tagGroup SexTaken to the Halloween Party

Taken to the Halloween Party


When you're in your twenties and in college, the field of eligible women seems endless. If you want short flings, no sweat. If you want long term, easy to find. Once you graduate and go out in the world, well, all that changes. Hopefully by that time you found your true love and married her. Which is what I did, marrying my high school and college sweetheart before leaving college. If only that meant long term happiness.

Now at thirty and working in industry, and unfortunately, alone, I'm learning just how thin the field of good looking women that want a relationship is. Don't get me wrong, like any guy, I've played the field and the bar scene, but after while it gets pretty old waking up to a different face every few days or weeks. No, a woman that wants a relationship is the ticket to long term happiness, and oh yes... regular sex that doesn't leave you worrying if you caught something.

To that end I was always on the lookout for someone interesting that might be interested in something more than a one night fling. If she looked good, well, even better. I tended to be a bit of a flirt anyway, so when I met women I flirted, and if I got any kind of positive response, I tended to come back again.

Nancy was a relatively new secretary, only having been here a bit less than a year, and very good looking. I flirted with her almost daily and she tended to flirt back. She generally wore tight outfits and low cut tops that accentuated her quite large round breasts. I hadn't ever seen them, but I was reasonably sure they were rarely contained by a bra. Based on what her shirts had revealed, her breasts were the size and shape of a cantaloupe halves. I'd made enough comments and had enough comments back that I was pretty sure they were real.

You always had to be careful in a business that you didn't get nailed for sexual harassment, so I tiptoed as much as I could, trying to imply I'd like to date her or do things with her, without coming right out and asking her to go out with me. That, I felt, could cause real problems. Instead I made my comments general, like "I'm going camping this weekend and the weather and water are so nice that it'd be perfect for a moonlight swim. All I need to do is find someone who would like to go for one, swimsuits optional of course." I figured that all she had to do was say, gee, I'd go, and I'd be ok. If someone overheard and complained I could simply say I was talking about my plans for the weekend and it was part of a personal conversation. It'd at least keep me from losing my job.

After a year of gentle two way teasing and innuendo, I was pretty sure she wasn't ever going to go out with me, so I had resigned myself to never getting more than some teases from her. One day late in October I was picking up my mail in the main office, like I did every day, and made my usual stop to flirt.

"How's it going today? Anything new or interesting?" I asked her with a smile as I leaned against one of the walls of Nancy's cubical.

"I guess that depends on how far you look." Nancy responded with a devilish grin.

I wasn't at all sure what she meant, and stood looking at her while I tried to figure it out. She got up and turned around, bending over at the waist toward her purse, which was sitting on the floor against the back wall of the cubicle. Her slacks were definitely tight, like normal, and she stayed bent over more than long enough for me to examine her tight ass and notice the definite lack of any panty lines. As she dug into her purse she bent even farther, the thin material of her pants pulled tight across her meaty outer lips. I was definitely sure that she was missing more than a bra from her underwear selection today. Having decided she showed off her outlines long enough she stood up, fixed her top where it had slipped a bit, and sat down with the pack of gum from her purse.

"Looked like you might have been missing something." I said so quietly it was almost a whisper.

"Well, if you find it, save it for me and you can give it back later."

"Ok. Any idea where to look?" I asked, really confused at that point.

"Hmmmm Hard to say. But I'm sure you have the matter well in hand." She said, turning back to her work and pretending to ignore me. I got the message that the flirt was over for now and bid her a goodbye before heading back to my office.

I plopped into my office chair and wondered just what the hell she meant. I shook my head to myself and went to work on my pile of mail. Most of the professional magazines I got received a quick thumb through and headed into the circular file, leaving only the envelopes to deal with. One in particular caught my attention. It was an interdepartmental envelope, sealed with tape, but with no return address. I slipped my thumb under the flap of the squishy envelope and ripped the tape, pulling the flap open. To my surprise, a wad of red cloth slipped out of the envelope onto my desk. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I realized what the material was. Picking it up I stretched them out to look and found myself holding a bright red pair of size three bikini panties that said "horney as the devil" on the front, with a picture of a little devil and pitchfork just above the crotch.

