byNakod Apa©

Chapter One - Last Job

It's now nigh on thirty years since I received my degree in Economics and finally decided that the easiest, most efficient way to make money was through crime; thirty years of not undetected, but rather unprovable, jobs. But the odds are shortening. Soon the cops will find a way to pin something on me, so I've decided it's time to call it a day. This one last job before I retire, then I'm ready to sail my boat away to some soft, sunny spot, find myself a dusky maid to keep me entertained, and live off what they insist on calling my "ill gotten gains".

At first glance the surveillance report Sean has prepared implies our targets are your classic family of husband, wife and two point four children. Strike the point four, they've only produced the two, a boy away at university, who can be ignored, and a foxy young broad in her late teens whose handling could well provide the final straw to crack any resistance from the man.

However closer study reveals that, as one would expect of a bank's high flying manager, he is hardly typical. While the woman - well how many mothers of two in their early forties do you know that can still pass for mid twenties, even in full sunlight? Svelte, elegant, with full, round breasts that have yet to show the slightest droopage, apparently she's often mistaken for a trophy wife.

The key to my plan is the location of their house - it being big, detached and set in extensive landscaped grounds that back onto the golf course. Easy to take the family prisoner, get the man to cough the bank security codes, then hold them hostage while we go and clear out the vault.

Together with Sean I've recruited Tom and Hank to make up my team. A couple more men could be useful but would mean smaller shares all round and since my strategy is take a limited and easy, though still worth-while, haul - one there is likely to be less hue and cry over - I'm going with just the four of us.

Early Sunday morning, with the upper limb of the summer sun still well below the horizon, Sean drops us at the far side of the golf course so that Tom, Hank and I can approach the rear of the garden from across the sixth fairway. We're unlikely to be spotted in the false dawn.

No high wall; no movement detectors; no dog; security is non-existent. They'll know better in the future. Still who can blame them, bank robbery is a crime of the cities where hauls can be massive, not of small county towns.

Over the fence, then we pause to cover our eyes with simple cloth masks before crossing the dew laden lawn to the rear door. It's locked but Hank soon has it open and heads for the daughter's room while I quietly lead Tom to the master bedroom.

Carefully twisting the handle I ease the door wide to be welcomed with gentle snores. Drawing my eight inch switchblade I flick my wrist and it clicks open. I creep to the edge of the bed. On my signal Tom hits the light switch and I rip away the bedclothes.

Good, they sleep in the nude. That simplifies matters.

Eyes open wide, mouths part to shout.

Swiftly Tom is upon the woman, one hand between her teeth muffling her scream, the other firmly mashing her tits, keeping her flat on the mattress.

'Silence! Roll over! Face down!' I wave the knife before the man's nose. A gun is the conventional tool, but it doesn't allow for degrees of threat - it's immediate and all or nothing. Anyway, my career has taught me that a blade creates much more stark fear.

Staring, the mark hastens to comply. I yank the rope from my pocket and bind his hands behind him.

'On your feet!' A jab of his arse shows I mean business. There's an upright chair by the still curtained window - that will do. I push him down and firmly tie him to it.

The woman sobs quietly as Tom cops a feel of her smooth mound. She needn't worry, he's only pretending - Hank and he are gay, which is why I like them in my team. It means whatever entertainment we find along the way comes to me.

'Good morning, sir,' I address the man quietly. 'I hope we didn't disturb you too much, but we're in need of some information.'

The man just stares at me but his wife blurts out, 'What do you want? Let us go!'

I turn to her, 'Good morning to you as well, Mam.' Deliberately I put an edge in my voice. 'Now, listen to me and listen well. If your husband here let's us have the keys, the security codes and the combination to the bank safe we can leave you to go back to sleep. But if not, then we are going to have a little entertainment. Entertainment provided by you and your daughter.'

I reinforce my words by waving my blade menacingly close to the naked balls of my cowering prisoner. I've never believed in violence, never used it - in any case it's often counter-productive - but the occasional threat of it can work wonders and is a necessary part of my tool kit.

'Please Bob, give them what they want. Don't let them touch our Penny,' the woman pleads.

'No,' he says, 'I mustn't.'

