand moved down my body, going under my t-shirt at the bottom and then finding my wet, aching pussy. At first, his touch was gentle. Slowing sliding what felt like two fingers across my clit. I knew I had to stop it, but the slow relief to my pussy felt so good. His fingers made small circles around my clit, lubricated by the wetness that was making it's way out of my aching canal. Slowly, he made his was to my pussy lips, rubbing them between his fingers, and then moving to the entrance to my womb and then moving his fingers up through my wet trench to my clit again.

I wanted release and he was giving it to me. His other and moved up and exposed one of my breasts as I watched in the mirror. With one hand working my pussy, his other hand started rolling my nipple with three fingers only stopping to reach down for some slick pussy juice to use. His speed increased with both and I felt the warmth building as he brought me closer to the release I now craved. I hadn't completely forgotten about my husband sleeping in the next room, but that only added to the passion.

As I came, my legs weakened and I pushed back into John, giving open-mouthed gasps as his fingers continued to work their magic on my body. As it passed, I somewhat turned around finding his mouth waiting. We kissed, small at first; probing each other's intent, and then hard. Our mouths joined, our tongues meeting, tasting. As our embrace broke, John pushed my head down so I was leaning against the sink. From this angle, he could see my tits hanging down in the mirror, and it gave him full access to me.

This had definitely gone too far and I didn't want it to go farther. As I started to rise again, John pushed me back down and told me to stay there. "John, please I can't do this" was all I had a chance to say before I felt something rubbing up and down my pussy. I didn't know if it were his fingers or something that I knew I didn't want there.

He only rubbed for a few seconds before I felt the pressure of his cock pushing into me. I tried to stand but he held me firm. By the time I could react, he was in me. I couldn't resist at that point, his cock felt so good filling me that all I could do is whimper as he started to pump in and out of my sloppy, wet hole. He was a somewhat larger than my husband and the thought of a black dick fucking me with my husband in the next room was incredibly hot. John was not a gentle lover at this point. He pumped me hard and gave my ass frequent slaps as well as my tits. My husband never did this but I found it to be incredibly hot and exciting. It stung, but sent a shock to my pussy that was incredible.

As John fucked me, he pulled my shirt down, freeing my arms and of course my tits. I guess he wanted a better view of them bouncing up and down in the mirror. My nipples definitely caught his attention because he started pinching and pulling them. Not soft like before but rough, very rough. The sensation between my pussy and nips was incredible and incredibly, I could feel myself starting to cum again.

Abruptly, he stopped and pulled me to the floor. With my back on some strewn towels, he moved over me, ready to mount his bitch. At that point, I was like a slut in heat. The thought of my husband and his brother in the next room didn't occur to me at that point, I just wanted to be fucked. I wanted his long dick in me, mating me. I begged him for it.

I didn't need to wait long as he slid back into my pussy. With my legs spread wide, he began to pump me again. His cock piston fucked me, hard and fast, his balls making a loud slapping sound as they hit my ass. "Oh God", were the only words I muttered as he once again brought me to an incredible orgasm.

I could tell he was getting closer as well. His cock bore down, pushing further into me, pushing hard into my cervix. I couldn't yell out to stop, but every time he thrust, I arched my back as he bottomed out inside me. At last, he started grunting and started to pull out but I locked my legs behind him. In that moment, I wanted our mating to be complete. I wanted to feel his cum in my belly. He pushed in hard, again making me arch against him. I could feel his cock convulsing inside of me. Throbbing as he came deep in my pussy, his seed washing against and through my cervix.

His big balls emptied their contents into me longer than I have ever felt before. Finally, with one last grunt, it was done. As he partially collapsed on top of me, I laid under him smelling our mixed sweat and sex. He rose up slightly and we again locked in a deep embrace.

He pulled out and stood while I came up on my knees facing his beautiful, black snake. It gleamed in the low light and for the first time, I was able to see what had just made me his slut. My head moved forward, kissing the tip and then giving it a swift lick. He told me to clean it, so I did. Slowly moving up and down, licking and sucking the cum off. It was slick with saliva as I rubbed it over my face. I loved it, I wanted it again, but John leaned down, kissed my head and went back out to bed.