"Damn!" I said to myself. There wasn't much doubt about who's they were, and a quick sniff, yes I couldn't resist, confirmed they had been recently worn. I dug into the envelope and saw a small note that said only "4:30 - 210". I turned the note over and over, looking for more clues, but without luck. Obviously four thirty was a time, but it took me at least thirty seconds to realize that 210 was a room on the second floor of the building. I didn't get up there very often, the area over the office space was mostly for file storage and such. I was reasonably sure there was a room 210 up there. All I had to do was wait a couple hours and see what she had in mind.

Time never moved so slowly. I had lots of work to do, but couldn't concentrate on any of it as I watched the hands of the clock on my computer slowly march around the white face. Finally, unable to wait any longer, I stuffed the panties into my pocket and headed out the office door. Most of the engineering staff had taken off, and I was pretty sure most of the office staff would be gone too. I headed up the stairs and found room 210. I was almost surprised to find it unlocked, but was glad it was, since I didn't have a key for it. I stepped inside and the lights automatically went on, revealing a large room with row after row of shelves full of file boxes. I slowly wandered the rows just waiting for what I expected to be Nancy to show up.

Finally the door opened and Nancy stepped in, closing the door behind her and flipping the lock. "I guess you found something that belongs to me?"

"It would seem so." I answered, digging into my pocket for the small wad of red material.

"Oh good. I was afraid I'd lost them forever." She said with mock seriousness. "Would you like to put them back where they belong?"

I about couldn't believe what I was hearing, but I didn't hesitate long before replying. "I'd be happy to be of assistance."

"Well, then maybe we should come back here." She said, stepping over and taking my hand. She pulled me down the aisles to the back corner where there were some boxes stacked in the corner and turned to face me, pulling my hand toward her body. She rested my hand on her hip and then whispered. "Feel free to unwrap as much as you need or want. The only rule is I get to take off of you the same things you take off of me before any of it goes back on. Ok?"

Ok hell. It was an invitation to strip her and let her strip me. I wasn't about to say no, especially as horny as I was at that moment. "Deal." I said simply as I moved my other hand to her shirt tail and pulled slowly upward. She lifted her arms and allowed me to pull the shirt up and off, revealing her large tits. As I suspected they were unrestrained by any bra, and really didn't look like they needed one. Each breast was about the size of good sized cantaloupe half, topped with a large dark areola and a puffy nipple that was flat and nearly half the width of the areola. I tossed the shirt aside and gently ran two fingers over her breasts, drawing circles around her nipples. As I watched, they grew in size until they were sticking out nearly half an inch from the front of her tit and about as big around as a golf ball. I just couldn't resist any longer, and bent over and sucked one of those incredible nipples into my mouth.

"Oh yes." She whispered. "I love getting my tits played with and sucked on."

The only reply I gave was to suck even harder as she moved one of her hands behind my head to pull me tighter to her breast. I sucked first one incredible tit and then the other for several minutes before she pushed me away, pulling my shirt tail from my pants. I held my arms up as she pulled my polo shirt up and off, tossing it aside. She lowered her head to my chest, and sucked each of my nipples, surprising me with how sensitive they were under the attention of her tongue and lips. She only paid them attention for a few short minutes before I reached down and began pushing her pants down over her slim hips. I really wanted to see and taste the pussy I had been thinking of for the last few hours.

She stood back up and stepped out of her high heels as I knelt down and pulled her pants down as I went, revealing her creamy skin inch by inch. Her brown curly hair on her mound, trimmed into a neat triangle, pointed down at her pussy, came into view just before her lips were revealed to me. She spread her legs enough to let the material of her pants slide from between her thighs, and then lifted first one leg and then the other to let me pull the material off of them.

As I knelt in front of her naked form, she lifted one leg, setting her foot on a shelf. Her leg was lifted high, spreading her pussy and allowing me to see every detail of her most secret of places. I leaned my face in toward her and gently reached out with my tongue, just touching her wet lips with the tip. I licked the tangy drops of her juices off her lips, slowly working my tongue deeper between her lips with each stroke. She arched her back and leaned back to give me better access, finally lowering herself to the top of the boxes she was standing in front of. With one leg still propped on the shelf, she lifted her other leg high in the air, giving me complete access to her pussy. I pressed my tongue deeper into her, her flowery inner lips spreading and becoming more exposed with each stroke between them.