He seems quite brave, convinced I can't afford to take things too far. Force, he's calculated, is of no use to me - only he has the information, so he just needs to hold out for a while and someone will come looking for him. He's forgotten it's Sunday and he won't be missed for a good thirty hours.

'Oh, I don't plan to hurt you that much.' Can he see my grin behind the mask? 'It's your wife and daughter who will really suffer for your silence.'

I pause to let him reflect. His imagination is better than any threat I could make.

'Well, we'll start by finding out how good a fuck your old lady is.' I glance across to where Tom is busy roping the woman to the bed with her arms and legs spread wide.

'Of course you could be one of those kinky guys who gets his rocks off watching other men shaft his piece of work, so if seeing us all roger your woman doesn't persuade you, why there's always your daughter to provide a bit more sport.

'And if you do prove a real hard guy, why we can always try lopping off a few of their bits - fingers, tits, toes, nose. I'll let you choose.'

He goes white. He isn't going to give us much trouble. Certainly he won't call my bluff about mutilating the bitches. A bit of straight forward bone jumping of his women will be enough to get him to comply.

That does it. 'Please, please don't hurt them,' he gabbles.

'Well, let's be having the info.'

'Can't. Mustn't.'

'So be it. You brought it on the bitches.'

I want him to have a ring side seat from which to watch me screwing his wife so I move him closer to the bed head and then, standing at the foot, I look down at the naked woman - studying what's on offer.

Yes, I know we're really here for the money but I've always been one to take a pride in my work, so I'm glad the mark didn't give in straight away - it would have taken all the fun out of the job.

As usual Sean's information was right, she's got an excellent body for her age. I particularly admire her tits, so ripe and full - they will definately repay my close attention. And I'm particularly pleased that she's shaved at the top of those slim, soft thighs. Altogether, though my preference is for young women, I reckon I'm going to enjoy having her.

'My, my, but you're a good looking, well preserved bitch,' I tell her.

Anxious, her dark eyes stare up at me, certain she's going to be blessed with my cock deep in her sweet little cunni - possible more than once. And, knowing I'm not alone, she's probably thinking gang bang. In her mind she can already feel my hands on her tits and my fingers probing her slit. Clearly she can see it's in her interest, as well as that of her daughter, to keep urging her husband to give me the information.

Now I've never much liked poking a woman who just lies there - it's much more fun if they struggle a bit - so as I unzip my jeans, I lean forward, wipe a tear from her eye and whisper in her ear. 'I don't really want to hurt you. But just for starters I'm gonna give you a good solid shagging. Act up a bit for the benefit of that wimp husband of your's and I'll do my best to see you enjoy it. I rarely get any complaints.'

That's when the door opens and Hank pushes the daughter into the room. It's immediately apparent from the oversize 'Save-the-Whale' T-shirt hugging her curves that, except for her tawny hair, she takes after her mother - at least in appearance.

'She give you any trouble,' I ask Hank, straightening up.

'No, Skip. She seems to find it all something of a giggle.'

'Oh, does she? We'll soon cure that. Let's see what's underneath that shirt. Get it off!'

His mouth crinkles in a grin, he's finding this job amusing. 'Come on, little Penny. You heard Skipper,' he tells her.

'No way, you're just dirty old men.' Defiantly she wraps her arms around her thrusting bust.

Grabbing the shirt by the back of the neck Hank gives a mighty yank that nearly forces her to her knees before the cloth rips down the side seams. Reaching to her front he grabs both wrists and pulls her arms behind her. The last fragment of material falls to the floor and she's displayed for my admiration wearing nothing but iridescent, bikini style, briefs - her long tawny hair curling halfway down her back.

Her body is gorgeous, almost a clone of her mother's plus a just a hint of puppy fat. Voluptuous with full young tits tipped with puffy, pink nipples that point straight at me, it's such a delightful picture that my semi-erect cock springs to attention and pokes its head from the front of my open jeans.

'And the panties,' I say.

'No!' Two voices, almost in harmony, from her parents.

'Ignore them, Poppet' I tell her. 'A cunt your age should be having it regular. If you haven't been getting as much as you deserve, well . . . Let go of her arms, Hank. Let her join in the fun.'

'Ooo. Real macho man, aren't you?' She bends athletically forward and slides the material down to her ankles before pulling one foot free. Then, swinging her leg, she neatly kicks her panties at me. I catch them and stick them in a pocket.