At that point, I again realized where I was and what I had just done. My hand moved to between my legs, pressing against my pussy, I could feel the wetness of his cum starting to leak out. At the same time, I heard my husband moving in bed. Afraid that he was getting up to go pee, I quickly put my shirt back on, turned off the light and scurried back to bed, holding my pussy shut as I ran. My husband wasn't quite asleep and did get up to go to the bathroom. I pretended to sleep, feeling the wetness grow between my legs.

As I got out of bed the next morning with the men scurrying around, I realized that I wasn't wearing my panties. My heart froze as I stood there. It almost seemed like a dream but there was definite evidence between my legs. Fortunately, no one except John, whom I couldn't look at, noticed my lack of underpants and I quickly made my way to the bathroom for a shower and retrieval of the panty evidence.

Walking out of the bathroom, I was startled to find John lying on the bed smiling with the others gone. I knew what he had in mind, and I wanted it too. Throwing my towel to the floor, I walked over to the bed. My white tits swaying and giggling as I wend. John reached out and pulled me on top of him. We again met in an embrace. Hot and passionate, John's hands traveled my body, throwing me into the throws of lust. I wanted him to take me, the threat of being caught had diminished and I wanted him to make love to me all day.

I raised up and began to slide my body down his. I let his erect cock trace the contours of my body as I moved. Starting with my pussy lips, his fat cock-head glided across my stomach coming to rest at my navel. Moving more, I let the outline of my breast determine the course and then backtracked as I slid his cock through the valley of my tits, throbbing between them, I moved it to my throat until it popped over my chin to meet my waiting, hungry lips.

I kissed it gently, still smelling the joining of our cum from the night before. It tasted wild and the smell of the must was overwhelming. However, before I really got started, there was a sound of a key in the lock and the door began to open. I was frozen in fear before I realized the cleaning lady was staring at me with John's thick, black cock half in my mouth. Her wide eyes diverted and a small sorry escaped her lips as she closed the door.

It took a minute or two for the absolute terror to wash away as John started to laugh. I laughed nervously as he began to slap his cock against my face. What you need is some tongue bitch. He actually called me bitch; instead of taking offense, it aroused me. With a single word, he made me his and I liked it. I had never thought of myself as a man's bitch before. I mustered a "Please" as he turned me over and settled down for some juicy pussy eating. I could feel the warmth of his mouth and the coolness of his breath that tingled my sensitive skin. As his tongue probed and licked, his finger made it's way to my canal, rubbing upward. It was incredible! He began to alternate between my pussy and my tits, the break from eating me out raised the sexual tension within me, causing a deep yearning for more. From deep in ecstasy, I heard the phone ring. I quickly came back to reality as I realized it had to be my husband or Henry.

John released me as I began to scoot up the bed, picking up the phone. It was my husband, he had forgotten his case and wanted John or I to bring it to him as soon as possible. John had made his way up the bed and lay next to me. As I was talking to my husband, my hand found its way to John's hard, thick, hot cock. I played with it almost subconsciously as I spoke. With a soft grip, I began to give him a hand job as my husband went on about something. I moved my hand down his black shaft until the skin was stretched tight at the top, pulling his fat cockhead down. Then I moved up and squeezed the head with a small, but firm rhythm. At that point, John started playing with my tits, pinching and pulling them. Thoroughly distracted, my husband asked said "Hello?" several times to make sure I was still on. The thought of playing with John's black dick while talking to my husband made my pussy ache. It seemed amoral but made me incredibly turned on.

I finally agreed to bring the case and ended the call. By that time, John was really horned up. Knowing I was playing with his cock and balls while talking to my husband seemed to be a big turn on for him as well. I told him we had to leave and take the case to the conference center. As he turned me onto my stomach, he said we'll have to make this fast. He spread my legs and moved in between them. I was still on my stomach, propping my ass up to give better entry. My pussy needed to be fucked and the anticipation was driving me crazy with lust.

As John mounted me, I could feel his fat cockhead pushing in. He had no trouble; my pussy was more than ready, dripping wet. He wasted no time in drilling me hard. This angle was better for me as it kept him from bottoming out in me. "Is this what your pussy needs bitch." Saying that several times, I weakly answered, "Yes, I need it. Don't stop, please." We were talking dirty, which was new for me. I had a couple of boyfriends in the past liked to talk dirty while loving me, but my husband never did.

