tagErotic CouplingsTaken Willingly by Stefanie

Taken Willingly by Stefanie


It was a beautiful fall morning as I headed off to tailgate party I had been planning for sometime. This was one of the bigger football games of the college football season and not only had I scored a group of tickets but also a parking pass for the field right next to the stadium. Since this was going to be my bash I took it upon myself to get there when the gates opened to allow for a prime tailgating spot. Just as planned I was one of the first cars in and got a spot right near a huge trash barrel and port-a-john, all that was left to do was set up the grill, snacks and wait for my crew to arrive.

With nothing better to do while prepping my area I started to crack open a few frost Bud Lights and they were going down way to smooth for 9AM on a Saturday. As expected the gang started to roll in about 9:30 and with a 1:00 kickoff I knew there was plenty of time to party. With limited tickets what wasn't expected was my friend Kelly bringing her cousin Stefanie. Admittedly I can be a bit of a chubby chaser but Stefanie was a little outside of even that category. As I looked at her all I could do was shake my head. She stood about 5'4" with long blonde hair with green eyes and tipped the scales at an estimated 195.

Trying to be the good host I assured Kelly & Stefanie that it wasn't a problem and that we would be able to find an extra ticket but deep down I was seething, not only was Kelly thoughtless in bringing someone for whom we didn't have a ticket for plus she was not someone that I planned on pursuing. As the morning progressed the partying was in full swing with lots of food sizzling on the grill. Wanting to remember the game my drinking slowed plus I wanted to be some sort of shape to breakdown the tailgate party before heading into the game.

Unfortunately the game was not all that is was hyped up to be, I don't think my team had realized that the game had started by the way that they were planning. Most people started emptying the stands at the end of the 3rd Quarter. Wanting to beat the traffic Kelly & Stefanie joined the mass exodus. Being a trooper I stuck it out to the end and seeing the final score of 67 to 3 made me want to cry. As I was getting ready to leave the now vacant parking lot Kelly called to say she was having people over and that I should stop by. With no other plans I decided what harm could it do to stop by and have a couple of beers.

When I got to Kelly's there was already 5 other people there with Stefanie being one of them. I am not really sure but for some reason I started to pick on Stefanie, albeit in a friendly mood but it was still picking all the same.

For example, I called her over from across the room and when she was standing next to me I looked at her and asked: "Stef, would you mind getting me a beer"

Then I would call her over calling: "Stef" and then signal with my index that I wanted her to come over to where I was.

She looked at me quizzically while asking "What?"

"I just wanted to see if I could make you cum with one finger!" was my reply.

Her reply was not verbal but a slap across the head. Startled by the slap I sort of laughed it off but also realized that there might actually be some potential with this chick. The remainder of the night I would add in a couple of one-liners her way but didn't get much of a reaction. Figuring that the night was going no where I decided to leave. As I got to my car I was surprised when Stefanie was right behind me. I was even more surprised when she walked right over to me took me in her arms and started to kiss me like there was no tomorrow. Having a girl be this forward with definitely started to turn me on. Not wanting her cousin to catch us she suggested that I follow her to her parent's house and being as horny as I was who was I to say no?

Luckily her parents lived the next town over and with in a matter of 20 minutes we were back to making out in her driveway. Stefanie was definitely a girl who knew what she wanted because she took one of my hands on placed It on her rather round breast and placed the other one in her crotch where I could already feel the heat through the denim. Being after midnight she figured that her parent's couch was better suited for this kind of activity. Immediately after sitting on the couch she had me on my back pinned and grinding me like there was no tomorrow.

After about 10 minutes of this behavior she whispered in my ear: "If you want we can go downstairs to my room where my parents will never hear us!"

No sooner had she asked that I spit out "Lead the way!!"

I had thought kissing and walking was tough to do at the same time but that was nothing compared to kissing and walking down stairs. Thankfully neither of us fell and as soon as we hit the landing the clothes started to fly off resembling a yard sale. While struggling to get my jeans and sneakers off Stefanie was pulling me towards the bed. Tripping on to the bed this beautifully rounded girl graciously took off my remaining articles and in the same motion took my overly throbbing member into her mouth. By the way her tongue was swirling over the shaft and tip of my penis I could tell this was someone that could really suck a good cock.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun I started plunge my finger into her dripping wet vagina and was getting lost in the squishing sounds coming from between her legs. Before I knew it Stefanie was moaning and groaning with my cock still deep in her mouth. Sensing I was about to burst she stopped mid suck and as climbing on top of me cooed:

"I need to feel you cum deep inside me!'

Climbing on top of me I could heel her wetness hitting my balls as soon as I penetrated. The rhythm we got into would make you think we had been lovers for years. With her rather large breasts hanging in my faces I couldn't help but take one in my mouth sucking at the nipple as a new born would while looking for milk. Being playful I started to nibble and rub one her nipples between her teeth which sent Stefanie into a new stratosphere because she started grinding harder and harder. Not being able to hold out any longer I sent my jizz shooting as fast and deep as I could ever imagine.

This must have done the trick because after a loud scream Stefanie collapsed on top of me, looked me deep in the eye and softly whispered, "Thank You!"

Realizing her parents would be waking up soon Stefanie demanded that I leave. She put on a bathrobe, didn't bother to close it, walked me to the door and gave me one last kiss before sending me on my way.

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