"Oh yes... so fucking good! Yeah... right there, just like that." She cooed as I slid my tongue up and across her hard clit. I sucked her hard nub between my lips and ran the tip of my tongue around and around it as she wiggled and bucked, pulling my head harder into her pussy. "Oh fuck yes! Oh god you're going to make me cum!" she practically squealed as I worked her hard clit with my tongue and pressed a finger deep into her hot tunnel. Her whole body went rigid for a second before it was overtaken with the spasms and jerks of her orgasm. She ground her pussy into my face and moaned loudly for nearly a minute before she eased her grip on my head and allowed me to pull away.

"God that felt so good." She whispered as she lowered her legs to the floor and stood up again. She knelt down in front of me and undid my pants, pulling them briskly down with my underwear until they were bunched around my ankles. She untied my shoes and pulled them off, and my pants with them. I was soon standing as naked as she was, her hand reaching for my hard dick.

She leaned toward me, her hot breath blowing across the head of my dick as she slowly enveloped it with her mouth. She closed her lips around my shaft, her tongue stroking the sensitive spot under the head. I rolled my eyes and groaned quietly as she stroked her lips up and down my shaft, her tongue working back and forth each time the head crossed it. I watched her eyes looking up at me, watching my reaction as she worked my dick in and out of her mouth, each time a bit deeper. Soon her nose was touching the curls of my pubic hair and I could feel my fat head slip into her throat. The feelings were absolutely fantastic, but ended all too abruptly, as she suddenly pulled away. Without a word she stood up, bringing her lips to mine, meeting mine ever so gently. Our kiss started softly, and grew more passionate and sensuous by the second. I have no idea how long we stood there, my hard dick trapped between us, our hands roaming each other's bodies before she pulled me backward. She sat on the edge of the boxes and reached between us, finding my saliva coated dick and pressing it down until the head rested between her legs. I could feel the heat and wetness of her lips as she leaned back, tilting her hips until the head of my dick pressed deeper, finally slipping into her sopping wet pussy. She used her hands on my hips to draw me into her as she lifted her legs, closing her eyes and absorbing the sensations coming from within her.

"Oh god yes. Fuck me, please." She begged as my head pressed against the end of her velvety tunnel. I stroked slowly back out of her until just my head was still engaged, and then drove myself quickly into her, my thighs slapping against the back of her legs as she pushed them higher into the air, hooking her heels over my shoulders.

"OH fuck yes!" she moaned as I started stroking with abandon into her pussy, my hands moving to her firm tits and squeezing both them and her nipples. "Fuck me...god yes fuck me hard!" she cried softly as each impact with her body made her tits wiggle under my hands.

"Oh god. I'm going to cum!" I groaned as I pounded into her, my dick growing even fatter as my imminent climax approached.

"YES! Fill me with your hot cum!" she squealed as she felt the first squirt of my juice fill her tunnel. Her whole body shook and trembled as my pulsing dick set off another climax within her. My own body jerked and spasmed with each squirt of cum that I pumped into her, flooding her pussy to overflowing.

Finally my dick subsided, my pulses of cum reducing to random twitches as I stood panting, looking down at the beautiful woman wrapped around me. "Oh god." I finally panted out, not sure what to say at that moment.

"Ohhhh god that was good." She cooed as she spread her legs from my shoulders and let them hang over the crook of my arms while I still held her tits. She moved her hands to my stomach and gently stroked it up and down, her fingers eventually finding our curls where we met. "That was much better than I expected."

"How's that?"

"Most guys just want to plunge in and fuck, but you... hell you took the time to pleasure me. You make love with your tongue almost as good as a woman."

"I take it that's a compliment?"

"Oh yes!" she said with a giggle.

"So what made you, you know."