The next move surprised me. John got up for a minute and told me to stay where I was. After 2 or 3 minutes, he came back to the bed and rubbed Vaseline on my ass. He said, we need to make this fast. Pulling me up on all fours and turning me to face the hotel room door, I could feel his cock pushing into my ass. I tried to move forward to get away, but he used the forward momentum to push my shoulders and head into the bed. I told him I didn't like that but he said we needed to hurry and he would cum in my ass faster than my pussy. I was too tight as he pushed into me. It hurt and I yelled out as my back arched, much like when he bottomed out in me. Once he was in, my ass hole seemed to accept his shaft. It was the first part that really hurt. Although John didn't seem to care as he began to pump me.

From the back, he reached around and started squeezing my breasts hard. He definitely liked it rough. I was beginning to like it as well. It pushed sex to a new level for me. I decided to play back as I reached between my legs and squeezed his balls. "Do you like this now bitch?" I replied, "God Yes" and I moaned and fucked back. Within minutes, he pulled out, pulling my head by my hair to face his cock. "Jerk it?" I reached up and started jerking his cock at my face. My eyes met his and I begged him to cum on my face and in my mouth. He started to cum. Blast after blast washed over my face. I tried to catch most with my gaping mouth but it was squirting eraticaly as his cum shot into my hair and onto my face. When his cock was spent, I looked up letting him see the facial he just gave me. Without thinking, I took his cock in my mouth to suck out any remaining drops of his sweet cum. It smelled and tasted a bit funky but made it even more hot for me.

As I got up to go wash up, I noticed John had set up his video camera and it was pointed at the bed. "John, were you taping us?" He smiled and said he wanted something to remember this time. He promised it was only for him and he wouldn't show it to anyone. I didn't have time to argue, we had to leave. I washed my face but had to leave whatever cum had matted my hair.

Meeting my husband in the lobby, he gave me a kiss, not knowing that 15 minutes ago, I had a cock in my ass and then my mouth. The thought really made me horny. He ran back to his conference while John and I went for breakfast. By the time we made it back to the hotel, I couldn't wait to be taken by John again. We made love the rest of the day. It was rough and I was totally spent by the end. The room had a heavy sex smell, although we didn't notice it until we came back from dinner. I was a bit ripe myself.

As John held me from behind, playing with my covered tits, I noticed the message light on the phone. There was a message waiting, telling us to meet my husband and Henry at a nearby bar. Turning on the vent fan and opening a window to air out the room, we went out for drinks.

This was the last night of the conference and there were a lot of people at the bar talking business. I was tired so told them I wanted to go back to the hotel; of course, John volunteered to take me while everyone else stayed. This was probably the last chance for John and I to have some fun so we made the best of it. As soon as we were in the room, John stripped me naked. "Take my cock out bitch, you know what you want." I compliantly took down his pants and boxers, letting his cock thrust upward to hit my face as he did. I started to suck it when he pulled me up, pinning me against the door. Raising one of my legs, he moved his cock against my pussy and started rubbing it back and forth. I wanted him in me, feeling his cock on the outside was driving me crazy with lust. I wanted him to breed me, to feel his cock filling as it releases its load into me. There pinned against the door with the possibility that my husband would come back, our lips met in a passionate embrace, his moving down my jaw where sucked and bit my neck.

I was on fire. As I moved and grunted under John's teases, he lifted my leg a bit higher and pushed into my very hot, wet peach. He continued to bite and suck my neck while his hands moved up to pinch and tweak my nipples. I had come to love the feeling. It hurt at first but was so erogenous that doing it became something I looked forward to. I locked my raised leg around his back on top of his ass, which was moving toward and away from me as he took me. His sweat mingled with mine as our bodies joined. The smell of sex was intense. My hands gripped his arms, my fingers digging into his flesh as a deep, hot orgasm shook me. I seldom cry out during sex, but I was screaming at this point. My body was his and I wanted him to take it, to use it anyway he wanted.

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