tagBDSMTaken- Without a Word

Taken- Without a Word


I write for women, submissive women; and for you; just a brief "description" to start your day...

So my little slut... Have you ever been fucked up against a wall?

Imagine your body pressed between the wall and mine...my hands holding your wrists tightly above your head, your legs wrapped tightly around my waist...your tongue buried deep between my lips...

...my cock rubbing roughly across your slick wet patch, but I, resisting the urge to impale you while you struggle, yearning for deep, utterly deep, rough penetrations...

What would you say to convince me to let you have the cock you so crave?

Would your voice cry "No" while your body and eyes signal Yes? Would you plead? Beg? Or would you simply try to kiss me into submission? Can you envision yourself in heels alone...your legs high off the ground, and your flowing, golden hair cascading across your face and between our lips.

Would you bite my shoulder in agony as the cravings overwhelm your willpower? Should I bite your nipples? Should I clamp and chain them?

Tell me, have you ever been fucked against the wall, so hard and rough, that it is amazing how it seems there is no support, and yet you do not touch down...no, Oh definitely no, there would be no way you could; or would let your legs touch the ground!

..And then you'd feel it! My long rigid cock at the sopping wet entrance to your glorious pussy...just barely parting your lips, just the glorious tip...so leaving you breathless with anticipation that your heart begins to pound in silent desperation...for you want it so bad, you want to feel it and you want to be felt.

You want that glorious tight pussy enveloping my massive cock, clamping down upon it, flexing and quivering. Your clit rubbing roughly and rising, swelling in utter bliss.

Oh yes, I bet you would wriggle and writhe...a meek, weak little toy in my hands, so eager and so passionately straining that you'd fairly wrestle with me, straining to get that soaking pussy over my firm, warm, pulsating tool.

You'd feel my warm and manly chest rubbing against your little rigid, pink nipples, the hair on my chest exciting you, my manly scent invading your heaving nostrils and my warm, hungry, animal breath, searing your neck, as I bite down hard upon your glossy shoulder!

You'd sense your cravings escaping your control. You'd realize that you would do anything and everything possible to be impaled, to be fucked...no not gently...no, never gently, for you are secretly uninhibited and passionately intense aren't you? And in my arms you'd let go! Wouldn't you? Hard, rough, fast and furious, that is how you'd want it, isn't that so?

That's what you want isn't it? To be taken by force, to be forced to your hearts content and eventually to your knees in front of a strong, dominant man! One who doesn't ask; just takes you like he owns you...for I surely do!

About then, I'd release your hands, and grasp you by the waist, lifting you up, off the bulbous head of my cock. You'd whimper; that little girl groan and sigh that I love so well...the one that exposes you raging lust and signals your final submissive resignation, that I alone hold the power over your passions...

Your legs would grip me harder about the waist, strongly locked at the ankles behind my back as you'd begin to heave, up and down, up and down, desperately trying to envelope that firm, guided missile just inches from your steaming, wet...utterly soaked pussy.

And then, the desire would overcome you. You'd grab my head in your hands and forcefully kiss me, groaning with utter despair, disappointment and animalistic desire! You'd kiss me hard, straining to find my lips while your eyes close, and your mind sees...sees you receiving what you so desperately want!

To show me your desire, your lust, your cravings, your animalistic nature that is hidden deep under the surface but so yearns to escape, you'd kiss me, hard, Oh God so hard before slipping your lips across my cheek and to my ear.

"Pleaseeeeee" you'd groan, finally giving up the battle for control...relenting; understanding, recognizing that it is I who possess your mind, your body and soul!

...and then, so sudden, so swift, that you'd not see it coming, I would SLAM you down; strongly, forcefully DOWN, HARD upon my cock, and thrust upward at the same time, swift, long, deep thrust...burying my cock deep within your womanhood,

Just then, I would turn the tables and forcefully kiss you, pressing your head, your shoulders; your ass hard against the wall and begin to piston fuck you into a quivering, whimpering wreck...

Instantly, you'd cry out loud "OH GOD YES...FUCK ME HARD, MICHAEL FUCK ME HARD" as you'd lose all inhibition; writhing wildly, like a slithering snake in my grasp, rubbing every last exciting inch of your hot and steamy flesh over my simmering skin...never hesitating, never resisting, only seeking the warm, and urgent friction your nerve endings desire; your hands in my hair, and your lips...panting hot, warm, urgent breath into my ear...

Hard and rough! Forceful...never gentle! Taken! Without a solitary word out of my mouth. You trapped between me and the wall...and you, riding me like the little wanton slut you've become, eager for wild, torrid, uninhibited, unbridled lust.

Your foamy froth would flow down my tool and my thighs...you'd throw back your head and gasp...even as the rough texture of the wall behind, would bruise your back.

You'd not care because all your sensations would be focused on the pleasure between your legs and the taste of on your ruby, red tongue.

A river of hot cream would flow; flow from your sopping wet tunnel of love, down my tool and soak my thighs. You'd dig your long, manicured nails into my back, throw back your head, shake out your shimmering hair and groan and gasp, and............

...ahh I need encouragement to proceed. You shall be a pleasure! Have a good day...stay wet...soaking wet throughout the day...Flow my dear! Flow!

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