'I'll have you know I'm staying intact 'till I find the right guy.' She says belligerently.

'Well, your wait is over. You've found me at last.' I like this one - got a good lip on her.

She looks pointedly at my jutting cock, 'I think not.'

'No, no, Penelope. Don't provoke him.' Her mother says.

'Good advice,' I say, stepping close to gently run my fingers down the girl's thick bush and along her furrow. She gasps and starts shivering. Obviously her repartee is mostly bravado.

Encouraged, I slip a couple of fingers inside. She's tight, so very tight but, 'Virgo intacta? I think not. Does your mother know?'

'None of your business. No cocky male's ever going to have me.'

'Ah, prefer girls, do we? Or are you addicted to your vibrator?' I begin to play with her bare boobs.

The mother screams. 'Please leave her alone! Stop teasing her! If you must, then take me. I'll do whatever you want, but spare her. Fuck me, fuck me now!' Trying to save her daughter from me.

'Thanks for the offer, my dear. I was becoming sidetracked,' I reply. 'Hank, take the chick over by the bed so we can compare them.'

While Hank shoves the girl to stand beside her mother lying spread eagled in her bonds, I resume the removal of my jeans.

'What a splendid pair you are. You've got the advantage of youth, Penny. But as yet your tits aren't quite up to the size of your mother's. . . Yes, I'm going to enjoy discovering which of you is the best fuck. However let's follow tradition, age before beauty. I'll start with your dam.'

My weapon ready for action I lean forward to the woman, my fingers reaching for those ample boobs and my tongue caressing the inside of her smooth thighs.

She pretends to struggle, her breathing coming in short, frantic gasps. 'Fucking bastard.'

'Tut, tut. Such language from a bank manager's wife. And you're only half right - I'm reliable informed my parents walked up the aisle together at least a month before I was born.' Encouraged, my hands and mouth are all over her.

'No please, don't do this, please.'

'You're the one told me to get on with ploughing your furrow. Anyway, making men happy is what sexy cunts like you are designed for. And why should that wimp of your's have you all to himself? He doesn't deserve a good looking broad like you. I'm going to show you what you've been missing - I'm going to keep fucking your brains out 'till he tells us what we want to know.'

Roughly I kiss her on the mouth. My hands grab and squeeze her firm, juicy tits, thumbs rubbing their upturned buds until they harden. Changing from her boobs to her clit and back again I play with her for several minutes. Her groans are loud as my fingers find their way between her legs and her hunger begins to betray her.

'Stop! Let them go! I'll tell you what you want.' It hasn't taken long to break the dumb bastard. Now he's come close to spoiling my fun with his pathetic, surrender. Well, he'll have to wait until I've emptied my balls in his bitch.

'Quiet wimp, you had your chance . Now you can wait while I show your cunt what it's like to be used by a real man.'

I lower my face to bite her nipples. There's the yummy smell of an aroused cunni as my finger slides between her pussy lips. She's wet and ready. Whatever she may pretend, her body says she's enjoying my attentions.

Right, no more delay. Brutally I drive my hard tool between her legs and deep into her warm centre. She arches her back and groans, 'Yes.'

Vigorously I hammer in and out. I don't want to damage the broad, who knows I might again decide to have a little fun with her, but equally I don't want to give the wimp any hint that might make him change his mind about spilling the true info. Oh, she's a dandy one, pretty tight - doesn't seem to have been used much, or maybe it's merely his tool is undersized.

She's groaning now. Nothing coherent, no "faster, faster", or "harder, harder", but nor is she really objecting. She stiffens and pushes back into me. The muscles of her cunni squeeze my cock - she's coming. She screams her delight.

Good, I boost my efforts. Can't keep going much longer. Suddenly I'm there and my weapon erupts, spewing my noble seed into her welcoming hole.

I rest a moment while my tool wilts and slides from her satisfied cavern. Will the daughter be as good, I wonder. After the dumb husband's pathetic surrender it doesn't look as if I'm going to find out - at least not for a while.

'A "thank-you" would be nice,' I remark.

She glares at me, ashamed to admit she enjoyed the way I screwed her.