"Set this up? Just watching you play with me, like a cat playing with a mouse. You teased me, invited me, without inviting me. Almost every day you walked away leaving my pussy tingling with just the slightest amount of anticipation. You sir, have the art of slow seduction down to a fucking science. I just had to see if you made love as good as you teased."

"And do I?"

"Oh god yes." She said with a laugh.

"Well, maybe we will have to do this again then?"

"If you think I'm letting you get away with one fuck and then running, you're nuts. I'm going to need a lot more of this."

"Then maybe we should actually go on a date or something?"

"God you just don't quit do you? Fuck yes we're going to go on a date."

"Maybe this Friday?"

"I can't I already have plans... No even better. How about you come to a party with me."

"Sure. Anyone I know?"

"Won't matter, it's a costume party. No one is allowed to take off their masks."

"I don't have a costume."

"Oh sweetie, don't worry. I'll take care of that for you." She said with a giggle. "Only rule is going to be that you can't back out and you have to wear what I get for you, ok?"

"I can live with that."

"Good, now I think we better go before someone finds us." She said, pushing me back and unleashing a small flood of our juices from her pussy. "God I'm going to be leaking this for hours! Someone is going to love this!" she said with a smile.

I wasn't sure what she meant, but I just accepted that there was a lot I was going to have to learn about her as I handed over he panties. "I guess you want these back?"

"Oh certainly. Otherwise I'd never even get to the car without my pants being soaked with your cum."

"Sorry." I apologized.

"Oh honey! No need to apologize. I love it!"

I shook my head as I watched her dress. She dressed slowly, coving her body slowly while she watched me do the same. Finally dressed, she stepped over and kissed me deeply. "I'll give you directions to my house tomorrow."

"Ok." I said as I followed her to the door. She picked up a box of printer paper and handed it to me. "Gotta have an excuse." She said with a grin as she opened the door. I followed her out and down the stairs to the main office where I dropped the box of paper by her desk.

"Thanks Mike!" she said politely.

"Any time." I answered as if it were an everyday occurrence to help her out. If it meant sex like that, hell, I'd get her a box of paper any day.

The next day I found a slip of paper in my mailbox that had directions to her house, but I didn't see her. I asked and one of the other girls said she had some errands to run and would be back later. Somehow later never came because of problems on the assembly line.

"So tonight is the big night?" I asked Nancy on Friday afternoon.

"Uh huh. Come by around, oh, eight or so?"

"I can do that."

"Good. Now shoo. I have a ton to do before I get out of here today." She said dismissively. If she hadn't given me a big smile, I would have thought she was upset at me.

Eight o'clock seemed like it would never come, so I was a bit early getting to her house. It was a nice ranch style house out in a well spread out subdivision. The back yard looked to be fenced with a high privacy fence, and the house was set back on a large wooded lot, making it fairly private.

"Nice place." I said when Nancy opened the door wearing nothing but a short satin robe. "Nice outfit too."

"Well, I see I can always count on you for a compliment." She said with a grin as she led me into the house and closed the door behind us.

"Sorry, I guess I'm a few minutes early."

"Oh, that's fine. I didn't plan on showing you my outfit until after you changed anyway." She said as she stopped and turned to face me. "But if you want to spend a few minutes warming things up, I certainly won't object." She stepped against me and lifted her face to mine, a clear invitation. I leaned my head down and gently kissed her as she moved her hands up to my neck. Her kisses quickly grew more sensuous and passionate as we kissed. I allowed my hands to slide down her back to her firm ass and gently cup her round globes, squeezing and kneading them through the thin material.

"Hmmm I like kissing you." She said as she took a short break to catch our breaths.


"Uh huh. You kiss with your hands as well as your lips." She whispered as she brought her lips back to mine.

Her tongue slipped between my lips, finding mine and teasing it while I let my fingers bunch the bottom of her robe up until they felt bare skin. I gently squeezed her firm ass, massaging it with my fingers while we continued to kiss.

"Ok. I think I'm warmed up enough." She said as she pulled away from me. "Come on, time to get dressed before I just tear your clothes off and we never make the party."

She led me across the living room and down a hall to a bedroom. "Here you go stud. I'll see you in the living room after you dress."

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