tagFetishTaking a Chance Ch. 01

Taking a Chance Ch. 01


[This is Part One of an ongoing story. It's my first attempt, so please be kind! I hope you enjoy it!]


She caught his eye as she stepped through the open double doors of the bar and out onto the sun-bleached poolside patio. She stood framed in the doorway, casually glancing around to find a free sun-lounger and posing perfectly. He wondered if it was intentional -- a show for any guys that might be looking -- or whether the model-style posture just came naturally to her. Safe behind his dark sunglasses, he allowed his gaze to wander freely over her. She was young - probably around twenty- and achingly beautiful, her curves and smoothly tanned skin accentuated by the light blue bikini and shimmering translucent sarong. She lifted her own fashionably oversized sunglasses for a moment and pouted her lips slightly, before selecting a lounger directly opposite him. He bit his tongue - of all the luck! She sat, fumbled with the cord ties of her sandals, and then relaxed back, kicking the shoes off as she lifted her legs.

From where he sat, he had a perfect view. She was only a meter or so away, with the soles of her feet directly facing him. She wriggled her toes a little and then stretched them out wide before relaxing. She was already thoroughly engaged in fiddling with her cellphone, and he felt comfortable in drinking up the details. Her feet were dainty and wonderfully soft-looking. The pads of her soles and all of her plump delicious-looking toes were dusted with a little greyish dirt, but that only seemed to accentuate their inviting shapes. He stared at them, and became conscious of a rush of pleasure running through his body. He quickly looked away, acutely aware that here amidst tens of other people was not the perfect place to get any visible signs of excitement. Especially not while wearing nothing but swimming shorts. He closed his eyes and started to think of mundane things while the thrill subsided, but opened them when he heard a sigh of exasperation. The girl stood up as she answered her phone. As she started to talk in an irritated tone of voice, she walked off past the pool and through the side gate to the small veranda at the back of the hotel.

He sighed. While getting horny by the poolside wasn't great, he did miss the view now that the girl had gone. But then a thought struck him. He sat up a little and peered over at the girl's now vacant lounger. There, discarded next to it, were her sandals. A familiar thrill coursed through him. He looked about, but no-one was paying very much attention. Distractedly, almost as if controlled by some other force, he stood up and walked over to her lounger. He picked up the pair of sandals, and hurried back inside the hotel.

His heart was pounding with fear and adrenaline by the time he finally reached his suite and pushed the door shut behind him. He looked down. There, in his hand, was a pair of sandals. A stranger's sandals. It was the first time he'd ever done anything so impulsive, not to mention slightly weird, but he now couldn't shake the image of her perfectly formed feet from his mind. Inside his shorts his cock was swelling and twitching. He practically ran to the bedroom, clutching the sandals in one hand as he pulled his shorts down with the other, awkwardly kicking them off as he climbed on his knees onto the bed. His dick almost painfully hard now, he took one shoe in each hand. He lifted the sandal in his left hand and held it before him, taking in every detail. It had a thick sole, almost a platform, and long spaghetti straps. Blue, to match her bikini. On the inner-sole, there were the barest imprints of her toes and heel. He lifted it closer to his face, closed his eyes, and then buried his nose into it. It smelled of sea-water and coconut. He inhaled a deep, heavy breath of it as he began to rub the sandal in his right hand along the underside of his hard shaft. He started by pressing it firmly into his balls, pulling the skin on his erection tight, before running it along the whole length right to the tip. As the rough fabric reached his swollen head, he let out a small moan of pleasure.

'I was going to ask for those back, but after this... I think you can keep them.'

He started suddenly, throwing the shoes away from himself and his cock immediately going limp. He span and tumbled on the bed, clutching at the sheets in a desperate attempt to save his modesty. In the doorway of his bedroom stood the girl, her arms folded and her sunglasses pulled up and nestling in her dark hair. Her lips were pursed tight, her eyes wide.

'I...' he began to stutter, but she cut him off.

'Your door wasn't locked, so I thought I'd come and find out why you stole my shoes. Guess I know now, huh?'

He stared at her, entirely unsure what to do. Was she going to call the manager? The police? He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. Panic overtook him, and he took a deep stupid gulp of air. Then she smiled and let out a single hollow-sounding laugh.

'Jesus, don't start to hyperventilate or anything, okay? Calm down!' She stepped into the bedroom, her tense stance relaxing a little, and she sat on the edge of the bed looking at him. 'I'm not going to get you kicked out or arrested or anything, so relax.'