Climbing off I reach for my jeans. 'Your mother's set the standard young Penny. You'll have to go some if you're to outdo her. Why . . . '

'No! No! Not her as well. I'll tell you anything you want.' The man is growing crazy, yet all I've done so far is ride his wife, and not for very long at that. I was far too easy on her and came far too soon.

'All right. All right. Don't get your knickers in a twist. All in good time.' I say.

Five minutes later we've got the info we came for and move to phase two of the job. First I give Sean a bell on my mobile - after dropping us off he'd taken the van on to wait round the corner from the bank. He reports all is quiet. 'On our way,' I tell him.

I issue my orders to the other two. 'Tom, get this guy's car on the road. Anybody seeing us will think it's him on his way to church.

'Hank, you stay and keep the pussies content and away from the 'phone. We'll return for you when we've got the cash.

'And Penny, my dear, you be good and when we get back I'll maybe show you how much better it is to have a man inside you instead of your vibe.'

She looks at me, 'And where would you be finding one of them?'

Oh, yes. She's a good one is little Penelope.

Everything is quiet at the bank. Sean has parked the van outside the service entrance and already has the loading door open. Grabbing a couple of sacks each - plus a couple we will fill for Hank - we make for the vault. The timing mechanism doesn't recognize the days of the week so once we've entered the codes - which the wimp had been so anxious to provide - we are amongst the goodies.

Inside we go fast but certain - no rush - and set to, filling our sacks. Each picks his own loot, for what he chooses he keeps - none of this problem of finding some place to count it and divi up. I make a point of grabbing all the foreign currency I can find - a fair amount given the place functions as a Bureau De Change.

Once we have each filled two our sacks we do Hank's pair then stow them in the van and I send Tom and Sean to drive it to a scenic viewing point along the coast road. The car I take back to the house to collect Hank.

We hadn't been gone above an hour, but Hank has put the time to good use by having the girl show him the kitchen and help make a pile of sandwiches. I stick my head into the bedroom and find the wimp and his wife still lying where I had left them trussed to the bed. No way was I going to let them free, but being a kind soul feel that they should have some entertainment whilst they await their eventual release. I have the wimp stretch out on top of his wife in the sixty-nine position, then bind them together with just enough slack that they can amuse each other.

'We'll be on our way,' I tell them. 'Thanks for the hospitality. We really will not welcome any rapid pursuit so when you get free don't be in too much of a hurry calling the police. To help you stay good and true we're taking young Penny with us. Consider her a hostage.'

As they stare at me aghast, I open the wardrobe and pick out one of the wimp's thick cable knit sweaters. Much as I like Penny in the buff she will likely need some covering where I'm taking her.

Quickly we pack in the car - Hank, me and Penny, now wearing the sweater, which comes down to mid thigh.

Fifteen minutes later we rendezvous with Tom and Sean. It is still too early for sightseers and there is no-one to watch Hank join the others in the van, while I collect my two bags of loot and stuff them in the car.

'This is where we split,' I inform my team. 'The van is not known, but even so change it as soon as you can. No further contact - we've each got our own share of the take.'

'What're you going to do, Skip?' Hank asks.

'I've got a vehicle of my own stashed further along the coast,' I say, 'I'll dump this one and disappear.'

'What about the girl?' Sean wants to know. I can see he has an itch to make use of her - he's a real pussy hound which is why I had sent him to the bank away from the women, otherwise he would have shagged them just for the fun of it.

'I'll take her with me. Provided she behaves I'll keep her long enough for us to get a good start.' I say.

'You'll have to dispose of her sometime. Meantime she's got plenty of mileage in her - reckon we could recycle her a time or two.' Sean was once sentenced to community service with the local council's waste disposal team and is now passionate about everything achieving its maximum use - especially women.

'Sure, if we weren't splitting. But I want to be gone and I'm taking her with me. Maybe I'll fuck her later on, maybe I won't. Haven't decided yet. You've got what you came for, so on your bikes.' I turn away and go back to the car where Penny has been quietly waiting.

She might have ideas about escaping but I get the feeling she looks on it all as an adventure and is enjoying herself - anyway she won't get far on bare feet.

I watch my crew drive off before starting the engine then, as I drive back the way we'd come I glance across at Penny sitting quietly in the passenger seat. 'What am I going to do about you?'

'Well, according to tradition you should have your evil way of me and then drive into the distance leaving me at the roadside crying and distraught.'

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