He gasped again and let the air out slowly, still staring at her. He took a normal breath. 'Okay. Okay, I'm relaxed. Not at all shaken up by this experience.' Suddenly the words started to flow fast and loose. 'I swear I don't really know what I was doing or why I did it and I'm sorry but...'

She help up a hand to stop him mid-flow. 'Okay, shut up. I don't want to hear all that stuff.' She sighed a little and blinked for a long moment, before looking right at him. 'I'm not pissed or anything, really. Truthfully, I'm sort of curious. When I saw you disappearing back into the hotel with my sandals in your hand, I really had no idea why you were taking them. Now, I have some idea. But... I'd like to know more...'

'What do you mean, "know more"? What do you want to know, exactly?' He wasn't sure where this was going, but at least she wasn't screaming or calling the cops.

She took a deep breath, and smiled. 'Well, okay. I want to know... why you were just smelling my shoes, for starters.' She grinned a little as she said it, and he could suddenly tell that this naive act was exactly that - an act. 'Oh, and why you were touching your dick with them.'

He blinked, and blushed a deep crimson. 'Well, seeing as we're being honest here, apparently...' He sighed and grimaced. 'I saw your feet when you were on the lounger by the pool, and I couldn't get the image of them out of my head. So when you left I stole your sandals because... well, because it was the only way I could think of satisfying my foot fetish.' He let out a deep breath. Somehow admitting it all didn't seem so bad.

She grinned a little, but then shook her head and set her face into a faux-curious expression. 'Oh, a foot fetish, huh? Never heard of it. What's one of those?' She leaned in a little closer, as if studying him.

'You want me to explain it?'

'Yep!' She smirked at his discomfort, and then with a wide grin she twisted around, lifting her legs up onto the bed and sitting cross-legged. He didn't even have to look to know her cute bare feet were only inches away from him, but he couldn't stop himself from stealing a quick glance down. She wriggled her toes. His eyes snapped back up. 'Come on, tell me,' she persisted.

'Well, okay. I can't explain why I have it, if that's what you're asking, but when I say I have a foot fetish I mean that I get turned on by feet. Specifically female feet. And today, very specifically your feet. Just thinking about them is enough to get me really worked up.'

'Oh, I see' she said, nodding slowly with a serious expression. 'So instead of liking normal things like tits and pussy, you like feet? Weird.'

'No! I mean, I still like those things too. But I like feet just as much. Maybe even a little more.'

'Okay, so you're not a total freak then.' She pulled a face and laughed at his hurt expression, but then resumed her poker face. 'And you were looking at my feet earlier?'

He nodded slowly, careful not to let his gaze leave hers.

'And what were you thinking of, when you were looking at my feet?'

He blushed again but staunchly carried on. Now was no time to get embarrassed. 'Uh, all sorts of things.'

'Such as?' She cocked her head to one side, her feline eyes wide open with pretend naivety.

'Well, I sort of wanted to know what they smelled like.'

'Ohh, so that's why you were sniffing my shoe!' She raised an eyebrow. 'So, how was it?'

'It was good. Really good! Smelled like sea-water and coconut.'

'Oh, you liked it?' she purred. 'I bet you'd like to smell it straight from the source, wouldn't you?'

He stared at her, speechless. She laughed lightly at his disbelief. 'Come on, I know you want to!' She leaned back, supporting herself with her arms behind her, and uncrossed her legs. Slowly she began to lift her right leg until her toes were hovering before his eyes. 'Go ahead. You get one sniff, but then you have to tell me more about this foot fetish of yours. Deal?'

Suddenly, all he could see was her perfectly-formed foot. Everything else seemed to fade into the background. He lifted his hands, cradled her heel reverently, and closing his eyes he pressed his eager nose into the warm, soft space between her toes and the pad of her foot. He took one long breath in, inhaling the intoxicating mix of seawater, coconut lotion, and faint, sweet perspiration, before he felt her foot being drawn back out of his grasp. His eyes stayed closed for a moment longer as he held his breath, savouring the scent for as long as possible, before he exhaled. He opened one eye. She was cross-legged again, and smirking. 'How was it?'

'That was... incredible,' he replied with a satisfied sigh.

'Incredible, huh? That's the first time anyone's said that about my feet!' She leaned forward again, hands on her knees. 'So, what else do you like about feet, Mister Footboy?'

'Matt,' he said, smiling a little and holding out his hand. 'My name is Matt.'

She took his hand and shook it earnestly. 'I'm Becky,' she grinned. 'And I dunno, I think Footboy has a nice ring to it.'

He laughed. 'Footboy it is, then!'

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